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    God don’t let it be tife

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    Episode 26

    Strategic Rescue

    Woman and men of retiring timidity are cowardly only in dangers which affect themselves, but the first to rescue when others are in danger.
    – Jean Paul.

    [Mikes  POV ]

    -10 minutes later –

    I woke up from my blackout only to see myself in a moving vehicle. Then I remembered I was captured by the gangs and Tife was shot by one of the gangs named Ferro.
    I turned round expecting to see masked men with guns but I saw none. 
    My mind become clearer. I looked meticulously inside the vehicle. It wasn’t the Criminal’s Van. Have the Criminals changed their vehicle?
    The car looked familiar to me. I hoped  I was right. 
    This is Cassandra’s car. I made an attempt to sit up expecting my legs to be tied but I sat up and realised my legs were not tied. Then I looked at the driver’s side. She turned and smiled at me. I quickly rubbed  my face to see if I was in a  dreamland or I was in the real world. 
    “I’m happy you are awake,Mike, You have a close shave with death.
    ” My attention was drawn to another man sitting beside her in the right seat. He looked muscular but friendly. I ignored him and turned my attention to Cassandra. 
    Tell me what happened, why am I in your car instead of the gangsters’ Van?”
    Cassandra smiled and say ,” Is that where you wanna be?”
    I was quiet.
    “Relax. I will tell you every bit of it.”
    She tuned in to a radio station and they were playing WestLife  Music.
    Against All odds

    (feat. Mariah Carey)


    How can I just let you walk away,
    Just let you leave without a trace,
    When I’m standing taking every breath,
    With you, ooohhh,
    You’re the only one who really knew me,
    At all….


    How can you just walk away from me,
    When all I can do is watch you leave,
    Cause we shared the laughter and the pain,
    And even shared the tears,
    You’re the only one who really knew me at all………..”

    [ Source: Westlife: Album : Coast to  coast]

      <Third Person’s point of View >

    Mike was looking at them expectantly for an explanation of what really happened after he passed out. “Please, tell him what really happened. I beg you, “he said.
    The Westlife music was still flowing in the background. 
    “…..So take a look at me now,🎼
    There’s just an empty space,
    There’s nothing left here to remind me,🎵
    Just the memory of your face…..,🎼”
    Cassandra told Mike the events leading to their coming to the abandoned building. She told him, “When you want to go and meet the gang I had a feeling it was a set – up. You remember I advised you to give the thugs a photocopy of the house’s documents,not the original one and you agreed.When you left to met the gangs, realisation dawned on me that the gang was
    not really interested in the document because they could also reason you would make a duplicate of the house document. I had a strong feeling their main interest was you. I decided to call my brother Nixon for assistance. He was a military man in the Nigerian Army, a commissioned officer. More specifically , a Captain in the 7th Division.
    I tried to explain the situation to him. At first he was reluctant,
    saying we could call the police for help but later he called me back and assured me of his help. 
    Within 15 minutes, he arrived with another man he introduced to me as his friend.”
    “His name is Theodore. He is a first Lieutenant in the same division. You gave me the direction to where the thugs claimed you should meet us so we came there without your knowledge.”
    “For five minutes we waited but you didn’t come out. My brother ordered his friend to position himself strategically so that they would round the gang up when they come out. ….”
    ” While we were waiting outside , Tife came out walking with difficulty. To our amazement,one of the gangsters came out with a gun ready to shoot him from the back.”
    Mike said, “I remembered that part very well. I was in the room by then. Then I heard gunshots and fainted  and I knew no more.”
    “Ok. So let me continue from where you don’t know. The gang was about to shoot Tife when Nixon shot him at point blank range.
    I was there. The gang fell down dead. A few minutes later, another gangster came out to check if his colleague had executed his assignment well.
    He was amazed  to see Theodore Pointing a gun at him. Surprisingly,his reaction time was quick. He dived behind a rock before Theodore pulled his trigger. Another man came out from the building welding an AK- 47 Rifle. I recognise him. He was the one eho nearly shot me at the hospital yesterday. He shot in the direction of Theodore and he also dived for cover.
    The gang who hide behind the rock then stood up partially and ran in a bent position back into the room as the man with the AK – 47 covered him up. 
    Series of bullets ricocheted on the hollow walls and rocks. The guns went wild  spitting fire but missing their targets. My brother and Theodore moved on the retreating gang when they were no longer firing from their hideout. 
    Upon entering the room we saw you lying on the floor with your hands tied behind your back. We searched everywhere for the gang but alas. They had gone. We saw a back door that lead outside to a street.
    They may have passed there and escape in  their van. 
    After that face- off, my brother phoned St. Nicholas Hospital and asked them to come for Tife. He was still hurt. An ambulance arrived from the hospital to convey him back to the hospital for medical re-evaluation. My brother decided to escort the ambulance to the hospital to ensure Tife’s safety.
    My brother asked his friend Theodore to accompany us back to the house. So here we are.
    “Wow.  A lot happened when I was unconscious but I was wondering why the gangs didn’t carry me along when they were escaping,”
    Mike said. 
    “Well.I thought you will never asked that question. When the gang were escaping, they placed a bomb in the room. My brother realised the situation and somehow managed to take you out before the bomb detonated. The whole building went  ballistic with the bomb
    converting the building into rubbles.”
    “Hmmmm,”that’s very close and scary. I’m indebted to your brother for saving my life using his military experiences. 
    “He had saved my life several times when we went to war,” Theodore said. Mike and Cassandra looked at him wordless.
    Just when they were almost halfway through their journey, they saw a blue van speeding like a mad dog towards their car . At that moment,Cassandra knew the war was not over.The van hit the back of her car sending them off their  seats. Suddenly,the gang with the AK -47 began raining bullets on her  car. She did some extremely dangerous manoeuvres to outwit the precision of the gang’s shooting.  In any case her car was  bullet-proof so most of the bullets ricocheted on its body ,but for how long would it hold? 
    Then one of the gangsters opened the Van while it was still in motion. When the van got very close to Cassandra’s car, he climbed on top of the van and jumped onto Cassandra’s car. He landed heavily on the roof of the car.
    On top of the car, he wanted to break the rear glass of Cassandra’s car. Theodore saw him and sprang into action. He also opened the car door and climbed to the roof where the criminal landed. It became a fist combat. Uppercut, downcut,  Theodore was given a Jab but he blocked the second one and gave the gang a cross punch.
    The gang tried to hook him but he dodged and responded with a combination of a short side punch and an uppercut.The gang fell off the car due to the impact of the uppercut. He landed heavily at the side of the road. 
    Surprisingly, the gang didn’t stop their car to pick him. They were still pursuing Mike’s car. Theodore  stretched his right hand and picked his M16 Rifle. He aimed it  at the blue van’s tyres and fired. The tyres burst and the vehicle skidded off the road into the bush. Satisfied with himself,he smiled saying, “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ”
    To be continued.

    Is the mission truly accomplished?

    Episode 27 is loading….

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    Zolabin is a monster

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    Mike Ebuka really God 🙏 himself is working for u, he knows that your hands ✋ are clean.

    Zolabin nd his men haven’t seen anything yet .

    God will fall to disgrace them in a million ways.


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    Someone pull the man down. mike nd tife were safe. i believe

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    Mission is never yet accomplished

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    Mike ready for war

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    Episode 27

    ** Search for Job **

    [ Mike’s POV]

      ** One months later**

    I stayed in Cassandra’s House for two weeks. Though everything was at my disposal, I was becoming quite uncomfortable because I felt I was a burden to her. I told her I needed a job to support myself. 
    In my part of the world, being taken care of by a woman is considered a disgrace. 
    After much persuasions, she finally agreed to my request. While she was still trying to get a job for me, I saw an advert on Galaxy TV  with the caption”JOB VACANCY, JOB VACANCY!!!, A BILLIONAIRE BY NAME TOBY ROY,BASED IN DELTA STATE OF NIGERIA IS LOOKING FOR HOUSE BOYS AND WATCHMEN. INTERESTED PERSONS SHOULD APPLY AND CONTACT HIM ON THIS PHONE NUMBER : (+234)572309—-”



    I couldn’t believe my eyes. To me, that advertisement came at the right time. Quickly  I wrote an application letter for the job and told Cassandra about it. Delta  state is quite far from Lagos but she promised to take me there in her car. I was grateful.
    Cassandra was about to take me to Delta State when someone knocked on the gate. I hid myself. The knocker turned out to be her father. After exchanging the pleasantries,her father said to her, “Cassandra, I have heard you are following a certain vagabond*, a
    ragamuffin*and you are even ready to take a bullet for him.
    I don’t know what is between you and this scallywag* but stop that relationship immediately.”
    Cassandra was sad. She didn’t want to argue with her father  but she said,” dad,you don’t know his story. If…….”
    Which story? I’m not interested in biographies. Just STOP  that 
    useless relationship or else I will throw you out of this house though I gave it to you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
    “Hmmmm.” Cassandra sighed.
    As soon as he finished warning his daughter, he left off in his Ferrari.  After his departure ,Cassandra told me his father was a real Estate Developer. He also sell car spare parts most of which are imported from Japan and China.
    Her father’s speech hurt me deeply. He called me a vagabond. How can I be a vagabond or ragamuffin when my father’s wealth was five times what this man seek to possess. If not because of this unscrupulous man ; Zolabin, I would have been one of the youngest billionaires in Nigeria. Tears dripped down my cheeks.
    We left for Delta  State.  After a few hours, we arrived. The scenery and the architectural designs of the buildings there were quite awesome. I called Mr.Toby Roy and told him that I was interested in the Job of a houseboy as advertised. He directed me to his residence.
    It was a big mansion with many rooms.A mansion fit for a billionaire that he was.
    How could one man build a Mansion that could accommodate 1,000 people at once?
    Cassandra’s moodiness was still obvious. She said she had to go to work in the afternoon so it’s imperative she left earlier. She promised calling me to find out how it went.
    I pressed the door bell and a security man came out to interrogate me. He refused to let me get into the house because I didn’t book an appointment. Luckily his “boss” called and ordered him to allow me in. He became quite friendly to me and said his name is Awero.
    When I entered the house,a middle aged woman, about 43 years old met me and began asking me questions. She was tall and light skinned. What captured my attention was her backside. When she passed by you , I believed it would take five long minutes before her voluminous hip would also finish passing you by. After series of interrogation, she said “You looked like an intelligent las. I will give you the job on probation for one month. If you prove yourself competent, then we will make it official. Start washing that car right now. By the way I’m Vivian Oni.”she said and left.

    <Third Person’s POV >

    In the eyes of the public,  Toby Roy was a business man. He dealt in Importation of Cars and as well as Merchandise.
    He also owned one of the biggest printing presses in the whole of Nigeria. He was also into movie production and had acquired great fame through all these activities.
    Despite Toby Roy’s social status, he was something else behind the scene.Crime had been a part of his life since he was young.
    Back in those days, he was a juvenile delinquent.
    He shoplifted multiple times until he was caught and thrown into a juvenile prison where he stayed for two years. 
    When he finally went to Spring College to learn how to run his own business,  he never expected to be involved in drugs until he befriended Tony who was part of the drug group.  He introduced Roy  to drugs. 
    He didn’t have much problem adopting the language of crime.  He worked his way through the group hierarchy and eventually took over because he was obviously one of the smartest of the bunch. He quickly grew the organization and eventually they were selling nearly thrice as much to the fraternities on campus. 
    The drug dealing was more lucra
    tive than schooling. He began dealing in whatever drugs he could find, but made sure to do it secretly so that the police couldn’t track him to one location. 
    Eventually he befriended Essel Damilola, a police officer. Through this ,he made some connections 
    with campus police to keep them safer from the authorities. By the time he left school, he had become an expert in the area. 
    Surprisingly, most people never knew he was a “drug dealer” unless those intricately connected to the business. 
    He was on the top of the food chain as the one who brought the product directly from the “factory” and sold it to regional dealers at a 10-to-1 profit.
    With the drug money he was able to fund his businesses. 
    With more money , he began living a flamboyant lifestyle and became famous not as a drug dealer but as a hard working successful business man.
    Toby lived in luxury. He had five  mansions.  His main residential mansion was magnificent,towering other mansions in the vincinity. His house had an italian gate, double-villa features,  a private road, a private garden, 110-bedrooms, a gym, an indoor pool,an 8-car garage, a racquetball court and a home movie theatre. There is a lush vegetation that surrounds the property and provides privacy from potentially prying eyes, and a stunning panoramic view of the city.
    Besides homes, Toby had a fleet of expensive vehicles, which are estimated at a total of $760,500. Among his vehicles are a 1975 Chevrolet Coupe, a 2010 Chevrolet Suburban, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a 2005 Chevrolet Suburban, 2008 Dodge Sprinter, a 2003 Chevrolet Suburban and a 2012 Suzuki Kizashi Sport. 
    In addition to spending on homes and vehicles, Toby also spent  heavily on women though he had two daughters and a beautiful wife called Vivian Oni. His mistresses numbered over fifty apart from the one night stands he engaged in on his business trips. Perhaps, some of the business trips were actually pleasure trips.
    Toby’s daughters were Slyvia and Sheila.  Slyvia,aged 21 was an accountant and Sheila aged 19 was a marketing Manager.
    Security men worked in the house 24 hours a day ,running shifts after every 6 hours. Every nook and cranny of the house was guided. In addition to the security men, there were CCTV cameras positioned at vantage points in the house to keep video surveillance of every tiny detail.
    Sheila was in her room when she heard her mother talking  to someone downstairs.  She looked through the window and saw a handsome young man outside.  She wondered  why a such a handsome young man like him couldn’t afford himself a good job and had to settle for a common houseboy job.
    In her room she  became more curious  about the young man when she spotted him from her window washing her mother’s car. She  stood by the  window side staring at his handsome face. His lovely hands were moving all around the car.
    His eye lashes were thick. He had a pointed nose. He was a true masterpiece of creation. Praise the most high. She promised herself not to fall for any man ever since Livingston cheated on her and dumped her like a piece of trash.
    “What the hell are you seeing ?.”
    That question brought her out of her reverie. She turned round only to meet the curious eyes of her  older sister Sylvia. 
    “Why are you staring at him licking your lips.?”
    ” Nothing,Sis. She said” but she could see curiosity in her eyes too.The truth was ,Mike was a guy she couldn’t resist.
    Sheila left the window side and went to the kitchen to prepare some food.
    Later she  returned to the hall to inform  Sylvia that food was ready. Sylvia looked at her and asked, “Do You have feelings for him?”
    Her silence spoke volumes. Sometimes silence is louder than words.

    *Vagabond -One who wanders from place to place, having no fixed dwelling, or not abiding in it, and usually without the means of honest livelihood; a vagrant; a hobo.

    *Ragamuffin-A dirty, shabbily-clothed child; an urchin.

    * Scallywag- a good for nothing person.

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