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    Next pls

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    Men are just so unpredictable! Just 24hrs apart, nd u have already forgotten her… Well done sir!

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    Trip To The Heart..

    Your heart is no longer strong again…

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    Trip to the heart

    Written by sulaiman ghanaboii (Mr chiller)

    Episode 8

    School was fun..everything was going smoothly, can’t do within 2 to three hours without calling my babe.. Their school resume, and things went great between us.

    I met this girl, her name is Precilia, she’s smart and beautiful,she has manner of talking to people, she’s my only female friend at school and Dammy is my( BFF) my best friend forever, my mentor, he trigger some good things out of me.. (corona holiday makes me missed him) he is from osun state while Precilia is from plateau.. Those two are my friends at school.

    I used to snap alot with Precilia, anywhere I go she goes, my course mate even thought we were dating, I used to post her alot, cuz I actually like her(not to the extent of dating her), my girlfriend used to saw our picture but won’t comment, but one day we took a picture together when she peek me, I posted it with a heart caption, my girlfriend ask me if I’m dating that girl cuz the way I’m close with her seems like something is odd.

    I tried to explain to her that there is nothing between us , she said OK buh I know she don’t believe me, I called her around the 8pm when I was with Precilia, I introduced them to each other and they exchanged contact.

    I ask her the next day that, hope she is satisfy about me now? Hope she believes me.. She said yeah and we talk for sometime. Priscilla on the other hand won’t let me rest, she keep chasing other girls away from me just for me not to cheat on my girlfriend.

    If she’s with me no one dare to come close to me, even there is this day that I’m talking to one of my course mate, she’s a girl, we were gisting when she saw Precilia coming toward us.. I don’t even know what she saw buh she a little freak out and went away, I was even asking her what’s the problem but she don’t answer, she just walk away.

    I look behind me to see what she saw only for me to see Priscilla coming, I was so angry and annoyed that why will she be doing this to me? We ain’t even dating and she’s chasing everyone away from me, I wanted to warn her buh keep my calm.. But I’m still angry inside.

    My behavior toward her change which she noticed and she ask me if I’m OK? I said yes.

    Priscilla : are you OK?


    Priscilla :it don’t seems so.

    Me: I’m OK, just lemme alone

    She wanted to walk away but came back to me and said.

    Priscilla : if you are done angry, you can come so that we can talk.

    Me: (angrily) can please gimme some space, I’m tired of you being everywhere I am

    (The statement I regret saying )

    She walk away while I don’t even give a f--k, we meet at class sit together we did everything we used to do together without talking to each other, we don’t want people to notice we ain’t in good terms.

    She indeed gimme space, I start talking to any girl in my class, there is this girl that even ask me won’t your girlfriend get angry for you being with me? I told her not to mind her if she like she should cuz I care non.

    They gave us mid-semester break and Precilia travel home, I don’t call her while she also don’t, no one to cheer me up except Dammy, things we used to do together make me missed her much, I wanted to call her buh my ego won’t let me.

    I decided to call her but her sister pick up saying she’s sleeping, I told her to let her know that I called, she called me around that 8pm and I told her I’m sorry, I don’t what came into me then, I’m sorry.

    She told me she will be coming back on Monday which is two days ahead, we talk for sometime and my mind is at rest.. I felt alive again.

    but wait…. hope I’m not falling for Priscilla?

    Am I in love? WTF if wrong with me?

    Episode 9 loading….


    Mr.chillers story….

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    mmm everytime u will be falling for someone…
    Nawa ooo

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