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    incase you misssed season 1 see link
    Review Of Season 1 Of Tiit for Tat

    In season 1 of Tiit for Tat, Mr. Ebuka Bill, a billionaire was murdered by his friend Zolabin and his business taken over by him.
    Bill’s wife and youngest son Charles were also murdered.
    Zolabin’s gang, the Black Cobra attempted to kill the rest of Bill’s children’s Mike and Rosaline but was unsuccessful.
    Mike experienced severe torture in Zolabin’s Cobra cell in his quest to rescue his girlfriend Cassandra This was followed Gina’s suicide. After Gina’s death, Mike was bitter with anger and decided to form a counter group to avenge the death of his parents, sibling and others hurt by Zolabin and his gang.
    The name of the gang is Tiit for Tat.
    Follow the scenes in the various episodes of Tiit for Tat as they unfold before your very eyes in this astonishing THRILLER.

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    🤔 🤔 🤔

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    bring it on…. can’t wait oo!!

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    Agamah Francis
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    Episode  1

    Training To Kill

    ” It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.”  ~Confucius.
    My pastor used to say, Hell is a place of indescribable agony because it will be a never-ending punishment. Confined there forever, the unrighteous will bear their eternal guilt and suffer the wrath of God in an unquenchable fire.”
    Hmmm. Is it true? If there is hell ,Why do people still brazenly perpetuate violence and wickedness. Perhaps,the place I saw in my dream was the hell itself.
    We really needed quality people in our gang. I managed to get some of my friends from Ghana, the friends I made when I was a head porter at Makola Market to join my gang.
    I and Tife gathered a few buddies from the very poor communities of Lagos and the slums to increase the size of the gang.
    We appealed to their hearts to join us. We told people who were being persecuted that we will do our best to protect their interest. Most of them were victims of injustice or societal violence.
     Some people also joined the recruitment process because of Tife. Being a military man, he had an impressive physical , a large, muscular build acquired through gyming for many months in the military camp.
    Tife told me about his days in the military training camp. He said military training is an intensive venture aimed at inducting newly recruited military personnel into the social norms and essential tasks of the armed forces. 
    He said they did foot drill, inspections, physical training, weapons training, and a graduation parade.
    Since we were not in a military camp, he decided to adapt the training to suit our demands. 
    “Mike ,I think we need to start training the recruits now so that we pick the best 15,” Tife suggested.
    I agreed with him. I used the $ 2000 Gina sent to me to acquire the basic things needed for the Drill. Tife drafted a workout which he called Basic Drill.
    His training includes physical fitness training, first aid, and basic survival techniques. We did ten minutes of push-ups, two minutes of sit-ups, and a timed 7-mile run. 
    He also taught us how to handle Weapons.(He picked most of this weapons from the armoury since he was put in charge of ammunition.
    He also taught us how to shoot to kill . We were taught other basic skills of the military such as military tactics, managing affairs in the field. 
    One-on-one combat and taekwando and boxing.
    I remembered one of his exercises 
    in which pairs of recruits wearing boxing gloves punch each other in the head so aggressively that one of the recruit decided to quit.
    Tife also worked on the team psychologically. He conditioned our mind so that we shape attitudes and behaviours to conform to stringent rules.
    It is said that when the going get tough, the toughest get going.
    Though about 60 % of the recruits left, we were able to get Fifteen well trained and qualified men and women who are ready to help us fight our course.
    By the end of the training, every member of my gang can scale walls, run about 10 miles without getting tired, Handle weapons and shot to kill, face the enemy in hand- to-hand combat, even taekwando. 
    Now that the gang was ready, Tife did a passing out ceremony for them. We drew a gang code of ethics and ensure each of them knew it off head. They then swear an oath of allegiance to be Loyal to the gang. 
    We outdoored our insignia. It was a sword in a circle. Inside the circle was an eye over which the sword cross. The circle symbolized the corrupt society. The eye stands for watchfulness and the sword symbolized justice. The message is clear. Our sword of justice will wipe out all corrupt elements in the society.

    < Third Person point of View >

    In order to have a well defined status, the group came out with its official name,membership, mission objective,insignia,Code of ethics.

    Name Of The Group : T-t For Tat

    Motto: Wipe The Evil One and
    Restore Justice

    Technical Members: 16

    Group Leader : Mike Ebuka

    Second- In-Rank and Advisor: Tife

    I.C.T Analyst : Persephone *

    Intelligence Consultant: Helmer*

    Treasurer- Bellona

    Accountant -Vacant

    Lawyer: Vacant.

    Technical Staff: All trained Men and women key among them were Flexion,Thunder,Nemesio,Kek,
    Duvessa, Cozbi,Leon,Loki,Malpass, Nestor,Malgarçon , Zelda Deianira………..

    Spiritualist : Vacant

    Mission Objective

    Protect the vulnerable in society and restore social Justice.

    In the midst of planning,Tife had been called back to duty . In a rather disappointing manner,he left.
    With Tife’s departure, Mike would now have to combine his roles as the boss of the group and the second in command until he find somebody he can trust as Tife. 
    After going through the military drills and getting all the skills in combat,there was something else the group needed to do. That was spiritual fortification. But who will fortify us?

    ’s @thecomely @ ele1

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    Agamah Francis
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    Episode 2

    Flames of Vengeance

    I’ll never start a fight but I”ll never back down from one either.
    [Mike’s Point of view ]

    I saw the wall of the great Haragon embroidered with strange symbols 
    A large circle was drawn and all 14 of us the initiates, lined up. We were to step into the circle which was also surrounded by red candles one by one. 
    The Grand mistress of the Temple gave us bitter leave to chew.
    As we struggled to chew and swallow the bitter leave , she said , from now on, your anger will blaze against your enemies
    you will be bitter with rage and venom when you see them 
    You shall show them no mercy. 
    You will slit their throat and spit on their dead body 
    You shall hang their dead body on a stake and even vultures shall be ashamed to eat them 
    Their only friends will be worms
    Their souls shall be cursed even in hell and their stench will be countenance with venom
    Any hand that plan evil against you shall be cut off
    And the cut off hand will develop worms
    We cut our palm with a knife and pour our blood in a pot suspended in the air.
    And we screamed ” G-r-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-a-t Haragon,
    Servant of the mighty Baphomet 
    Our blood is our Bond.
    Today we pour it in your vessel 
    To pledge our allegiance to you and our vow that we will not sleep until we stood on top of the corpses of our enemies 
    And walk in their blood
    The fourteen of us moved round the magic circle and we shouted 
    “G-r-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-a-t Haragon,
    Servant to the ruler of the Universe 
    Who give wealth to all that diligently seek your help ,
    to all that are bold to stand the test of time.
    Your are powerful 
    You bring health and richness 
    To all who seek your help
    An eye for an eye
    And a tooth for a tooth 
    Life for life
    And Death shall be paid with Death
    Sorrows and endless pain
    Their agony shall multiply 
    Our enemies
    They will walk blind into the depth of the Earth 
    The living and the dead shall unite .
    One in thought,One in deed.
    Peace be unto our friends who were killed 
    They were once like us, Soon we will be like them 
    Cursed be unto our enemies who took away their lives
    They shall pay in equal measure

    Life for life 
    And Death for Death
    What was taken from me
    I demand
    what was taken from me shall be return in tenfold


    I seek mine that was denied me
    Take theirs and deprive them
    Worshippers of Haragon 
    Faithful servant of our Lord 
    The Grand master 
    And Lord of the Universe Baphomet. 
    Lord of hell and the hereafter 
    We seek Vengeance 
    Unquenchable Vengeance 
    We seek for what was taken from us 
    Give us back what was taken from us.


    Our stolen items shall be returned to us.
    We will drain their blood till they have nothing to give.
    We will tear their flesh till only their bones are left
    We will grind their bones till they become dust
    We will imprison their souls 
    Even their soul shall not have a peaceful journey pass the gate of the abyss
    We shall call upon the servants of Hadés to torment them on the way 
    And the hearts of their souls shall be pierced
    Their screams shall be noises even in the world below 
    And day and night,they shall be tormented by Haragon 
    The Servant of the mighty Baphomet. 
    To our enemies we say 
    After the initiation rite, we were officially inducted into the occult.
    We were taught the dos and donts and the sacred greed of the occult.
    We stayed in the temple for three days, engulfed by an atmosphere of evil, charge with the voice of the devil and the demand for justice. It was a world of eye for an eye, no mercy.
    When I returned home finally, I felt a sense of confidence in myself. To beat the devil, you must learn his tricks and find a way of manipulating them.


    {Third Person Narration}

    Toby Ryan and Zolabin were friends but Mike wasn’t aware of that until that night Sheila slept in his room and try made love.
    Toby Ryan was never seen as a Criminal except his accomplices in the underworld . Even then ,he was seen as a ” Colleague.”
    The public knew him as a business man. He dealt in Importation of Cars and spare parts as well as Merchandise.He also owned one of the biggest printing presses in the whole of Nigeria.
    Zolabin’s business was not flourishing as it used to. His cassanovic habit was eating deep into his pocket. Apart from his Official wife,Cynthia who had activated her mourning mood since her brother Roberto was killed, Zolabin had 25 mistresses,all of whom had big taste for luxury things. A jobless woman with a big taste is an endangered specie.
    Off course,he didn’t get all of them for his “pleasure.” There was an evil element in the equation.
    It was quite paradoxical that while his business was plummeting into a loss, his friend Ryan’s car business and Merchandise was flourishing.
    In order to stifle his friend’s business,Zolabin bribed the Custom Official’s Boss to seize Ryan’s Imported cars and printing materials and merchandise he ordered from China. 
    Then he crossed the red line by leaking their well guarded secret of crime. He told the media Toby was a drug Dealer. 
    Toby’s eldest daughter Sylvia had a boyfriend called Frank. He was a Custom Officer. He was there when Zolabin came to his boss to bribe him to seize Toby’s goods. 
    After work, he went to see Slyvia in 
    Zolabin’s Villa. Frank could easily understood why Toby was envied by his so-called friend.
    When he scan the house with his house, he couldn’t help but gasp at the abundance of luxury in which 
    Toby was living . He saw Toby’s magnificent mansion.
    Apart from the mansion, Toby had a fleet of expensive vehicles among them which are Chevrolet Coupe and Rolls-Royce Phantom.
    Security men worked in the house 24 hours a day ,running shifts after every 6 hours. 
    Frank silently envied Toby’s properties. He had hope they would become his properties one day when he got married to Sylvia, Toby’s First born.
    His basic reason for coming to Toby’s villa was not essentially to tell Slyvia about what Zolabin did. He knew Slyvia would tell her father and her father would ask the source of the information and Sylvia would mention his name. If that happens, then he would win Toby’s approval to marry his daughter. So he went to Toby’s villa and told Slyvia what Zolabin did.
    As expected, Slyvia told his father what her boyfriend had told her.

    Slyvia: Father, I have some disturbing news for you.

    Toby :Okay,what is It?

    Sylvia : My boyfriend told me that the seizure of your goods was not ordinary

    Toby: Your boyfriend?

    Sylvia: Yea,Father,Why? You have forgotten Frank?

    Toby: Go ahead , what did he say?

    Sylvia: You know he work at Customs Excise and Preventive service.

    Toby : I’m not interested in his profession. Just tell me what he said that concern me.

    Sylvia: Well,he said your friend Zolabin was the one who bribed his boss to seize your goods.

    Toby : What? This is unbelievable. Are you sure of this?

    Sylvia: Well, he has no reason to lie to me.

    Toby : Maybe he does. He want to impress me to increase his chance of marrying you.

    Sylvia: How can you tell his mind. Don’t you think it’s worth considering?

    Toby : Anything is possible.

    Sylvia: Well,I told you what I need to tell you. What ever you decide is up to you.

    Toby : Thanks for the information,
    Sylvia. I really do appreciate it.

    Sometimes he wished Sylvia was a man. Between his two daughters, Slyvia was the wisest though Sheila was the most beautiful. 
    Sylvia was always a maths genius at high school while her sister was adept with English. 
    After offering accounting in high school she took the Association of Accounting Technicians ( AAT ).
    Her dream was to become a chartered accountant, so she took a professional qualifications exam in Nigeria called The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Nigeria ICAN. She then did the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to increase her chance of having a global edge over others. 
    She was invited to work at the Controller And Accountant General Department.Her intellectual abilities go hand in hand with her morals.
    What happened after Toby realised Zolabin was his secret enemy?
    Where is Mike?
    What’s he doing?

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    Two swords toward a head

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