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    Link to season 1>>

    Episode 1&2

    A story by Ozila

    Chapter One
    I got home later in the day and then I went straight to bed to sleep, I didn’t even bother to take my bath and eat I just went to bed straight to sleep without greeting my neighbor.
    Tomorrow is Monday and I will be going to school though we are done with school, I wrote my last paper last week before going to Ekpo, am just going there to see what’s up.
    I was sleeping when I heard my phone ringing, I wonder who will be calling me by this time, I sluggishly turn around and pick my phone from the ground, I didn’t bother to look who is calling because my eyes were blinded by sleep, so I just pick it at once and said .
    Unknown: how far you done reach?
    Me: yes am in Benin now, good evening Ma.
    Grace: so why didnt you call to let me know you are there already.
    Me: am sorry I just reach and enter bed because I was tired.
    Grace: okay, some guys came looking for you, they said you broke somebody’s head.
    Me: meeeee no oh, I didn’t.
    Grave: Ozila tell me the truth, you know the implications.
    Me: that’s the truth, i nor break any person head abeg.
    Grace: so why did they come here looking for you?
    Me: I don’t know maybe because I saw the person that broke his head.
    Grace: is that why you were in haste to leave? And is that why Joy didn’t follow you home last night?
    Me: come on na, you know me am better than that, break someone’s head for what na?
    Grace: it better not be true because the police are involve now.
    Me: let them be involve na,if they come see me I will tell them what I saw.
    Grace: hmmmmm, I just hope you are telling the truth.
    Me: I am.
    Grace: okay then, later.
    Me: alright.

    chapter two
    That means am in big trouble oh and am glad I left Delta already if not I would have been in cell by now.
    And what if Seun wake up? That means I will have two groups looking for me, one to arrest me while the other to kill me, it is better I stay in hiding oh who knows they might have friends here looking out for me too.
    I look the time, just past nine, waoh and I thought it’s midnight already, I stood up and took the paper Joy gave me, I dialed the number and then she pick up.
    Joy: hello
    Me: Hi
    Joy: baby, how are you?
    Me: am fine oh, how your side?
    Joy: dear this place is d--n hot, they are looking for you and I have been questioned by so many people already.
    Me: I hope you are not in any kind of danger?
    Joy: I don’t know yet you know I was with you when everything happened so since they didn’t see you all hands point to me.
    Me: if the heat is too much you can come and stay with me here in Benin.
    Joy: no, I will be coming weekend when am done.
    Me: serious ?
    Joy: yes, here is just too hot now I have to leave for a while.
    Me: really, hope you will stay long?
    Joy: come on I will try then.
    Me: okay hope you will be fine till then?.
    Joy: of course, what do you want me to bring for you?
    Me: even though you didn’t bring anything seeing your face alone will be a major boost for me.
    Joy: okay I will buy something for you okay, and you prepare something for me.
    Me: something like what?
    Joy: anything.
    Me: okay then, no wahala please stay safe.
    Joy: yeah, what did you tell your sister?
    Me: I told her I didn’t break anybody’s head.
    Joy: okay, I will know what to tell her, let me go sleep I have work tomorrow.
    Me: okay baby, I love you.
    Joy: I love you too.

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    Links to available episodes

    Episode 3-5

    Episode 6 nd 7

    Episode 8-10

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    Oz you are in serious trouble

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    Am back. Oz welcome back with season 2. Let the ride continue @jummybabe @froshberry-2 season 2 and two episodes don show o

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    Real trouble

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    Oz ure in trouble ooo

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