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    Micky Brown
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    Another story from the author of THE JUNGLE BOY and MOTHER’S CHOICE
    Micky brown


    This story is about a twins (Donald and Drake), that live with their parent in Lagos a state in Nigeria but from a state in southern part of the country, looking at them it’s too hard to identify them be cause they look alike a lot, but Drake had a mark on his left upper arm which is cover with the clothe he…

    The twin grew up with their not rich and not poor parent till they were 18years when suddenly something happen that made the twins became orphans (are they truely orphans???) well let see if that’s true

    *Drake character*

    Drake easily get angry and talk a little before swinging into action, he’s always shy when he’s with opposite sex(female), he loves his dad more than his mum (i don’t mean he hate his mum), he hate to bully others

    *Donald character*

    Donald is always full of smile even in a tough situation, according to him, that is what do confused people about him, he takes time before swinging into action, he’s not lucky when it comes to girls and he loves his mum more than his dad, he also hate bully others

    *About the twins*

    They were born on the 3th of June, some years ago to Mr and Mrs Moses Edward, the calm gentle twin grew up in strength as no kid in ther pear groups could beat them down, so they nickname them SUPER TWIN in school, they finished their secondary school when they were 17years old, they were brilliant and smart in class, so as a secondary school graduate they had to fought their way to further their education, they start working, Drake as a waiter while Donald as a cleaner in the same Hotel
    stay tune

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    Mhizta Adebabs
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    Daniel Edem
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    Bring it on

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    Bring it on

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    Nice start

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    Micky Brown
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    “i hope there’s food when we get back to that house oh, cause I’m d--n hungry” Drake lamented walking forward leaving Donald to trail behind
    “That is if mum is back from market” Donald replied maintaining his normal pace
    Drake shrugged withdrawing his pace, which made Donald catch up with him.
    “i think we should pick a jamb form next year” Drake said trying to keep the conversation going but Donald seems to be lost sometime in his own thought
    “Hmm” Donald hummed
    “What’s up with you, Donald” drake who got tired of his mode asked
    He stop and looked into Drake’s face and sigh before heading home leaving Drake in the same spot wondering what is making the ever smiling Donald to be sat
    “He’s in bad mode today” drake shrugged and walk home too
    The both got home and met their parent on the dinning table eating their dinner
    “Good evening dad, good evening mum” drake greeted drawing a chair to sit on

    “Good evening mum and dad” Donald simply say the greetings and walked straight to their room which he share with drake his twins

    Mrs Edward wondered what is bothering her that made him passed her like that not a peck as usual

    Mr Edward had to asked Drake who was busy mulching his father leftover food

    “Drake what is wrong with Donald?” he enquired but received a shrugged from Drake as a reply

    He exhaled and lean backward on his chair, taking his gaze to his wife retreating figure, she was heading to her children’s room

    Mrs Edward open the door and met Donald on the bed laying on his back with his arms beneath his head staring at the ceiling, she walk to the bed and sat down

    “Donald what is bothering you?” she asked

    “Nothing” he replied flatly without taking his gaze of the ceiling

    “Don’t tell me that, this isn’t how u always be, you’re always cheerful and full of smile” she press forward hoping to make his tell her what or who ruined his mode but he wasn’t yielding to that so she let him be.

    Immediately his mum left he sigh, feeling bad for the way he made her mum left without telling her the cause of his sudden change of mode

    “Thanks to that proud girl” he mumbled and turn on the bed

    Soon Drake walked into the room yawning like an hungry Dog

    “Hey adjust lemme sleep i’m tired” Drake shook Donald who pretend to be asleep in other to avoid another round of questions but unfortunately Drake knew he wasn’t asleep as he shook him roughly

    “What up with you Drake?” he flared up

    Drake burst out laughing hard, which left Donald with no option than to smile

    “Yeah i got you, mind telling me what upset u?”

    Drake use the opportunity to asked him what ruined his mode, he sigh and lay back with his arms beneath his head

    “One girl who came with her mum slap the stupidity out of me” he smiled at his own word

    Drake couldn’t help but laugh the more

    “You mean say one chick like that slap you?” drake asked amidst laughter

    “i don’t blame you, i blame myself for telling you” Donald smiled turning to face the other side of the room

    “Is she beautiful, i mean cute?” Drake press forward

    “Yeah, no i mean yes” Donald fidget on his word

    Drake laughed, they end up discussing their day before they slept


    This establishment was founded by a Chinese man, who came to Nigeria in the early 80’s, he came as a tourist but the level of corruption in the country made him abort his tourism and return to China
    He came back a month later, with two others Chinese men and setup a small organization training youth who wish to learn martial art, although they did it secretly

    Some of their students on completion of training turn rebellious, they had to make it a corporative agency with the Nigerian head of state aware and in support then!
    They name it BREETLI CORP working with Nigerian Police Force but as time goes on the level of corruption made the BREETLI Corp a single agency fighting corruption with few prominent men in support

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    This is gonna be mind blowing

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    Following coolly
    ?? ?? ?? ??

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