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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 449

    Killing The Chicken To Warn The Monkey ?

    “I can feel your hostility, but you also said that we are not enemies.” Nana looked at her calmly.

    “In a sense, it’s not wrong to call us enemies.” The Sea God Pavilion Master laughed self-deprecatingly and pushed open the door.

    The young man in white followed behind her.

    After watching them leave, Nana’s eyes turned blank once again. “Who am I? She actually recognized me? 1,000 years? Or is it more than 1,000 years?”

    Nana and her team were allowed to return to Shrek Academy, and there was even a car that sent them back to the guest house. An Peijiu was also released, and everything seemed to have returned to normal.

    But the news of the Silver Dragon Spear being stolen spread throughout the Federation in a short period of time. For a moment, the entire Federation was shaken. Who exactly was it? Who dared to attack Shrek City and actually steal the Silver Dragon Spear? This was simply inconceivable. One had to know that Shrek Academy, which had the support of the Eternal Tree, could, in a sense, render anyone unable to hide on the entire Mother Planet. But that thief seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

    All the space centers had been sealed, but looking for a person on a planet without the Eternal Tree’s life detection ability, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

    Eternal Sky City.

    In the quiet room.

    The Sea God Pavilion Master had already put on her veil again and sat quietly on the only cushion in the quiet room.

    The young man in white sat two meters away from her.

    “Why didn’t you tell her? She will no longer be our enemy, nor will she be the Federation’s enemy. Also, if that person was really…”

    “Enough.” The Sea God Pavilion Master shouted in a deep voice, “I don’t want to hear this. I don’t want him to be hurt again. Have you forgotten how they left back then? So many years have passed, but they didn’t die. Nana was released from the ice seal. What sort of pain and suffering did he experience? They seem to have forgotten about the past, so let them have a new life. It might be good for both of them if they don’t interact anymore.”

    “Are you still thinking about him?” The young man in white had a complicated look in his eyes.

    “Shameless brat, how can you speak to your teacher like that?” The Sea God Pavilion Master’s temper suddenly turned violent.

    The young man in white smiled bitterly. “Teacher? If you didn’t tell me, I would have forgotten. We’ve been together for so many years. Speaking of which, I have really forgotten everything. I forgot the Golden Dragon Moon Song and the Silver Dragon Dance Qilin.”

    “I’m sorry.” The Sea God Pavilion Master’s voice suddenly became low and deep. “Maybe I’ve lived for too long and my mentality is no longer the same. Or maybe because I’m not a normal person to begin with. I’ve already sat in the position of Sea God Pavilion Master for too long. I’m tired and want to retire. I’ll leave it to you in the future.”

    “Me? Do you think I will do it? There is not much difference between your stay here and mine. If you leave, what’s the point of me staying? I’m already used to being by your side, be it as your disciple or as your friend. Wherever you are, I will be there. Even though I know that in your heart, I will never be able to compare to him, I am willing. What do we do?”

    “You’re really a fool, a fool,” the Sea God Pavilion Master suddenly said in exasperation.

    The young man in white laughed. “That’s right! It’s not as if it wasn’t the first time. What should we do then? Who asked me to be so foolish back then? Fools have their own dumb luck. Look, how many fools can live as long as me?”

    The Sea God Pavilion Master sighed softly. “Thank you. If I was a normal person, perhaps I would have been with you long ago. Everything that happened in the past is actually just a memory in my heart. Although the memory is clear, it has long lost its meaning. But I’m not a normal person. I can’t give you what a normal woman can give you. You’re really silly.”

    The white-clothed youth shook his head. “I pursue the spiritual level. If you’re willing, you can bring it to me anytime. Are you really leaving Shrek? Where do you want to go? I’ll accompany you.”

    The Sea God Pavilion Master shook her head. “Forget it, let’s just stay. Just as you said, we’re already used to it! When a person gets used to something, how could it be easy to change it? Furthermore, without us repressing them, the Federation has long wanted the control of the Eternal Tree. After all, for anyone who holds power, who doesn’t want to live forever?”

    The young man in white scoffed, “Those politicians are just ants.”

    The Sea God Pavilion Master’s voice turned cold as well. “Truly, anyone now dares to plot against Shrek. We should take this opportunity to let some people see what the usually silent Shrek is like when it gets angry. Go and take a look. The person who made a move this time has the Divine Concealment Cloak. Although this Divine Weapon has disappeared for many years, it doesn’t matter where it came from. Find a d--n scapegoat.”

    “Kill the chicken to warn the monkeys?” The young man in white said indifferently.


    “Alright, I happen to be in a bad mood.” The corners of the young man’s lips curled into a smile as he floated up and left.

    As she watched him leave, the Sea God Pavilion Master’s lips moved and sighed. “You’re not wrong. Even after so many years, I can no longer accommodate another person. Thank you, I’m sorry.”


    An Peijiu returned to her room and calmed down with much difficulty. But what she found strange was that the female Sea God Pavilion Master seemed to really know Nana? What did this mean? It meant that this Sea God Pavilion Master was at least a thousand years old.

    She didn’t know much about the higher-ups of Shrek Academy, even though she was the seventh War God. She didn’t know who the Sea God Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy was. To the entire Federation, this seemed to be a huge secret. She only knew that the Federation didn’t dare to have any ill intentions towards Shrek Academy.

    Shrek City, the Eternal Tree, what kind of existence was that? But the strength of life energy here could extend one’s lifespan and make cultivation twice as effective. How could the Federation not have any thoughts about controlling the Eternal Tree ?

    However, ever since the appearance of the Eternal Tree, it had been 10,000 years. The Federation didn’t dare to request anything from Shrek. Why? It was because Shrek was strong enough!

    Shrek Academy was definitely a colossus that even the Federation could not afford to offend, and this time, there was actually someone who dared to touch Shrek’s whiskers. Who knew what would happen next. Fortunately, Shrek Academy was able to see through everything and let them go. Also, after the Sea God Pavilion Master and Nana talked, nothing seemed to have happened. Nana didn’t say anything when she returned as if nothing had changed.

    An Peijiu was initially worried that Nana would have a further relationship with Shrek Academy because of this, but reality proved that nothing had changed. Her request to the headquarters for Nana to transfer to the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Master Academy was quickly approved by the higher-ups. Nana herself did not change her mind. She had nothing to begin with and was alone. She did not even need to return to Heaven Dou Planet.

    “Teacher Nana, you will stay on Douluo Planet?” Lan Xuanyu’s first reaction upon hearing this news was excitement.

    “En. I’ll visit you guys every month.” Nana smiled and rubbed his head.

    “That’s great.” Lan Xuanyu was overjoyed. What could make him happier than this?

    Dong Qianqiu also hugged Nana excitedly. Her attachment to Nana was even deeper than Lan Xuanyu’s.

    “Teacher, why don’t you stay in Shrek? I think you can be a teacher in Shrek, right?” Dong Qianqiu asked doubtfully.

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 450

    Red Skull Pirates

    TL : GoldenLung

    Nana said, “Shrek Academy doesn’t lack teachers. Also, Mingdu is very close to here.”

    Dong Qianqiu said, “That’s great. Our previous summoning method is no longer working. I don’t even know how to contact you. Long distance communication is too expensive. We’re all on Douluo Planet now, we can call you whenever something happens.”

    Dong Qianqiu was on Lan Xuanyu’s side, so Lan Xuanyu naturally couldn’t contact Nana through summoning. It was much more convenient now that they were on the same planet.

    Nana had a faint smile on her face as she looked at Lan Xuanyu and Dong Qianqiu. With these two disciples around, she felt genuinely happy and blessed to be able to see them so often.

    There were no memories of the past, only simple ones.

    Although the holidays were beautiful, they passed by very quickly. When school reopened, Lan Xuanyu sent his parents away with tears in his eyes. Lan Xiao told him that he would be going on another exploration mission and following the exploration fleet. It would probably be another half a year. When Lan Xuanyu’s first school year was over, he asked him to go home and visit Nan Cheng.

    Nan Cheng wanted to leave some federal coins for Lan Xuanyu, but Lan Xuanyu didn’t want them. The emblems he had earned by himself were enough for his own cultivation resources.

    After a tearful farewell bidding with his parents, school reopened, and the other classmates were back. Nana also went to the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Master Academy, and she was still accompanied by An Peijiu.

    During the new term, the learning schedule would still be very tight. This term, the first-years would truly begin learning mecha piloting, Duo Mecha Master’s knowledge, Battle Armor crafting, and so on, laying the foundation for crafting their Battle Armor in their second year.

    This term was destined to be busier than the previous term, especially on the Battle Armors aspect, which would definitely take up the majority of the students’ time and energy. Second-years had to have a One-Word Battle Armor, and this was a rigid rule; otherwise, they would be eliminated. Although there was still a year and a half left, who dared to slack at this time?

    After Nana left, Lan Xuanyu immediately began his forging work. He had so many rare metal ores and just refining these ores into rare metal required a lot of time and he had to forge further. He felt that he might not be able to complete all of these by the end of the second semester. But he was happy that he no longer had to worry about a lack of rare metals. These six types of rare metal covered almost all of the different grades of metals and were enough for him to practice.

    Just as Shrek’s new term was flourishing, the Federation’s public opinion gradually calmed down.

    The Silver Dragon Spear being stolen had undoubtedly dealt a huge blow to Shrek Academy’s reputation. This place that was hailed as a sacred ground for soul masters was actually robbed by someone else. How humiliating was this? Many media outlets in the outside world emitted doubts about Shrek.

    ‘Does Shrek, the number one academy on the continent, not live up to its name? Or does Shrek Academy’s mysterious Sea God Pavilion have not enough powerful experts?’

    In the vast space.

    A fleet of pitch-black warships flew quietly. They were completely black and only the flames from their tails and the lights on the warships could reveal their existence.

    There were a total of 16 warships that formed this fleet. These warships had a unique appearance and looked like giant lizards, filled with a ferocious aura.

    The size of this fleet wasn’t small. The flagship was a War God-class battleship that was over 2,000 meters long. Generally speaking, the length of a battleship was between 1,500 meters and 2,500 meters. Its size was somewhat average.

    Other than this battleship, there were eight other Meteor-class assault spaceships, four Meteor-class reconnaissance spaceships, two Taotie-class transportation ships, and a supply ship.

    This was already a very complete small space fleet.

    The sides of the 16 warships had the same design, which was a blood-red skull.

    That’s right, this was not a regular fleet of the Douluo Federation but a powerful space pirate fleet.

    There were quite a number of space pirates, but there weren’t many of them of this scale. The Red Skull Pirates were definitely ranked in the top three among all the space pirates. Their battleships were also very unique and had their own style.

    The bases of these pirate groups were usually located in Sin City or small planets that were extremely well hidden. At their level, they even had the ability to build their own battleships. They had truly formed their own system.

    The battleship of the Red Skull Pirates was known as the Dark Lizard, and its biggest feature was its speed. It could move freely in space and escape a thousand miles away if it missed its first attack.

    The Red Skull pirates were naturally notorious as well. Their main target was those spaceships carrying out interstellar transit, and they had even attempted to ambush some of the Federation’s Resource Planets. They had caused quite a bit of damage to the Douluo Federation.

    The Federation had once sent out a space fleet to encircle and annihilate them. However, mobilizing a large space fleet required a lot of resources, and it was like shooting a cannon at a mosquito. Whenever the Red Skull pirates encountered such a situation, they would flee at the fastest speed possible. It was truly hard to find in the vast space.

    But if it was a small-sized full-fledged fleet, they might not be able to defeat them. This gave the Federation headaches.

    The space pirates, including the Red Skull Pirates, had long become one of the Federation’s biggest problems. There would be huge losses every year, but interstellar transport could not continuously have space fleets to protect them. This was impossible.

    The Federation was currently in the midst of a project, which was the large-scale deployment of a space-class reconnaissance satellite. They hoped to use this sort of early reconnaissance method to ensure the safety of the transport route.

    But construction was never as fast as destruction. Many space pirates worked together to destroy these surveillance satellites. Until now, there were only a few routes that could ensure safety. They were mainly targeted at Resource Planets.

    Space pirates had their own rules too. They only plundered merchant ships and would not attack passenger spaceships under normal circumstances. The situation that Lan Xuanyu and his team encountered previously was extremely unique.

    Furthermore, after a robbery, the pirate crew would release the hostages. Of course, there were also those who refused to release anyone. The Red Skull Pirates were one of the representatives of this evil kind of pirate crew. The reason for their refusal was very simple and troublesome.

    Hence, they had always been the public enemy of the Federation. It was only because their spaceships were advanced and did not take any risks that the Federation couldn’t do anything to them.

    At this moment, in the flagship of the Red Skull Pirates, in the main control room of the Dark Lizard King, a bearded man dressed in a dark red military uniform with three shiny stars on his shoulders was flipping through the cosmic news in boredom.

    His beard was also red, and there was a huge piece of metal on his forehead that covered almost a third of his skull.

    “Boss, we’re still seven hours away from the target,” a spacecraft navigator reported.

    “Idiot. How many times have I told you to call me ‘General’? Boss, calling me ‘Boss’ sounds as if we didn’t have any culture,” Big Beard shouted angrily.

    “Yes, General Red Beard.” The navigator quickly changed his words.

    The red-goateed man snorted. “If you call me wrongly again, I’ll hang you outside and turn you into a mummy.”

    The red bearded man was the captain of the Red Skull Pirates and was infamous. He was ranked in the top 100 of the Federation’s bounty list.

    Although he was ferocious, he was very cautious and almost never left his own fleet. Even if he left, he would disguise himself. He had dominated the space pirate world for many years and had been living well. He had started from a single Meteor-class assault spaceship to the present 16 warships. He also had a powerful warship at the War God-class level, which showed his ability and strength.

    This time, their target was a newly developed Resource Planet. To the space pirates, these Resource Planets were the most attractive. After a Resource Planet was mined, the resources would be transported to one of the Federation’s administrative planets periodically, and before that, they would store resources on the Resource Planet. And to the space pirates, these resources were naturally extremely important supplies. They could exchange them in Sin City for whatever they wanted.

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    I want him to meet his real parent

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    Even for me that followed up from “Legend of the dragon King” its a little difficult to comprehend the last 2 chapters well…. Especially the current pavilion master.

    Ride on bro

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    Nice job

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 451

    A Single Person Challenging A Space Fleet

    TL : GoldenLung

    After carefully planning and confirming that this Resource Planet had accumulated a large amount of resources, they then took action. The Resource Planet was protected by warships and had heavy planetary weapons like the planet’s orbit cannon. It was not easy to take over and plunder.

    They had found out that the defense fleet needed to be swapped and had a short period of vacuum. They naturally wouldn’t fight head-on and only planned to make use of their speed to steal and run.

    The red-bearded man looked out of the porthole with a ferocious glint in his eyes. This time, he hoped that there would be more female staff members in the base. At the thought of this, his gaze turned fervent.

    Right at this moment, he suddenly felt like his eyes were playing tricks on him. There seemed to be a flash of silver light outside the window of the flagship.


    The red bearded man frowned. But at this moment, the communication system in the flagship suddenly rang.

    “The Red Skull Pirates were established 26 years ago. In 26 years, they have plundered 618 times and killed over 10,000 people. After plundering, they never left any captives alive. Their crimes are too many to count and they deserve to be killed.”

    “What’s going on?” The red bearded man was both shocked and furious as he stood up. “Who is it? Which bastard is it? Who is getting bored of living ?”

    All the pirate team members were shocked by this sudden voice and looked at each other.

    “General, I don’t think it’s one of us!” someone said nervously.

    “There’s someone outside.” Just at this moment, a member of the pirate team suddenly spoke up. The main screen quickly enlarged and a figure appeared on it.

    It was a bright silver mecha. It didn’t look big, but the silver streamlined design was extremely dazzling and had a soft glow. The eyes of the humanoid mecha were like two diamonds. It floated in space and trailed just behind the fleet.

    “Mecha? Kill it!” The red-bearded man roared and gave the order without hesitation. He didn’t need to know who the other party was, as long as they weren’t on his side, he would kill them first.

    Pirates that were able to roam freely in space were all quite strong. The moment he gave the order, there were already dozens of dark purple soul rays shooting towards the silver figure.

    This was a space warship level soul ray. Let alone ordinary mechas, even a warship would need a protective shield to block it.

    But at this moment, that voice actually appeared again.

    “Shrek Academy, upholding justice for the heavens.”

    In the next moment, silver light blossomed. That silver figure shot out like lightning, at a speed way faster than the soul rays. In the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of a Meteor-class ship.

    His speed was too fast, as though he had teleported. Red Beard could clearly see the man’s fist landing on the surface of the spacecraft.

    The Meteor-class assault ship was about 500 meters long and this mecha was only about three meters tall. In front of it, it was like an ant.

    But very soon, all the pirates saw an unforgettable scene.

    The moment the silver mecha crashed into the Meteor-class ship, it suddenly turned bright yellow and the entire ship actually stopped. In the next moment, it disappeared. Yes, it directly disappeared in front of the Meteor-class ship.

    A terrifying scene played out. From the moment the mecha collided with the warship, this spaceship possessing a powerful protective shield began to melt. Yes, it was melting. If one looked carefully, they would see that the surface of the warship had turned into countless yellow particles and then rapidly disappeared.

    “Main cannon. Main cannon attack. Attack Red Skull number 7.” The red bearded man was afraid. At this moment, an intense fear suddenly spread throughout his entire body.

    How strong was this mecha for being able to destroy a warship ? Silver was not the color of a normal mecha. This meant that the mecha that appeared in space should be a god-rank mecha, and it was definitely not an ordinary god-rank. It should be a true god-rank mecha, or even a super god-rank mecha?

    “Boom!” The War God-class warship’s main cannon had charged, and the entire warship buzzed. At the same time, eight secondary cannons that had accumulated power exploded at the same time, and eight gigantic light pillars tore through the sky, heading straight for Red Skul number 7 Meteor-class assault ship that had been reduced by more than a third of its size.

    Pirates were not only cruel to their enemies but also to their own people. For the sake of survival, what could they not do?


    Even if it was a secondary cannon, the attack power of a War God-class warship was devastating.

    The protective cover of that Meteor-class warship had already disappeared a moment ago, so how could it withstand such a blow? In an instant, there was a loud boom and a gigantic flame lit up in the sky.

    The reaction speed of the Red Skull pirates was very fast. All the assault type warships and reconnaissance spaceships quickly dispersed and all sorts of cannons started charging.

    The red bearded man quickly gave out orders one after another, and in his heart, what scared him the most was not the mecha from before but the name said by the voice.

    Shrek, this person is from Shrek Academy? Could it be that Shrek Academy has their eyes on me?

    Just a moment ago, he even saw the news of Shrek Academy being robbed of the Silver Dragon Spear. He was so excited that he couldn’t control himself and even thought of claiming it as his own achievement. That was a Divine Weapon!

    But as he turned around, he actually encountered people from Shrek. What was going on?

    “How dare you snatch the Silver Dragon Spear, Red Beard. This is unforgivable. Today, the Red Skull Pirates’ history will end.” That voice appeared again. The explosion of a Meteor-class warship did not even let the Red Skull pirates heave a sigh of relief. He appeared again.

    “What is this?” The red-bearded man was dumbstruck. ‘You’re saying that I stole the Silver Dragon Spear? Are you kidding me? Although I have the strength of a Titled Douluo, how would I go to Shrek City to steal the Silver Dragon Spear? I’m not that crazy!’

    “You’re just looking for a scapegoat !” Red Beard couldn’t help but shout.

    “Boom!” Another Meteor-class warship started melting…

    This time, Red Beard’s reaction was even faster. The warship’s fully charged main cannon immediately bombarded that warship. With the power of the warship’s main cannon, even a relatively small planet would be destroyed.

    But the next moment, that voice appeared again. “If I say it’s you, it’s you.”

    Following that, a silver light flashed and a silver mecha that was less than 3.5 meters tall appeared in the flagship’s control cabin.

    “You, who exactly are you?” The red bearded man turned pale with fright. The red light on his body surged and a thick and heavy Battle Armor instantly appeared on his body.

    “I am from Shrek.” A cold voice came from the silver mecha.

    In the next moment, a glaring yellow light spread throughout the entire main control cabin.

    “Emergency news, urgent news. The infamous space pirate group, the Red Skull Pirates, was attacked on their way to plunder. They were completely annihilated. Here is a video playing below.”

    Lan Xuanyu had just returned to his dorm when the soul television in the living room suddenly lit up and automatically played the news.

    “En? What’s going on?” This was the first time he encountered something like this ever since he came to Shrek.

    He had forged for an entire afternoon and had made some breakthroughs. He was already close to first-grade Thousand Refinements, but he was also very tired. He didn’t expect to see the news upon returning.

    The screen’s scenery turned to space. In the boundless space, a silver figure flickered.

    The scene was clearly sped up as those pitch-black warships exploded into flames in the sky. Sixteen warships, a total of 16 warships! They were actually destroyed just like that.

    One of them was actually a true military warship.

    That warship exploded from the inside out. It seemed like a soul reactor had exploded.

    Heavens! A single person destroyed an entire fleet with his own strength?

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 452

    Shrek’s Might

    TL : GoldenLung

    Lan Xuanyu felt that it was a little unreal. Was the mecha in this image the same as the mechas he knew?

    Then, he saw the first warship explode. That silver figure was like a ghost in space. It didn’t actually appear many times in space, but it always appeared on the main perspective. When it silently entered the warship and said the words ‘Shrek’, Lan Xuanyu was dumbstruck.

    ‘This is… Shrek Academy?’

    The Silver Dragon Spear was stolen by these space pirates?

    Explosions and rumblings resounded. There wasn’t a lot of fighting, and it was the end.

    All 16 warships of the Red Skull Pirates were annihilated. When the last few warships started to escape, they were chased by the silver figure like a meteor and turned into brilliant fireworks in the universe.

    The scene ended, and Lan Xuanyu was dumbstruck and dazzled. The power of a mecha could destroy a warship? There was no doubt that it was a god-rank mecha. He wasn’t sure if it was a dual-armored mecha or not. With his current strength, he didn’t even understand how that silver mecha destroyed so many warships. But the result was there.

    How could an individual’s strength be so strong? So strong that even a fleet couldn’t contend against him.

    Lan Xuanyu suddenly felt that his world view had been overturned.

    The first time he had seen a person destroy a warship, it was Mr. Le who did it by stomping. This was the second time now and it was undoubtedly even more shocking this time.

    The first time he saw it, he had doubts about whether he should choose the Interstellar Commanding Department. Inevitably, his doubts had become stronger. If an individual could reach this level and fight against a space warship, then what was the point of learning in the Interstellar Commanding Department ? If he had the time, why not increase his own strength and reach a level where he could destroy a space warship sooner?

    After the video was played, a voice came from the news. “After verification, Shrek Academy has confirmed that they are responsible for the destruction of the Red Skull Pirates. It is said that the Silver Dragon Spear has been recovered. We will continue to follow up on the relevant matters.”

    The broadcast of this news undoubtedly caused a huge uproar in the entire Federation.

    Who would have thought that Shrek Academy’s revenge would come so quickly and so ferociously? A single person had gone and destroyed an entire space pirate crew. They were completely wiped out, not a single one left.

    Just how terrifying was that person’s strength? Even now, no one knew which almighty from Shrek Academy had taken action.

    The Silver Dragon Spear was taken back?

    All of these didn’t seem to matter anymore. What was important was that Shrek Academy, which had always ben gentle, fair, and neutral, was actually so terrifying when it revealed its fangs.

    The entire battle had taken less than half an hour! One man against an entire fleet.

    People had always advocated individual heroism, so how could this battle not subvert Lan Xuanyu’s world view? The impact on the entire Federation, especially on mecha masters, was simply immeasurable.

    For a period of time, news from all over the world kept coming in. The Mecha Master’s Association expressed that it was an extremely powerful god-rank mecha, and it was absolutely true that the power of the mecha could fight against a warship. It was made with the most recent cutting-edge technology, and the pilot of the mecha must be a god-rank big shot to have such strength.

    Without a doubt, this battle had caused the reputation of the Mecha Master Association to rise.

    Shrek Academy seemed peaceful, but how could its students not be affected when they saw the news?

    Excitement ! After the Silver Dragon Spear was stolen, Shrek students were surprised and had begun to doubt the academy’s abilities. But now, those doubts had disappeared and were replaced with pride.

    Whoever dares to offend my Shrek, however distant, shall be destroyed.

    Information regarding the notorious Red Skull Pirates quickly appeared in the tracking report. In an instant, Shrek Academy’s reputation was amplified.

    “Teacher, have you seen the news?” Lan Xuanyu dialed Tang Zhenhua’s number.

    “I did.” Tang Zhenhua’s voice was slightly low.

    “Can a single person really defeat a warship so easily? How could a fleet be so weak?” Lan Xuanyu asked. His heart was in a mess.

    “Come over to my place,” Tang Zhenhua said in a low voice.


    Lan Xuanyu rushed out of the dormitory and went straight to the Interstellar Command’s center. When he reached the door, Tang Zhenhua was already waiting for him there.

    “Follow me.” Tang Zhenhua waved at him and brought him to his office.

    “Sit.” He pointed to the sofa.

    Lan Xuanyu realized that there was something more in Tang Zhenhua’s eyes. He seemed somewhat helpless and even somewhat dissatisfied.

    “Teacher, you…”

    Tang Zhenhua waved his hand and said, “The academy is really unfriendly towards our Interstellar Command departement! We only have two to three kittens to begin with, and now who would apply to our department?”

    “…” Lan Xuanyu was speechless.

    Tang Zhenhua said, “Let me test you. If you were the commander of the fleet at that time, what order would you have given when faced with such a situation?”

    Lan Xuanyu was stunned and thought to himself, ‘You haven’t taught me how to command an interstellar battle yet! But since Teacher has asked, I have to answer.’ After thinking for a moment, he said, “I might ask all the fleets to disperse and escape.”

    “Why?” Tang Zhenhua asked.

    Lan Xuanyu said, “The enemy only has one mecha, but he dared to face more than ten warships. And it’s in the vast space. Then, firstly, we can guess that this mecha is definitely not an ordinary one. At the very least, it can fly for a long time in space. To dare to intercept a whole fleet means that this person is either crazy or has absolute confidence in being able to fight against the fleet. Under such circumstances, the enemy has quickly destroyed a warship, so the possibility of being crazy is eliminated. This also means that unless the fleet has some other special trump card, it is almost impossible to fight against the other party. Then, the only option is to run.”

    Tang Zhenhua looked at Lan Xuanyu with a complicated gaze and said, “With your limited knowledge, it’s already very good that you can think of all these. If I were the commander, that mecha wouldn’t have succeeded so easily. At least it wouldn’t have succeeded in a short period of time.”

    “Are you thinking that if a mecha could reach this level of strength, what is the Interstellar Command Department for ?”

    Lan Xuanyu didn’t hide his thoughts. “A little.”

    Tang Zhenhua said, “Mechas aren’t the main force in interstellar battles. The Red Skull Pirates look to have a warship and Meteor-class assault spaceships, and their overall strength is considered very strong among pirates. But in fact, their warships are just ordinary spaceships. There is a huge gap between military warships and spaceships. Simply put, how could a mecha made of rare metal and a mecha made of ordinary alloy have the same battle power? Space pirates lack resources, and their warships are mostly modified from defective spaceships. The only bright spot of the Red Skull Pirates’ warships is their thrusters, which can reach a high speed within a short period of time. But this is at the expense of defense. At the same time, their interference system isn’t complete.”

    “Interference system? Is an interference system useful against mechas? Shouldn’t it interfere with the warship’s ability to lock?” Lan Xuanyu asked doubtfully.

    Tang Zhenhua said, “There are many types of interference systems, and the most important one is called a space interference device. This type of interference device is extremely expensive and far surpasses ordinary interference systems, but its use is extremely strong. But it is also very energy-consuming at the same time. Ordinary space warships wouldn’t be equipped with it, let alone pirates. But in war, if there is such an interference system, then that mecha wouldn’t have won so easily.”

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 453


    “This sort of interference system is mainly used to disrupt space and make it impossible to travel through it. When one reaches a certain level of strength, they have the ability to break through space. This mecha undoubtedly has this kind of strength. The reason why he could destroy so many warships so quickly was mostly because he was able to travel through space and destroy from the inside, not from the outside. A warship grade protective barrier is definitely not easy to break even for a god-rank mecha.”

    “If I were the commander of this fleet, the control interference system is indispensable and I would have tried to obtain it at all costs. At the very least, have it on the flagship. With this system, at least when facing strong enemies, the commander will have sufficient time to mobilize his own fleet.”

    Tang Zhenhua spoke excitedly and continued quickly, “And even without this system, at that time, the first order I would’ve given would be that all warships attack each other.”

    “Attack each other?” Lan Xuanyu asked in surprise.

    “That’s right,” Tang Zhenhua said. “This is also a trick. Without a space disruptor, how can we prevent enemies with strong space travel abilities from invading the interior of the warship? We just have to disrupt the space. As a commander, you should have a detailed understanding of the attack power of each soul cannon in your fleet and know their specific data. You should also know the strength of the protective barrier of your warships. So, if I were in command, I would’ve ordered all warships to attack each other. The intensity of their attacks would be slightly lower than the endurance of the protective barrier. This way, when the soul cannons collide with the soul barriers, there will definitely be a large amount of energy exploding. This energy would be enough to disrupt the space and prevent the other party from directly entering the warship. We could then force the other party to retreat temporarily and buy time for our side.”

    After listening to his explanation, Lan Xuanyu’s eyes lit up. He really didn’t expect that space warships could be commanded like this. It could actually use its own method of attack to fight against strong enemies. This was too interesting!

    Tang Zhenhua said, “If we force the opponent to retreat, at least we can prevent them from teleporting into the warship for the time being. I would then give the order that under such attack, that all battleships increase their speed at all costs.”

    “A strong mecha can increase its speed for a short period of time and even jump through space. But the problem with a mecha is that its individual energy cannot be compared to a warship. It is too small. When performing a space jump, it needs to protect itself. This means that it will be very difficult for it to launch an attack during this process. The premise of all this is that it does not enter any warship. So, I will do whatever it takes to get the fleet to enter a space jump state before the protective barrier is broken. The moment we do a space jump, due to the attacks from both parties, the surrounding space would have become chaotic. The fleet would encounter a certain danger and might even be torn apart by space. So, at that moment, we must stop the attack.”

    “But at that time, the fluctuation produced by the space jump would cause the surrounding space to be completely distorted, and the other party’s mecha would definitely not be able to take the opportunity to invade. Once we’ve entered the space jump state, we would be safe for the time being. This sort of jump is blind, so no one knows where they will jump to, contrarily to wormholes. Unless we are extremely unlucky and the other party jumps to the same place, there is a high chance of avoiding the other party’s hunting.”

    They were both fleeing in the same direction, but after Tang Zhenhua’s analysis, they were able to make almost all the fleets flee instead of scattering like Lan Xuanyu said.

    Lan Xuanyu only realized at this moment that escaping could actually be so artistic and tactical.

    “16 warships against a single mecha, is it really impossible to win?” Lan Xuanyu laughed bitterly.

    Tang Zhenhua said indifferently, “Then do you know how strong that mighty figure that appeared today is? In the entire Federation and the entire human race, his individual combat strength is at least in the top five, or even the top three. It’s not impossible to destroy a planet at this level. What can a small pirate fleet do? If I had a Federal fleet, I would be able to prevent him from getting close and force him to retreat. But to kill him, we need to make arrangements in advance, extremely meticulous arrangements, and if he really falls into a trap, there is a chance.”

    Lan Xuanyu was still a little disappointed. “But he is still alone! The resources required for a single person and a fleet are worlds apart.”

    Tang Zhenhua laughed. “Then do you know how long it would take to build a space fleet with the Federation’s current technology ?”

    Lan Xuanyu shook his head.

    Tang Zhenhua said, “If we don’t care about the cost of investing capital, 10 years is enough. But do you know how many years one needs to cultivate in order to become such an almighty? Let me tell you, 1,000 years. Although I’m not sure which almighty from our School we saw today, I can tell you for sure that he is at least 1,000 years old. Also, the mecha he used should be the sixth level, a super god-rank mecha. There are only five super god-rank mechas in the entire Federation, and today should be the sixth. Not to mention that he has at least a fifth or even sixth level Battle Armor in concert. This is the peak of a Duo Mecha Master. I don’t know how much resources it requires, but he has cultivated for 1,000 years. That’s right, a fleet definitely needs more resources, but can it be compared to a 1,000 years? Give me a space fleet, I can fight against such an expert, and I can do much more than that. But I’m afraid that it’s almost impossible to artificially duplicate another expert as strong as him.”

    “The 11th level ?” Lan Xuanyu looked at Tang Zhenhua in a daze.

    Tang Zhenhua said, “Rank 99 is the limit that we humans can reach, and we call people at this level a Limit Douluo. Following the evolution of the Mother Planet, there is a possibility of becoming a god. Breaking through to rank 100, which is the tenth level, is the god rank. There are even higher ranks above the 10th level, which is the 11th. People at the 11th level are truly terrifying existences and are known as True Gods. I don’t know how many True Gods there are in the Federation, but our Shrek Academy definitely has some. The one you saw today was one of them.”

    11th level, True God? That was equivalent to a soul power of 110 and above? For a moment, Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but feel dazzled. Humans could actually be so strong and could really become gods.

    “What else do you not understand? Hurry up and ask,” Tang Zhenhua said indifferently.

    Lan Xuanyu thought about it and shook his head. “Teacher, don’t worry, I will study hard. I will not give up on the Interstellar Commanding Department.”

    The corners of Tang Zhenhua’s mouth twitched and he sighed. “You can also learn the Duo Mecha Cursus at the same time, don’t let it go. Actually, in a space war, a strong expert is very useful. In fact, all fleets in the Federation have strong powerhouses overseeing them. Faced with today’s situation, it would usually be a face-off between those individuals. According to what I know, each of the seven fleets of the Federation has a god-rank powerhouse overseeing them.”

    Lan Xuanyu said in surprise, “There are god-rank experts in the Federal Fleet? Then how many god-rank experts are there in the entire Federation? Can god-rank experts really live forever?”

    Tang Zhenhua shook his head and said, “I don’t know exactly how many there are. These god-rank entities overseeing the Federal Fleet have different origins, and some of them are from our Shrek Academy. There are also those from the Spirit Pagoda, the Tang Sect, and the War God Temple. Actually, I’ve always had an idea. Humans can be god-rank while mechas can be god-rank. If warships could also be god-rank, why would we be afraid of them? The only problem is that it’s just too difficult to build an ideal god-rank warship.”

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