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    Episode 22.

    The Tat’s Flying Bullets.
    And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.” – Mark Anthony
    Reader’s Discretion is Advised. Some of the scenes in these episode are quite graphic.

    <Third Person Narration >

    Cassandra knew Zolabin was not Joking. He had tortured her a few days ago by burning her fingers in fire. She screamed in excruciating pain.
    Torture had always been Zolabin’s greatest weapon. He knew the deprivation of stimuli induces regression by depriving Cassandra’s mind of contact of the outer world and thus forcing it in upon itself.
    “Self-induced” pain is of course not actually self-induced, but the Zolabin’s contrive to make Cassandra felt she was causing her own pain, thereby greatly enhancing the unbearability of the stress. Zolabin wanted to use the calculated provision of stimuli during interrogation to make the regressed Cassandra view him as a father-figure but Cassandra was much more tougher than he had expected.
    Cassandra remembered being told to stand up against a wall in the prison in a specific position and not move, lest something else very distressing be done to her.
    After a relatively short period, that rigid stance became quite painful. Zolabin didn’t care if she feel the pain. To him, the pain was her own fault because she was obeying the order not to move.
    Cassandra’s tendencies toward compliance was far from reality.
    After a few minutes, she moved and Zolabin hit her , making her feel that that distress was her own fault because she disobeyed the order not to move.
    It was obvious she couldn’t win but felt she was responsible for which
    ever bad outcome she suffered although of course Zolabin was responsible for having created the inescapable Catch-22 situation.*
    Cassandra gazed at the clock set before her. Each second of its tick drew her closer and closer to
    another chain of torture and humiliation.The countdown began. 1 hour 25 minutes, I hour to 10 minutes ..1 hour.Then 50 minutes.
    She knew she would certainly be killed.
    The countdown was faster than she had anticipated. Within a twinkle of an eye, she was left with just 30 minutes.
    The door was flugged open suddenly and the guards came in.
    Cassandra was taken out of her cell and tied to a long pole.
    Zolabin ordered the new leader of the Black Cobra Razak to torture her.
    “CALL YOUR BOYFRIEND NOW OR YOU DIE!!!!” Zolabin screamed at her.
    With a new surge of power and self conviction, Cassandra firmly said , “NOOOooooooo!!!!”
    Quickly a heavy slap landed on her beautiful face. The pain seeped in.
    She was beaten and pierced with a sharp hot object.🔥🔥🔥.
    It was terrible but she absorbed the pain in silence to make it look like she was a stoic. She was helpless. She knew attempting to do something smart will speed up her death.The Time kept ticking. 7 minutes,…6 minutes…5 minutes…..
    Two men came with a camcorder to record the scene when Zolabin invade Cassandra’s “pit” just to embarass her. Zolabin began making a statement, “Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Zolabin. I’m about to make an X-rated video for your viewing pleasure. Just watch.
    A table was brought and Cassandra was untied from the pole.
    She glanced at the countdown timer….1 minute 5 seconds more. Tic…..Toc….Tic…toc. one minute more……30 seconds more………10 seconds. ..more.5…4…3..2..1…….._TIME UP.⚠️
    Zolabin stripped the clothes off her except her panty. She was placed on the bare table with two men pinning her hands above her head and another two men holding her legs strongly.
    She screamed loudly as if her saviour would emerge after letting our that blood curdling screams. Zolabin was going to rape her and broadcast it to the whole wide world to see!! At that moment, she wished she died, to escape from that denigration.
    He quickly removed his shirt and unzipped his trousers and boxers as the men were ready to film the rape scene.
    Zolabin told the camera man, “Film it explicitly. No blur area. I need a clean video so that we can upload a High Definition nude video of her onto the Internet.”
    He laughed wickedly. Cassandra
    closed my eyes. Hot tears poured down her cheek as if she was a kindergaten kid. She couldn’t see that embarrassing scene.
    The panty she was wearing was a transparent one. At first, Zolabin wanted to yank the whole pant off but changed his minded and jutted it to one side. The camera men kept filming the explicitly obscene incident.The atmosphere was tense and frightening. 
    Noooooooooo!!!!!, uuuuuimm, adjeeeeiii, ahhh, Cassandra shouted as Zolabin’s Monstrous “rod” slided aggressively through Cassandra’s tiny valley of Joy into the depth of her abyssaic hole. It hurt as he burnt into her with aggression. He moaned and began Jerking hard as the camera men laughed and film the obscenity.
    Even The first chamber delighted him.
    Cassandra turned and saw the knife Zolabin was going to use to stab her through the very pit he was jerking in up and down. For a moment, it looked as if the pool of pleasure had engulfed him and he seemed oblivious of his gang. Then he pulled out for a few seconds before trying to resumed his game of ecstasy. Cassandra closed her thighs and his entry was locked midway. He was just an inch into her female chamber but Cassandra had made up her mind to die rather than allow the devil into her private chamber again.
    Instantly, her thigh was forced open by the gangs. When their boss was forcing his way into Cassandra , the other lustful men holding her took the liberty to su^ck her nip^ples.
    In that moment of Euphoria,* Cassandra realised they were loosening their grip on her.
    Quickly she forced her arms out of their grip, picked the knife and attempted to stab Zolabin on the right chest but he reacted quickly and dodged to the left. Nevertheless, the tip of the knife scratched his chest. Blood Oozed. He screamed. Cassandra pushed the men off herself, kicking them like angry mules. Then she broke into a run. There were gunshots.
    She rolled quickly on the ground behind a bush to avoid the sea of bullets being pelted in her direction. 
    Three of Zolabin’s gunmen pointed their guns at her when she was about to get up. It was at a point blank range. She knew it was the beginning of the end. She was surely going to die. She felt she was at the firing squad after been pronounced guilty of non-existent compliance. Razak looked at her with fires of anger burning in his eyes. Then he smiled, “Hahaha! Prepare to die.” You should have given us the pleasures your body could offer before we waste it in death. Razak pointed his gun at her head.
    Cassandra thought she heard her name faintly being called faintly. Probably, she was hallucinating.
    She closed her eyes and heard a gun shoot.Then that gunshot was followed by sporadic shooting.
    None hit me. She opened her eyes only to see Razak wounded and lying on the ground in pain. Three of Zolabin’s gunmen were dead.
    Then the realisation dawned on her. The loud, sharp increase in rotor noise, became paramount at the blade passing frequency, usually characteristic of helicopters during its manoeuvres. The Whirring sounds dominated the entire island..Air flows around the blade to even out the pressure difference and creates a concentrated vortex of sound..swish..swash..swish…
    whop whop whop…
    Cassandra let out a cry of joy.

    What happened next? Episode 23.


    *Euphoria 👈

    An excited state of joy. A feeling of intense happiness.

    *Catch-22 situation.👈

    Catch-22 is a paradoxical situation
     from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules or limitations. 

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    Episode 23

    Another Reunion and Tooth Skin escape.

    [Mike’s Point of view]

    With our helicopter’s supersonic speed, we were soon on the rivers surrounding Parrot island. Getting close to the Island, I saw three gangster pointing a gun on a lady. Quickly I used my binoculars to have a closer look at the lady. She was almost naked except for her panty.
    I shouted,that’s CASSANDRA!!
    The serene environment turned hostile as bullets from my door gunner Nixon fired incessantly in the gangsters’ direction while maintaining manually directed armament aboard the helicopter.
    The other gangsters immediately began firing the Helicopter but Smith and Jack were PROs. They did skilful manoeuvres and passed through the rain of bullets fired at us. They responded with fire kiling three of Zolabin’s gangs. The gang thought we brought only two helicopters to the island to rescue Cassandra. Unknown to them, other ground Tat gang members were already on the island. They dived under the water and arrived on the island, few minutes before us and hide. When we gave the command, they came out, Group B, C, D.
    Zolabin’s men were caught by surprise as series of bullets richocheted across the length and breadth of the island.
    Cassandra saw us and ran towards our Helicopter. Bodies fell onto the ground. Zolabin’s men reeled under the heavy guns of the Tat Gang. Bullets passed through the air and scarred the walls of the encampment leading deeper into the much larger area.The combative Tat men showed no mercy when they exterminated Zolabin’s gangs who were now pouring in in their numbers. 
    I saw Zolabin holding an AK-47. He was pointing it at Cassandra. She was still running towards our Helicopter. I grabbed a gun from one man and started shooting in Zolabin’s directions to cover Cassandra. Other men came to help Zolabin to shoot the Helicopter but it kept manoeuvring itself through the oceanful of bullets.
    Something hit my shoulder hard. It was painful. I looked at it. Blood was coming out from the gunshot wound I sustained on my left shoulder. 
    The wound started to hurt so much but I kept shooting with the determination to eliminate the enemy. I continued firing them like animals in a slaughter house. Each bullet dismembered a body, hungrily gnawing into their soft tissues and shattering their bones. Blood oozed freely from my wound and I began feeling dizzy. 
    Cassandra was safely pulled into the Helicopter.
    Then there was another reinforcement. Tife was coming with other men, the military. The Governor’s special favour to me for saving his life.
    Seeing the sudden turn of events, Zolabin and his gang took to their heels and got into their own helicopters which quickly took off.The Tat Team had it all worked up. Tife gave a command, “TAT- BIRDS, TAT BIRD ! ! TAT BIRD!!!


    The Tat birds referred to our aircrafts. I brought two,Tife brought three. We chased Zolabin and his gang’s helicopters hotly and locked them on our radar panel. We fired on the locked down helicopters but their helicopters dodged our missiles and began firing again.
    The tac pilots dodged and refired them again but missed.We saw one of Zolabin’s men , his Door gunner fired a Bazooka at our helicopter. Smith tried a supersonic manoeuvres but fail. Another effort Fail.
    Then we got into danger⚠️
    Smith, the pilot shouted “JUUUUUUUUUUMP!!!!
    We all jumped out of the Helicopter without parachutes. There was no time. Then the helicopter blasted into ballistic ball of fire and its shattered metals plunged into the sea.We hit the water with a plop and managed to swim back to the island. I was in pain, caused by the gunshot wound.
    At the edge of the river surrounding the parrot island, we swum back to the island. I held Cassandra in my hurting arms. Cassandra
    looked at me with admiration.
    I gazed into her beautiful face too. Then she kissed me and smiled saying, “Mike, you are my hero.”
    Her words inadvertently soothed my hurting arm. I knew I had earned a special place in her heart_ I was her knight in shining armour.

    Ronald A. Rasband said “Reaching out to rescue one another under ANY condition is an eternal measure of love.”

    Back in St. Paul’s Missionary Hospitals, she was willing to take a bullet for me. During that time, I doubted if I could also do same for her. Now , I had used my actions to prove to her without any iota of doubt that I could do more than that, even when she listened to her father by dating Morrison_ an action I viewed as temporary betrayal.
    “I’m sorry , Mike, I’m so sorry,” she said to me.
    “For what?”
    For listening to my father’s advise to date Morrison. 
    “Alright, but I have forgiven you before you even asked.” Said Mike.
    She smiled, “That’s my darling.”
    My skin still beared the evidence of torture. The strip marks of the lashes I received for her. I was even hanged in the air, electrocuted,
    kicked, punched. 
    I was sure she felt like I was her”Jesus” dying for her sins. She couldn’t help control the tears. They flew freely as she said this love poem to me from her heart.

    ♡Your Love For Me♡

    Love was just another word,
    till the time you came in my life.
    your caring touch,
    your loving smile,
    filled the void and loved me so much,
    when my soul, my heart became yours.

    When my world was dipped in sorrow,
    Your twinkling eyes brightened it up all.
    My days were lonely my eyes were wet,
    All cheered up with a blink the day we met.
    Why the world is turning pink,
    Why is the sky showering roses.
    Hold me tight, let me not sink,
    It is a conspiracy of love,
    To bring us together to bring us close.
    Whatever be the reason,
    I do not wish to know.

    Unaffected by any season,
    This heart is in the flow,
    Of love and happiness.
    Filled with sweetness overpowering the sour,
    your caring touch,
    your loving smile,
    when filled the void and loved me so much,
    was when my soul, my heart became yours.
    “Mike, I love you, I’m sorry.I promised I will forever be yours.” She said.
    I got up and put my hand out to help her up. When I felt her hand grab my hand,a sweet sensation came over me and course through my body.We clung to each other as if we want to be like that forever.
    Then I gnatted my teeth,” aghhhh” the pain from the gunshot wound. 
    She looked into my eyes. I gave her a smile . She itched closer to me for a kiss, mindful of my wound.
    I responded sensually.The strong passion and desire to enjoy physical intimacy with its associated pleasure on the parrot island was becoming inevitable.
    I kissed her lips again. They were surprisingly soft and sweet. It was a light kiss filled with a hot passion. My heart was racing fast and my breath came in gasp. I placed my free hand on her waist and began to pull her towards myself .
    I moved my other hand onto her waist.
    Some Parrots began to sing as if to signal us of its presence or perhaps tell us the number of countless romantic scenes they had witnessed.
    In that ecstatic moment,I couldn’t afford to miss any kiss. Suddenly, we stopped kissing and just looked into each other’s eyes as if to reassure each other of our feelings. I felt my heart and soul belong to her. Hours seemed like seconds and I could have wished time would stop for us till eternity. I wanted to spend every second with her. 
    I looked at her and said, “Are you ok?”
    I looked at her closely. Her body was bruised and her panty was creased. I looked through her transparent panty and realised her “thing” was mangled_ evidence of Rape or forced penetration.
    “He raped me,” Cassandra said, admist her tears. I tried to calm her down. I kissed her on the forehead and pulled her closer to my visibly shaky body and we hugged.
    I moved my hands down onto her chest and felt her heart pounding.
    We began walking away from the edge of the island. The parrots stopped singing. They gurgled and trilled, then whistled and squawked. What we were going to do seemed apparent to them.
    “Well, Cassandra , I think it’s time for a brotherly and sisterly talk now,” a voice said behind me. I knew the owner of that voice. I turned round and smiled ~Nixon.


    <Third Person point of View >

    Meanwhile the Millitary pursued Zolabin’s men after the invasion. Zolabin’s door gunner managed to hit another military Helicopter before his own was hit. He jumped out of the chopper before it blasted. He flew out using a parachute and guided himself into a thick canvas of bushes. Tife and his men only managed to catch one of Zolabin’s gang. They searched the whole forest for Zolabin but alas, he was gone. Mike’s wounds were treated by a Tac nurse called Dora. She’s a Ghanaian. 
    After Nixon finished talking to his sister , Cassandra went to Mike.
    Parrot island was an epitome of nature’s artistic beauty. Mike couldn’t help but admired the natural ambiance of the island and the aesthetical nature of the garden. The flowers Spathodea
    campanulata, Bignonia ceae,Adenium obesum, Aloe arborescens made the island one magnificent paradise of a sort.
    Cassandra saw Mike on a lover’s bench a few metres from one of the summer hut on the island along the fringes of the sparkling river. She sat close to her. In the secrecy of nature’s own setting, they made love.
    After having a feel of the islands natural ambiance, Mike, along with Cassandra and his men boarded their Helicopters and headed home. On the way back home, the Governor called Mike.
    Why is the Governor calling Mike?
    Will Zolabin be found?
    Will Cassandra and Mike’s Love last forever?
    To be continued in Episode 24👈

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    I know for sure DAT de governor will pay Mike back…
    One gud turn dey say deserves another!!!

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    Mike the hero again ❤️

    Zolabin’s days are numbered

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    EPISODE 24

    Plan For Life Enemies

    [Mike’s  Point Of View ]

    Our last task to rescue Cassandra proved to be deadly but really adventurous. Life they say is full of surprises and uncertainties.
    It turned out that our rescue mission had served two purposes. Three days after she returned to lagos, Cassandra resumed working  as a nurse in St.Paul Missionary Hospital after she was medically examined and certified to be fit.
    The Governor called me during our journey back home.  We couldn’t talk much.
    Then my phone rang again. I glanced at the screen. It was his Excellency Governor Bankole Clifford. We began to converse.

    Me: Hello,His Excellency 

    Governor Bankole : Hello, Mike. I called you yesterday to express my gratitude to you for your selflessness in taking the initiative to rescue me.

    Me: Thank you, His Excellency. The truth is , I was really pushed to come there because my sister told  me she was in trouble. 

    Governor: Well,all the same, you rescued all of us. Anyway, My son is celebrating his birthday party on Friday. I will  be very happy if you can make it to the party.

    Me:I will try my best to be present, Honourable. 

    Governor: Please ,try and come for my sake.

    Me: When is the party taking place ,Honourable?

    Governor:  Four days from today,Friday, 6.00 P.m. The Venue: is my residence. 

    Me: Alright, Governor, Can I come with my friends. 

    Governor: Well. You can come with a maximum of Three.

    Me:  Okay, Honourable. 

    Governor: Okay,Mike. Have a good day.

    Me: You too,Sir.

    Governor: Bye,Bye.

    Me: Bye.

    ~ Two days Prior to the party ~

    When we returned from that deadly mission after rescuing Cassandra from the parrot island, I used two days to plan how I would deal with those who contributed towards my present predicament. I labelled it task 4.

    Task #4.

    Exact revenge on those who betray or wanted to kill me in the past. I made a list of them. Asterisk sign (+) means dead

    Plus sign(*) means- Enemy turned  friends 


    Leonard +(Gang/Rapist)




    Jackson Desagagne+(Gang)

    Gina Ojukwu +(traitor)

    Malam Eadiq +(Malam, Spiritualist)


    Zolabin Egwu ( Leader of Black Cobra)( Drug dealer, armed dealer, extortionist, womanizer)

    Razak ( current gang leader)

    Eastman (Second in command)

    Sabina ( Trickster/ kidnapper)

    Forson Adjetey( Ritualist)

    Eric Adebola ( Corrupt Police Officer)

    Toby Ryan *( Occultist)



    Leaving my dead enemies aside 

    My target then was how to either pay my enemies in equal measure or exterminate them depending on the gravity of their offence.

    1.Pamela Amaechi❎

    He was the girl who poisoned my drink and framed me for drugs and ammunition and I was arrested by the police and put in a cell for 48 hours.  My plan was to poison her drink too or frame her for an offence. 

    2.Sabina Shehu ❎

    She  was the lady who kidnapped me at the airport at gunpoint and handed me over to be tortured. 

    My plan was to Kidnap and torture her too.

    3.Forson Adeyemi ❎

    He was my friend. He bribed the Immigration  Officials to release me for him. He  nearly used me to make money rituals. My plan was to sell him to a ritualist. 

    4.Eric Adebola❎ 

    He was the corrupt  Lagos Police state Commander who had being covering the crimes of the gang- black Cobra and even feed them with intelligence. I plan to frame him so that he would be dismissed.

    5.Zolabin Egwu ❎

    He was my arc enemy, the root cause of all my problem. He stole my father’s company and documents. He also facilitated the death of my Parents as well as several attempts on my life.

    My plan was to EXTERMINATE him.🔥

    I saw these tasks as personal and decided to deal with them on my own or at least with the help of my two trusted body guards. It was this arrangement I was making when the Governor called me to inform me of his son’s Birthday party.
    What happened next. Will Mike have fun at the Governor’s son’s Birthday party?
    Check out in EPISODE 25…

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    Mike the hero, go on

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    Mike should have fun at the party, he’s been working too hard

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    Mike hmmm

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