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    (Pains of love)
    * * *
    The alarm clock that woke me up sounded so jarring, loud and annoying as usual. I quickly sat up on my bed and switched it off immediately. Just as I was about lying back on my bed, I heard my mum’s footsteps coming towards my room.
    “I wonder if this woman doesn’t sleep at all,” I hissed, got out of bed and ran to the toilet…
    My name is Becky James. I’m fourteen years old and today being monday was actually going to be my first day in Ss1 in my school, PRESTIGIOUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. My father died when I was in Jss2, thus leaving me alone with my mother coz I am the only child. I’m fair in complexion, a very beautiful girl with beautiful curves too. Enough about myself for now, you will get to know me as the story progresses…
    By the time I walked back into my room, my mum was seated right on my bed which had on it a nice pink bedsheet that fell to the floor. On the bedside stool was my alarm clock and a photograph of me and my family when I was four. My room always looked spick and span coz I love serenity…
    “Goodmorning mum,” I smiled and sat beside her.
    “Becky! You ran to the toilet because you knew I was coming to wake you up?” She said almost like a question.
    “But mum…”
    “Shh!” mother interrupted. “Get ready for school right away,” she ordered.
    I frowned immediately. I hated school because I didn’t have many friends and my teachers didn’t really like me, though I am very intelligent but maybe because am not a friendly type and don’t really speak unless am being spoken to…
    “I don’t want to go to school today mum,” I began.
    “You and I know very well I won’t let you stay here,” Mum said and stood up.
    “I will mum.”
    “No you won’t.”
    I sighed and smiled a bit. “You won again,” I stood up too.
    “Mum always wins, now get ready and come downstairs for breakfast.” she hugged me briefly and left the room.
    “I just wish all those small boys will allow me to rest today,” I soliloquized as I pulled off my nightie, threw them on the bed and left for the bathroom which was a large room, joined with the toilet…
    I sang and whistled while I bath and also thought of many things too.
    Minutes later, I was out of the bathroom. I kept smiling as I applied cream to my body and dressed up. Then I stood before the mirror and stared at myself in my school uniform which was a dark blue skirt with two pleatings at the front and back with a white long sleeve shirt and dark blue half jacket. On my legs were clean white shocks and black sandals to match. My hair was tied to the back with a bun just as we were taught to do in school but unlike others, my skirt waist band was quite big and as mum would say, “To cover your waist very well.”
    I picked up my school bag from the bed which were already loaded with mum’s old Ss1 text books and new exercise books. Though the bag was quite heavy but I didn’t mind. I slunged the bag on my left shoulder, wore a little perfume and picked my handkerchief and wristwatch from the bed and left the room…
    As I climbed down the stairs, I kept trying to put on my wristwatch which was a birthday gift from my mother when I clocked fourteen. Finally I was infront of the dining table. I wore the watch and dropped my bag on the chair my dad used to sit on before he died and sat on another chair.
    Breakfast was tea and bread with fried plantain and eggs. “My mum is the best,” I smiled at my mum who just walked in through the door with five hundred naira in her hands which she normally gave me for lunch during break though I never always used it except we have extra lessons.
    Mum smiled and put the money in my side school bag, then pecked me on the cheek which was filled with bread and egg. “My daughter is the best too,” she said while I smiled again and nodded…
    “Oops mum, I’ll be late,” I said as I pushed the dining chair backwards and stood up while mum picked up the serviette and wiped my mouth.
    I drank a little water, carried my bag and slung it on my shoulder, then hugged mum and bade her goodbye while she walked me to the front door and wished me a great day in school…
    As I walked along the path that led to my school which was only twenty minutes walk, I thought about my father and how he used to drive me to school. I missed him a lot and my mum was always trying very hard to make sure I lacked nothing.
    Just then, David, a boy who lived two houses behind us walked beside me which irritated me a lot.
    “Goodmorning pretty,” he greeted in his deep sonorous voice but I ignored him and walked on.
    “Hey its polite to answer to a greeting,” he added.
    I turned to face him, “I believe am old enough to know whats polite and not, so please, would you let me be?” I asked already feeling very angry…

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    * * *
    David smiled broadly and put both hands in his pocket. I must confess, he looked very cute and neat. His uniform, long dark blue trouser and white shirt with dark blue half jacket, fitted him perfectly well and had well ironed lines running through them.
    “You know i’ve always admired you right from Jss2 when I joined ours school newly but I guess you’re not a social type,” he said and glanced at me.
    I felt more than angry now, “What don’t you understand?, Is it the let me be or I don’t want to talk to you?” I fired and eyed him.
    “Both!” he smiled in a way that showed only his upper teeth which made it look like he was making fun of me, so I simply hissed and began to walk faster but he also quickened his pace. “This guy is mad o. Is this how this term will be?” I thought.
    “What are you trying to do?” he asked as he was beside me again.
    I refused to answer and by then we had reached the major road which I quickly crossed and continued walking faster. I had thought of running but decided against it so as not to sweat and besides my school bag was heavy and I was beginning to get tired…
    Soon we reached the school gate and walked into the school compound but unfortunately due to my anger, I wasn’t looking straight so I bumped into someone, who happened to be Eric, the head boy.
    “Hey! Are you blind or something?” Eric questioned, staring at me like I had stained his uniform but I cared less, therefore I hissed and walked past him.
    “She’s rude, Is she your sister?” I heard him ask David but didn’t bother to know David’s reply as I rushed off to my new class…
    * * *
    After assembly, we all filed into our classes cos we were told the sessions we would be after we had written our junior waec and I was in Ss1A which was always known to be meant for the most intelligent.
    Soon, we went through the normal routine of dusting our tables and copying the new timetable. There and then I realised I wasn’t with any rag or tissue paper to clean my desk. I looked round and everyone was busy and I couldn’t ask, so I opened my bag and brought out an exercise book to tear so I could clean but Queen, a girl who’s locker was beside mine stopped me and handed me her rag. It was obvious she had been watching me.
    “Thank you,” I smiled and collected the rag.
    “Welcome!” she smiled too…
    Minutes later, we were all seated, waiting for the teacher to come. I glanced at my wristwatch and it read 7:55, which meant that the teacher would come in the next five minutes. Just then, David walked into the class and greeted everyone while the boys cheered him and the girls eyed him seductively.
    “Pompous show off,” I hissed and brought out my english note coz according to the timetable, English was first. Then David walked and sat on the locker behind me. I sat on the front row, in the middle of the class. I felt very uncomfortable as he touched my neck and whispered, “Right behind you, angel.”
    I quietly shrugged his hand off my shoulder and faced the white board infront of me just as the English teacher walked in.
    After the exchange of pleasantries, she asked us to introduce ourselves, something I always hated and found very boring to do but I had no choice than to obey…
    After I had introduced myself, David leaned forward on his desk and whispered again, “I love your confidence.” but then I ignored him again…
    After the introductions, the teacher wrote on the board, “ARTICLE.” I hissed but not loudly coz I always found that topic boring. Infact, the day and everything seemed boring to me.
    “Becky!” Mrs Rose called. She had also told us her name. I was startled and looked up.
    “Me?” I asked.
    “Yes!” she replied fiddling with the white board marker.
    I stood up and swallowed hard. “Ma!”
    “What’s an Article?” she asked.
    I knew an article to be definite and indefinite but I wasn’t in the mood to answer any question, so I simply said, “No Idea ma.”
    “You will have to remain standing then because an Ss1 student should know what an article is,” Mrs Rose concluded and moved to the next seat which was Queen’s. Queen stood up and answered the question while the whole class applauded.
    Soon, Mrs Rose began teaching but then while standing, I lost concentration. At first I was worried about my standing but then it reminded me of my friend who had dozed off back then inside the church which had forced the usher to ask her to remain standing. I wonder what she ate coz while standing, she still dozed off. The scene then was so funny and while standing, I started laughing again which landed me into trouble.
    “Becky! What are you thinking about or what do you find so amusing? Are you laughing at me?” Mrs Rose questioned.
    I was scared coz I knew the next question would be “What was my last statement?” which I knew I wouldn’t be able to answer because I wasn’t listening…

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    TRAUMA (Pains of Love)

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    Hahahahaha Becky, you’re really weird…. Shoot us more

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    this is gonna be interesting

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