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    Episode 3

    A friend is one who has the same enemies as you have.
    By : Abraham Lincoln,


    In pa James (chinedu’s father) sitting room, a family meeting was taking place. Pa James and his wife was seated at one side of the room facing their two sons chinedu and Ike who were sitting at the other side of the four cushion chairs in the sitting room. Ike just got back from the overseas where he lives and works, it seems that their discussion was all about his decision to take his brother chinedu back with him.

    Pa James : My son Ike, is good that you brought up this , cause I was even intending to do so

    Ike : Papa, no need for all this formalities, chinedu is my little brother, so where ever I go I would love to have him there with me.

    Mama chinedu : (facing chinedu) Chinedu you have heard all we said, I hope you don’t have any objection.

    Chinedu ; ( with low voice) I have no objection, is alright with me.

    Ike : ok then get prepared we will be going to Lagos on Monday, then from there to abroad.

    Chinedu :(alert) which Monday?

    Ike: This coming Monday of course.

    Chinedu : next tomorrow?

    Ike; (baffled) Yes any problem with that?

    Chinedu :no problem, just that I think its too soon at least I need to say goodbye to my friends.

    Ike : Understand that I don’t have much free time and I need to get back to work, well you have today and tomorrow to say your goodbyes.

    Mama chinedu : You don’t even need to say goodbye to anybody, cause I don’t trust all these our people they will always try to step down on any one who is progressing in life.

    Ike,: (laughing) mama all those are just your fear playing with you.

    under a mango tree close to joy house, chinedu and chika could be seen talking.

    Chika :(smiling) so like play, like play next week you go leave us.

    Chinedu ; see as you dey talk like say I won die, beside while e be like say you dey happy say I won commot?

    Chika:(joking) E be like say you never know say I don tire to dey see your ugly face.

    Chinedu :(laughing) me and you who ugly pass?

    Chika :You don tell joy your girl about it.

    Chinedu : Sense u nor get , why you think say we dey here?

    Chika :idiot here be there house.

    Chinedu : You know Wetin go happen, you go go there house, the grandma no go talk anything you know say your mama and her na friend so she know you very well. Just use style confirm whether the grandma dey house ok.

    Chika :No p u na my guy.

    ( he left for joy’s house few minutes later he comes back to)

    Chinedu : How far na she dey?

    Chika : calm down na, yes the grandma dey house she even sit down for outside.

    Chinedu : ooh which kind bad luck b this. , intact I nor send whether she dey house or not I dey go there now.

    Chika : that one na your headache, I dey go house
    Chinedu : ok we go see later.

    ** As chinedu was approaching joy’s house he could see joy from afar washing clothes but he couldn’t sight her grandma anywhere. **

    Chinedu : hey dear.

    Joy: (startled) you scared me when did you get here.

    Chinedu ; Just now, where’s your grandma?

    Joy: she’s not around.

    Chinedu : But chika that just came here said she was around.

    Joy : I haven’t seen Chika through out today.

    Chinedu : ehh that’s strange.


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    See wey u carry ur self put

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    Episode 4

    The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.
    By : Confucius

    At pa James compound, a taxi was neatly parked, with the boot open. Chika and chinedu were busy carrying bags into the boot of the taxi.

    Chika : That’s the last one.

    Chinedu : (closing the car boot) chika please help me to look after my girl, make sure you chase away any wolf in form of a guy coming after her.

    Chika :(smiling) ah you don’t even need to tell me, that’s my duty as your friend.

    Chinedu : Thank you and make sure you perform your duty very well as your friend, you know I love that girl and would like to ma…..

    Pa James ; (shouting to chinedu) idiot come and enter inside car.

    Chinedu :(hugging chika) ok guy we see later.

    Chika : no p bro.

    Chinedu enters inside the car and the driver drove away, surprising after passing the gate of the compound, joy was standing within some distance away from the gate. Their eyes caught each other, seconds became like minutes. Even after the car has driven away joy was still staring at it and kept waving goodbye to it with tears in her eyes. Chinedu was forced to turn back and looked through the back glass of the car. Ike his brother watched in silence as the drama was being played between the two lovers.

    Ike :who is she?

    Chinedu 🙁 with a drop of tear dropping from his eye) some one special.


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    Some one special indeed

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    Hmmm someone special..

    And chika will help u to take care of her very very well

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    I dont seem 2 trust dat person u call a friend

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