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    A Short Story By Ozila
    Dedicated To Joy Lioness.

    Episode 1
    Grace: hello oz when will you come visit me in Ekpo?
    Me: evening big sis, I don’t have transport na and beside I don’t even know that place called Ekpo.
    Grace: I will direct you na, and I will give you transport.
    Me: hmmm you know mama won’t approve it.
    Grace: thats why she won’t know
    Me: okay oh I will enter road this weekend please send me the direct address.
    Grace: okay I will do just that.
    that was my elder sister and she is serving in Ekpo delta state after her nursing school, she want me to come pay her a visit so am not surprised anyway because anywhere she went she always want me to come visit her, am a health student studying nursing in school of health Benin and my journey to Ekpo is a memory I will never let go so easily, Am Oziegbe but people call me Ozila because I know how to play girls like how arsenal midfielder know how to play football.(na before oh)

    By 6pm on friday evening after lesson i gently walk home alone feeling
    high because of the exam, i was happy because everything i read came
    out and i wrote everything with ease, i was the first person to finish
    and summit i would have wait to help my friend but the security is
    too tight and they were very vilgilant like vilgilantee, before i reach
    home i branch at mama Favor store to take superpack, i paid for the
    stuff and left her shop in peace.
    I got home and prepare the indomie while i went to the bathroom to
    take my bath, after bathing i went inside and saw my indomie burning
    already, i quickly off the stove and took the indomie down i left it
    there to cool while i dress up, as i was wearing my clothes my phone
    started ringing, i look at the screen and saw my sister, i
    button my trouser before picking the call.
    Me: hello sis.
    Grace: how far?
    Me: am fine, am getting ready already.
    Grace: by this time? better wait till tomorrow na
    i dont want you to arrive late in the night oh.
    Me: no please am already on my way i cant go back now,.
    Grace: hmmm okay oh call me every minutes on the way.
    Me: no problem, later.
    Grace: wait hope you saw the address i sent you?
    Me: yeah i saw it, later.
    i cut the call and quickly consume my indomie, then i wear my black
    shirt and took my bag, i put the bag across my shoulder and put on my
    specs, i arrange my room making sure everything is in order before i
    leave, after making sure everything is okay i came out and lock the
    door, then i wear my shoe and took off.
    I took a bike directly to delta bus stop but before i even drop
    agberos have already started dragging me like an arm robber, they were
    all calling me to enter their bus but i shun all of them and walk
    straight to the park unfortunately the people have close already.
    i return back to the agberos and follow the first man that called me.
    Me: oga na ekpo i they go oh (telling the driver alone).
    Driver: no wahala i go drop you there enter motor make we they go.
    I gently enter the bus without even telling the driver that i dont
    know the place, i was the last person so i sat close to the door and
    in front of an old man that kept on coughing like someone that has
    tuberculosis, i was angry for sitting close to him and when we move it got worst because he started using his long leg to disturb my back.
    We havent left Benin when he open his mouth and ask me “fine boy where
    you they go?” the odour that came out from his mouth can kill a whole
    fish inside river in that i took my handkey out and use to cover my
    nose, i thought i will enjoy my journey not knowing the reverse is the case.

    We left the ancient city of Benin late in the evening and as we left
    we saw traders and workers closing for work and because of that there
    was a little holdup because of traffic, everybody was trying to get
    home and be with his or her family, i was enjoying the site till we
    left Benin and enter road to Delta state, the road has two lanes so
    overtaking is over allowed without thinking about another vehicle
    coming from your front to hit you, our bus was running as if
    something is chasing it or rather maybe we are chasing something
    though am not bothered nor worry infact i like it because i will like
    to get to Ekpo quick but the others have started complaining telling the
    driver to take it easy that they dont want anything to happen, they
    were all against it but to me am enjoying it and thank God self the
    driver too didnt even listen to their complain infact he put more power
    and this time we started flying, they complain till they got tired and
    they all kept shut, after twenty minutes i took my phone and wanted to
    call my sister again then i heard again from my back.
    “my son where are you going?” .
    I was getting angry why is this man disturbing me like this abi na
    devil send am to me ni, if na devil send am e better go tell devil say
    him no see me oh.
    I didnt reply him at all i just ignored him totally, and this is the
    second time he is asking me that nonsense question.
    As the driver continue running like jet we got to one village i dont
    really know the name of the village though it not that big just a
    small village, we pass the village and continue going, forty minutes
    later as the driver was running very fast we started seeing buses
    coming back showing their light as if something is happening, then one
    of the bus coming back manage to shout to us “arm robbers they road”.
    Oh mehn come see as our driver do fast and furius turn bus like na jet
    him they ride, as he was turning the bus we started hearing gunshots
    coming from our back that means the robbers are close, our driver put more effort and as our bus want to speed off then the worst happen, our back
    tire burst kpooai.
    “Jesus wetin happen
    “driver run na.
    “Jesus help us.
    “oh my god.
    “they are getting close.
    that was the comment coming out from different passengers as our bus
    hang in between the red sea, we cant go front and we cant go back.
    Driver: our tire don burst.
    He didn’t finish his word before he burst out of the bus running inside the bush, as he ran i quickly try to open the
    door but it was like the devil really want to punish me today because i cant
    open it, as the passengers saw that i cant open the door they started
    jumping through window and started running to the nearby bush.
    When i see say na only me and the old man remain and the bullets wey
    they come out from their gun don they shake ground like earth quake, i
    ran to the other side and jump through the window and hide under the
    bus because i cant run again because they are close.
    Then i saw them, the arm robbers with their toyota van na there i they
    begin they piss for trouser.

    To be continued

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    Scroll Down For Epi2

    Episode 3

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    season 2 >>

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    Episode 2

    The robbers drive pass without stopping, i manage to get up after five minutes later and then I clean
    myself up, i use my handkey to clean my trouser especially the place i
    urinate, i open the bus door and this time it open with ease (why e no open before) and when
    i open it there i saw the old man laughing.
    Me: whats funny?
    Old man: the way you all ran away.
    Me: and why you nor run?
    Old man: wetin i want run for i don old na.
    I quickly took my bag and change my trouser before the members started
    coming one by one, they were all asking what happened but i just relax
    on one side of the road blowing whistle while the coward driver fix
    his tire.
    After fixing it we all got in and this time the driver cross to the
    other lane and drive forward for five minutes before turning into one
    dusting road, the driver said this place is quicker and with the risk
    of arm robbers in that Benin-Agbor road, it is better we follow this
    We drive for some minutes before one person came down, i dont know the
    village but its a very local village where they shade garri on the
    road, we came out from the dusty road and enter tarred road again,
    after fifteen minutes we pass another village, it look like nobody is
    living there self because i only saw one house there or maybe because
    its dark already, after five minutes the old man ask again “my friend
    were are you going?” because of what happened on the way make me to be
    polite and told him Ekpo.
    Old man: chai na Ekpo we just pass na.
    Me: driver match break abeg, (I turn to the old man as the driver was slowing down) old man what did you say?
    Old man: we just Ekpo na.
    Me: driver but I told you to drop me in Ekpo. (facing the driver)
    Driver: chai i don forget say you talk ekpo but why you keep quiet na?
    Me: i nor know am na.
    One girl: you nor know am and this old man they ask you since?
    Old man: driver you go go back because only him no fit they waka go
    where him nor know in the night.
    Driver: make i turn.
    Some passengers started complaining saying that its dark already but the old man and the other girl manage to talk them down with
    their language, the driver turn and take me back to ekpo and stop, i
    was grateful to everybody especially the old man and i even shake him
    before they left me in the mysterious village where i dont even know
    my left or right, i took my phone and wanted to call my sister but no
    Now this is bad, am in a mysterious village in the night where i dont
    even know if this is really the town where my sister lives, how can i
    get my sister now? There is nobody around to ask questions because
    everywhere is quiet i think they are sleeping alrrady, i walk to the
    only house i saw where there is light and sat in front of the house, i
    cant knock because even if they come out i dont know what to ask them
    or how to describe my sister to them, i sat on the wall of the
    building thinking what to do, i look down the bushy road and saw two
    people in complete white coming, they look like spirit and then my
    fear increase immediately, now the dead are coming for me what do i

    When i saw them i quietly walk to the veranda of the house and hide
    there, the people in the house didn’t even know that somebody is in their house or maybe they are sleeping already
    because they didnt even bother to come out and check even with my
    I hide in the veranda and started watching the two mysterious spirit,
    the two spirit walk to the main road where i came from and started
    looking around then one of them brought out something that looks like
    touch, the spirit press something on the touch and then put it on the
    ear that is when it occured to me that the touch is a phone, but how
    come spirits have phone?
    I was lost in thought when my phone started ringing, i was shock
    because there was no network i quickly brought it out and off it so
    that they wont know that am here, i switched the phone off because i dont
    want them to know to know that am here, after switching it of i put it on
    my bag and continue watching them, one of them look worried as if
    something happen, then i started hearing the sound of a car coming, as the car
    came closer the car flash its light on them, and that is when I recognize one of them.
    i was surprise to see my sister standing on the road looking for me
    but who is the other person? am not sure shes my sister maybe the
    spirit want to decieve me oh, hmmmm then i brought out my phone and switch it on back, i check my missed call and saw my sister number that means she
    was the one that called me recently, i stood up happily and walk to
    the main road, as they saw me coming they were even afraid until she
    saw my face clearly.
    Me: Sister Grace.
    Grace: ha thank you Jesus (she came to me and hug me very well).
    Me: good evening aunt (i greet the other girl).
    Girl: good evening welcome to Ekpo oz.
    Me: thank you ma
    Grace: she is Joy and not ma, by the way where did you just appear from? (she took my hand as we walk together).
    Me: i was hiding on that building i thought both of you are ghost
    because of your nursing uniform.
    Grace: oh so you go hide, oh well we are still working so no time to
    pull uniform now, how was the journey?
    Me: twas okay i already pass if not for one old man that save me, the
    man was really a God sent (from nightmare to God sent).
    Grace: ha you didnt tell the driver?
    Me: i did he forgot.
    Joy: you should have continue reminding him because they forget things alot.
    Me: yeah twas my mistake not reminding him.
    Grace: good to know you are here now.
    we talk about other things before we reach the big hospital, the
    village is small but they have good hospital and school they also have one specialist hospital with some
    ongoing projects too, i was even more surprise when i started seeing
    big houses inside the village, the hospital is divided in three
    quarters, one is guest house where my sister and her friends lives and
    the other one is the house where the matron of the house live with her
    beautiful daughter and pot bellied husband and the last one is the big
    hospital containing more than fifteen bed put together or maybe less,
    the environment is cool too with a big mango tree in front of the
    They took me to their quarter containing girls only, i was even shy,
    there are like twelve girls in that quarter but only three occupy one
    room, my sister stay with Joy and one big girl called rose, she have
    big ass and breast while Joy is just fair with lovely eyes and wonderful smile., same height
    with my sister Grace but my sister package pass her with big ass.
    She took me direct to their room where rose was gently sleeping on
    the ground.
    Grace: na here we they manage.
    Me: waoh, there is nothing here just bed , stove and clothes.
    Joy: we wont stay long so no need buying stuff.
    Grace: yeah.
    Me: hmmm okay, so am the only boy here.
    Grace: yes na, you nor like am put your bag for there and relax let me
    make indomie for you.
    Me: alright.
    I sat on the bed since rose is sleeping on the ground but how am i
    going to stay with three girls on one room? and am a very shy guy.

    Oh well my sister is around so she wont let them do anything to me
    incase they are bad girls.
    Joy: so how was the journey?
    Me: stressful we got attack by arm robbers on the way.
    Grace: really (she shouted and the shout wakeup rose the fat girl).
    Me: yes oh, but they didnt do us anything.
    Grace and Joy: thank God oh.

    The girl wokeup and look around and then she saw me, she look me and
    she look grace.
    Rose: see as you fine pass your sister.
    Me: good evening ma..
    Grace: see you, i better pass you wey no fine at all.
    Rose: thats why i go marry your brother make i born fine pikin.
    Joy: hahaha wetin make you think say you go born fine one?
    Rose: i be dominant trait so all my baby genes go come from me (na true she talk?).
    Grace: na your own be that, touch my brother you go see fight.
    Joy: haba grace na you wan marry your. brother?
    Grace: no be me but no be me una type make una leave am.
    Rose: see as the fine bobo just they laugh (she is really teasing me).
    Me: i they enjoy una drama na.
    They all laugh.
    Joy: abeg i want go see corper (she said walking to the bathroom to change).
    Grace: your boyfriend abi.
    Joy: na you sabi.
    Rose: night don reach oh they careful the festival don start oh.
    Joy: i know.
    She left us and went her own way, my sister finish cooking the indomie
    and i ate and relaxed on the bed.
    Rose: grace nine don knack oh make we go continue the rebecca na.
    Grace: i nor fit leave my brother na.
    Me: now worry just go i want to sleep self.
    Grace: okay then.
    She took her phone and left with her friend Rose after changing her dress..
    Grace: anybody ask of us tell them we they matron house they watch telemundo.
    Me: okay na.
    I was alone now in a mysterious room, after some time i started
    hearing drum coming from the village, the drum was loud and then i
    started hearing noises and song, its like they are celebrating
    something out there.
    I was still lost in thought when i heard the door open and Joy walk in.
    Joy: hey how far?
    I didnt reply her i behave like am sleeping and when she saw that am
    sleeping she walk to the pot and eat the remaining indomie, then she
    took a big cloth and use it to cover my body very well, she relax on
    the ground and started chatting and then later her phone started ringing,
    she pick with a low voice..
    Joy: what is it?
    Caller: ……..
    Joy: no dont explain i understand now you were just using me for sign board.
    Joy: enjoy urself and tell her hi for me and please dont ever call me again.
    She cut the call and throw the phone away and then she started crying,
    i was emotional and i wanted to talk but i cant because am still
    sleeping, her tears was hurting me as if i know her before, it looks
    like she caught the guy with another girl, oh well that is life for
    you she have to move on, afterall its not the end of the world and shes
    not the only guy out there, at 24 shes still young and many guys will
    bow at her feet, i wish i can tell her all these but i still cant
    because am still sleeping.
    I was still pretending when my phone started ringing very loud, she
    touch me and wakeup me up and me myself pretend as if i’ve been sleeping
    all along.
    Joy: your phone is ringing.
    Me: oh thanks.
    I pick the call and me and my course mate gist for two minutes before
    i cut the call and drop the phone, Joy was pressing her phone now
    pretending as if nothing happen.
    Me: you are back so soon?
    Joy: yeah didnt meet him (see lie).
    Me: oh, quite unfortunate.
    Joy: yeah.
    Me: your friends have gone to watch rebecca.
    Joy: yeah i know.
    Me: wont you join them?
    Joy: no.
    Me: oh you dont like it.
    Joy: i do but not in a good mood now.
    Me: oh sorry, hope am not disturbing.
    Joy: no not really, i even need to talk to someone self.
    Me: okay, so tell me miss Joy why are you not in a good mood?
    Joy: hmmm i really dont want to talk about that.
    Me: okay, where are you from, i mean your state.
    Joy: am from Ibadan.

    to be continued

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    Etz d’bramo
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    nice start Boss..
    give us more

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    Continue. I see say u don dey fancy Joy

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    Ride on

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    Lol…funny you…you are still sleeping

    Oz were you expecting her to tell you the truth before

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