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    This story title “ULTIMATE FIGHTING” is the next episode of THE LEGEND OF THE DRAGON KING…

    Author:Tang Jia San Shao,

    Ten thousand years later, ice has melted. The Soul Federation Scientific Exploration team found an egg with a golden and silver pattern on it in the far north of the land, and after examining it with an apparatus, they found out that there were vital signs inside. They hurriedly brought it back to the institute for hatching.

    The egg hatched, but it was a baby, a baby exactly the same as a human – a baby born out of an egg.

    The story begins……………

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 1

    What is that?

    Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

    The circular all-weather surveillance aircraft was slowly sweeping across the surface of the sea, and the pure white snow line could already be seen.

    “Head, we’re about to reach the extreme north,” a clear voice sounded as Nan Cheng, who was dressed in a white military uniform, reported to Lan Xiao, who was seated in the assistant captain’s seat.

    They were a scientific research team that came from Soul Land’s federal scientific research, Ancient Spirits and Beasts Research Institute, which was under the banner of Tian Dou Institution. Ever since the Soul Land federal government had completed its first trip to space 9,000 years ago, humans started to explore outer space. Their findings allowed them to have a deeper understanding of the boundless universe.

    Following the issue of overpopulation, humans started to explore the options of migrating to outer space. After countless millennia of unremitting effort, they finally completed the migration to the first planet. A thousand years later, humans had already completed the plan of migrating to the seven planets and were opening up the planets for development.

    Ever since the narrow destruction of the spirit beasts ten thousand years ago, the chairman, Mo Lan, who was known as the mother of peace in Soul Land’s federation, declared a peaceful coexistence between humans and spirit beasts, thus stopping all massacre of spirit beasts.

    When the federation was going through the colonization of the third planet, he would present this planet to the spirit beast and allow the present digital spirit beast to lead and go through the great migration in front of ten thousand beasts. The spirit beasts finally had a place they could call home.

    After that, the seventh planet was also given to the spirit beasts. With two planets of their own, the spirit beasts had ample recovery after ten thousand years, and their hatred for mankind had dispelled. Mankind was using a whole new method to cooperate with the spirit beasts, and the last several thousand years, ever since the spirit beasts had begun occupying the entire planet of Douluo, mankind had been struggling to survive until they invented the spirit-guidance device. They began to compress the living space of the spirit beasts, and when the King of the Spirit Beasts had awoken ten thousand years ago, it led the remaining spirit beasts to take revenge on humanity. Today, mankind and spirit beasts coexisted peacefully. The change in era finally allowed mankind and spirit beasts to enter a period of peaceful development due to the job of the Spirit Masters that made them closely related.

    The scientific research team that Lan Xiao led came to the Extreme North to scout and see if there were any remaining snow-type spirit beasts or traces of spirit beasts; they would start their research from there.

    The Extreme North was once known as the last piece of clean soil for Soul Land. The harsh environment here protected the remaining spirit beasts from being harmed by humans. After that, it also went through migration, but this world of spirit beasts was a unique system, and it took a lot of effort to get the majority of the spirit beasts to agree to move. However, there were still some who chose to stay or hide.

    “Alright.” Lan Xiao had the rank of a major hung on his shoulder; he was a dashing 31-year-old and had graduated from Soul Federation National Science and Technology Institute. He specialized in the research of spirit beasts, and everybody in the research unit was awarded a military rank as they were under the management of the federation.

    While he responded, his gaze unconsciously landed on the elegant curve on Nan Cheng’s military uniform. Other than being just colleagues, they were lovers. The beautiful Nan Cheng just entered the research institute for a while when this head of the institute used their proximity to obtain favor from her. Both of them had a great relationship and were planning to get married after this expedition.

    Nan Cheng glared at him and turned away. Her charming appearance caused Lan Xiao to grin.

    “After entering the Extreme North, immediately turn on the life detector and increase the strength to the level of ten years old spirit beasts,” Lan Xiao ordered.

    “Yes, sir.” Nan Cheng was specifically responsible for the exploration, and she replied seriously, putting aside her relation with Lan Xiao.

    The Extreme North was a bitterly cold place since ancient times and almost no plants could survive here. In the past, when there were spirit beasts, only large spirit beasts that were resistant to the cold were able to inhabit this place, as well as a few special species of spirit beasts that were similar to the Ice Jade Scorpion or Snow Woman.

    Very soon, the all-weather surveillance aircraft entered the Extreme North and flew further in; the soft white glow revolved around it, isolating it from the bitter cold outside.

    The lower body of the aircraft was flat. It had a faint green ray of light shining from it, and when the light fell on the ground, it formed a green aperture that covered a square kilometer. Any spirit beast would be detected in the green aperture if it had a life strength of over ten years. This was the latest life detector, and it could detect anything even if it were 100 meters underground.

    The surveillance aircraft traveled along the coastline and scanned as it moved along. Although the life detector covered a wide area, the Extreme North was vast, and it would take quite some time if they wanted to scan every single place.

    “Alright, since we’re here, everyone can take a break after we set the exploration procedures. I hope we’ll be able to find something this time,” Lan Xiao stretched and said somewhat lazily with a faint smile.

    Seeing this, Nan Cheng pouted. This chap was always like that. He was always nonchalant when he did things, but he always did a great job each time. When they were in school, he didn’t have to put in any effort and yet, he could still be a student with straight-As. He got into the research institute easily, and even though they both entered at the same time, he was already a lieutenant and the higher-ups had made exceptions twice to promote him. One had to know that it was very hard to be promoted in the military, and with no war, it was only possible to make steady progress and reach the middle ranks at over 40 years old. But this chap was only 31 years old.

    She got pretty upset whenever she thought about it, I clearly work much harder than him! Even when he was wooing me, I was so ignorant and fell for that harmless smile! Hng!

    When she was deep in thought, someone blocked the light and rubbed her head with a large palm while a familiar voice spoke near her ear, “Alright, the device will automatically alert us if it finds anything. Come and eat with me.”

    If other people became lovers in such an important department, they would definitely be very cautious. However, Lan Xiao didn’t have any self-awareness at all, and he would show his affections toward Nan Cheng very publicly. Nan Cheng had reminded him multiple times, yet he was still stuck in his old ways, I can’t take it anymore!

    “En.” Nan Cheng stood up before she realized that she had simply obeyed him once again, Darn it!

    She was about to glare at him but was faced with Lan Xiao’s mesmerizing smile instead. She stared blankly, and he pulled her little hand swiftly toward the cafeteria. The man’s voice rang in her ears.

    “I just love that silly look on your face.”

    Who are you calling silly? How dare you!

    Just when she was about to go on a full-on rampage, a series of urgent “didi” sound attracted everyone’s attention.

    Nan Cheng rushed back almost instinctively and quickly performed a series of actions. She enlarged the screen before her, and a ring of intense light was spreading continuously.

    Lan Xiao followed closely behind and stood next to her; his face turned grave as he looked at the screen.

    “Attention all units, attention all units. There’s a possible appearance of a powerful life form. The plane shall rise up to three kilometers, and the life detector will be focused on taking the readings of the said life form. The defensive cover will be turned to the maximum strength, prepare the weapons,” he commanded without any hesitation as the lazy look on his face disappeared and was replaced by seriousness.

    The light displayed on the screen was red, and he knew what this meant— only a spirit beast at a level of a hundred thousand years was capable of releasing such strong energy.

    “Make use of the reconnaissance satellite for detailed observation.” Lan Xiao patted Nan Cheng’s shoulders.

    “En.” Nan Cheng’s hands were like butterflies fleeting through the flowers as she worked on the control panel before her. Very soon, the satellite was connected, and the high definition reconnaissance satellite managed to lock the target under her lead.

    Lan Xiao straightened up and turned to the main screen of the aircraft. On the screen, there was an image that was being enlarged quickly.

    In the beginning, it was just a white screen but very quickly, they were able to see the snow melting away. Following that, they saw a valley that was surrounded by ice and snow.

    It was said to be a valley, but it seemed more like a crack, and the crack was enlarged under the high definition satellite until a deep part of the valley, next to a ruptured rock.

    That enormous life force came from here, and when the satellite pinned point the spot, Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng could clearly see that under the ice and snow, there was a faint flickering of a golden glow.

    “Enlarge it some more,” Lan Xiao said gravely.

    The image was enlarged further, and now that they could see even clearer, they discovered that flickering glow wasn’t just gold—there was a silver glow too. The two colors were alternating slowly.

    Nan Cheng turned to look at him and asked softly, “What is that?”

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 2

    Cryogenic awakening

    Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

    As the first planet that was discovered by humans and had success in the migration, Heaven Dou already had a history of over a thousand years. This planet was approximately two-thirds of Douluo; 54 percent of its surface was covered by the ocean, and out of it, 40 percent was freshwater while the remaining 60 percent was seawater.

    There were no life forms on the surface of the planet at first. Humans then migrated over and relied on the power of science and technology to develop the entire planet.

    Even though Heaven Dou didn’t have any life forms, its environment was 80 percent similar to Douluo. According to scientists’ assessment, as long as the first living cell appeared, it might only require ten thousand years or so for a civilized planet to be born. And with the arrival of the interstellar colony, it had undoubtedly sped up the process.

    The reason why it was named as Heaven Dou was to commemorate the fact that it was once the strongest country in Soul Land.

    Ever since the disaster caused by the spirit beasts that happened ten thousand years ago, the entire Douluo profited from the catastrophe and started to evolve. Humans subsequently let go of their former hatred too. At that time, the Soul Federation, Heaven Dou Empire, and Star Luo Empire that ruled almost the whole world has undergone almost a hundred years of negotiation and peace talks before they decided to merge; they were still known as Soul Federation. The original Heaven Dou Empire and Star Luo Empire became two independent regions that were historically known as Heaven Dou Independent autonomous region and Star Luo autonomous region. They governed themselves individually, but the resources were shared with the federation. Thereby, speeding up scientific exploration and research.

    The Douluo planet that Soul Land was on was now called Mother Planet, and as the first planet that had the first migration, Heaven Dou had the best developments. Other than the fact that the overall energy level could not be compared with Mother Planet, there wasn’t much difference between Heaven Dou and the Mother Planet. Above all, Heaven Dou had an abundance of minerals; they had all sorts of uncommon metals and because of this, mankind had more motivation to continue with the immigration. One had to know that the number of resources used up for interstellar migration was astronomical.

    In the headquarters of the Federal Scientific Research Institute, Heaven Dou’s subsidiary institute was conducting an epoch-making scientific experiment.

    In the gigantic domed scientific lab, there were over hundreds of scientists each occupied with their own tasks. And in the middle of the lab, inside a giant petri dish, there was a human figure soaked in liquid.

    “Get ready to start increasing the temperature, add the highly concentrated biological nutrients and get ready to inject the soul guidance energy,” an elderly scientist with white hair ordered in a low voice as he stood at the main seat.

    Due to the murky liquid in the petri dish, the life form could not be seen clearly but all the scientists were very nervous at this moment.

    This was a cryogenic awakening experiment. The specimen was found 300 years ago in the Extreme North of the Mother Planet. The body was preserved extremely well, and there were no wounds at all. As the technology was not perfect at that time, there was no attempt made to thaw it.

    In the recent thousand years, following the development of more planets by mankind, they found more specimens and technology started to advance by leaps and bounds. They had already successfully undergone many cryogenic awakening experiments, and a few life forms that were frozen for countless years were also successfully awakened.

    And this corpse before them was preserved for over thousand of years. This was the very first time in the history that they were thawing a corpse that was frozen for so long, and according to the scientists, the thing in the ice might have lived in a different era. If the awakening was successful, it would bring about not only scientific significance but historic as well.

    For the cryogenic awakening experiment today, the scientists were fully prepared and already came up with countless contingency plans.

    “It started melting already. Based on the speed that it’s melting, the specimen might have existed for an even longer time than we initially thought.”

    The longer the specimen was frozen for, the longer it would take for it to melt.

    The scientists got very excited. Without a doubt, the longer this specimen had existed, the greater the significance if he woke up.

    “End of the melting process, the main body is revealed. Should we start injecting the brain and organ restoration fluid?”

    “Begin the injection.

    “Yes, I repeat, begin the injection.”

    The scientists were nervous and busy.

    But in the next second, an ear-piercing alarm went off, “Emergency report: Unable to inject. The alloy needle is unable to pierce into the specimen’s body, it has snapped.”

    “What?” The elderly scientist was surprised; he knew how strong the alloy needle was, and it could easily puncture an armor!

    “Was it because the melting was not thorough? The body hasn’t fully thawed?”

    “The melting process was successful, and the body is already soft. But its skin is unusually tough. Chief, what should we do now?”

    “Inject the soul guidance energy immediately for strong stimulation,” the chief scientist ordered firmly, but he seemed disappointed. The other scientists around him had the same expression too.

    They knew very well that the probability of a revival was very low. Based on the past experiments, the specimen had to go through the brain and organ restoration right after it was thawed, then there would be a possibility that it would be alive. Blood preserved best in extremely low temperatures, and the one with the most damage was the brain. If the brain could not be restored immediately, and unless it was frozen for only a couple of hours, there wouldn’t even be one percent chance of a revival. Moreover, this specimen had already been frozen for thousands of years. Those restoration fluids prepared for it were the strongest, but now, they were unable to inject it into its body and merely soaked it in it— the result would definitely fall short by a large degree.

    Following the infusion of the spirit guidance power into the petri dish, it started to release a faint white glow.

    The chief scientist sighed and said, “We were too careless and didn’t prepare for a situation like this. This experiment is very different, and there is a possibility that it was a spirit beast cultivated into a human being which is why the body is so strong. It is too late to change the needle right now. If I’ve known sooner, I would have gotten the strongest needle from the headquarters. I will bear this responsibility.”

    “Chief, don’t say that! All of us didn’t consider this problem so we should all bear this responsibility together!” a middle-aged man next to him hurriedly said.

    “Wait a minute, look at this, everyone.” Suddenly, an old female scientist who was on the other side suddenly pointed at the petri dish.

    All the scientists turned to look, and to their surprise, the murky liquid in the petri dish started to turn transparent, and the figure inside became clearer.

    “This is…”

    When the human figure was gradually revealed, everyone was stunned.

    That was a young girl, a beautiful young girl. As she was sealed beneath a thick layer of ice previously, they couldn’t see her appearance.

    Her body was covered with a long silver dress, her hair was also silver, and she was tall. Although her eyes were closed, those long eyelashes made one’s heart flutter. All the male researchers present couldn’t help but be attracted to her, and they were dumbstruck.

    “Quick, increase the amount of spirit guidance power. She seems to be absorbing the nutrient fluid in the petri dish by herself! Replace the nutrient fluid, quick!” the chief scientist was yelling frantically and woke up those scientists who were in a daze.

    The lab was busy once again, and the scientists were moving speedily.

    The nutrient fluid in the petri dish was replaced, and they continued pouring the spirit guidance power in. However, something strange happened. No matter how much they poured that nutrient fluid in, the liquid in the petri dish remained clear. It was as if that young lady’s body was a black hole as she engulfed all the nutrients and spirit guidance power.

    This process took an entire hour.

    “Look, she, she seemed to have frowned?” a sharp young scientist suddenly pointed at the petri dish and said.

    There was no need to prove what he said because in the next moment, through the audio equipment, there was a light heartbeat that was picked up.

    Thump thump, thump thump, thump thump.

    To the scientists, this was simply music to the ears! What surprised them further was that the young girl’s eyelashes moved, and she slowly opened her eyes.

    Her eyes were light purple; there was no light in them, and they revealed clear signs of exhaustion. She looked blankly at the petri dish in front of her and lifted her arm like she wanted to move.

    “Stop the infusion of nutrient fluid! Release the nutrient fluid and start the infusion of oxygen,” the chief scientist quickly ordered. The most worrying thing that could happen to a person who was just cryogenically revived was suffocation, and this could cause second brain death.

    The liquid was poured out in torrents and oxygen was infused. That young lady’s eyes seemed to turn dimmer and she mumbled, “I’m so tired, who am I? Where am I?”

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 3

    A distressed star?

    Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

    As the waves crashed against the shore, there were vast and distant swooshing sounds. The faint sea breeze carried a light fishy and salty scent as it caressed the shore.

    Le Qingling held a wicker basket in her hand and walked along the beach happily with her bare white feet.

    She would rush to the beach every day when the tide ebbed to catch a few crabs and shells. Ever since the start of the interstellar migration, Douluo’s ecology kept changing and various organisms were thriving and there was much lesser environmental pollution.

    Their family was very unwilling to migrate—their ancestors once said that they were born as citizens of Douluo and would die as citizens of Douluo. No matter what Soul Land (Douluo Da Lu) became, their Le family will not leave.

    Le Qingling was 19 years old this year, and it was the first awakening of love for a girl. She stayed at home during her recent summer break and picked up the habit of combing the beach.

    The South Sea of Soul Land had the most abundant sea creatures, and she loved eating seashells with white grape juice— it was simply divine. Especially the white wine lobster that her father cooked. To her, that was the most delicious thing in the world.

    Currently, there were a few shells and a couple of large crabs in her basket. No matter how they struggled, they were blocked by a faint golden light on the surface of the basket.

    Le Qingling jogged a few steps and leaped about three to four meters high. She spread her arms wide and swung the basket like she wanted to glide in midair.

    “Ay, when can I fly! Why didn’t my innate abilities emerge even though my martial arts spirit has already been awakened? It’s so frustrating! I want to fly, want to fly, want to fly!”

    “En?” Just as her body landed on the ground, she suddenly saw something at the distant coastline.

    What is that?

    Le Qingling had always been curious about any new living creatures, and she quickly ran over to take a look. However, when she got closer, she slowed down. To her shocking discovery, that looked like a person. Half of this person’s body was in the sea, and the other half was on the shore. But he seemed very heavy—no matter how strong the waves were, he was still stuck in the sand and didn’t move at all.

    That is…

    A corpse?

    Le Qingling shuddered and immediately stopped in her tracks. Why would there be a corpse on the beach?

    She composed herself, took a deep breath, and a faint white glow emerged from within her. Following that, there were three spirit rings that appeared beneath her feet— two yellow and one purple.

    “Why should I be afraid? I am the Great Spirit Master. Even if he’s a vengeful spirit, zombie, or whatever—I will be able to purify him! Look out—Holy Light, shine forth!”

    The first spirit ring, which was yellow, glistened, and a white ray of light shot out of her hand directly at that “corpse”.

    Seeing the white light shining on that man, she was very satisfied with herself. This Holy Light had a healing and cleansing effect on ordinary people. And to those evil spirits, it would become an attack after purification—the effect was very good.

    The white light landed on that man’s body; Le Qingling could also see very clearly that the man had two legs on the beach, and his upper body was still submerged in the sea. She was more convinced now that it was a corpse. He had drowned to death already!

    However, under the Holy Light, the man’s legs appeared very resplendent, straight, and long. The upper part of his body until his knees were still submerged in the water.

    “Phew.” Le Qingling let out a long sigh and thought to herself, This is really just a corpse.

    She just had to call the police and let the relevant authorities take the corpse.

    She withdrew the Holy Light, and just as Le Qingling was about to contact the relevant authorities with her own Soul Guidance Communications Device, she didn’t expect for this scene to take place.

    All she heard was the crashing of the water, and the man actually sat right up. Other than his hips and genitals that were still submerged in the water, his upper body was completely out of the water.

    “AH—” Le Qingling screamed. All the courage she had just now was tossed to the back of her head. She jumped backward, turned around, and ran.

    After all, she had the Great Spirit Master cultivation, so her speed was incomparably fast; she was over a hundred meters away in a blink of an eye.

    She only dared to turn around for a glimpse when she was far enough, and she saw that the man was still sitting in the water. He seemed to be shaking his head and didn’t have any intention of chasing her.

    Le Qingling was breathing heavily, and she tried to calm herself as she patted her chest and gradually stopped running.

    “I am a Great Spirit Master, I am a Great Spirit Master, why should I be afraid! What’s there to be afraid of! Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid! I won’t be afraid!”

    She turned around once again but didn’t dare to get near him and only looked at that man from afar.

    Due to the distance, she couldn’t really see that man’s appearance, but she could roughly see that he had a great body. Although he was seated in the water, his shoulders were broad with muscular arms. He had long, dark blue hair draping over his shoulders, covering most of his face.

    Le Qingling’s curiosity was piqued, and it slightly prevailed over her fear. Just as she was about to get closer, that man stood up all of a sudden.

    “AH—” Li Qingling screamed again because she saw something that a young 19-year-old girl had not seen before.

    She quickly turned her head and pointed in the man’s direction with her right hand. “Stinking gangster, you’re shameless!”

    The man seemed to understand what she meant. When he looked down at himself, he was stunned.

    “Sorry, I…”

    His voice was somewhat stiff but it was pleasing to the ears. Le Qingling realized that they were about 200 meters apart yet that man’s voice sounded like he was right beside her.

    He knows how to apologize?

    “You… you cover up.” She tossed the jacket that was tied around her waist on the ground, turned around, and ran a little further away.

    “Oh, okay.” that man’s voice sounded once again and the stiffness reduced.

    Not sure why, but Le Jingling suddenly had the urge to turn around to take a glimpse again. She seemed to see a distinct eight pack! His physique was really great.

    “I’m done,” his voice rang in her ears once again.

    Le Qingling then turned around and realized that the man was already standing where she was at just now. Her jacket was covering his genitals but he was still mostly naked, revealing a perfect physique.

    This time, Le Qingling finally saw his face. She kept staring at him.

    How dashing, he’s so good looking!

    He had a sharp nose, beautiful lips that were neither too thick or thin, a pair of big black eyes which seemed to be a pale golden glow. His long blue hair flowed on his back, soft and shiny. He appeared to be around his twenties and wasn’t much older than her. With this outlook, could he be a star in distressed?

    The man spoke again, and there was a tinge of confusion in his tone, “Hello, could you tell me where is this place? And me, who am I?”

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 4

    A child born out of an egg

    Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

    Extreme North, Douluo.

    Part of the accumulated snow in the valley had been cleared. After a full 24-hour investigation, Lan Xiao and his small research team could confirm that the location where the gold and silver flickering light was giving off intense life energy was safe.

    Lan Xiao determined precisely that this should be a piece of a relic, and under normal circumstances, a relic that gave off a million-year-old spirit beast life energy was already considered a great discovery to them.

    The next step was to dig the relic out.

    The two machines had been working for half a day and finally cleared out the snow on the surface. But under the accumulated snow, there was still ice and who knew how long these ice had been frozen for; they might even be harder than steel. And in order to prevent destroying what was inside, they had to be extra careful.

    The layer of ice was very thick, but after clearing the snow on the surface, they could see that gold and silver glowing through the clear, thick ice.

    The glow was subtle; it wasn’t strong but extremely clear.

    The life detector had been observing the situation inside— the living energy still remained the same, and it wasn’t affected by whatever they were doing outside.

    This was a good sign and proved that the possibility of danger was low.

    The Soul Guidance energy slowly cut the life energy and continued monitoring the position of this object.

    After two whole hours and about four meters of thick ice was sliced off, they could finally roughly judge the size of this object.

    “It has a diameter of about half a meter, its width is about 30 centimeters. It has an oval body and is definitely not a spirit beast. It seems like an egg,” Nan Cheng reported to Lan Xiao.

    Lan Xiao’s eyes lit up. “If it is really an egg, then we might have made a great achievement. Even though I still cannot tell what type of spirit beast egg this is right now, but if the egg itself could emit million-year-old life energy, it goes without thinking that this should be the egg left behind by a spirit beast at the level of a Beast King. It’s rare that it could still be flourishing with life energy after being sealed in ice, but incubation is highly possible. We found a treasure!”

    A million-year-old spirit beast existed in those two spirit beast planets, but they were extinct in Soul Land a long time ago. Also, the federation had an agreement with the two spirit beast planets that if they ever find a spirit beast of that level, the federation had to send it back to the spirit beast planet. In return, the spirit beast planet would pay taxes and provide them with whatever resources they needed in order to benefit both parties.

    As the ones who made the discovery, their research team would not only receive a promotion, they would also be rewarded handsomely.

    “Seems like this is a wedding gift from heaven!” Lan Xiao took the chance to hug Nan Cheng’s shoulder and laughed.

    “Don’t be careless, let’s just take it back first,” Nan Cheng said softly.

    Lan Xiao laughed. “I love it when you’re like that…”

    “If you call me dumb again, I will get mad at you,” Nan Cheng interrupted him and gave him a threatening gesture.

    “Boss, we retrieved it.”

    Lan Xiao hurriedly turned to the screen, and on the screen, a machine was clasping onto a block of ice and facing the camera.

    Indeed, there was an egg in that transparent ice. The oval-shaped egg had a finely weaved pattern of gold and silver decorative design on its surface.

    The two decorative designs were both twinkling in luster; they were utterly bizarre.

    “Quick, bring it back,” Lan Xiao ordered immediately.

    Very soon, this egg sealed in ice appeared before them.

    There were a few pieces of equipment for inspection on the aircraft, and after examining closely, the only thing that they could prove was that there was thick life energy contained inside this bizarre egg.

    And compared against the archive of spirit beasts graphics from the Federation Research Institute, there wasn’t a similar type of spirit beast egg.

    “Should we keep it in a cold environment?” Nan Cheng and Lan Xiao stood before this bizarre spirit beast egg. She asked this question because the layer of ice on the surface of the egg was about to completely melt while they were busy performing tests previously. This had also allowed them to have a clearer look at this egg.

    First of all, there was its glossiness— the gold and silver pattern on the egg was extremely glossy but the pattern on the surface were all very long; whether it was the gold or the silver patterns, they seemed to be twisting and turning around one another.

    Lan Xiao frowned and said, “Logically speaking, the environment shouldn’t affect it so much since it contains such strong life energy. But just to be safe, to prevent it from being affected by the temperature in case it happens to be a snow-type spirit beast, we will store in low temperature. We’ll discuss again when we return to the research institute. Before we hand it over, we still have to conduct a series of detailed inspection and tests. A chance like this is hard to come by, and I’m afraid it would be hard to replicate an experiment like this in the future.” His eyes lit up at the mention of experiments. He was very interested in ancient spirit beasts and very knowledgeable in that aspect. When he was still in school, he was known as the living ancient spirit beasts encyclopedia.

    Cha cha.

    A slight sound startled all of them.

    “Is it coming from the egg?” Nan Cheng asked.

    “Quick, everyone, gather. Raise the spirit beast protective cover,” Lan Xiao hurriedly ordered. The life energy this thing contained was very strong, and if any life form were to come out of it, who knew how powerful it would be. Although the possibility of it happening was very slim, it didn’t mean that it had never happened before.

    On the surface of the experiment table, the white protective cover was raised but the “cha cha” sound inside could be heard again.

    Cha cha, cha cha, cha cha…

    The sound started to intensify, and the small research team and other staff members crowded around curiously.

    Other than Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng, there was a total of eight people in this scientific. There were also two team members in charge of collecting samples outside, two pilots, and two researchers. This was the standard allocation for a scientific exploration team.

    At this moment, other than the pilot flying the aircraft, others gathered around to look at the egg before them curiously.

    Cha cha, cha cha, ka cha!

    Suddenly, a thin crack appeared on the surface of the egg.

    “Is it coming out?” Nan Cheng instinctively hid behind Lan Xiao. The others took a step back too.

    “Don’t be afraid. Even if it’s a naturally offensive and formidable living creature, it wouldn’t have a strong fighting strength when it has just been born.” Lan Xiao took a few steps forward and circles of spirit rings appeared from beneath his feet— two yellow, two purple, and a black one. There was a total of five spirit rings, and they represented the level of Spirit King cultivation. At his age, this was already very outstanding, and it was the main reason why he could get promoted so quickly.

    Ka cha, ka cha…

    The crisp sound resounded, and it started to become more intense.


    Finally, a part of the eggshell cracked and a white creature made its way out.

    Everyone stared nervously, and their gaze was all focused on that white object.

    That is…

    In the next moment, everyone was stunned.

    Nan Cheng peeped from behind Lan Xiao and stared at that white object in a daze as she mumbled, “That, that… Why does it look like a hand?”

    Yes, it was fair, puffy, and small. Although it was clenched into a fist, it really looked like a hand—the little hand of a human baby.

    But in the next moment, that tiny hand moved downward slightly, grabbed the eggshell and broke it off easily. “Ka cha” and a piece of eggshell was broken off, then it went back into the eggshell.

    Cha cha, cha cha, cha cha.

    Ka cha, ka cha, ka cha!

    The sound went on but in just a moment, that tiny hand stretched out again and tore a piece of eggshell, then another piece.

    “Could it be that he is…” Lan Xiao stepped forward quickly and looked into the protective cover.

    At this moment, the eggshell was still covering most of the interior, and he could only roughly see that there was a white creature inside. The “ka cha, ka cha” sound continued.

    “The life energy is decreasing substantially—it only has the level of a 10,000-year-old spirit beast now,” Nan Cheng said all of a sudden.

    “Eh?” Lan Xiao looked at her in surprise. Nan Cheng’s eyes were still on the screen as she said, “It’s still going down and at a faster speed now.”

    Ka cha!

    The little hand reached out and tore off another piece.

    Ka cha, ka cha, ka cha!

    “There’s only a 1000-year-old spirit beast life energy now.” Nan Cheng’s tone was urgent.

    Lan Xiao took a deep breath and said firmly, “Open the protective cover.”

    He could only take a closer look with the protective cover opened.

    The protective cover was opened, revealing the egg inside. There wasn’t any energy that arose. Along with that little hand breaking off the eggshell, its true form was finally revealed.

    How should I describe it?

    Lan Xiao was instantly attracted to his appearance at first glance. He was very sure that he had never seen such a good-looking baby ever, and yes, it was a human baby—a human baby that was born out of an egg.

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 5

    This is just an ordinary child?

    Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

    The fair and delicate little baby’s skin was smooth and sparkly just like jelly; the veins beneath his skin could be seen vaguely.

    His eyes were closed but his black hair and long eyelashes were already grown. His two tiny hands were holding onto eggshells, and he kept putting them in his mouth, making “kaka” sounds as he chewed.

    He had teeth, and they seemed very white just like those baby teeth of an ordinary child. However, how could a baby that was just born had a full set of white teeth?

    It was the first time Lan Xiao was touching the surface of the egg, and it felt slightly warm. Other than that, he couldn’t feel anything, like there wasn’t any energy at all.

    “Oh god! It’s only left with the life energy of a 100-year-old spirit beast. What should we do?” Nan Cheng asked Lan Xiao anxiously.

    Lan Xiao laughed bitterly. “What else can we do? It’s too weird, we’ll continue to observe. There is really a child in this egg— a baby born out of an egg, can you believe it?”

    Another researcher on the other side said, “Boss, could it be a 100,000-year-old spirit beast that recultivated?”

    Lan Xiao opened his mouth and was about to speak when Nan Cheng reported again, “Ten years now, he’s left with the life energy of a 10-year-old spirit beast now.”

    Lan Xiao smiled bitterly. “According to the federation’s archives of ancient spirit beasts, and the information about God Spirit Beasts, it shows that after a 100,000-year-old spirit beast is recultivated, it could preserve the energy of a 100-year-old spirit beast at least, and it would also have the original memory and IQ. It would not become a baby that could be trampled on. Usually, they would become children and have a certain ability to defend themselves.”

    Ka cha!

    Another piece of eggshell was eaten!

    “We should also break off a piece of eggshell and bring it back to study. Nan Cheng, come over and carry this baby out. We’ll keep this eggshell to prove the result of our research,” Lan Xiao said to Nan Cheng.

    Nan Cheng walked over, and when she saw that little baby in that eggshell, she couldn’t even believe her eyes.

    He was fair, soft and his slightly chubby little round face looked as if it might pop if she blew on it; he also had two tiny dimples on his cheeks. He was simply adorable. She had a sudden surge of maternal love subconsciously, and her gaze turned gentle.

    Afraid that she might hurt the child, she reached out slowly and carried the little baby out of the broken eggshell. He wasn’t heavy, around six to seven kilograms. His body was soft, warm, and had a faint nice smell.

    Nan Cheng carried him carefully and couldn’t help but exclaim softly, “He is so beautiful!”

    The other team members saw him too—this child was too good-looking, too beautiful.

    Suddenly, the baby’s hand paused in midair and tried grabbing around but did not manage to get anything. He was almost done eating that eggshell in his hand.

    “Wa, wa!” He cried out all of a sudden, his loud and clear cries echoed in the entire cabin.

    Nan Cheng was not married yet and never had a child before, so she got a fright and the other members didn’t know what to do either.

    Lan Xiao, who was about to carry the eggshell away, was stunned too.

    “Why is he crying?”

    Nan Cheng panicked a little. “I don’t think I hurt him! Ah! It’s the eggshell – I think he still wants to eat more. Quick, give him a piece.”

    She carried the baby to Lan Xiao as she spoke, and the moment the baby touched the eggshell, his little hand turned nimbly, grabbed the side, and broke a piece. Then he sent it to his mouth and continued eating. As expected, he stopped crying.

    “You took his food away, how could he not cry?” Nan Cheng said with an aching heart.

    “This… but we need it for our research!” Lan Xiao said helplessly.

    Nan Cheng was hesitant. Of course she knew the importance of the research, and this child that was born out of the egg was simply too fascinating; especially when the egg that he was born out of gave out enormous life energy at the beginning.

    Lan Xiao had always been firm. He thought for a moment and said, “Check the health of the baby and let him continue eating. We will keep a small piece for research purposes.”

    “Yes, sir!”

    They had all the equipment they needed in the aircraft to perform various tests, especially the ones used to test for life energy— it was not inferior to the equipment they had in the lab.

    The baby was munching away happily, and he managed to finish almost half of the eggshell in just a moment. At the same time, they were done with the basic checks.

    Lan Xiao, Nan Cheng, and every researcher looked through all the data from the checks and were taken aback.

    Not because the numbers were strange but because they were too normal. They were exactly the same as a normal human being.

    He had the same numbers as what one would expect of a normal human baby. And his numbers were basically all in the middle of a normal human baby’s numbers. His life energy was also the same as a normal baby. Of course, it might be due to the fact that he was eating eggshells, and when he was cut by a piece of the eggshell, he merely frowned slightly and continued eating.

    “Is this really just a normal child?” Lan Xiao couldn’t believe it, and he was not the only one—all the researchers in the aircraft felt the same!

    How could a child that was born out of an egg that was found in the Extreme North under extremely cold conditions be normal? He didn’t have any spirit beast blood or a trace of any unique energy and abnormality—everything was perfectly normal. How could it be!

    A normal fetus would have been frozen to death!

    However, the numbers could not be wrong, and they came from cutting-edge equipment. Maybe this child’s only difference was that he was too normal. An ordinary baby would have some numbers that were slightly higher or lower, but he didn’t—he was completely normal.

    To sum it up, this was a healthy and perfectly normal human baby.

    Ka cha, ka cha, ka cha!

    The baby continued eating the eggshells and didn’t have any clue about what was happening.

    “What should we do?” Nan Cheng looked at Lan Xiao.

    Lan Xiao was a little worried now. At first, everyone, including himself, thought that this would be a great discovery, to the point that they thought it was an accomplishment that would play a big role in the research of ancient spirit beasts. But it seemed that they might be facing a very odd situation now.

    “Boss, I’m afraid that there is a problem!” The researcher, Chen Wei, smiled bitterly. “Not long ago, the federation punished those that faked scientific research very severely—we would not be able to clear our names even if we have a hundred mouths!”

    Faking research was one of the most serious crimes in the Douluo Federation. The reason was very simple— just one fraudulent research could bring about destruction to the federation and mankind. The punishments were meted out according to the seriousness of the fraud; it was one of the few crimes in the Douluo Federation that were punishable by death. This also served as a reminder to researchers to not act foolishly just for the bountiful rewards. Before they were absolutely certain, they should not simply submit the results of their research. Otherwise, once they were accused of fraudulent research, it would get very troublesome.

    Another researcher, Li Tingyin, said, “That shouldn’t be the case; we still have the eggshell, right?”

    Chen Wei laughed bitterly, “This is our only hope. Hopefully, we would be able to find something special from this eggshell. Otherwise…”

    Lan Xiao knew exactly what he meant. Otherwise, what they found today could be useless, and they simply rejoiced too soon.

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