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    Na so the 500K go take finish and you go do better something with it

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    -Episode 3
    Albino: I dey craze? you are a sharp-shooter. Am not following you inside your room, money for hand then toto for bed. Just twenty thousand naira baby and I’ll roll on you, ride you till you scream your mama’s name. *Albino moved her waist on the chair, and parked my d+ck inside my trouser. I jumped up*
    Me: I swear down, the money dey inside my room. Just follow me *no girl enters that room and come out without destroyed p+ssy*
    Albino: you are not serious, matcheeewww!! *she hissed*
    Me: na wa o!!
    I left her there when she started her snapping madness, I went inside my room and planned on what to do with the money. Biggy came and we went to cash out the money, the owner of the betshop sent all the money to my account. I managed and dashed the bet shop with five hundred naira and some kobo to continue life.
    Biggy had an urgent call so he didn’t follow me home.
    Later that evening, I was writing my phone expenditure budget when Biggy entered my room like armed robbers, I nearly had a heart attack.
    Me: why you wear your Christmas clothes like children wey wan go do happy Christmas?
    Biggy: I no even get time for your talk, oya na… ready, so that you go groove me. You know that clubhouse? *I nodded*
    Biggy: them don open am today.
    Me: how that one take concern me? or them dey fine manager? *He frowned*
    Biggy: na there we dey hit tonight, slay queens and fine girls go lap, and the bills go be on you *the pen I held fell off from my hand*
    Me: okay.
    Biggy: guy? You no get joy oh, I think say you graduate as scientist not economist, wetin be this phones and prices list?
    Me: how em take affect you? *No be only snake queens you go f+ck, you go f+ck female pythons too. O shey*
    I picked up my towel and went out, took my bath and when I returned back from bathroom Biggy has slept off snoring like hungry gorilla. I dressed up and kicked his butt.
    Biggy: oohhh… Na so them dey wake human being?
    Me: no, you no be human being, Come make we dey go.
    Biggy: no wear this your pans wey don see birth and death of suffer abeg, the bouncer no go allow you enter o.
    Me: you wan talk or make we dey go?
    Biggy: oya na, make we dey go *I dey laugh*
    We came out of the yard, the smile plastered on Biggy’s face didn’t leave his face I flagged down a bikeman, and we climbed.
    We arrived at a brothel closed to the clubhouse and I stopped the bikeman, we came down and I paid, Biggy was just smiling.
    The clubhouse was just across the road, and a pharmacy is attached to the brothel building. I left Biggy and bought two tablets of tramadol, and came back with it, I gave him one with one thousand naira note. The smile on his face vanished, when I started going towards the brothel.
    Biggy: where be this? *jamb question*
    Me: ashawo house
    Biggy: I know say na ashawo house, wetin we dey do here?
    Me: praise and worship, if you no wan f+ck go home. na here my money fit afford, if you wan go house you go. If you wan go clubhouse, see am there *I pointed my finger across the road*
    Biggy: you sef ehnn… My manage am sha. *the only thing that can kill Biggy is p+ssy*
    We went inside the brothel, I put the tramadol pill inside my mouth and swallowed it. A loud music was playing out of the speakers, half naked girls with fallen breasts where parading up and down, I could hardly see one not chewing gum.
    I used my google eyes and searched for my choice as all the girls where seducing me with eyes and seductive dance moves, men were sitting drinking beers.
    I sighted the one I wanted, she was short and fair with small breasts. she wore see-through net-singlet with bumshort that wasn’t button, her p+ssy pubic hair was showing with her p+nt. I looked back and realized that I was standing there alone since, Biggy has left already.
    I walked to her and we went inside the room.
    Me: how much? *I no trust Nigerians oh, this one that boarder have closed*
    Ashawo: oga na one thousand naira, pull na *she had pulled the net-singlet, and started pulling her bumshort with her p+nt*
    I quickly off my short and boxer, my d+ck wasn’t responding. she already tore off the c+ndom and readied to wear it on my d+ck.
    Ashawo: oga, hope say you no be impo. This one your thing nodey stand.
    She held my d+ck and started j+rking it, it rise immediately with lots of veins. I saw surprise on her face, she quickly wore the c+ndom on my h+rd d+ck and lay on the bed spreading her legs.
    Ashawo: do quicky quicky, customers dey wait for me outside. I no get time *I dey laugh*
    Episode 4
    She laid on the bed her legs wide spread, I climbed the bed all fours. And positioned myself betwixt her legs, I grabbed my h+rd d+ck and thr+sted in, one thr+st I was deep inside her well of sweetness.
    Me: hiaaa… This your thing wide oh
    Ashawo: oga you sabi talk oh, your money go soon expire.
    Me: I never c+m, you say when I c+m I go pay. *she nods*
    Ashawo: as you dey f+ck, no touch my bre+sts, except you wan pay extra. Your d+ck big sha.. *you go soon beg*
    I started moving my waist very fast, my d+ck was going in and out of her w+t p+ssy with motion, at first she refused to m+an.
    when I f+cked her h+rder the chewing gum in her mouth dropped out.
    Ashawo: aasshhh.. oohh! Oga easy na.
    Me: umh.. ah ah ah, no…
    Ashawo: my toto!! Ah ah ah *I increased my pace*
    Me: oohh!! Aaahh!!! *I held her shoulder and laid on her, as I increased my sampling of her punani speed*
    Ashawo: ahh oohh.. oga easy ahh!! Ooh!! Na 1k you pay na, aaahh *moaning louder*
    45minutes later, our body was sweaty. And my waist was aching, I couldn’t move it effectively as before.
    Ashawo: ah.. oga commot from my body, since that time you dey f+ck me, you never c+m. *she shouted at me*
    Me: no vex na, I dey last well well for bed. Remain small, I go c+m *I begged, still moving my waist slowly*
    Ashawo: oga, if you no get money to add, you go carry your h+rd p---k go outside oh. *she threatened*
    Me: like how much I go add *I couldn’t even move in and out of her again*
    Ashawo: add one thousand naira again, we go change style.
    Me: one thousand naira!! Ah ah, em too much na, na only 5h I get.
    Ashawo: my pity you, all these slim boys sha.. them go dey carry big d+ck and tramadol come f+ck ashawo.
    She asked me to sit aright, my back on the bed board. She sat on me, she held my h+rd d+ck that look very strong and agile for more f+cking.
    She wrapped her hand on it and j+rked it violently.
    Me: ah ah ah, easy aaahh!! You wan cut am? *I groaned in excitement*
    She played with her br+asts as she j+rked me violently, she held my amu and positioned it in her loose punani hole. She allowed only the cap in, and started moving her p+ssy muscles and then swallow the whole length, she rose again and repeated the same action.
    Me: ossshh ahhh.. m..e *I groaned and confessed in sexual excitement*
    Her eyes was shut, she started moving very fast on my h+Rd d+ck. Twenty minutes into the hot s+xual ride, sweet sensation flow inside my body.
    Ashawo: yeeeaaaaa aaaahhh, am cummmminnnng baaaaaaabbby *God no go gree*
    Me: ah ah! Aaaahhh!! *I shot loads of c+um inside the rubber, after she squirted*
    We laid on the bed tired, after I caught my breathe. I wore my boxer and trouser, and my clothe ready to go. I brought out the five hundred naira from my pocket and kept it on her bed.
    Ashawo: oga you wicked, you don damage my toto *with tired voice*
    I couldn’t hold my laughter as I got to the pavement, one of the room. A man ran out with nakedness,
    Ashawo 2: oga pay me my money *a loud shout from the room the man came out from*
    A naked lady came out too and pursued the man, the other ashawos joined her and descend on the naked man. Konji is a bastard I cursed under my breathe, I got to the bar in the ashawo hotel and saw Biggy drinking beer and pepper soup.
    I eyed the plate of pepper soup and the bottle of beer.
    Me: hope say no be me go pay wetin you dey devour like wild animal o
    Biggy: na you na, who else? na you carry me come here.
    I quickly ordered for spoon and joined him before he will finish everything, after all am the one paying with my hard earned money, minutes later we were done. We stayed there a little while, and then decided to stroll home. It was already late when we came out of the brothel.
    Me: guy, tramadol good oh, to use for ashawo.
    Biggy: your father!
    Me: he is handsome, why you dey pala na?
    Biggy: come see how the ashawo pursue me commot from her body as I no get any money to add *I started laughing*
    Biggy: the thing no funny oh, as I dey parade the hotel with my h+rd p---k.
    Me: how you come take c+m?
    Biggy: I enter their bathroom do mojojo, my hand pain me ehnn before I manage c+m.
    Me: no vex, I for give you 2k that time, bike…!!! *I flagged down a bikeman and we entered*
    Some minutes later, we came down in my yard. We entered and saw someone on my doorpost from the yard entrance.
    Biggy: who be that?

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    Ashawo done follow you c-m house? Abi na albino wan c-m give you p+ssy worth 20k

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    Na oga landlord

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    Nah albino or oga landlord

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    Bring it on

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    Please continue

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