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    am here

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    Gaht u bak on

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    Right here….

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    I don’t no y I hvn’t read season 1 of dis story…

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    (Ada My Love)
    SEASON 2
    Prince Onochie walked boldly to his father who
    was no longer expecting him as Nnenna the
    maid has already delivered his message. Igwe
    Ebubedike lifted up his head and saw Onochie.
    He cracked his throat as he looked at Onochie
    who wasn’t looking at him
    “Have a sit my son” Igwe said and Onochie
    reluctantly sat down
    “See my Son, I know how you feel but we don’t
    have a choice here” Igwe said but Onochie kept
    “You have to marry Olaedo please” Igwe added
    “But Father, what is marriage without Love?”
    Onochie asked
    “I don’t like that girl let alone loving her”
    Onochie complained
    “That can’t be possible dad” Onochie said and
    looked away
    “Well my son, I have tried my best in
    convincing you about this but you are proving
    stubborn” Igwe said to Onochie with a raised
    voice but Onochie said nothing
    “Did I send you to the United States to learn
    being stubborn?” He asked Onochie who ever
    responded as Lolo came out hearing the voice
    of the Igwe
    “What is the matter here?” She asked looking at
    both of them
    “Igwe” She called
    “Onochie” She called again but no one replied
    her but rather anger filled their hearts
    “Can somebody talk to me!!” She exclaimed
    and Charles ran down the stairs hearing the
    noises from the bedroom upstairs
    “Ask your Son Woman” Igwe harshly said ad
    went away walking angrily. Lolo gently bent low
    to ask her son
    “Onochie, please talk to me. What is the
    matter?” She asked him but Onochie raged up
    “Ask your Husband Mother” Onochie said which
    shocked his mother. He quickly stood up and
    went upstairs pushing Charles out of the way.
    Charles looked at Onochie and then at Lolo who
    hands were on her chest.
    “What sort of nonsense is all this?” Lolo asked
    with a loud voice
    “Heii!! Somebody can’t have peace anymore in
    this house eeh?”
    “Rubbish!!” She exclaimed and walked out
    angrily banging the door harshly
    “Gosh!!” Was the only word that came out of
    the mouth of Charles as he ran upstairs. He
    quietly opened the door and walked in to see
    Onochie walking around the room with his
    hands on his jaw. He exhaled and sat on the
    “That was harsh bro” Charles began
    “Well, I didn’t say anything wrong to him”
    Onochie defended his actions
    “You see, even if you marry Ada or whatever
    her name is, your dad won’t bless the marriage
    and it will be an abomination as I have learnt
    so far” Charles said
    “And what are you insinuating?” Onochie asked
    and Charles looked at him boldly
    “For the sake of peace please do as your father
    wishes” Charles said pleading
    “Nonsense!! Arrant rubbish!! Beautiful
    Nonsense!!” Onochie said immediately
    “I’d rather stay single than marry that girl”
    Onochie said and hissed. Pulled off his dress,
    wore his pyjamas and walked towards the bed
    “If you don’t have anything else to say Bro,
    good night” Onochie said and covered himself
    with the blanket.
    “What the hell of a shit is this. God d--n it
    mehn!!” Charles exclaimed in an american
    slang and rested his two elbows on his knees
    tapping his shoes on the floor…
    Ada crawled in pains towards the door as
    Emetamma and his family has already gone in
    not minding her condition. Ada managed to
    walk towards the gate, opened it and walked
    out a bit. She couldn’t bear the pain anymore
    so she fell on the ground and used her last
    strength to scream. A girl and her boyfriend
    that were passing by heard the scream and
    rushed her immediately
    “Who did this to you?” The boy asked
    “Please take me to doctor Ken” She pleaded
    with a very low tone
    “What happened to you?” The boy asked again
    “Stop asking silly questions and let’s take her to
    Ken’s chemist” The girl said and the boy lifted
    Ada immediately and the rushed to Ken’s
    chemist shop. Ken is a handsome young Man in
    late 20’s, he owns a chemist shop in the village
    and hence was called a doctor by the villagers.
    He was also a good friend to Ada’s late Father..
    It was already late in the night that Ken was
    already setting up his closure for the day..
    “Ken!!! Ken!!” The girl yelled his name from
    afar and Ken sighted them. Immediately, he
    re-opened his shop immediately and put on his
    generator at a go. He helped the boy carry Ada.
    The girl spread a mat on the floor in his shop
    and they laid her there..
    “Chei!! Is this not Ada?” Ken asked taking a
    closer look at her
    “We only saw her on the road screaming. All
    she could say was for us to bring her here” The
    Girl said
    “Thank you very much” Ken thanked them
    “God will bless you” Ken added
    “It’s alright. We will be on our way now” The
    girl said and went out with her boyfriend
    “This girl has spoilt what we planned for this
    night” The boy complained
    “You must be stupid! So eating my forbidden
    fruit is better than saving a life okwa ya?” The
    girl asked
    “No oh.. It’s not like that” The boy tried
    “Ehee.. It’s ok. Good Night” The girl said and
    “Chei!! Lekwaa Ukwu (See her waist)” The boy
    said biting and flinging his fingers as he ran
    Ken was left alone in his shop with Ada.. Ada
    was wearing a blue top and a black skirt long
    enough. Ken after having pity on her rushed
    and brought his first aid box. He cleaned her up
    and dressed her wounds. After everything, he
    took off his hand gloves and began to write
    some prescriptions for her. He glanced at her
    occasionally so as to know the medicine to
    prescribe for her. As he glanced, his eyes
    caught attention to her laps. Ada’s skirt was
    dragged up when the boy who brought her laid
    her on the mat. On trying to look away, his
    eyes caught her pants as she laid with her legs
    open. Ken tried to resist the devil but Ada’s
    beauty was irresistible. Ada laid unconscious on
    the mat more like in a coma. Ken dropped his
    pen on the table ad walked closer to her.
    “This is your chance Ken” Ken’s mind said to
    him. He bent down, took hold of Ada’s skirt and
    pulled it off.. He raped her recklessly and
    mercilessly. Blood pumped out of her as Ada
    was still a virgin. Immediately he finished
    raping her, he came to his senses and began to
    blame himself. Immediately, he covered her
    with a wrapper and went home, leaving Ada
    locked in his shop….

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    (Ada My Love)
    SEASON 2
    As Ken went home, his conscience judged him
    and fought him. He had no rest of mind neither
    did he have peace.
    Ada regained consciousness and woke up. She
    felt lesser pains as she opened her eyes. She
    held her forehead with her left hand and sat up
    erect on the mat to see that she was in Ken’s
    chemist shop and she took a sigh of relief. In
    having relief that she was in Ken’s shop, she
    felt pain in her private part and she placed her
    right hand beneath her skirt. On lifting it up,
    her hand turned red in blood. Immediately she
    saw it her hands began to shiver, her heart
    pumped faster. In doubt of what she was
    seeing, she immediately raised up her skirt and
    all her body from below was soaked in blood
    “No….” She cried
    “This can’t be happening” She told herself. She
    looked well at her black skirt and it was also
    soaked in blood. Tears began to drop from her
    eyes. She couldn’t believe what she saw
    “Did Ken do this to me?” Ada asked herself
    “Mba nu (No..)” She replied herself also
    “No.. No, this must be a dream!!” She
    exclaimed and burst out in tears. As she cried,
    Ken arrived dressed decently. He opened the
    glass showcase and walked in with a soured face
    “A..Ad..Ada” He stammered her name and Ada
    looked at him
    “Good Morning.. How do you feel this
    morning?” He asked as Ada’s mouth shivered
    “Ke..Ken” Ada called still looking at him and
    Ken began to scratch his head
    “Ken, you did this to me” Ada said in pains
    “You.. You raped me!” She exclaimed and Ken
    turned to her
    “Ada, please I am sorry. It was the devil’s hand
    work. Please” Ken pleaded
    “You took away my Pride and you are telling
    me that you are sorry!! How wicked can you be
    Ken. I trusted you. You are wicked” Ada said in
    “I am finished” She added and Ken rushed her
    “Please, forgive me. I didn’t know what came
    over me” Ken kept on pleading
    “Heii!! You took advantage of my helplessness
    and you say you don’t know what came over
    you?” Ada asked and hit Ken with the wrapper
    he used in covering her. Hopelessly, Ada stood
    “I don’t blame you. Maybe you knew I don’t
    have money to pay you, so you paid yourself”
    Ada said. She cleaned away the blood in her
    body and walked home piteously. As she left,
    Ken kept pleading but Ada never forgave him..
    “Cheii!! God please forgive me” Ken prayed and
    began to clean his shop..
    “Bia Ada where have you been?” Nwanneka
    asked Ada harshly as Ada walked in through the
    gate feeling less pain
    “I…I…” Ada stammered
    “You what? Stupid girl” Nwanneka barked at her
    “And what are those plasters all over you?”
    Nwanneka asked
    “I went to Ken’s place to…” Ada was
    interrupted by Emetamma
    “To do what? Eeh Ada.. To finish the Ashawo 10
    kobo business you started” Emetamma rudely
    said and Ada was speechless
    “Wait oh, who gave you the money you paid
    him?” Nwanneka asked
    “He did it free Nne” Ada said
    “Mtcheew.. Nonsense. This is just little of it.
    Since you have decided to disgrace us in this
    house” Nwanneka said and walked inside the
    house. Ada exhaled deeply and walked to the
    backyard to begin her house work despite the
    pains she felt.
    “Mom, good Morning” Onochie greeted his
    mother that morning with a bright face which
    surprised her and even Charles who was with
    “Morning darling” His mother replied with a
    “Hope you slept well” She asked
    “Very well Mom” Onochie said and left in
    excitement leaving Charles and his Mother in
    the sitting room. Lolo slowly walked to Charles
    “Did you say anything to him. Or did anything
    happen?” Lolo asked Charles
    “I am also surprised myself”
    “I don’t know how this joy of his emanated
    Mom” Charles replied and they looked at each
    other still surprised. Charles later walked out
    to check out what was up with Onochie.
    Onochie sat beside the swimming pool, looking
    bright. Charles walked up to him and sat
    besides him.
    “Bro, why all the excitement. What’s up with
    you?” Charles asked and Onochie smiled at him
    “C’mon mehn. Speak to me” Charles added
    “I found out that only my joy can make me less
    angry” Onochie said and Charles was shocked
    and speechless
    “Anything else Bro?” Charles asked
    “I also got an idea” Onochie added and
    whispered to Charles’ ear.
    “Are you serious? Will that work?” Charles
    “Well, there is no harm in trial Bro” Onochie
    replied and they smiled..
    Onochie stood behind the house with Nnenna,
    the chief maiden of the palace
    “I want you to do something for me” Onochie
    “My Prince. If it’s what I can do, I will do it”
    Nnenna replied not looking at him.
    “Alright” Onochie said
    “Do you knw anything about Ada Madueke?”
    Onochie asked and Nnenna stared at Him..

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    (Ada My Love)
    SEASON 2
    Ada was sweeping the compound singing trying
    to make herself feel happy. A black Tundra car
    drove in to the compound, so she stood with
    the broom in her hands and looked at the car
    probably to see who will come out from the
    car. The door opened and Prince Onochie
    alighted from the car with a dark glass covering
    his eyes. Ada’s mind went oblivion immediately
    she saw him with regards to the beating she
    received earlier.
    ‘What are you doing here?’ Ada asked with a
    low tone looking around to see if anybody was
    around. Onochie took out the glass from his
    eyes and looked at Ada very closely
    ‘Who did this to you?’ Onochie asked with a low
    tone looking at her
    ‘Please, I am begging you go away’ Ada pleaded
    ‘Why? You have wounds all over you. You don’t
    even know why I am here and you tell me to
    leave.. No way!’ Onochie refused
    ‘Heii!!! See problem ooh’ Ada said placing her
    hands on her head. Just then, Charles came out
    of the car from the other side
    ‘Onye nke a abiakwa nke ya (This one has come
    out again)’ Ada cried
    ‘Prince bikozie nu, I am pleading. Please go’
    Ada pleaded and they were surprised
    ‘What’s up with her face?’ Charles asked
    ‘Heii!! Americana!!’ Ada exclaimed
    ‘Please, do you want to put me into trouble?’
    Ada asked them with a very low tone. That was
    when Charles read her mood and tapped
    ‘Let’s go’ Charles said to Onochie
    ‘Why?’ Onochie asked
    ‘I said let’s go’ Charles said with a higher tone
    and entered the car. Onochie reluctantly
    entered the car still looking at Ada. He finally
    entered and they drove out. Ada heaved a sigh
    of relief and picked up her broom. To her
    surprise, as she turned back to walk into the
    house, Obinna was in front of her looking at
    her angrily
    ‘So, you have grown wings in this house isn’t it?’
    Obinna asked her but she kept quiet
    ‘To the extent of inviting your boyfriend into
    this house eeh Ada?’ Obinna asked again
    harshly. On hearing his voice others came out
    ‘What is it Obi my son’ Nwanneka asked
    ‘The Prince just drove out now’ Obinna said
    ‘the what?,’ Emetamma asked in shock
    ‘So Ada, it has gotten to that eeh’ Emetamma
    ‘You want to dent my image in the Igwe’s
    palace. Ehee??’ Emetamma added
    ‘You called the Prince to see that I beat you
    okwa ya?’ Emetamma asked her further
    ‘No ooh Papa… He came here. I don’t even
    know how he knew here, so I asked him to go’
    Ada said but as usual, nobody believed her
    ‘This girl is a witch Papa’ Olamma said
    ‘And I will break her wings today. Come here
    Ada’ Emetamma said. On knowing what is going
    to befall her. Ada refused to come. Emetamma
    chased her and she ran away
    ‘Nna anyi, take it easy. I don’t want to be a
    widow this early’ Nwanneka said to Emetamma
    ‘You might fall while chasing that stupid girl’
    She added
    ‘No Problem.. She will come back to meet me
    in this house’ Emetamma said and sat down in a
    wooden chair under the mango tree in their
    ‘She has not seen anything yet’ Ugomma said
    and hissed.
    ‘Charles, I don’t really understand all this’
    Onochie said feeling restless, placing his back
    on the car and jingling the car keys in his hands
    ‘Wasn’t that thz same girl we saw yesterday?’
    Onochie asked
    ‘Of course that was her’ Charles replied
    ‘Oh Gosh!!! Didn’t you see her body. All fashion
    designed with plaster and bandages’ Onochie
    said with a sad face
    ‘I just wonder. I can’t really tell’ Charles said
    confused on his own part.
    ‘I will surely find out’ Onochie said and they
    walked inside. As they walked inside, Onochie
    called Nnenna
    ‘No one must know where we went to today’ He
    whispered to her and Nnenna bent low in
    ‘Yes My Prince’ She said
    ‘Good’ Onochie smiled at her and they walked
    in… On walking up the staircase, a voice called
    them back
    ‘Where went the both of you. I have been
    searching for you all over the place’ Lolo sqid
    standing besides a cushion
    ‘We went road walking Mom..’ Onochie said to
    thier Mother and she accepted that they went
    road walking. They ran up immediately and
    closed their door.
    ‘I know how to find out the truth from Ada’
    Onochie said and Charles looked at him
    ‘How?’ Charles asked and they starred at each

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    (Ada My Love)
    SEASON 2
    Omambala Kingdom was bright and wonderful.
    Indigenes were seen moving to and fro going
    to their various work for the day. Igwe
    Okpalaugo and his wife stood at the top
    veranda looking out. They laughed at little
    things they saw.
    “Ehee, My Lord. How far have you gone with
    Igwe Ebube?” Lolo Ugodie asked her husband
    and he sighed heavily
    “That his Son is really proving to be stubborn”
    Igwe Okpalaugo said
    “Despite all that his father told him. He has not
    yet gotten a change of mind” He added
    “How sure are you that Ebubedike told his Son
    all the threats you made?” Lolo asked
    “Hmm.. I’m not sure. But I made him
    understand I meant every word I said. Now, it’s
    up to him” Igwe said and Olaedo walked in
    immediately with Omalicha her maiden
    “Good day Dad”
    “Good day Mom” She greeted and they replied
    with a smile patting her back
    “And where are you off to?” Lolo asked her and
    she smiled
    “I’m going to a friend’s house” She replied
    “See, my dear. Why not go and see Onochie”
    Igwe suggested and Olaedo frowned
    “Why should I? Can’t he come here?” Olaedo
    asked rhetorically
    “I love him so much, yes but he is throwing it
    to the mud” Olaedo said
    “I understand my dear. I am working it out my
    sweetheart” Igwe said
    “He is all yours. No one can take him away
    from you my daughter” Igwe promised
    “Please my daughter” Lolo added her own
    “Alright Mom” Olaedo reluctantly agreed and
    her parents smiled
    “That’s my girl” Igwe said and Olaedo left. She
    went down the staircase with Omalicha
    “Open the door” She ordered the guard at the
    door who immediately opened up. She walked
    to her car and another guard opened the door
    for her. She air-kissed good bye to her parents
    who kept on smiling at her
    “Where to My Princess?” The guard in the car
    “Umudike” She replied
    “Yes My Princess” The Guard said and drove
    “I don’t see the reason why this hopeless
    Onochie dislikes our daughter. She has
    everything a woman can have” Lolo said
    “That boy will surely see my other side of the
    coin” Igwe said, hissed and went inside the
    Onochie and Charles looked decently dressed
    with Charles jingling the car keys. Meanwhile,
    Igwe and Lolo Nwaaku were in the sitting room.
    Onochie and Charles on walking down greeted
    them and tried going out
    “And where do you think you two are off to?”
    Igwe Ebube asked looking at the newspaper he
    has in his hands. Onoochie and Charles
    “We are going to see a friend Dad” Onochie
    “A friend that has no name?” Igwe asked
    “C’mon dad, must you know” Onochie asked
    “I demand answers immediately!!” Igwe
    commanded. Lolo’s happy mood began to
    “Igwe, please take it easy” Lolo pleaded
    “Lolo, stay out of this. Since he has refused to
    hearken to my words, his movement will be
    restricted in this house” Igwe said
    “What??!!” Onochie and Charles asked at the
    same time in shock
    “No.. No dad.. Dad, you can’t do that” Onochie
    “I have already done it my dear” Igwe said still
    not looking at them
    “Mom?” Onochie called
    “Nna anyi” Lolo called
    “And that is final!!” Igwe concluded. Just then,
    Olaedoo walked in with a smiling face. She
    greeted Igwe and Lolo with a broad smile. She
    went to greet Onochie whose mood was
    already altered. She tried hugging him but
    Onochie restricted her
    “Stop!!” Onochie barked at her
    “What are you trying to do?” Onochie asked
    “What does it seems that I am doing?” Olaedo
    “I am hugging my Love” Olaedo replied herself
    “Stop deceiving yourself my dear. Get out of
    my way!” Onochie shifted her and walked
    towards the door.
    “Onochie!! Onochie!!!” Igwe called and Onochie
    stopped a bit
    “Are you aware that she is here to see you?”
    Igwe asked
    “Really?” Onochie asked
    “Well, I’m not sure of that because I can’t recall
    inviting her here. Anyways, you can attend to
    her” Onochie said
    “Feel free my dear” Onochie said to Olaedo
    with a forced smiled and banged the door
    behind him
    “Was he talking to me? Like, was he referring
    to me?” Olaedo asked and Lolo walked up to
    “He just insulted me” Olaedo said
    “No..No, this is getting too much!” Olaedo
    exclaimed and angrily walked out
    “What is all this?” Lolo asked feeling sad
    “Woman, better talk to your Son, because I
    meant every word I said” Igwe said and called a
    “Yes Igwe” Dike ran in
    “I want you to follow that boy that calls himself
    my Son to see where is going to. Don’t dare
    bring me unsatisfactory reports. Have I made
    myself clear?” Igwe asked
    “Yes Igwe” Dike said
    “Good. You can go” Igwe said and Dike ran out
    “Dad, can you imagine that pimp insulting and
    rejecting me in public!!!” Olaedo complained to
    her parents..
    “What? This isn’t normal anymore Nna anyi”
    Lolo Ugodie said
    “Someone or Something is behind this” She
    “I don’t care whoever or whatever is behind it.
    My words still stands!!” Okpalaugo said
    “Stop crying my daughter. As I said before,
    nothing will take him away from you” Igwe
    promised again
    “I’m I not beautiful dad?” Olaedo asked them
    “Don’t bother yourself my daughter” They said
    “Mtcheew.. I’m out of here!!” Olaedo said and
    angrily walked into her car. Before her parents
    could rush out, her car has already drove out.
    In anger, Okpalaugo placed a call to Igwe
    Ebubedike. His words were not friendly at all
    “That is all I have to say.. Good day!!!” He
    concluded and hung the call.
    “Take it easy please Nna anyi” Ugodie calmed
    him down..
    Onochie and Charles drove to the path that Ada
    normally follows to the market that morning..
    “Bro, are you sure you are doing the right
    thing?” Charles asked
    “What does it seem to you like I’m doing?”
    Onochie threw his question back at him
    “You just hurt that girl and disobeyed your
    father” Charles said
    “Who ccares? That is not my problem at the
    moment” Onochie said concentrating on the
    steering of the Car.
    “This is it” Onochie said and stopped the Car.
    “This is what?” Charles asked
    “She normally passes here” Onochie said
    looking around
    “Hmm.. I see. Let’s wait” Charles said
    “That’s what I am doing already” Onochie said
    smiling. Few minutes later, Ada began to come
    towards them
    “Here she comes” Onochie said and Even
    Charles smiled
    “Ada good Morning” Onochie greeted as Ada’s
    mind wasn’t with her
    “Oh.. Sorry my Prince, I di…” Ada tried to plead
    for her mistakes but Onochie interrupted
    “It’s alright” Onochie said holding her. Charles
    waved at her with a smile and she waved back
    in a local way.
    “I want to talk to you Ada” Onochie said
    “What for?” Ada asked
    “I know your fears, don’t worry, I will drive you
    to the market and back here” Onochie
    Promised but Ada still refused. With much
    pleading Ada accepted making sure no one was
    around, she entered the Car. She sat behind
    with Onochie and Charles was handling the
    wheels this time around..
    “Ada, I have never seen you with a brightened
    face” Onochie said to Ada
    “And all the wound all over you”
    “The way you chased us out of your house the
    other day”
    “Tell me, what is the matter” Onochie
    requested and Ada began to shed tears
    “No..No, please don’t cry” Onoche pleaded and
    used his handkerchief to clean her eyes..
    “I am an orphan living with my Uncle and his
    family…” Ada began. As Ada narrated, Charles
    gave a very good attention about her past but
    still yet he didn’t comprehend anything out of
    it.. Few minutes later, Ada ended her story
    “I’m so sorry about that. This people must be
    wicked” Onochie said
    “I am here for you now Ada” Onochie said
    “Eeeh?” Ada asked
    “You see Ada, since that day you danced, I grew
    a feeling for you” Onochie said holding her
    hands and moving closer to her.
    “I Love You Ada” Onochie took the cat out of
    the bag and Ada was shocked
    “No My Prince, you don’t deserve someone as
    dirty and unhealthy like me” Ada said but
    Onochie starred at her eyes
    “I can’t let you…” Ada tried to reject but
    Onochie placed his hand on her mouth
    “Shhh.. Just accept me. Give me that chance”
    Onochie said
    “I am a pauper and you are a Prince. It won’t
    work my Prince” Ada said
    “But do you Love me at all?” Onochie asked
    “Eerrrhmm.. Hei!! Love kwa” Ada said
    scratching her head.
    “You care for me a lot and.. And…” Ada
    stammered but Onochie held her face and they
    looked at each other… The feeling grew more
    stronger as they looked into their eyes. Their
    heads came closer and they hugged each other
    “I Love you Ada” Onochie said
    “I…I…I lo.. Love you too My Prince” Ada
    stammered. The cut the hug and Onochie
    kissed her.
    “Hey, cut it.. I’m jealous here” Charles said and
    they laughed
    “Concentrate on the driving my friend”
    Onochie jokingly said and introduced Charles to
    Ada… They helped her buy whatever she
    bought in the market and drove her back.
    “I promise to take you out of this mysery”
    Prince said as Charles drew the brakes
    “Thank you my Prince” Ada said
    “For what?” Onochie asked
    “For loving me for who I am” Ada said and they
    hugged each other again
    “Run home my dear so that you won’t be
    beaten again” Onochie said and Ada cautiously
    left the car and waved at them… She walked
    home immediately
    “Yes!!” Onochie exclaimed happily
    “I’m happy for you Bro” Charles said
    “Thank you Bro” Onochie appreciated and they
    drove home in smiles. Ada on her part touched
    her lips occasionally remembering how the
    Prince kissed her….

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