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    Trip to the heart ♥

    Written by sulaiman ghanaboii(mr chiller)

    Prologue\Episode one

    So tired from work, I really need some rest but can’t get any… I’m so frustrated of what has happened to me some weeks back. Uhmm.. Had I known! My story started in February 2018 when I travel to oyo town to obtain jamb form.

    I wake up that lovely morning with no worries, the only thing in my mind was how to obtain jamb that day, my home town which is Iseyin was not given any center due to some reason known to jamb management , I was thinking whether I should travel to OKEHO ( it’s part of my local government) or travel to oyo town.

    I decided to obtain it at OKEHO because it’s just 45 minutes journey than oyo town which is almost 3 hour journey. But on reaching OKEHO, I felt dissapointed to how they organized things there and they are too slow which left me no choice than to travel to oyo town.

    My name is sulaiman well known as chiller, I’m from oyo state, Iseyin local government, I attended Muslim high school, 2015 set. (this is true life story about that queen who made me who am I today)

    I travel to oyo town along with my lil-sister and some street Lil friends, which they were
    Waliu and bukola, which my Lil was halimat…

    We got to oyo town around 3:45pm and we finished our registration around 5pm. We were in hurry to get going to park because it’s late when we heard someone calling one of us which is waliu, that voice really got my attention but don’t know where it coming from.

    Just then a bike pass by and this gorgeous and beautiful girl with two of her lovely friend told us that we should meet at park.. They will be waiting for us there..

    I was like WTF… Can’t wait to meet this girl….

    I wish you have seen her… She’s the most blessed and beautiful creature ever…

    And when we get to the park they……

    Episode two loading….

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    Episode two

    A trip to the heart ♥

    Written by sulaiman ghanaboii ( Mr chiller)

    Episode two

    We got to the park and can’t believe what I saw… She’s the most beautiful girl I have ever seen,( that moment I feel like hugging her and just ask her to marry me… Lolz isn’t that crazy) I was wishing to sit beside her and it don’t workout so I got a seat behind her..

    I wanted to start a conversation with her but those friends of hers won’t let me, they keep on talking which get me frustrated, just then, I decided to test their IQ so I bring up a topic about political stuff, those friends of her won’t let it rest, they started discussing the topic as if they knew it all… I was really impressed by their knowledge on politics but later find out they are political science student..

    I decided to go straight on her… So I asked her

    Me: hi

    She: hi

    She looked away as if she’s not interested in talking to me but I don’t give up

    Me: I’m sulaiman by name

    She: oh ok

    I was like WTF is wrong with this girl

    me: so don’t you have anything to say about the topic we are discussing

    She: what is there to talk about? My friends have already said it all.

    me: Uhmm I know but just want to know your opinion on it

    She: I have nothing to say

    I back out because it seems she’s not interested in talking to me, I keep quiet for like two minutes thinking of what next to do just then she call on me and said you know politics is just like a game…bla bla bla bla( I don’t even leasten to her..i was just looking at her face and how she talks) don’t know what came to me and I just tell her that I like her

    me: I like you

    She : what!

    Me: sorry I mean I will really like to know your name(i have to lie cuz don’t know how she’s going to take it)

    She: oh OK… I’m Zainab

    Me: wow what a nice name

    Zainab : smile ☺ thanks

    We talked till we reach my home town.. We got there around 7:48pm
    I know if I don’t take my chance now to get her number it could be never..

    Me: zainyy I will really love to meet u again cuz u are really amazing

    Zainab : is that really necessary?

    Me: yeah… Where are u guys going to get down(i mean their bus stop)

    Zainab : in front of ecobank

    Me: eem ehn can I have your number please

    Zainab: ( she looked at me for some seconds and she said) OK just hope u won’t be a problem to Me

    Me: yes I promise

    Zainab : 0905846719*

    Me: OK thanks, nice meeting you

    Zainab : uh-huh and she smile

    They get off and we also get off when we reach our bus stop.

    Uhmm how am I going to talk to this girl now…

    I’m seriously into her…. I really wish she could be mine..

    Abeg how do I fit get her heart to love me(wink)

    Episode three loading…

    Mr chillers story…

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    Me hav not woo a girl be4 the lady i like hav amakalized me. @ele1 @henrymary @ladyg @olamibobo @timson7373 @paddy2x nd other help this writer on how to do the do o

    Links To Available Episodes
    Scroll Down For Episode 3.

    Episode 4

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    My partner nko oya c-m @fb-danieledem

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    senator danielsenator daniel
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    Seated already bring it on

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    try it u will get
    if u can’t ask @thecomely for some pointers lolzz my bae @ladyg coman sit with me

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    Prosper YeboahProsper Yeboah
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    Just go for de kill my guy…
    Shoot ur shot n never give up,,,wink!!!!

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    Episode three

    A trip to the heart ♥

    Written by sulaiman ghanaboii ( Mr chiller)

    Episode three

    I got home and I was so happy, I shower, ate my dinner and went to bed( not to sleep but to chat my queen up) I was hoping to meet her online and God be the glory she’s online..

    Me: hi queen zainyy

    Zainab: hi

    Me: (I tell her it’s me chatting with her and she said she knows) how did u know its me.?

    Zainab :because u are the only one that call me zainyy

    Me:lolz…you know I used to admire that name since I was small, cuz my best secondary school female friend is Zainab too

    Zainab : Uhmm?

    Me: yeah… Hope you are not that tired?

    Zainab: I am, even I will soon be offline cuz really need to rest

    me: yeah it’s true, have a wonderful night rest queen..

    Zainab: thanks and u too… But can u stop calling me queen?

    Me: smile have you even seen a diamond and pretend it’s a stone? No cuz u are queen and you are meant to be called queen .

    she don’t reply cuz she went offline…I texted her goodnight text through message.

    the next day.. I was surprise seeing her sending me good morning text..i replied immediately and reply me by saying we should meet online.

    She replied my last night message by sending smiling emoji

    Me: hope you are doing great this lovely morning Queen?

    Zainab : yeah…and it’s a great day for me.

    Me: wow… Can I have a little share of the greatness?

    Zainab : no

    I send her some emoji of crying and pitiful face

    Zainab : Lolz.. I won’t share…

    I send her a voice message that I want her to make my day lovely as her’s

    Zainab: Uhmm? Go and meet your girlfriend I know she’s the one keeping you happy befor so why me now

    Me: girlfriend? I don’t have any… Have been single for about a year now.

    Zainab: I know you will say that, I expect something different from u…uhmm all men are kinda alike

    Me: all men keh… I’m not joking around, I swear I am actually single..

    And seriously I am… I breakup with my girlfriend then because of our religion difference..

    Zainab : Uhmm OK o… Will chat you up tonight..

    Me: OK dear… Have a wonderful day ahead.

    That day went well and I texted her at night around 8:30pm

    And that’s when I try my luck and…..

    Episode four loading…

    Mr chillers story

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