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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Thx very much for de notification @Daniel Edem
    De show is abt to go down!!!

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    Getting interesting
    next pls

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    Finally season two is here!
    The “Tilt for Tat” gang is set

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    Agamah Francis
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    Episode 3


    One good Turn Deserves Another.

    [Mike’s Point Of View ]

    I was going home to continue how to strategize to combat Zolabin. The driver was about to negotiate a curve when a young man stepped on the road.He put his foot on the brake but it was late. The car knocked out the young man. After¬† screeching to a halt,I got out to ascertain the degree of harm done to him only to realise¬† the young man was……….”Tabuki.¬†
    Tabuki was the servant of the Malam that had forewarned about that my friend Forson Adeyemi that he had brought me to be used as a¬† sacrifice to the goddess “Sasakumala.”
    The car had not hit him that hard so he stood up unharmed but shaken a bit.
    “Tabuki !!!!!”¬† What are you doing here?” I exclaimed.¬†
    He looked at me with mixed emotions and said , “it’s a long¬†
    “Well, you can cut it short. I was close to Al-Bravo Restaurant so I took him there. I ordered some food for him and during the course of eating he began narrating what happened to him.
    He said to me,” after you escaped from my Boss, the Malam, the killers came looking for you but didn’t find you. The Malam was angry and dispatched a team of men to search for you. They searched¬† everywhere in the great forest but you are gone.”
    “Malam Eadiq then decided to consult the gods to find out your whereabout.Quite strangely,the gods didn’t give him any answer. He become angry and threatened to quit if the gods didn’t give him any answer by the end of the week.¬†
    By the end of the week , no answer was given to him. He packed all that he had and prepared to leave.” During the course of leaving, he set fire onto the shrine. Then rain began to fall and quenched the fire. He then set the fire to the shrine. The rain quenched the fire again.¬†
    Malam Eadiq taunted the gods saying, “I thought you have lost your powers. “Where is the boy brought to me for the sacrifice?”
    Still the gods didn’t answer. He was about to insult the gods when he was strucked down by thunder.
    I was hiding behind a tall tree when the thunder struck him down.”
    His body was carried and placed in the forbidden section of the forest. 
    “On the third day, your friend Forson Adeyemi came. He said he was looking for the Malam. I told him the Malam had travelled. He asked when he would be back and I told him I was not aware of that. He then asked me If the “lamb” he¬† brought had been sacrificed and I nodded in the affirmative. He left with joy.”
    “After the Demise of the Chief Priest, I realised the council of elders were planning to install me as the next chief priest. They argued that I have learnt the crafts of voodoism from my master and thus qualified to be the next Chief Priest.”
    “I don’t want to be the next Chief Priest. In any case I was Compelled to become a servant of the Chief Priest because my¬†brother committed a sacrilege against the king by sleeping with the his daughter.”
    “In order to appease the gods, he was banished and I was made to compensate for his crime.
    I was 12 years old when I went to that shrine. I was supposed to serve for 10 years. My service time was over but I knew they wanted to install me as the Chief Priest.”¬†
    I escaped in the night through the beastly forest. Passing through that forest really required a lot of courage, not only because of the wild animals but more because you could encounter wild spirits. 
    When I was passing through the deadly forest, My heart pounded. Sweat dripped off my forehead, I used my arm to wipe it off. It was rather too dark for my liking.”
    “The whole forest had been swallowed into the womb of the night.The only sounds that penetrated the silence was the rustling of leaves and the occasional screech of strange animal.”
    ” I kept running chanting some incantations, following animals’ trail. The trees towered above me, their branches thick with abundance of leaves, not allowing even a glimmer of moonlit. I was quite familiar with the forest. We got most of our herbs from it to provide medicine for the sick. It was rather amazing when I escaped that night, the whole forest looked totally strange to me, as If I was taken from Earth and placed on Jupiter. I met strange people in the forest. I knew they were spirits. I met certain wild animals too but I conquered them .By 4.45 a.m the next day¬†I realised I was almost out of the forest. The vegetation began to thin out so I knew I was closed to human settlement. Then I came to a perfectly round clearing. I rested there for a few minutes.”
    When I woke up, I found myself in a village.¬† The¬† villagers¬† took me to their chief¬† priest .He was about to perform some rituals on me when I woke up.”
    “Without wasting much time, I escaped from that village too and came across a bus station. Because I dressed weirdly, I was denied entry into the car. I later bought some clothes from a bend-down boutique with monies a kind hearted man gave me.I used the rest of the money to board a bus and come to Lagos.”
    I was stunned by Tabuki’s Story. I asked , ” when did you come to Lagos?”
    “Three days ago, ” He answered.
    “Join my gang You will be my spiritual consultant, will you?”
    “Yes, I Will,” he answered.¬†
    That was how I met Tabuki in the city and recruit him into my organisation. 
    No man is born a criminal. It is society that makes man a Criminal.¬†I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth but now I am a leader of a gang instead of being the CEO of Skynet company which my father’s friends forceful stole from me.
    Having Tabuki as my spiritual consultant,I was confident we would make our mark in the gang world but it was going to be a tall order considering the fact that other notorious gang were already in existence like the X-Men,The Night Sweepers,Finders of Justice,The Angel of Death and off course the Black Cobra which had obliterated some of the notorious gangs.
    The Black Cobra was the most organised and¬†sophisticated gang .They operated with so much precision that the police were unable to track them¬† down for decades. Even if they do, they couldn’t arrest them because their love for money was greater than their love for country. I was determined to compete with them and stamp my authority in the criminal fraternity.”
    How far will Mike go?
    Watch out for EPISODE 4….

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    As for how far Mike will go,na u sabi oo,we just dey follow jejely!!!

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    Agamah Francis
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    Episode 4

    Looking For fund

    ‚ÄúBefore you speak, listen. Before you write, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you invest, investigate. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try. Before you retire, save. Before you die, give.‚ÄĚ
    William A. Ward

    [Third Person Narration ]

    ~Three Months later ~

    The first place Mike intended to strike was the house in which his mother and Brother were gruesomely murdered. Zolabin had given it to Cynthia, his wife. The house was well guarded by Zolabin’s hit men.
    That evening he took five of his men Thunder,Flexion,Duvessa, Cozbi and Malpass.
    Within thirty minutes,they were already in the vincinity. The plan was as followed ; Duvessa would go to the gate. The guards would asked her who she was looking for; she would lie to them that she was looking for her friend cynthia while making herself so tantalising that the men’s attention will be taken off their assigned duties.¬†
    Thunder,his right hand man will then scale the war and enter the house. They have decided not to engage the guards in a shot-out in order to take the occupants of the house by surprise. Having taken the occupants by surprise, Thunder will communicate with his colleagues outside the house to capture the guards.
    That night they executed their trial plan.Things almost went according to plan. The guards were rounded up but there was only one occupant of the house. Рthe house maid. 
    Thunder,Flexion,Malpass and Cozbi were able to destabilise all eight of Zolabin’s guards. They took them hostage pending a final decision.¬†
    They then occupy the house and established their base there for their operation. Mike got an interim advisor called Leo.  In consultation with him, they drafted their first Official plan which was to generate money to fund the group.

    Task#1 : Funding for the Gang.

    Mike’s first task was to generate funds to acquire sophisticated weapons and communication devices to facilitate their operations.
    In modern era, Organised criminals use technology and encrypted messaging to evade police.
    They wanted to be in the loop.
    Most gangs dealt in drugs, firearms, high-value theft, fraud and human trafficking. Looking at the options carefully Leo advised Mike to use technology to acquire money to fund the Gang since their main mission was to correct societal wrongs , not to perpetuate them.
    Persephony was Mike’s ICT Analyst.¬† She promised to use her ICT magic to defraud the rich men with fraudulent background on the internet. Afterall, the Gang is named “Tiit for Tat.”
    Persephony surfed the  internet looking for potential victims. She came across one white man who called himself Jake.
    He was a fifty year old American man looking for love online.
    Upon chancing on Jane,
    Persephony created a fake profile of herself naming herself Miranda and attached a fake picture of a herself to the dating site. She started chatting with the Jake. After establishing trust,they promised to talk the next day.
    On the third day, Persephony received a video call. She knew she would be caught if she picked the video call so she wore a face mask that resembled the one she used to create the fake profile of herself.
    Jake:  How are you dear?

    Persephony : I’m fine.

    Jake: Are you for real?

    Persephony : Why,do you doubt me?

    Jake:  Not really.

    Persephony  : You know trust is key to establishing a good relationship.

    Jake: Yea. So is your real name Miranda?

    Persephony : Yes

    Jake: How old are you?

    Persephony : I’m 23 year old.¬†

    Jake : What can I do for you?

    Persephony : Are you sure you wanna help me?

    Jake : Why not?

    Persephony: Well, I am a Primary school teacher here in Nigeria. I want to acquire a degree.

    Jake: That’s fine. I can do that for you in the name of love.

    Persephony : Thank you, babe.

    Jake : You look so beautiful.

    Persephony: You too.

    Jake : Are you kidding me?

    Persephony: No. Your age doesn’t matter to me.

    Jake : Are you sure?

    Persephony: Yes.

    Jake : Hmmmm, are you for real?

    Persephony:¬† I’m for real,babe.

    Jake: How soon do you want to go back to school?

    Persephony: As soon as possible

    Jake : How much do you need to go back to school to acquire adegree?

    Persephony: $ 10,000 for now.

    Jake: ugh…that’s quite a lot.

    Persephony: I know.

    Jake : Okay.Give me your account

    Persephone: Ok.Write it down……

    Persephony gave her our a pseudo account for TI^T FOR TAT Account.  Within three hours,her account was credited with a whooping amount of 10,000 USD (Ghc58300 or Naira 3,810,0000)
    As soon as the money landed into the account, Persephony divert it into a secure account. Persephone quit chatting with Jake.
    As if that was not enough Persephone again looked for another victim. This time around,
    she played the role of a man. 
    She told her victim her name was 
    Alex. She said her mother was dead and she needed money to cure herself of a fatal sickness because she can’t keep borrowing.¬†
    The next day, her victim wired 25000 USD into her account. 
    Having gotten all these fraudulent monies which summed up to 35000 USD, they could begin their deadly operations. 
    The next day, Persephony tried to access the account to withdrawall the money for Mike to buy the requisite high tech Communication device and other modern technological tool that could enhance their operation as well as cars for their operations but alas! The account was BLOCKED!!!!
    Meanwhile Toby was being called.
    He picked the call and it was his daughter Sheila. She said she needed to see him urgently. Toby asked her why she needed him at her temple but she said she would only talk to him one- on Рone. 
    Entering his car, he moved towards the Great Temple of Haragon with four of his escorts.
    Within ten minutes he reached there.With open arms his daugh
    ter-turn -priestess welcomed him.  He was amazed at her humanity. She thought she had become extra human. 
    “Dad, don’t worry ,I have a perfect solution to your problem.” Sheila said to him even though he never told her of any issue.¬†
    “Which problem are you taking about?” he asked pretentiously.
    Sheila smiled and say, ” You have forgotten your daughter is no longer an ordinary being. Well, Just to prove to you I know what is bothering you, let me tell you.
    You are planning on eliminating Zolabin for exposing your drug deals. You sent Thompson to kill him but he never returned. Sad to be the bearer of bad news but your assasin was killed by Zolabin’s henchmen.”¬†
    Before calling her father ,Sheila had a revelation that Toby was troubled by the news that broke that he was a drug baron. His acquaintance and friend Zolabin had betrayed him.
    It was revealed to her that Toby could only succeed in killing if he reconcile with someone and support him in whatever way possible. The person’s name was also revealed to her. Sheila knew it was going to be quite difficult for her father¬† to accept him but he had no choice. She knew exactly what to do.Though she¬†had now been gifted with the third eye, she’s¬† still human.
    ” You mean Thompson was killed by that nitwit Zolabin?
    “Yes,” said Sheila.
    He began to shake with rage. Sheila¬† told him , “Father, Relax, I have a revelation for you. The gods said they will help you.¬†
    He became quite happy and amazed. 
    “Yes ”
    ‘Through someone?”
    She looked at his face and mentioned the person’s name to him. He exclaimed involuntarily, WHAT!!!”

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    Agamah Francis
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    Episode 5

    Reconciliation in the nick of time

    It is not “forgive and forget” as if nothing wrong had ever happened, but “forgive and go forward,” building on the mistakes of the past and the energy generated by¬†reconciliation¬†to create a new future. …Alan Paton.

    [Mike’s Point of view ]

    After our account was blocked, I nearly lost a hope of funding the organisation.
    We tried to contact another rich and corrupt man out of the blue by email, letter, text message and through social media.
    We told him an elaborate story about large amounts of our money trapped in banks during the Nigerian civil war. We told him to help us retrieve the money and offered him a large chunk of the money.
    We were planning to ask him for his bank account details to ‘help us transfer the money’ and use this information to later steal his funds.
    Then we tried another strategy. We told another man we met online that we had a large inheritance that is ‘difficult to access’ because of government restrictions and taxes in Nigeria.
    We offered him a large sum of money to help us transfer our personal fortune out of the country. Hmmm. He also block us.
    We intended to ask him to pay charges or taxes to ‘help transfer “our money” out of the country’ through his bank.
    We planned on telling him to pay a small amount. If paid, we may make up new fees that require payment before he can receive his reward. We will keep asking for more money as long as he was willing to part with it. He
    will never be sent the money that was promised.As we were making progress, he blocked us.
    To avoid early confrontation with the police, we decided to change our gameplan because I realised the scams were not working for us.
    I saw how greatly diverse society was. A highly classed society. I saw a lot of pot bellied men living in luxury,driving the latest car, and having hundreds of subordinates and servants,buying food for their dogs with an amount some poor people will never see in their lifetime .
    I saw a lot of men hussling in the hot sun to make a day’s meal while the rich sat in air conditioned cars,I saw the pure water sellers¬† running after vehicles ,struggling to sell pure water to survive. I saw the head porter carrying the heavy loads of the rich while all that they carry was the newspaper. I saw the rich exploiting the poor yet no one talk about it. A foolish rich man is more reached than a poor wise man.
    That’s why scammers target the rich.
    In Nigeria, scam is intricately woven into the fabric of the society. Most people didn’t understand the ” 419″ aspect of the scam.
    The ‘419’ part of the name comes from the section of Nigeria‚Äôs Criminal Code which outlaws the practice.
    Criminal Code Section 419 states: “Any person who by any false pretence, and with intent to defraud, obtains from any other person anything capable of being stolen, or induces any other person to deliver to any person anything capable of being stolen, is guilty of a felony, and is liable to imprison
    ment for three years.‚ÄĚ
    I was in consultation with Leo on how to go about the funding of the gang when I heard my phone ringing. It was Sheila.!!!
    I was afraid. It all came flooding my brain. That night she was entrapped in her father’s secret room. Did she really survive it?
    Nervously, I picked it.
    “Hello Mike,”Sheila said .
    “I want to see you ”
    Cold shivers ran down my spine and beads of sweat broke my forehead.
    “Where,”I asked¬†
    In the temple of the great Haragon right now, she commanded. 
    “Why the temple, what are you doing there? ”
    Just come. I will explain when you come here.
    I called four of my body guards Flexion, Thunder, Cozbi and Malpass to escort me. We boarded a car and headed towards the temple.
    I arrived at the Great Temple of Haragon sooner than I thought. 
    Quickly I entered the temple only to see Sheila and her father Toby! waiting for me.
    “Sheila, what is the meaning of this and why do you invite me to see your father,” I thundered and turned round to leave.
    Then Sheila said,” he’s the solution to your Financial Problems. If you keep trying to scam people on the internet, you will be arrested by the Economic and¬†Organized Crime Unit.”
    I turned round and looked at Sheila,really Stunned. Surely, Sheila had the third eye.
    She still possessed her magnetic appeal. A beauty no man can resist. If anything, her beauty became more sharper. The priesthood gown did nothing to hide her curves.
    Her father had surely initiated her into occultism.
    Having said that , I sat down.
    Sheila explained to me how she ended up as a priestess.
    Mr. Toby apologized to me for attempting to kill me that day. 
    What if his men were to catch me that day? They would have finished me and I would have been history. Nevertheless I also reasoned that my escaped was facilitated by God.  If not because of that , how could  I have managed to outwit his guards. 
    Suddenly,¬† Toby went on his knees and said, “Son, “I beg you. I knew I could have killed you that day if I were to catch you but God knew why you managed to escape.
    It’s for a reason and I believed the reason is now.”
    To have one of Nigerian’s Billio
    naires knelt down before me was quite mesmerising. I told him I have forgiven him. Afterall, he had acknowledged he was wrong. Then he said something that melt my heart, ” Son, I’m prepared to use half of my worth on your gang to ensure that Zolabin is brought down. I assure you. I will sponsor your gang with money. All I need from you is to deliver on your mandate. In case of Trouble, My personal lawyer will defend you. His name is Okeke George.”
    I thanked him for his efforts but told him, ” Zolabin will surely be¬† brought down but you need to watch your back. Zolabin is dangerous. He will strike you when you least expected.”
    After our reconciliation, he suggested his daughter Sylvia¬† should be in charge of accounting in my group since she had a high knowledge in that field. I welcome the idea with joy. It’s time to leave.
    Now My Vacant positions were almo filled.
    Back home, Mr. Toby’s Desire to sponsor my gang stunned me. To think the same man was after my life some months ago. Life is seriously unpredictable.¬†
    I remembered the quote of Desmond Tutu, “True reconciliation is never cheap, for it is based on forgiveness which is costly. Forgiveness in turn depends on repentance, which has to be based on an acknowledgment of what was done wrong, and therefore on disclosure of the truth. You cannot forgive what you do not know.”
    To prove his commitment to his words, he funded my group with a huge sum of money to buy the equipment and devices that will facilitate the execution of our plans. It was obvious to me Toby and Zolabin had become Mortal enemies.
    Something happened the following week that helped consolidate the trust Toby and I began building. Afterall, it’s only action that can prove the words you said to be true especially when that action come in the nick of time.
    What happened. Watch out for EPISODE 6 of TI^T FOR TAT.

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