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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 307

    Issuing an item

    Translator : GoldenLung

    Qin Changan laughed suddenly, “Little brother, when I see your face now, it reminds me of when I was your age. However, as a brother, I must remind you that you must not play too much with fire. Whether a mission or an exchange item, everything has to be reviewed by the academy. Once the review fails, the paid fees will not be refunded and your loss. Therefore, do not try any methods that are related to the academy’s secrets or unethical.”

    Seeing his gradually forming bitter smile, Lan Xuanyu understood that his senior brother was talking from experience.

    Tang Zhenhua said quietly: “Indeed ! In the past, a certain had released a certain exchange item. The color of the top ten Outer Court beauties’ underwear. It managed to go through the review step by error. As a result, hundreds of people exchanged for that item. That person thought that he had made a fortune, but in the end everything was seized by the academy and he was doubly fined. One wonders how long it took him to pay back everything.”

    Lan Xuanyu was dumbfounded, looked at Tang Zhenhua, then at Qin Chang’an. He couldn’t help but think this big brother was that “kind” of person !

    The smile on Qin Chang’an’s face couldn’t be maintained anymore, and he said a little embarrassed: “Teacher, are you really okay with this ? You might lose me as your disciple.”

    Tang Zhenhua rolled his eyes and didn’t answer.

    Lan Xuanyu hurriedly continued to look at the screen, pretending not to hear anything.

    Then he saw the second exchange item on the screen : Brief analysis of the key points of Soul Fusion skills, through the case of a sword-type Soul Fusion skill. Exchange price: one white emblem.

    “It’s possible to also exchange your cultivation insights?” Lan Xuanyu looked at Qin Chang’an.

    Currently, his senior brother’s face was already back to normal, he nodded, and said: “Of course you can. The exchange and the task centers are also a platform for communication. The academy actively encourages that kind of sharing, if one wants to learn from others’ experience, one must pay a corresponding price. That kind of exchange item only requires the payment of one white emblem. The premise is that there is no similar content on the existing list.”

    “Then I will post one.” Lan Xuanyu said cheerfully.

    “Huh?” Qin Chang’an was a little startled, this little junior was already releasing an exchange item the first time he came?

    “Little brother, let me hear it first, and see if it’s worth publishing. Let me remind you that there are often items who don’t sell well. If no exchange happens for more than ten days, it will be removed from the list. “Qin Chang’an didn’t directly criticize him, but just told the consequences.

    Lan Xuanyu nodded, and said, “Teacher, can you also tell me what you think of this ? The exchange content I want to publish is: How to solve conflicts between twin souls and cultivate with the help of life energy. ‘Notice : not applicable to all twin souls.’ “

    After listening to him, the VIP room suddenly became strangely quiet, Tang Zhenhua and Qin Changan looked at him with weird eyes.

    Lan Xuanyu felt a little uncomfortable by them, scratching his head, a little embarrassed: “Is it no good ? Senior brother.”

    Qin Changan coughed, “Little Brother, do you really want to issue this? Which rank do you want to post this for ?”

    Lan Xuanyu was taken aback for a moment, “Isn’t it white rank? Can I do this?”

    Qin Changan said: “Little Brother, what I want to tell you is that any training method related to twin souls is a great secret for a soul master, even if other twin souls masters cannot use it, it can still be used as a great reference. No one would easily reveal their secrets. You have to think about it twice. This is not a question of whether you can do it or not, it’s a very precious piece of information ! Under the premise that your method is true.”

    Lan Xuanyu hurriedly nodded and said: “Of course it is true. But it may be a little difficult for others to practice. But if you use it for reference, then it still makes sense.”

    Qin Changan looked at Tang Zhenhua, and Tang Zhenhua said: “He has an innate affinity with life energy, it is possible.”

    Qin Changan looked up to the sky and sighed, “Why is it so unfair? How come I don’t also have an innate life affinity. In other words, little brother’s method can only be used by people with life affinity ?”

    Lan Xuanyu thought for a while and said: “Might be so. At least with life affinity, cultivation will be easier.” In fact, he knew very well in his heart that his situation was unique, and that probably no one else could use his cultivation method. But for the price of just one white emblem, he might as well give it a try. If two or more people were to exchange for it, it was already profitable.

    Qin Changan said: “Little Brother, I will ask again, are you sure that this method can really be used for cultivation, right? At least you can use it personally?”

    “I’m sure.” Lan Xuanyu said without hesitation.

    Qin Chang’an glanced at him profoundly, and said, “That’s good, then I suggest you try it. However don’t put it as white rank, it would be better if it is a yellow rank.”

    “Yellow rank? Will anyone buy it?” Lan Xuanyu said in surprise.

    Qin Changan smiled, “Sometimes, the more expensive it is, the more believable it becomes. If it’s too cheap, nobody will care about it.”

    Tang Zhenhua said: “You can listen to him in that aspect. He is second to none when it comes to fooling people. First in the whole academy.”

    Lan Xuanyu was in a daze. Could it be that this Big Brother was referencing to this when he mentioned being first in the academy ? The academy’s biggest conman?

    Qin Chang’an said resentfully: “Teacher, if you do this again, find someone else next time. This is the first time I have met with Junior Brother, how am I going to get along with him in the future!”

    Tang Zhenhua didn’t respond and turned his head aside.

    Lan Xuanyu said: “Big brother, what should I do now?”

    Qin Changan said: “Write down the details of the cultivation methods here and it will be in a special file, I will submit it for you for review. Once approved, it will be displayed on the yellow exchange list. After you just wait.”

    “Okay.” Lan Xuanyu began to fill in the specific content on the special exchange item registration form Qin Changan opened. Qin Changan deliberately went to the side, avoiding to look.

    “Save it when finished.”

    The Soul Computer was already very modern. No need to hand write anything at all, just complete it on it.

    In a short while, Lan Xuanyu finished writing. It was something he had invented just the day before, it was naturally easy to write the content.

    “Little Brother, are you sure? Don’t forget that you need to pay a yellow emblem. It’s not a small price.” Qin Chang’an reminded him again. Emblems were very precious for freshmen.

    How could he know that the current Lan Xuanyu could already be described as stinking rich, with nearly 20 yellow emblems on him, and that was after distributing some emblems to Qian Lei and Liu Feng.

    After paying a yellow emblem to Qin Chang’an, Lan Xuanyu went to look at the exchange list again.

    In addition to the cultivation method and some weird news related exchange, the rest was cultivation resources.

    Including rare metals, rare food materials, all kinds of hundred-year or above Heaven and Earth treasures, and so on. On the white rank exchange list, the best stuff was the thousand-year-old Heaven and Earth treasures, with a detailed introduction of its effect for each.

    Page after page, Lan Xuanyu felt his head spinning from the variety of choices. There were so many good things!

    Suddenly, Lan Xuanyu saw the following item : one liter of the Sea God Lake’s water, exchange price: one white emblem. Note : the Sea God Lake’s water contains unrivalled rich and pure life energy under the baptism of the Eternal Tree’s vitality through tens of thousands of years of development. It is almost life energy liquefied. Whether it is for drinking or cleaning the body, it will help a lot to improve a soul master’s body. Recommended for drinking, with wonderful properties of cleaning up impurities in the body and improving physical fitness.

    One liter of Sea God Lake’s water needed a white emblem?

    This was way too expensive. One couldn’t see the edge of the Sea God Lake at a glance, it was hard to say how deep it was. The quantity of water was unmeasurable, and a liter of that cost a white emblem. This was simply too easy for making money.

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 308


    Translator : GoldenLung

    “Senior Brother, is that Sea God Lake’s water worth it? It is right next to the academy, can’t you go and get some by yourself?” Lan Xuanyu asked Qin Changan.

    Qin Changan said: “Then you go try it. The Sea God Lake is guarded by an array of soul barriers and improved gods know how many times. Even the Federal Space Fleet’s mothership might not be comparable. Without the academy’s permission, you won’t get even one drop of the Sea God Lake’s water ! This explanation is not exaggerated at all. After tens of thousands of years, the life aura secreted by the Eternal Tree has long been permeated the Sea God Lake. Sea God Lake’s water is also known as the Water of Life. Do you know how much this thing is worth outside? One liter of Sea God Lake’s water is worth ten thousand federal coins or one thousand douluo coins, with more demand than supply. The academy simply does not allow exporting it. These benefits are for our students. This is also an item I recommend you to get. If you have an affinity to life energy, the benefits will be even greater if you drink it, because there will be no waste. Anyway, I am drinking this nowadays. One liter a day will definitely help to further improve your body.”

    Speaking of this, he said with some envy: “Some of the particularly wealthy seniors even use the Sea God Lake’s water to take a bath, THAT is really luxury !”

    Lan Xuanyu blinked, glanced at Tang Zhenhua, and said, “Then should I try to exchange one liter?”

    “Don’t do this. Get instead the one in the yellow rank list, and medidate in the Sea God Lake for an hour.” Tang Zhenhua said suddenly.

    “Huh?” Qin Chang’an was stunned, “Teacher, that is the yellow rank exchange item that is hailed as the least worthy ! It takes three yellow rank emblems to meditate for only one hour. How many liters can you get instead, although not enough for a bath but it’s still at least for drinking a whole month.”

    “You don’t understand anything, he has an affinity for life energy. Whether it is worth cultivating in the Sea God Lake depends on how much life energy one can absorb. If he can absorb enough, it is worth it.” Tang Zhenhua said lightly.

    “I will exchange this.” Lan Xuanyu said almost without hesitation.

    Was it worth it ? Of course it was worth it! No matter how bad his maths was, this was too easy to understand.

    During his cultivation session last night, it didn’t take long for him to absorb the life energy contained in a black rank emblem. Certainly not an hour.

    Although that did not represent the full value of a black emblem, it definitely far exceeded the value of three yellow emblems. Moreover, if the life energy in the Sea God Lake was infinite, he could completely absorb as much as he wanted to. Although it was not clear how much he could absorb in an hour, it would definitely exceed the amount of a black rank emblem. This opportunity came right at the time he was worried that he couldn’t find enough life energy.

    Qin Changan suddenly said, “So that’s how it works. If little brother’s life affinity is high enough, you can indeed give it a try. Little brother, then do you exchange for this?”

    “Yes I’ll get this. Teacher, is there a big difference in the concentration of life energy between cultivating in the Sea God Lake and cultivating next to a black emblem?” Lan Xuanyu asked Tang Zhenhua.

    The corner of Tang Zhenhua’s mouth twitched, and he glanced at Qin Chang’an, whose eyes widened in an instant, and coughed, “Of course it is better in the Sea God Lake. A black emblem is just a small piece of a branch from the Eternal Tree. The Sea God Lake is directly connected to the Eternal Tree, its nickname as the Water of life is not just for show.

    Qin Chang’an now felt like ​​strangling the little brother in front of him, a black emblem ? Where did he get a black emblem to assist in his cultivation? How could a freshman have that stuff, no doubt it was the teacher who gave it ! He wanted to cry. The difference of treatment was too big.

    Tang Zhenhua felt that he was about to be overwhelmed by the little resentful eyes of his first disciple, coughed, and said, “After going back I’ll lend you the mecha. But this time if it is damaged, you fix it before sending it back. Otherwise, humph.”

    “Yes, thank you teacher.” Qin Chang’an was overjoyed and looking at Lan Xuanyu suddenly felt more pleasing to his eyes.

    Tang Zhenhua turned his head to look at Lan Xuanyu and said, “You have a life Affinity Physique, so you don’t need to exchange for other treasures for the time being. All treasures under ten thousand years can actually only serve a supplement of energy, not enough to affect one’s cultivation. So there is little meaning in getting them. It’s better to just absorb life energy to help you in your cultivation. First try to cultivate in the Sea God Lake for an hour. If the effects are good, every once in a while, you can try again after all the life energy you have absorbed before is completely consumed.”

    “Yes, thank you teacher.” Lan Xuanyu did not hesitate to take out two yellow emblems and four white emblems. He wasn’t going to forget his teacher’s 20% discount.

    Qin Chang’an helped him go through the exchange procedures, and gave him an emblem that looked like a blue crystal with the words Sea God on it. Thanks to it, he could enter the Sea God Lake through a special entrance, under the condition that he was only cultivating at the lake banks and did not swim in the lake. There was a special training site at the lake banks.

    After Lan Xuanyu looked closely at the white and yellow exchange lists one last time, he left the exchange center with Tang Zhenhua.

    “Teacher, what shall we study in the afternoon?” Lan Xuanyu asked Tang Zhenhua.

    Tang Zhenhua said faintly: “For you, the top priority is to improve your cultivation. Let’s go directly to the Sea God Lake to cultivate. I will accompany you to take a look at your cultivation results and make sure if it is worth the exchange. I will watch over you in case a problem arises.”

    “Thank you teacher for your care.” Lan Xuanyu was really grateful from the bottom of his heart. Although it’s been only one day since he became his disciple, Tang Zhenhua was really kind to him.

    Tang Zhenhua curled his lips and said: “Don’t be too happy too early. I am expecting you to pay me back. Teacher’s face will count on you in the future. At the end-of-the-year assessment, if you don’t get first place, don’t call me as your teacher anymore.”

    “Yes.” The pressure was a bit strong, but it could also serve as motivation. Especially after cultivating last night, Lan Xuanyu was now full of motivation.

    He felt that after last night, his soul power increased by nearly a whole rank. If he could keep cultivating at this speed, it wouldn’t take many days to reach rank 30!

    At this moment, Lan Xuanyu suddenly felt the surrounding lights dim a little. The next moment, the surrounding scenery “swished” and he didn’t understand what happened. After dozens of seconds, he was taken by Tang Zhenhua to another place.

    A strong and dense life aura rushed towards his face, in front of him was a forest, with light steam permeating the air. Obviously, behind the forest was the Sea God Lake.

    Tang Zhenhua walked in front, Lan Xuanyu hurriedly followed and walked through the woods. What appeared in front of him was a small wooden house with a courtyard, followed by the boundless Sea God Lake and the Eternal Tree towering into the clouds.

    The clear lake, the huge Eternal Tree, and the simple wooden house combined to form a peculiar sense of beauty.

    The door of the wooden house opened, and a clear voice came from inside, “Some friends are coming from afar, what a pleasant surprise. Sloppy ghost, how come you have the time to come here !”

    While talking, a person walked out of the wooden house.

    He wore a white coat, which was the exact opposite of Tang Zhenhua’s sloppy clothes. These clothes could be described as slender and clean. His long black hair was neatly combed and hung down behind his head, with dashing eyebrows, bright eyes, straight nose and mouth. He looked very dignified.

    He seemed to be about the same age as Qin Chang’an, but his deep eyes were as profound as the ocean, making them hard to forget.

    “Tang Yue, do you want to die?” Tang Zhenhua said coldly.

    “Still so irritable, no wonder…” At this point, the man who was called Tang Yue by Tang Zhenhua stopped his words, because he had clearly felt that the man in front of him was about to explode like a volcanic eruption.

    “Ahem, what is Brother Zhenhua doing here?” Tang Yue waved his hand. Without knowing when, he was already holding a fan, and as he fanned, he looked like he was enjoying himself leisurely.

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 309

    Cultivating in the Sea God Lake

    Translator : GoldenLung

    “He is my new disciple, Xuanyu. Greet Teacher Tang Yue.” Tang Zhenhua pointed to Lan Xuanyu next to him.

    Lan Xuanyu hurriedly took two steps forward, “Hello teacher.”

    Tang Yue cast his gaze on him, his eyes immediately brightened up. Lan Xuanyu immediately left a good impression on him. He liked clean things and also good-looking people. He immediately took a liking to him, “Not bad, not bad at all. I didn’t expect sloppy ghost to have such great eyes for people. However, this child and you don’t mesh very well. How about transferring him to me ?”

    Hearing his words, Tang Zhenhua surprisingly didn’t get angry, but said with a surprised look: “What? Are you ready to go out of your hole to accept a disciple ?”

    Tang Yue waved his fan, “I was just blabbering, it’s a pity for this kid to be with you. Forget about accepting disciples. Don’t you know my personality ? I’m used to this lazy lifestyle, how can I have any time for teaching students ! Drinking some wine every day, looking after this Sea God Lake, it’s the kind of lifestyle that even immortals would yearn for.

    Tang Zhenhua’s mouth twitched, “You are the embodiment unambitious. Alright, my disciple exchanged for an hour of cultivation in the Sea God Lake, hurry up and lead the way, don’t waste our time.”

    Tang Yue looked at Lan Xuanyu in surprise, “Three yellow emblems? This kid is a freshman right. Where do they come from? Not from you, right? Let me remind you that you can’t break the rules.”

    Tang Zhenhua righteously said: “Am I that kind of person? I was afraid that a suspicious guy like you would doubt him, so I personally brought him here. The emblems are all his own harvest, my disciple, is the champion of this year’s new batch. Now do you understand ?”

    Tang Yue glanced at him and said, “Can the champion student go to your place? Did that person from your house also agree ?”

    Tang Zhenhua seemed to be very satisfied with the words “that person from your house”, his eyes lightened a lot, and he said proudly: “Of course. Although we are not officially together, our hearts are still together. How could she not listen? Not favoring me ?”

    Tang Yue curled his lips, “Try to have the guts to say those words again in her presence. Come with me.”

    While talking, he turned and walked into the wooden house, Tang Zhenhua and Lan Xuanyu also walked in.

    Inside, Lan Xuanyu found that the decorations were all mainly wood, giving off an elegant and fresh atmosphere. There were some flower arrangements on the wooden table. The utensils on the table were all blue porcelain, and a faint fragrance of wine floated in the air.

    What surprised him the most was that when he walked into this wooden house, he suddenly felt like he was in another world. Everything here seemed to be different from the outside world. There seemed to be some soul power fluctuation, but he couldn’t really feel it.

    “Don’t feel too in detail, your level is not high enough, or you’ll get a backlash. The energy level of the protective barriers here is too high.” Tang Zhenhua raised his hand and patted his shoulder, Lan Xuanyu suddenly felt a flow of heat spreading throughout his body. The weird feeling dissipated by a lot.

    Tang Yue looked back at them, but said nothing, and walked to the innermost part of the wooden house, and raised his hand to push. Lan Xuanyu realized that there was still a door inside the wooden house. The moment it opened, an extremely strong torrent of Life energy rushed out, making even breathing hard.

    While Lan Xuanyu was feeling sluggish, a green halo suddenly lit up on his body. The bloodline vortex in his chest seemed to have woken up. It trembled violently, and then began to greedily absorb the Life energy on its own.

    Tang Yue was really surprised this time, “Life Affinity Physique?” As he said, he raised his hand towards Lan Xuanyu.

    Tang Zhenhua immediately slapped his hand apart, “A gentleman speaks with his mouth and not with his fists. This is my disciple, what are you doing?”

    Tang Yue looked at Tang Zhenhua, and then at Lan Xuanyu, his face turning a little gloomy, “Why wasn’t I noticed that there were students with a Life Affinity Physique among the freshmen this year? Why didn’t the Outer Court report to me ? “

    Tang Zhenhua said pleased with himself: “There are many things you don’t know. If the Outer Court didn’t report then go ask why on your own. Hurry up and stop blocking the way, follow the rules.”

    Tang Yue didn’t say much, but frowned and gave way.

    Tang Zhenhua pulled Lan Xuanyu and led him out of the wooden house.

    Outside the wooden house, the moment Lan Xuanyu stepped out of the wooden door, he felt that the whole world seemed to be different. Everything in front of him seemed to have turned green jade. Even the Sea God Lake’s water that was originally dark blue. In his vision, there was a thick green halo floating on the surface of Sea God Lake, and this halo was surging like a tide and seemed to be substantial.

    Farther away, the Eternal Tree in his sight also turned emerald green. Its huge trunk was extremely transparent, shining with a green halo, as if it was carved from a top-class jade. But how could such a huge jade exist in this world?

    The strong life aura made him feel a little difficult to breathe, but his whole body seemed to be cheering. Just standing here, he got the same sensation as during last night’s cultivation. Although not as pure as the Life energy emitted by the black rank emblem, the total amount of life energy here was really huge.

    No wonder, it was no wonder that senior brother said that the Sea God Lake’s water was the Water of Life, it was truly THE Water of Life! Now Lan Xuanyu felt that it was definitely not expensive to exchange a white emblem for a liter of Water of Life. After going back, he would suggest Qian Lei and Liu Feng to get some of it.

    Tang Zhenhua ignored Tang Yue, pulling Lan Xuanyu to the lake. Pointing to the water lily’s leaves on the lake, he said: “Choose one and get on it, don’t worry about the leaf sinking, it will let your body soak in the lake’s water, and then cultivate at once. I will watch over you, don’t worry about anything. Try to absorb as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if you feel saturated, after going back you can take your time to digest it again, understood?”

    While talking, he took out the blue emblem from Lan Xuanyu’s hand and threw it to Tang Yue.

    Lan Xuanyu couldn’t hold back anymore, and immediately stepped out after hearing this, jumping directly onto a water lily’s leaf. Suddenly, the entire huge leaf slowly sank, and a feeling of coldness spread across his body instantly.

    In an instant, Lan Xuanyu’s entire body and even his eyes were rendered green. He only felt that an extremely rich Life energy instantly surrounded him. Last night’s feeling came back in an instant, and the bloodline vortex in his chest turned wild, devouring all the life energy around him fiercely.

    Lan Xuanyu’s body also began to swell rapidly, making him tremble unconsciously.

    Tang Yue cried out: “Not good, make him come back soon. This kid’s Life Affinity is too strong, how can he absorb so much at once? He is going to blow up.”

    He was not the only to feel that something was wrong, when Tang Zhenhua saw Lan Xuanyu’s body swell up, he was also shocked and raised his hand to grab him.

    But the moment his palm touched the top of Lan Xuanyu’s head, suddenly, a deep dragon roar sounded from Lan Xuanyu’s body, and both Tang Zhenhua and Tang Yue suddenly felt a palpitation, causing Tang Zhenhua’s palm to pause.

    Then they discovered that Lan Xuanyu’s body was no longer swelling, a faint gold and silver halo emerged from his body. On his chest, a whirlpool of gold and silver colors appeared. While spinning at high speed, silky white threads of air began to emerge and was then absorbed by him through the pores of his body.

    The trembling disappeared, his body stabilized, and only then did he completely sink into the Sea God Lake’s water.

    “Is the situation under control ?” Tang Zhenhua turned to look at Tang Yue.

    Although he guessed that cultivating in the Sea God Lake would be of great benefit for Lan Xuanyu with his Life Affinity Physique, he did not expect the effects to be so good.

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 310

    Willingly Throwing Himself into the Net ?

    Tang Yue came to Tang Zhenhua’s side in one stride. No longer having the leisure to care about not dirtying himself, he grabbed his collar and roared, “How much is this kid’s Life Affinity ?”

    Tang Zhenhua was stunned, “I don’t know! Shouldn’t you know better than me in this regard?”

    Tang Yue’s eyes widened suddenly, “You don’t know? Would you dare to bring him to me if you didn’t know? Did you know that he almost killed himself just now. If he directly exploded from absorbing too much life energy, then that would have made you a sinner. My teacher will never let you go. Judging from the reaction just now, this child’s Life Affinity is at least 90% or more. Do you know what this means? It means the degree of his Life Affinity is higher than mine, and it is likely to reach the level of my teacher.”

    “Ah? Can it reach the level of Old Shu? This is impossible, right?” Tang Zhenhua was left a little dazed.

    “What’s impossible. You must watch over him closely, in case something goes south. I will go to Teacher now. Great, great, we will finally have a successor.” while saying this, Tang Yue was about to leave.

    Tang Zhenhua hurriedly grabbed Tang Yue, and said eagerly, “Brother Yue, don’t do this ! What should I do if your teacher comes here ? This is my disciple, you guys can’t steal him from me !”

    Tang Yue said angrily: “Don’t talk nonsense. Do you know the meaning of having a Life

    Affinity over ninety? Let me tell you, this is an event major enough for organizing a Sea God Pavillion Conference. Even if you call your teacher for help, it’s useless, this child can only belong to our Life School.” After he said that he slapped Tang Zhenhua’s hand away, and soul rings successively lit up from his feet, six black and three red, a total of nine soul rings emerged. The next moment, he shot out like an arrow, and went straight in the direction of the Eternal Tree.

    As he was flying, layers of green halo rose from below and surrounded his body, taking the shape of green and gold wings on his back.

    Seeing his leaving figure, Tang Zhenhua didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Did I just lift a rock and hit my foot with it ? I wanted to take advantage of him, but now the situation is out of control. What can I do? No, I must not let this happen. I absolutely can’t let them snatch him away like this.”

    While talking, he quickly raised his left hand and pressed his soul communicator to dial a number.

    Soon, there was a cold voice from the other side, “What ?”

    “Honey. Ah, don’t hang up!” Right after Tang Zhenhua’s first word, the other side hung up.

    He hurriedly dialed again, but was not connected at all and was hung up again.

    Tang Zhenhua looked speechless, but the matter was so important that he could only call it over and over again.

    Finally, on the seventh time, the other side was connected, “Tang Zhenhua, what do you want ?” An angry roar came from the other side.

    Qian Lei, who was kneeling in the office of the Outer Court’s dean, his body completely stiff and brain half-conscious, was suddenly awakened by the roar. He shuddered and blurted out: “I, I didn’t do anything!”

    “I wasn’t talking about you.” Ying Luohong said in an angry tone.

    On the other side, Tang Zhenhua said eagerly: “Dean, something bad happened. You have to help me in this matter.” This time he didn’t dare to call her “honey”.

    The anger on Ying Luohong’s face slightly lowered, and was replaced by one of suspicion. She knew Tang Zhenhua too well. This guy was proud to an unbelievable degree. He seldom begged her like this.

    “What happened?”

    Tang Zhenhua said solemnly: “There is something I have to tell you. You remember this kid, Lan Xuanyu ? He has a Life Affinity Physique.”

    “Huh?” Ying Luohong was stunned, “Life Affinity Physique? Are you not mistaken? During the physical examination, nothing was found concerning this. Wait, if I remember his blood test seemed to have a peculiar response to life energy. It seemed to be able to swallow life energy. What’s wrong? Do you plan to contact the Life School to test his affinity? I suggest you not. Nowadays, students with Life Affinity are rare. Once discovered, they will probably steal them from you.”

    Tang Zhenhua smiled bitterly: “That’s the problem. I didn’t expect his Life Affinity to be that high, so I told him to exchange for a session of cultivation at Sea God Lake, originally intending to take advantage of that fact. Who would have thought that once this kid entered the Sea God Lake, this happened…”

    He then described what happened just now.

    Listening to his narration, Ying Luohong’s eyes suddenly widened. Finally, she erupted, her shrill voice could be heard almost throughout the entire teaching building.

    “Are you a pig? You’re a pig right ?” Ying Luohong roared at her Shrek communicator, her anger completely out of control.

    “I don’t understand, how can a person’s mind become like this? You can even do this kind of thing? If he gets snatched away, I will never let you off the hook. Stay where you are now, even if Old Shu comes, we can’t let him take our people away. I’ll go over now.” Ying Luohong was about to die from anger because of a certain person.

    “Don’t lose your cool.” Keeping his communicator as far away as possible from his ears. Tang Zhenhua said helplessly: “I didn’t expect things to turn out like this. Tang Yue earlier said just now that when you meet someone with such a high affinity, they would even call upon a Sea God Pavilion Conference to take him away. What should we do?”

    Ying Luohong said angrily: “Fart, let me see who can snatch my Outer Court students. I’ll call Teacher. You wait for me there!” After finishing speaking, she hung up the communication and rushed out like a gust of wind.

    Qian Lei was still kneeling there. At this moment, he was much more sober, muttering to himself: “Their conversion just now, was it about Xuanyu?”

    Lan Xuanyu knew nothing of what was happening outside. He was currently completely immersed in an ocean of life.

    After last night’s probing, when he started to feel full, he immediately used yesterday’s cultivation method to transform the excessive life energy into his own soul power, through the seven-colored energy in his bloodline vortex. His soul power followed the cultivation path of Mysterious Heavenly Skill to form a cycle.

    Soon, he felt that his body had completely entered a wonderful state under the cleansing of an incomparable amount of life energy.

    His bloodline was greedily absorbing these life energies to replenish itself, but its speed of digestion was limited. The overflowing life energy was converted into soul power. Although the effects were quite good in this conversion process, the soul power that came from this was quite basic and a bit impure. Under his control, before merging with his soul power, he had to go through another process of compression.

    But even so, it was much, much faster than when he was cultivating before.

    He deliberately focused his attention on the seven-colored rays of light in the center of his bloodline vortex. This time he was completely sure that it was imperceptibly growing stronger. Although very slow, it was indeed accumulating more energy ! Just knowing this was enough.

    The life energy in the Sea God Lake was almost infinite, he didn’t need to worry about having not enough life energy to absorb. His self-made cultivation method finally went through a whole cycle, and this feeling was really wonderful. His soul power was increasing almost at a speed visible to the naked eye.

    With a flash of light, another person appeared beside Tang Zhenhua, it was Ying Luohong.

    As soon as the she arrived, Ying Luohong lifted her leg and kicked Tang Zhenhua in the buttocks, “Are you stupid? Tell me are you stupid? Do you know that you just willingly threw yourself into the net ?”

    Tang Zhenhua made a bitter face and didn’t fight back. “How could I know this would happen? Why didn’t you check his Life Affinity during the physical examination?”

    Ying Luohong said angrily: “That would be checked only after enrollment. Who knew that you brought him to the Sea God Lake so soon to cultivate?” As she said, she also cast her eyes on Lan Xuanyu, and she saw that, sitting in the lake, Lan Xuanyu’s whole body was shining with a green halo. Standing on the shore she could feel this kid greedily taking in life energy, although for their level of cultivation, it didn’t count as a lot. However, for a two-rings soul master, he was absorbing too much!

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