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    Long before the advent of hotties like Majid Michel, Blossom Chukwujekwu and Bolanle Ninalowo, Nollywood had quite the stellar cast of gorgeous men, who graced our screens. Faces that could make or mar the movie, faces that could make even the silliest movies become famous.

    These men had charm, charisma, presence and all the panache. They were every girl's dream and every man's inspiration. These were the guys who had contagious smiles; they broke hearts and confused feelings and they had a ton of fans aniticpating their every movie.

    Today, we're flashing back to the original Nollywood heartthrobs.

    10 JT. Tom West

    Opening up the list, is one of the best on-screen bad boys Nollywood ever saw, and our action man himself, the late JT. Tom West.

    Before his untimely death in 2006, JT was that hard guy we all secretly wished we knee personally. He was the textbook criminal; calculating, ruthless, charming and downright gorgeous. His most notable role was in State of Emergency, where he played the mastermind of a hostage situation, holding some of the most prominent members of the political space hostage. So brilliant was JT in that role, most viewers found themselves supporting the bad guys ;D.

    JT's time on the big screen may have been shortlived, but we will forever remember how much he made us love the bad guys.

    9. Desmond Elliot

    Before sojourning into politics, Desmond Elliot was the baby boy we never knew we wanted. Tall, dark, handsome and downright adorable, most people may have wished he was their good-looking brother, who they could use to do shakara for all the girls.

    His most memorable role was in Missing Angel, where he played a misguided demon, sent to retrieve the soul of a woman (Stella Damasus), who ends up falling for her. Even without speaking a word, we understand how Stella could have fallen for him :D.

    He may be an honorable mamber of the LSHA now, but he will always be Angel to a lot of us.

    8. Pat Attah

    Fine boy no pimples, Pat, may not have the major blockbusters that most of the guys on this list have, in his CV, but it takes nothing away from the fact that Pat has always been the unattainable loverboy in Nollywood. The elusive hottie that simply didn't get all the screentime he deserved for all the looks he was serving, Pat had some of his best on screen moments with a certain Rita Dominic ;), moments that at one time, led to rumours they were dating.
    These days, Pat works as a bouncer in Germany, which means he has added buff to all of that fineness, sadly, he isn't tied to any woman, but he can still get it from many ;D

    7. Muna Obiekwe

    Our unruffled King, not many people can say they didn't smile when Nun smiled, or laughed when he would lick his lips, or that they didn't use some of his lines to pick up girks back in the day.

    Muna was one of the best charmers in the game. There was just an aura about him, that always made him stand out. He was a smooth talker, the ultimate good boy that probably had a few bad streaks, and it was almost impossible to imagine wvee turning him down when he flashed that gorgeous smile of his and asked for your number. Even the way he would look away and smirk at a nasty retort from a lady, was adorable.
    One of his most memorable roles for me, has to be Warrior Princess, which he acted alogside Genevieve Nnaji, however, he had many hits with Genevieve.
    Muna was always a hit in movies, and Nollywood lost a gem at his death in 2015. No one else has brought back that charming smile to our screens.

    6. Emeka Ike

    Genevieve's on-screen husband and an actor, I personally love to hate, Emeka was a back to back hit back in the day . Till today, it baffles me what many womem saw in this man, but I guess if you've got it, you've got it.

    Emeka was the knight in shining armor that always came to the rescue, but he sometimes played the reformed villain as well. One of his most notable movies has to be My Beloved, which he acted alongside his favorite onscreen love intwrest, Genevieve. A movie that was quite instrumental in shaping Emeka's legacy as one of early Nollywood's greatest successes. Teenage girls and adults alike were smitten by the caring, thoughtful guy that always had the best intentions, but rarely ever had an easy path to it. He was relatable to many, and desirable to most.
    Between Emeka and Ramsey Noah, the crown for Nollywood's loverboy was heavily contested and the fans were always the winners.

    5. Sam Dede

    The original Ijele, before Flavor came and tried (and still trying) to steal his title, Sam Dede, unlike most of the guys on this list, did not make it here because of a gorgeous smile, a handsome face, or sweet words. Nah, Sam Dede was the man with an on screen charisma and confidence that defied logic. He was a man's man. The kind of guy to be revered, the mam every girl wanted to be seen with and every guy wanted to be.

    He was the kind of guy that didn't care for sugary words, nor did he care about your feelings. Sam was a straight talker, a man of his words and actions and a man more concerned with handling business than laying in the sack. He had so many people in awe of his person. The way he was able to portray his characters was brilliant. So great was he, his portfolio of hits is too numerous to count, but some of his most memorable movies are Ijele and Issakaba

    Till this day, Nollywood is yet to find an actor in the mold of Sam Dede, and it is unlikely anyone will take his throne any time soon.

    4. Saint Obi

    Another man of action on this list, Saint had the ability to be all business like Sam, but he also had it in him to charm like Muna. Our naija James Bond, as he was fondly called, Saint Obi was the man kicking bad guys asses right after dining with a beautiful lady. His sheer strength, was all he needed to be attractive, I mean, everybody loves the hero, right?

    He was one of the stars of State of Emergency, where he played the detective, and after saving lives by ensuring a bomb didn't go off in a school, he had time to play lovebirds with Stephanie Okereke in More Than A Woman and be an ezemmuo in Festival of Fire

    Saint Obi is a key part of the success Nollywood enjoyed back in the day, and the likes of him are yet to be found on screen.

    3. Ramsey Noah

    The original mulatto, finest boy in Nollywood, loverboy and sugarboy all in one. Ramsey came onto our screens with everything he had and we fell in love with every character he played. He was a smoothtalking casanova, the kind prince, the charming laborer, the betrayed husband, the naive driver....what has Ramsey not been on screen? And which of his characters hasn't been lovable?

    He has such a long list of hits, where do we even begin? One of his most memorable roles was alongside Kate Henshaw in Power of Love, they even had a hit song off that movie. He sings, he acts, he kicks ass, he charms. He's the ultimate gentleman and we can't be more grateful for the fact that Ramsey is still on our screens and we hope to keep seeing him for a long time.

    2. Chidi Mokeme

    It is highly unlikely, you'll meet any female above 18, who didn't have a crush on Chidi Mokeme at some point in her life. Chidi was everybody's boyfriend ;D. Tall, charming, great smile, lovely build, smooth talker and man could still throw a decent punch anytime of the day. Even guys found it difficult to hate on him.
    One of the most versatile actors to grace our screens, Childish could go from a city playboy to a reformed cultist and there'd still be time to play a farmer in an epic movie. He traversed every genre there was, in Nollywood and still didn't get the accolades he deserved, as far as I'm concerned.

    What was not to love with Chidi? Dude even had the eyes p go with his bedroom voice. No wonder he has so many movies under his belt, but one of his most brilliant performances came in Igodo. Childish took some time off Nollywood to take up the role od Gulder Ultimate Search host, where he served us with more hotness and he has acted a few movies recently that show us, he's still got that charm.

    1. Richard Mofe-Damijo

    *drum roll*.....and the baba nla himself, hottest Nollywood actor yesterday, today and till whenever, has to be our extraordinary gentleman, the smoothest talker in the game, the baddest guy to grace our screend and baby boy for life, RMD.

    Richard Mofe Damijo is so good, he is still charming ladies till this day. No generation of women has survived RMD's swagger, he's charmed you, your mama AND your grandma with his onscreen charisma.

    However, for the sake of early Nollywood, we remember RMD as the family-oriented, softspoken, sometimes, frustrated man, who could cry his way to forgiveness, and the only man ladies would give a pass if he cheated ;D. One of his most memorable movies was alongside his regular, onscreen love interest, Stella Damasus, where he died and his ghost kept coming to her, but he also has Diamond Ring, alongside Bukky Ajayi and Liz Benson. We hope to see more of RMD for a long, long time.

    Worthy Mentions:

    Jim Iyke

    Mike Ezeuronye

    Nonso Diobi


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    Legendary Beat

    This is what it is 4 legacy and their continues legendary beat. Fabulous movies and fantanstic experiences with more fun and happiness.

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    wow!!!! I love dis guys mennn!!!

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    What of Segun Arinze?

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    no.1 did not go down well with me ooh

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    handsome guys

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