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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 454

    Attending A Ceremony ?

    Lan Xuanyu: “God-class warship? Teacher, what kind of warship is considered a god-class warship?”

    Tang Zhenhua’s eyes lit up. “I’ve done a design once before. With god-rank metals as the main material, a War God-class warship’s core formation as the power source, and a series of detailed manufacturing, its length would be between 300 to 500 meters. It can complete a space jump in an instant…”

    Lan Xuanyu was speechless. Although he didn’t know much about warships, he wanted to tell his teacher to be more realistic.

    ‘What is a god-rank metal? It can only be forged by a god-rank blacksmith. How many metals does a warship that is 300 to 500 meters long need? That would be calculated by ten thousands of tons…’

    With so many god-rank metals, there was enough for equipping an army of god-rank mechas.

    “Teacher, I didn’t expect you to be an idealist,” Lan Xuanyu whispered.

    “Get lost!” Tang Zhenhua glared at him. “Don’t you know how to make bold assumptions and verify them carefully? When you’re designing you have to plan according to the best scenario. There are many things involved. The external structure and internal structure use different materials, as well as the compression source core soul array. The details involved have to be very detailed.”

    Lan Xuanyu said, “Your request for the god-rank metals is simply impossible. I’m afraid that the entire Federation doesn’t even have that many god-rank metals.”

    Tang Zhenhua said in annoyance, “I know, but I will continue with this design. This is my dream. Even if I can’t achieve it now, it doesn’t mean that I can’t achieve it in the future. What if I can find something that can replace a god-rank metal one day? Actually, it is mainly the external structure that requires the use of god-rank metals. The strongest aspect of a god-rank metal is its self-repairing ability. It also has an abundance of energy. By using a source of energy from the inside, it will allow the warship to have super strong defense and super self-repairing abilities. Also, god-rank metals have a slight spatial vibration property that is enough to block the space travel of any powerhouse. It can also withstand higher-speed flying. It’s not that our current space warships don’t have enough power, but their ability to withstand impacts that is too limited, especially in case of space jumps. Think about it, if there is a warship that could fly at an extremely high speed in a short period of time, it would be extremely useful on the battlefield.”

    Lan Xuanyu: “Then I wish you success.”

    Tang Zhenhua scoffed. “When you’re done with your One-Word Battle Armor, you’ll start researching with me. So, wish us success. During the research process, you’ll be improving your understanding of warships. It’s an important course for you in the Interstellar Commanding department.”

    Lan Xuanyu nodded in agreement, but in fact, he didn’t think much of it. The design of a god-rank warship sounded very grand, but this thing could only take off but not land! It was impossible to complete.

    After coming out of the space center, Lan Xuanyu finally found back some confidence in the Interstellar Commanding department. He was especially interested in Tang Zhenhua’s method of commanding. If he could become the commander of a Great Fleet one day, that was something he yearned very much for!

    After participating in Shrek Academy’s comprehensive exam and taking the final exam on the Resource Planet, he gradually understood that the Federation’s interstellar exploration was not as peaceful as the ordinary citizens thought. This was also the reason for the existence of space fleets. It was just that he was still far too weak to understand that level.

    Lan Xuanyu’s schedule became even more tight. For the sake of his One-Word Battle Armor, he had to spend at least two hours forging every day. In the first two months of the second semester, he had spent almost all of his time forging ores. He refined the rare metal ores they brought back and refined them into real rare metals.

    This process could actually be carried out in the academy through specialized equipment. It didn’t require forging, but Lan Xuanyu insisted on completing it himself. It wasn’t to save money, but to let him gain a better understanding of these six types of metal.

    If he wanted to forge a good metal, he first had to understand its characteristics. Hence, his forging level remained at the Thousand Refinements level and he was roughly at the third rank. He was still a distance away from the fourth rank of a first-grade Thousand Refinements.

    Other than forging, he also learned more about Battle Armors. The academy had begun to talk about the basic operation of Battle Armors and mechas, as well as the connection between them.

    At night, it was naturally time for cultivation. With so many rare metals in possession, he knew that he no longer needed to be thrifty. Thus, Lan Xuanyu went to Sea God Lake once every two weeks to cultivate and his soul power cultivation increased steadily.

    In the blink of an eye, three months had passed. Lan Xuanyu and his team’s daily studies were peaceful and fulfilling.

    Early in the morning, Lan Xuanyu arrived at the classroom.

    Ever since the last semester’s final exam, he had been chosen by his classmates to be the permanent class leader. As the class leader, he had to come earlier to help the teacher prepare some things and see if the teacher needed anything.

    “Teacher Xiao, I’m here.” Lan Xuanyu walked over to the teacher’s resting room.

    Xiao Qi looked at him and said, “How is it, have you made some progress in your forging ?”

    Lan Xuanyu said, “I’ve already completed the refinement of the ores, so I’m about to start forging next. Making ordinary Thousand Refinements is very stable, and I plan to attempt first-grade Thousand Refinements within the next two months.”

    “Are you confident?” Xiao Qi’s eyes lit up. There weren’t many students in the entire Outer Court who could achieve first-grade Thousand Refinements. If Lan Xuanyu could achieve first-grade Thousand Refinements, it meant that he would have great prospects in the path of blacksmithing in the future. He would be a talent in terms of resources.

    In the future, this boy would definitely be able to enter the Inner Court. If his forging standard continued to increase, he might even ask him to forge for him in the future.

    In the Inner Court, those who were proficient in forging were all extremely wealthy. The prerequisite was that they had to reach a higher level and have a higher success rate in Spirit Forging or Soul Forging.

    Lan Xuanyu nodded and said, “I have some confidence.”

    Under Nana’s guidance, his mastery of his abilities had improved greatly, especially the coordination of his two Blue Silver Grasses’ abilities and their uses. These two abilities seemed to be able to fuse into his forging.

    “That’s good. Oh right, we will be announcing something today. Be mentally prepared,” Xiao Qi suddenly said.

    “Ah? What is it?” Lan Xuanyu asked doubtfully.

    Xiao Qi said, “Don’t we have two Soul Beast planets out of the seven administrative planets in the Federation? The seventh administrative planet, the Fairy Planet, is one of them. Something big happened on the Fairy Planet, and an almighty from the Fairy Planet is about to complete his final Tribulation and has invited some elites from the Federation to attend the ceremony. Our academy also obtained some slots. The Inner Court naturally got some, and for the sake of fairness, our Outer Court was also given a few slots. But it isn’t free, we have to fight for it ourselves.”

    “Tribulation of a mighty figure? Soul beasts? A 100,000-year soul beast’s Tribulation ?” Lan Xuanyu asked curiously.

    In fact, he had never seen a real soul beast before. Even the Spirit Soul Gold Silk Ape in his body was actually brought out from the Soul World.

    There was no need to mention 100,000-year soul beasts. He was very curious as to what sort of existence 100,000-year soul beasts were. It was said that in ancient times, they were the true masters of this world.

    “It’s not a 100,000-year soul beast. If it was only 100,000 years, it wouldn’t have mobilized so many people. This spot is very important and will only be given to students. Watching the ceremony of a mighty figure going through his Tribulation will be very helpful for your comprehension skills.”

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 455


    Lan Xuanyu asked eagerly, “Teacher, how do we fight for the spot?”

    “Of course by relying on your strength.” Xiao Qi said, “Alright, I will announce it later. Go to class first.”

    “Alright.” Lan Xuanyu’s interest was caught by his words but Teacher Xiao only said half of it. Compete? How?

    Were they competing against the entire Outer Court or their year ? If they were competing against everyone, the first-years would definitely be at a disadvantage!

    The students arrived in groups of twos and threes. Some were in high spirits while others looked exhausted. Everyone had their own cultivation and life, and they were all different.

    After everyone was present, Xiao Qi leisurely walked into the classroom.

    “Before today’s class, I would like to announce something. The academy has obtained a few slots for attending a great soul beast going through his Tribulation on the Elven Planet. Our Outer Court has also received some. For the sake of fairness, these slots have to be obtained through competition. Hence, the academy specially organized an Outer Court student competition. This competition is very interesting and will also be a test for all of you.”

    “There are a total of six spots for the Outer Court, and in principle, it should be one for each year. Everyone will fight in groups of three. The winner will get the spot. After obtaining the spot, they will have the right to challenge their seniors. If they win, they will get the other party’s spot.”

    “Simply put, our class will undergo internal preliminaries first. The internal preliminaries will be divided into groups of three, and the strongest group will obtain the spot. They will then compete between themselves and the winner will obtain the spot. It will be the same for the other years. Then, we will undergo the Outer Court challenge. Such a challenge must be carried out at least once, which means that the winner of our class will have to challenge the second-year at least. If they win, their quota will be ours, and if we lose, our quota will be theirs. And they will have to challenge the third-years at least once, and so on. Understood?”

    “Oh, that’s right, there’s more. For the sake of fairness, when challenging someone of a higher year, the number of participants will decrease by one for every higher year. This means that as the lowest year, if we send three people to challenge someone of a higher year, then the second-year can only send two people. If we challenge the third-years, then they can only send one person. If you guys can challenge the sixth year, then you can send six people to fight one of the sixth years.”

    After hearing Xiao Qi’s explanation, Lan Xuanyu found it quite interesting. This meant that if they were to compete against the third-years again, it would be three against one or four against two or five against three.

    “Teacher Xiao, can the senior students use their Battle Armors?” Qian Lei raised his hand and asked.

    “Of course they can. The number of their people has been reduced. Battle Armor is one of their abilities. If you have the ability, you can use one too,” Xiao Qi said.

    They could use Battle Armors ? This was completely different.

    Those who could win were naturally the strongest in their year. The fifth and sixth years probably even had Two-Word Battle Armors. How could they deal with them?

    Lan Xuanyu said, “Teacher Xiao, let’s assume that we defeated the second and third years during the challenge and lost to the fourth years. Then, do we lose all three spots to the fourth years or only one ?”

    Xiao Qi said, “In order to protect the weak, it is encouraged to challenge those of a higher year. When a lower year challenges a higher one, and if they lose, they will only have to give up one spot. So, the rules of the competition this time are actually slightly unfair for the higher years. However currently the fifth and sixth-year students are busy preparing for the Inner Court exam, so they might not have high expectations for this ceremony. On the other hand, if you guys have the chance to go, it will be of some help. After all, you guys have not yet been to a Soul Beast Planet. After the fourth-year, the academy will organize for you guys a trip to a Soul Beast Planet to train.”

    Many students’ eyes lit up when they heard this. They could actually go to a Soul Beast Planet to train when they were in higher years ? As expected of Shrek Academy!

    “You guys are free to form teams now, three people in a team. Report to the class leader after school today.”

    Lan Xuanyu raised his head instinctively and looked at his teammates.

    “Compete? How are we going to compete? If the class leader and Huihui were to randomly add another one, who would be able to win against them ? I forfeit,” Ding Zhuohan said.

    It was the truth. Lan Xuanyu’s small team was too strong and had already proved themselves through their test against the third-years.

    Yuanen Huihui’s cultivation was already close to rank 60. In addition to Lan Xuanyu, Dong Qianqiu, and Lan Mengqin, the other first years’ chances of defeating them were close to zero.

    Qian Lei winked at Yu Tian, who was at the back row. “Little Tian, do you want to try?”

    Yu Tian said in annoyance, “If you’re so capable, let’s fight one on one. Let’s bet a meal. Do you dare?”

    “I won’t. Wait for me to reach four-ring. You already have four rings, what’s the point of bullying someone with three rings?” Qian Lei said righteously.

    “Tsk, d--n fatty, coward.”

    “Alright, quiet down and let’s start class.”

    Lan Xuanyu did not speak, but he was calculating in his heart. It should not be a problem for them to get the first-years’ spot. Then, if they were to face the second years, would they be able to win with one more person? If they won, what would they do? How many people would they send out?

    Then, what about challenging the third years ? Even if the third years had two fewer people than them, how much stronger would they be with a One-Word Battle Armor’s enhancement ? This was the problem that he needed to think about.

    Without a doubt, with two more people, three against one was the best choice, right?

    However, with three against one, would they be able to defeat Tang Yuge, wearing a One-Word Battle Armor? What about the higher years ? He didn’t know much about the seniors in the fourth, fifth, and sixth year.

    After school in the afternoon, no one in the first-year registered. That’s right, no one came to Lan Xuanyu’s place to register.

    The video of Lan Xuanyu’s team during the final exam last semester was too shocking, but it also made the first years very united.

    Hence, everyone’s intention was very simple—to challenge someone of a higher year. All the students in the class, whoever was suitable to fight and who could win, would fight. Lan Xuanyu would coordinate and command.

    Investigating was undoubtedly the most important step.

    If he wanted to defeat their opponents, especially those who were above his year, he had to familiarize himself with them first.

    In an ordinary academy, when a genius appeared, it might not be too difficult to challenge someone of a higher year. But in Shrek Academy, where only geniuses were groomed, the thing they lacked least were geniuses.

    Lan Xuanyu didn’t even need to think to guess that the second-years would definitely be able to send out a One-Word Battle Armor Master. The second years were already halfway through their second semester, and if they couldn’t become a One-Word Battle Armor Master, they wouldn’t even be able to pass the end of term exams. Hence, they had to plan a fight against a One-Word Battle Armor Master.

    After returning to his dorm, Lan Xuanyu had just ordered lunch and was about to eat and rest. He would then head to the interstellar center in the afternoon and continue forging in the evening. He would continue his daily cultivation. A soul communication surprised him by ringing at this moment.

    “Yuge? Why did you call me?” Lan Xuanyu picked up the call.

    “Do you know about the trip to the Elven Planet ?” Tang Yuge asked.

    Lan Xuanyu said, “I know it, I was told that it was for watching a mighty figure in the Soul Beast World’s going through his Tribulation. Our teacher didn’t mention the specifics, but they said that they want us to compete. Us first years should be fine.”

    Tang Yuge said, “This is why I looked for you. When you guys challenge the third years, I hope that you guys can choose a three against one method.”

    Lan Xuanyu was taken aback. “That was our plan, but aren’t you worried that we won’t be able to get past the second years ? After all, they’re also One-Word Battle Armor Masters.”

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 456

    Fight It Out

    Tang Yuge said, “If you guys can’t even beat the second years, then you’re not the people I know. With you around, this won’t be a problem. A One-Word Battle Armor will definitely increase the overall strength of a soul master, but it’s only a One-Word Battle Armor after all. Although there is an overall enhancement, if the soul power and talent of both parties aren’t too different, the advantage of being two against one isn’t great.”

    Lan Xuanyu said, “What about one against three? Are you confident that you can defeat us?”

    Tang Yuge smiled bitterly. “If it wasn’t a 1v3, I’m afraid I wouldn’t even have the chance to fight. Only if you guys choose to let us only have one person for the third years can I get the qualifications to fight. I’ve already been cut off from the others.”

    Lan Xuanyu furrowed his brows. “Even now is it still like this?”

    Tang Yuge replied indifferently, “Sima Xian’s management ability is stronger than I imagined.”

    “I understand. Alright, we originally planned to choose three against one anyway, if we could reach that stage. After all, this is our biggest advantage. We will also give it our all and try to defeat you. Oh right, we can’t use mechas in this competition, right?”

    Tang Yuge laughed. “Are you worried?”

    Lan Xuanyu replied, “Of course I’m worried. If it’s a Duo Mecha Master, then the disparity between us would be too great.”

    Tang Yuge said, “No. In order to avoid danger, soul devices are not allowed in internal matches of the academy. This match is a real-life confrontation, not a simulated world. All of you must be prepared for this and try not to get injured in the other matches.”

    Lan Xuanyu was taken aback. He suddenly realized that he had overlooked such an important question. “It’s actually a real fight? What if I can’t hold back?”

    Tang Yuge said, “There will be teachers in charge of supervising, you don’t have to worry about this. But the teachers’ supervision is only limited to a situation where there is a fatal threat. Relatively speaking, it is still quite lax. Actual combat and simulation battles are always different. No matter how real a simulation battle is, it is still a simulation. It is a completely different feeling in your heart. You will know it when you reach your third-year. All the tests and competitions in the academy are basically done in the real world because the missions that we have to complete in the future are also in the real world. We only have one life. In the real world, death is death, and it is impossible to revive like in a simulation pod.”

    Lan Xuanyu took a deep breath. “I understand. I look forward to fighting senior sister again.”

    “En, I’m looking forward to it too.”

    After ending the call, Lan Xuanyu suddenly felt a headache coming on. He had personally witnessed Tang Yuge break through to rank 60 and gain a powerful soul skill, the Five Elements Escape technique. Just thinking about it made him feel that the Five Elements Escape technique had endless uses. With her Five Elements Divine Light and Battle Armor, it was definitely not an easy task to defeat her, even if it was three against one.

    Who would be better to deal with her?

    There was another thing that gave Lan Xuanyu a headache. His classmates had given him their complete trust and no matter how many spots he got to attend the ceremony, how should he choose? Who should he let go? Who should he not let go? This was also a big problem.

    In his heart, he obviously wanted his closest teammates to go. He wanted his team to go together, but in terms of individual ability, not everyone in his team was the most outstanding in class. If they were able to get enough slots in the end and it was only members of his team that got it, what would the other students think?

    Hence, it would be troublesome for Lan Xuanyu if everyone chose not to sign up for the competition. It was better for everyone to fight and the winner would get a spot.

    After a quick lunch, Lan Xuanyu arrived at the Interstellar Center early in the morning. Seeing Tang Zhenhua, he explained the confusion in his heart.

    “Isn’t it simple?” Tang Zhenhua said unhurriedly. “Go and apply to the academy! If the first years are able to climb all the way up and defeat the sixth years in the end, then the academy will think of a way to specially allow your entire class to attend the ceremony. Otherwise, if you lose, your entire class will not go. Isn’t that enough? This is called cutting off all means of retreat and putting yourself in a dead end to fight for survival. Not only will it increase the cohesiveness of your class, but it will also strengthen your position in the class. During this process, you guys have no way out and will definitely put in more effort during the battle. It is also good training. Even if you lose, you can just not go. Isn’t it just a ceremony? You guys will go to the Soul Beast Planet sooner or later anyway.”

    “Whenthere is such a problem, first of all, don’t take it too seriously. Because if you take it too seriously, you will bind yourself. You will not be able to judge how to maximize the benefits from other aspects. You should think about this instead. Is it more important to attend the ceremony, or to unite all of the first years and make everyone trust you more?”

    “Everyone works together, and you will be the commander. Even if you lose in the end, at least you guys have fought it out. The cohesion in your class will definitely be stronger. There are over 30 first-year students, and as long as you can successfully graduate from the Outer Court, they will become your most reliable network. As the class leader, it is most important for a class to have strong cohesion.”

    Tang Zhenhua’s words enlightened Lan Xuanyu. ‘That’s right! Is the ceremony really that important? What’s important is the cohesion of the entire class!’

    “But will the academy agree?” Lan Xuanyu asked doubtfully.

    Tang Zhenhua said, “You still don’t know Shrek well enough. What Shrek wants to see the most is to turn the impossible into a possibility. This is the greatest joy in grooming monsters. Do you think it’s easy to succeed at five challenges in a row? Then you’re underestimating Shrek Academy. The opponents that you’re about to face are so strong that they might even make you despair. Don’t worry and bring it up. The academy will definitely agree because they don’t think that you will succeed. As for the quota, with Shrek’s status in the Federation and the relationship between Shrek Academy and the two Soul Beast planets, having a few more slots is nothing.”

    “Thank you, Teacher. I understand.” Lan Xuanyu clenched his fists subconsciously. If they could really challenge the sixth years and defeat them, it was definitely more important than attending the ceremony!

    His teacher’s suggestion was simply too good. His problem was that he didn’t jump out of the spectator circle to think about the problem. He was prioritizing being able to attend the ceremony, which was why he was stuck in his thoughts. With his teacher’s suggestion, all the first-year students would be tied together in an instant. They would either go together or not go at all. The problem would be solved if they didn’t have to worry about being outnumbered. So what if they didn’t go? So what if they didn’t go!

    With that thought, Lan Xuanyu felt his entire train of thought become lively.

    “Teacher, can I apply for a leave? I would like to gather my classmates and make a plan,” Lan Xuanyu said to Tang Zhenhua.

    “Go on. Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, just fight. Youth is for all of you to fight because youth is not afraid of failure.” Tang Zhenhua chuckled. He loved seeing his disciple full of motivation and enthusiasm.

    After exiting the Interstellar Center, Lan Xuanyu immediately called all his classmates and informed Xiao Qi that there would be a class meeting in an hour.

    This was obviously a difficult job. After all, every student had their own learning arrangements. But Lan Xuanyu told them that the class meeting was about going to the Elven Planet and that they had a chance to attend.

    In fact, the other students were also thinking about the problem that he was thinking about, especially those stronger ones like Bing Tianliang and Ding Zhuohan.

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 457

    Either We Go Together, Either We Don’t

    TL : GoldenLung

    From their point of view, if they were to succeed in the year-skipping challenge and obtain additional spots, who would he bring? Everyone knew about Lan Xuanyu’s small team. Bing Tianliang was slightly better, he was at least treated as a reserve. Ding Zhuohan felt uncomfortable because he felt that this matter no longer had anything to do with him. He was afraid that he would not be selected to participate in the competition or have a chance to go to the Elven Planet.

    Hence, when everyone received Lan Xuanyu’s notice and told them that they had a chance to go to the Elven Planet, they were very surprised. They held the attitude of wanting to listen. When Lan Xuanyu arrived in class, most of the students were already there.

    After waiting for another 10 minutes, all the first years arrived.

    The final exam last year had helped Lan Xuanyu greatly for his position in the class. At least after that, he had gained the trust of all his classmates.

    Xiao Qi came over as well and looked at Lan Xuanyu with a questioning gaze. He had just said in the morning that he would be organizing a class meeting in the afternoon. What was he, the class leader, up to?

    “Everyone is here,” Lan Xuanyu said. “I’m sure all of you are very confused as to why I called everyone back so urgently. It won’t take up too much of your time, I just need a few minutes. Teacher Xiao mentioned about the ceremony this morning and we’ve decided to challenge our seniors. But when I went back, I quickly realized a problem.”

    “I believe that many students have realized it. That is, no matter how many spots we get, who should go? Should I, the class leader, go? Or should I let the stronger students go? I believe that many students will think that this has nothing to do with them. And this is something I don’t want to see because we are a team and everyone is a part of it. All of you have given up the chance to participate in the competition between first-years because you trust me, the class leader, but if I were to give the spots to some students, even if I’m not included, would the students who didn’t get it not have any thoughts? I think there will be some and everyone will think, why not me?”

    These words immediately attracted the attention of all the students and resonated with them. As they didn’t make it very clear about who was going to attend the ceremony, they didn’t have many thoughts about it. But just as Lan Xuanyu said, who should they choose? Who else should they not choose?

    Lan Xuanyu said, “After I asked my teacher for guidance, I suddenly realized that this might be an opportunity for us. Why would the academy organize such matches ? To intensify the competition between us. We are first years, and we are undoubtedly the weakest in the entire Outer Court. But what if we can continue to advance and defeat all the senior students under such circumstances? Shouldn’t we obtain more resources from the academy? So, I have an idea for everyone to consider. I want to suggest to the academy that if us first years can defeat all the senior students in the upcoming matches, then we would like to ask the academy to fight for more spots for us so that our entire class can go to the Elven Planet. If we can’t do it, even if we lose a match, then none of us will go. We will either go together or won’t go at all.”

    When he said the last sentence, Lan Xuanyu’s voice was resounding and powerful, causing all the students to be moved. Even Xiao Qi couldn’t help but widen his eyes. This kid really dared to dream! Defeat the sixth years? Was that something they could do?

    After saying that, Lan Xuanyu felt a sense of relief in his heart. Even if everyone didn’t agree, he had expressed his stance. He would face this matter with an absolutely fair attitude.

    “If everyone agrees, we will ask the academy together. If not, we will discuss it again. I can guarantee that I don’t want a spot.” Only by jumping out of the constraints would he be able to see the problem from a higher perspective. Before the class meeting was held, Lan Xuanyu already wanted to give up on his spot. A man had nothing to ask for but pride. He expressed that he wouldn’t go first. Then, no matter what method he used to deal with this afterwards, he would be recognized by his classmates.

    “I agree, isn’t it just a fight? So what if we lose? Either we go together or we don’t go.” The straightforward Ding Zhuohan slammed the table and stood up, giving Lan Xuanyu a thumbs up at the same time. Lan Xuanyu’s words had ignited the passion and fighting spirit in his heart.

    “Agree!” Qian Lei raised his hand and shouted.

    “Agreed!” Lan Xuanyu’s team raised their hands first, and Bing Tianliang’s team did the same.

    “Either we go together or we don’t.”

    All of them were 12 to 13 years old and were at the age where they were hot-blooded and didn’t care about anything. ‘Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers’ was an apt description of them. In an instant, they couldn’t help but shout.

    Xiao Qi didn’t interrupt from the beginning to the end. He just watched silently from the side and couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. No matter what happened in the following matches, Lan Xuanyu had won. He had won the hearts of his classmates and his position as the permanent class leader was secured.

    What was a qualified class leader? It wasn’t someone outstanding and well-liked by the teachers, but someone who could win over his classmates. A selfish class leader will never be outstanding.

    “Then it’s settled. I’ll write a joint letter immediately and ask everyone to sign it. Teacher Xiao, can I trouble you to hand it over to the Dean?” Lan Xuanyu looked at Xiao Qi.

    Xiao Qi said in annoyance, “Only now you’re thinking of me ? Do you know that what you did is called acting first and reporting later?”

    The lively atmosphere immediately turned quiet. The students were very respectful of Xiao Qi. This teacher was knowledgeable and cared for every student.

    Seeing how the children were looking at him, Xiao Qi suddenly laughed. “I agree. Young people need to have that hot-blooded drive when they need it. Not giving in is the motivation to move forward. What if you’re the weakest? Just do it! First-years, do your best.”

    “First years, fight !” Lan Xuanyu was the first to jump up and wave his fists.

    “First years, fight!” In an instant, the entire class was filled with thunderous war cries. There had never been a moment where the first years were so united. At this moment, every youth’s eyes were burning with flames.

    The joint letter was written very quickly and handed over to Xiao Qi. Furthermore, the students immediately came to an agreement that if the academy didn’t agree, they wouldn’t go no matter how many battles they won or whether they could fight till the end. They would either go together or not. Unity was more important than personal benefits.

    Xiao Qi went to look for Ying Luohong while Lan Xuanyu struck while the iron was hot and immediately began assigning tasks. The first thing they had to do was to investigate intel about the senior students’. At the same time, he shared his thoughts.

    “When challenging the seniors , our biggest advantage is in numbers. With every year of difference, the other party will have one less person than us. At least they can have one person. This means that when we challenge the second years, we can fight two against one, the third years three against one, the fourth years can fight four against one, the fifth years five against one, and when we reach the sixth years, we can even fight six against one. So I suggest that we use this method to compete. This means that no matter which match it is, we will be facing one opponent.”

    “The advantage of doing this is that we only have to investigate the strongest person in the other five years. The amount of work we have to do is greatly reduced. At the same time, we can prevent the other party from having a Martial Soul Fusion skill or abilities complementing each other when there are two or more people. To put it simply, we will definitely be at a disadvantage if we increase one person for both sides. So, we have to limit our opponents to one person.”

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 458

    Dares To Think And Act

    TL : GoldenLung

    Lan Xuanyu said, “What we can be sure of now is that our third-year opponent should be senior Tang Yuge, whom we’ve faced before. I’ve also asked around and found out that mechas are not allowed in this tournament, but Teacher Xiao said that Battle Armors are allowed. This means that our opponents, starting from the second years, are at least One-Word Battle Armor Masters. For the fifth or sixth years, they might even be Two-Word Battle Armor Masters.”

    “Which student in our class is more familiar with the seniors and wants to lead this investigation?” Lan Xuanyu looked at his classmates.

    “I’ll do it!”

    “Let me do it!”

    Two students raised their hands at the same time. One was Yuanen Huihui and the other was Ding Zhuohan.

    Lan Xuanyu looked at the two of them and didn’t ask too much. “Both of you can go together. The date of the match hasn’t been decided yet. I will keep an eye on this, and both of you must bring back the information as soon as possible. You must investigate at least two to three people from each year. Next, I will come up with a plan to send out different students to fight against different opponents. Any soul master isn’t omnipotent and has their own flaws. We will target their flaws and use our advantage in numbers to secure a win. We will definitely be able to defeat the enemy.”

    For the entire afternoon, Lan Xuanyu and his classmates were planning for this match and no one left. Even the students who knew that they wouldn’t be able to go on stage were excited because this match wasn’t about a single person or a small team, but the entire first years.


    The Outer Court Dean’s office.

    “These little guys really dare to dream!” Ying Luohong looked at the name list in her hand and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    Xiao Qi laughed. “This is a good thing. I’m liking Xuanyu more and more now. He’s daring and can act, smart, and hardworking. He’s definitely a rare seedling. If not for his low soul power, I think he would definitely leave behind a strong mark in Shrek Academy’s future.”

    “I will report this matter to the Sea God Pavilion,” Yin Luohong said. “I personally support them. Putting everything else aside, these children having such courage and being so united is worth encouraging.”

    Xiao Qi laughed. “I think so too. To be able to lead such a class, I already feel blessed.”

    Ying Luohong said, “Don’t be too happy too soon. This is just the beginning. Graduating from the second-year is a watershed for the Outer Court. The quality of a One-Word Battle Armor will widen the gap between students. The end of the fourth-year is another watershed. At that time, we will be able to see which students will be able to get into the Inner Court or have a chance to get into. You still have a lot of work to do.”

    Xiao Qi said, “Don’t worry, I will work hard to take care of them. Since the students are working so hard, I will definitely not slack off as a teacher.”

    Ying Luohong said, “Actually, what you should be thinking about right now is how to console them after they fail and let them maintain that urge to move forward.”

    “Why should we consider failure?” Xiao Qi looked at Ying Luohong. “Even if I don’t think that they will be able to reach the end, as their main teacher, I will only consider victory. I believe in my students. No matter how far they can go, they will fight with all their passion. Furthermore, the meaning of a miracle is to turn the impossible into possible, isn’t that so?”

    “Very good.” Ying Luohong laughed. “Then I’ll wait and see them create a miracle.”

    “Thank you for your support, Dean.”

    After watching Xiao Qi leave, Ying Luohong shook her head helplessly. She then looked at the name list in her hand and a figure suddenly appeared in her mind.

    “The sixth year… a record sixth year. Haha, I didn’t expect another batch of interesting first years.”


    The time for the match was announced the next day. Firstly, it was the internal preliminaries. They were arranged by the various classes and could be done through actual combat or in the virtual Douluo World. In order to deal with the year-skipping challenges later, most classes chose to do virtual battles.

    At this time, the academy’s rule was that they had to complete the qualifiers for each class within a week. Then, the year-skipping challenge would begin with the first-years. As it was a real battle, after every battle, they would rest for a day. The victor could choose to continue, and each grade would have to challenge someone of a higher rank at least once. The prerequisite was that they were not defeated.

    The internal preliminaries of the other years had already begun, but the first years were calm, at least on the surface.

    In the blink of an eye, a week had passed. The various years had finished competing, and the years-skipping challenge would officially begin.

    Shrek Academy’s Exchange Center had been quite lively recently, especially for items regarding the persons who might participate in the tournament.

    The participants in the exchange were mostly candidates from the various Outer Court years who could participate in the year-skipping challenge.

    There were also some Heaven and Earth treasures that could temporarily increase one’s battle power. As soul devices were not allowed, they were not very popular at the moment.

    Shrek City’s Gambling Center had even opened up a betting pool for this competition. As it was an internal event within the academy and not open to the public, its scale was not considered big. Furthermore, it was only open within the academy and targeted the teachers and students.

    There were a few benefits to doing so. Firstly, they could earn the students’ Shrek emblems. They would only accept the emblems. Secondly, they could use the odds to let everyone have a better judgment.

    There were individual bets for every year-skipping challenge, as well as for winning streaks.

    The Outer Court became lively once again. The students who were usually cultivating were all focused on the year-skipping challenge this time. There were only five matches in total, but they were undoubtedly peak matches for the Outer Court students. It was quite interesting, especially since there was a disparity in numbers between the different years. It was considered relatively fair.

    At this very moment, nobody knew that Lan Xuanyu was sweating profusely in the Blacksmith’s Association and there were a few people standing in his forging room.

    This included the senior who had led Lan Xuanyu into the world of forging, Yang Yingming. Other than him, there were three others.

    These three people were all dressed in red school uniforms and were obviously Inner Court students. And these three people had even more important identities in Shrek Academy—they were the president and vice president of Shrek Blacksmith’s Association.

    All the presidents of the various associations in the academy were held by students.

    The three people in front of him were naturally the same, and they were all Inner Court disciples. The one in the lead looked to be around 26 or 27 years old. He had an unsophisticated appearance and wasn’t tall; everything looked ordinary. However, his arms were slightly longer than an ordinary person’s, and his palms were slightly bigger and were extremely thick.

    The other three people, including Yang Yingming, stood behind him.

    At this moment, Lan Xuanyu was focused on forging the metal in front of him. It was a piece of mithril. Among the rare metals, it was one of the most valuable. It was also brought back by Lan Xuanyu’s team during the last semester’s final exam.

    His body spun and he dropped the hammer. Everything seemed simple and neat. Every rumble was stable and sustained. More importantly, he was focused.

    At this moment, Lan Xuanyu seemed to have merged into one with his forging hammers. The rumbling sounds echoed in the forging room. If it was an ordinary person, they would have been annoyed by the deafening noise. But to the few blacksmiths, they were used to it.

    Yang Yingming counted in his heart, 34, 35, 36, 37 strikes. 38, 39, 40, 41…

    Just as he was counting, there was a low rumble and a silver light suddenly shot into the sky. Lan Xuanyu spun on the spot and retracted his forging hammer.

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 459

    First Grade Thousand Refinements

    TL : GoldenLung

    Everyone’s gaze followed that silver light and looked up. The silver light soared into the sky and in the blink of an eye, it had already reached a height of three meters. It looked solid and a low dragon roar resounded. That mithril itself was emitting a dazzling luster and there were faint dragon patterns on its surface as though there was a giant dragon hidden inside.

    “Fusing your bloodline power into the forging process and infusing your spiritual perception into every strike. What a great Thousand Refinement Soul Forging and first-grade Thousand Refinements,” the youth in the red uniform praised.

    Lan Xuanyu wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Thank you for your praise, president.”

    The president smiled. “You’re truly worthy of being a fourth-rank blacksmith. Also, your success rate is amazing. You completed all five pieces of metal forging and two of them were first-grade thousand refined. When I was at the fourth rank, my success rate wasn’t as high as yours. I agree to the loan and the association will approve it for you as soon as possible. But junior, can I ask what you want to do by borrowing so much?”

    Lan Xuanyu laughed. “I want to earn more emblems. Senior, I am from the Interstellar Commanding department. In the future, I not only want to have my own mecha, but I also want my own soul fighter, or even a warship. I want to earn money and start from a young age.”

    The president laughed. “Good, you have ambition. With your forging skills, as long as you can continue to grow at this speed, I wouldn’t be surprised even if you own a warship that belongs to you in the future. In the future, if you have anything you don’t understand about forging, you can call me. I’ll leave my number to you.”

    “Thank you, president.”

    The two exchanged contact numbers and the president said, “Can you sell me your two pieces of first-grade thousand refined mithril you completed today? I heard from Yingming that the attributes of your Thousand Refined metal you completed are extremely stable and can greatly increase the success rate of Spirit Refinement. I’ll bring it back and give it a try.”

    “Then I’ll give them to you.” Lan Xuanyu was very generous, especially after getting some benefits from the president. He didn’t lack rare metals anymore.

    “That won’t do, the academy has its rules. Furthermore, I am your senior. I’ll buy them according to the market price, with a rise of 30%. I will get Yingming to give you the money later. Alright, that will be all for now.”

    The president didn’t stay any longer and left with the two vice presidents.

    Yang Yingming looked at Lan Xuanyu as though he was looking at a monster. “I’ve been learning forging since I was young and it has been almost 10 years since then. Even my teacher said that I was gifted for being able to achieve Spirit Refinement in just 10 years and enter the ranks of fifth-rank blacksmiths. But you’ve only been here for less than a year and you’re almost catching up to me! Why is this world so unfair?”

    Lan Xuanyu ignored his lament. “Senior, when can I get my loan? Time waits for no man. Our match will begin tomorrow.”

    Yang Yingming furrowed his brows. “Junior, I have to remind you about this. Your gambling instincts are too strong. With such a huge amount of emblems, if you lose…”

    Lan Xuanyu smiled. “Senior, don’t worry. I will consider the worst consequences before doing anything. If I can bear it, I will try. Otherwise, I definitely won’t. I only do this because I am confident. Look at the odds, our odds are lower than the second years. We only have 1: 0.5, and the second graders have 1: 0.9.”

    Lan Xuanyu was actually quite helpless with regards to the odds. The reason for the odds was very simple, it was because they had defeated the third years last time!

    Hence, although it was a year-skipping challenge, in a 2v1 situation, those who were optimistic about them far surpassed those who were optimistic about the second years.

    Lan Xuanyu was helpless about this, but the truth was right in front of him. He had no other choice!

    Right now, they only hoped that when they would challenge the higher years, the odds would increase and they would earn more.

    For the past few months of the new term, he had been working hard on cultivating. His forging was mainly for refining metals and he had also tried forging with rare metals. He had achieved a certain amount of results and after accumulating experience, he was finally able to achieve a certain success rate of first-grade Thousand Refinements. His success rate was about 20%. The 40% success rate today was probably due to the stimulation of the president being here. He was quite lucky.

    Although his success rate of first-grade Thousand Refinements wasn’t high, his success rate of Thousand Refinements was very high. It was close to 100%. This meant that the value of his rare metals would definitely increase greatly.

    For the past few months, because he didn’t have much income, he only had expenses and had to support his teammates. Lan Xuanyu didn’t spend much of his own emblems neither.

    The match was about to begin and Shrek’s Gambling Center was open in the academy, so how could he miss out on such an opportunity? After careful consideration, Lan Xuanyu decided to borrow from the Blacksmith’s Association. He used a ton of Thousand Refined rare metals as collateral and over 10% of them were first-grade Thousand Refined.

    And the amount he wanted to borrow was also very large—50 purple emblems.

    One must know that he was only in his first year ! It was also because of this that the president came personally to witness his Thousand Refinements efficiency and his stock of rare metals to ensure that he had the ability to repay.

    Of course, Lan Xuanyu wouldn’t be as straightforward as before, but with these 50 purple emblems, he could do many things. If he performed well, he would definitely earn a huge sum.

    He had actually thought it through very clearly. These 50 purple emblems were only used for the first round of the competition that he had the most confidence in. Although it was only 1: 0.5, if he won, he would gain 25 purple emblems. After that, he would get back his capital and use his earnings from the first round to participate in the rest.

    This way, he would definitely earn and not lose. Even if he lost, it would be just zero gains.

    He didn’t tell his teammates about this as he was under the pressure of all the loans. If he could earn money in the end, he would give some to his teammates. If he couldn’t earn money, then forget it.

    “Junior, are you guys really confident in the first round?” Yang Yingming asked.

    Lan Xuanyu said, “In the first round, I will bet all the emblems that I got from the loan this time. What do you think? I suggest that you place your bet before I bet. Otherwise, after I bet, the odds will probably fall.”

    “Alright, then I’ll make a small profit off you,” Yang Yingming said with a grin. “Also, junior brother, forget about first-grade Thousand Refining. I’ll reserve 10 pieces of your Thousand Refined metals first. Speaking of which, when your works will be listed in the market in the future, the price will definitely increase. As your senior brother, I won’t cheat you, I’ll give you a number. After these few months of experimenting, your Thousand Refined metals have increased my success rate by Spirit Refining to 30%. Do you know what this means?”

    Lan Xuanyu was stunned. “What does that mean?”

    “This means that your Thousand Refinements should be twice as expensive as the other Thousand Refined metals on the market. If a Spirit Refinement fails, the metal will be crippled and that’s why increasing a success rate by 30% is quite impressive. I’ve analyzed this matter with the president and he said that your bloodline should be affecting the metal’s internal activity, causing the metal to be more intelligent and less active, making it more stable. Hence, Spirit Refinement becomes easier and it isn’t easy to fail.”

    Lan Xuanyu’s eyes lit up. “In that case, there is indeed more space for earning. Thank you, senior. How about this, if you need some for yourself in the future, you can buy metals from me and I will give you a 20% discount. Thank you for your help and support.”

    Yang Yingming’s eyes lit up. 20% off, that would save a lot of money! It wasn’t much more expensive than the Thousand Refined metals in the market. More importantly, it was very useful! His success rate would be high!

    “Then I won’t stand in ceremony with you. I’ll take advantage of this.”

    “Of course, you’re the one who introduced me to forging. Senior, I’ll take my leave first. I’ll look for you later to get the loan so you can place your bet first. I’ll go back and formulate a strategy with my classmates.” Lan Xuanyu smiled.

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 460

    We Must Win !

    “You must win! Whether we rise from beggars to rich people depends on you guys.”

    “Don’t worry.”

    After leaving the Blacksmith’s Association and receiving such a large sum of money, Lan Xuanyu felt refreshed. He was very confident about challenging the second years tomorrow. In fact, he wouldn’t even need to participate.

    The competition was to be held on the afternoon of the second day. As there were classes in the morning, the competition would not affect the normal classes. The location of the competition was the Mecha Training Grounds in Shrek Academy’s Outer Court as the space here was large enough for the students to fight freely.

    There were less than 300 students and teachers in the entire Outer Court. Only half an hour before the first year-skipping challenge were there a little bit over 100 people.

    It was mainly the first and second years. The other years didn’t seem to be interested in this challenge.

    In fact, everyone was usually very busy and no one wanted to waste even a little bit of time.

    All the first years had arrived. Everyone was filled with excitement, but they weren’t nervous at all. They had won against the third years, so winning against the second years should not be a big deal right? This was what most people thought.

    “Do it according to our plan, and we will definitely be able to defeat the enemy and win.” Lan Xuanyu looked at the two people who were about to compete and clenched his fists, gesturing for them to work hard.

    “En.” Dong Qianqiu nodded slightly. Lan Mengqin, who was next to her, curled her lips and said, “This is not even going to be a challenge.”

    That’s right, in the first round of the year-skipping challenges, the representative of the first years was neither the class leader, Lan Xuanyu, who had once killed Tang Yuge, nor their strongest individual, Yuanen Huihui. Instead, it was the Snow Ice Goddesses duo, Lan Mengqin and Dong Qianqiu.

    Lan Xuanyu said in a low voice, “Mengqin, you must not be careless. Also, you must not underestimate the enhancement of a One-Word Battle Armor to a soul master. There must be a reason why a Battle Armor can become the strongest weapon for us soul masters. Since the other party is able to represent the second years, there is no doubt that that person is the strongest among them. His One-Word Battle Armor is surely forged from first-grade Thousand Refined metals. Whether it is in terms of defense or enhancement, it must be extremely strong. We cannot lose this match. If we want to keep challenging until the end, we must give it our all in every match. We cannot be careless.”

    “Alright.” Lan Mengqin pouted.

    Lan Xuanyu smiled. “It’s up to you guys.” Although he was smiling, he was actually quite nervous. It wasn’t because Lan Mengqin and Dong Qianqiu weren’t strong enough, but because of his 50 purple emblems!

    If he lost this match, he would lose all of his hard-earned money. It would take him at least half a year to recover. And this was taking into account the fact that Yang Yingming had said that his Thousand Refined metals were more valuable than the others in the market. It was by no means an easy task to earn 50 purple emblems.

    “The challenges are about to begin. Both teams, please enter.” At this moment, the teacher in charge of refereeing announced.

    This arena was gigantic, it could easily accommodate tens of thousands of people at the same time. After all, it was used to practice mecha combat. Hence, even if all the students from the first and second years were cheering, it would still sound very empty.

    Dong Qianqiu and Lan Mengqin walked into the arena hand in hand. On the other side, the students representing the second years had already entered.

    It was a young man with a youthful appearance. Seeing that it was indeed him, Lan Xuanyu heaved a sigh of relief. He was sure that if they were to compare the investigation of their opponents with the other years, no one would be able to do it as thoroughly as them. The first years had even made a list of the participants that represented the various years. They had already listed the participants of each year.

    The person in front of him was a second year student with an 80% chance of participating.

    When he saw that his opponents were actually two female students, he was taken aback, but his expression quickly returned to normal.

    To be able to be the first in the cohort, which one of them wasn’t filled with confidence? Furthermore, he felt that this was quite good. Although he felt that his abilities had a certain restraining effect on Yuanen Huihui, Yuanen Huihui was still a five-ring Soul King after all and his soul power rank higher than his. It would still have been very troublesome to deal with him.

    Ding Zhuohan sat on the spectator stand with Bing Tianliang next to him. At this moment, the student in charge of the investigation muttered to himself, “Yuan Rui, Martial Soul, Berserk Lightning Leopard. Rank 48 soul power, One-Word Battle Armor Master. The number one person among the second years. He is a rare assault, agility, and control, all three types at once soul master. His individual abilities are very well rounded. Old Bing, his abilities are similar to yours, but he seems to be stronger than you because he is definitely faster than you.”

    Bing Tianliang scoffed. “That’s because he has his Battle Armor. Without his Battle armor, he might not even be my match. Even if I’m not as fast as him, I have my Demon Puppet. If I was also a One-Word Battle Armor Master, it’s hard to say who would win.”

    Ding Zhuohan chuckled. “Then find a chance to spar privately and let him not use his Battle Armor. This Yuan Rui isn’t simple to be able to become first in the cohort. But he doesn’t have much chance in this round. It’s two against one, we’ve already half won.”

    At this point, he suddenly stood up and shouted, “Goddesses, do your best!”

    Bing Tian was taken aback. “Why are you so excited?”

    “If you’ve bet all your assets on them, you’ll be excited too,” Ding Zhuohan said.

    Bing Tian was stunned for a moment before he stood up and shouted, “Goddesses, do your best!”

    The odds had now dropped to 1:0.4. That’s right, just last night, a big bet came out of nowhere and forcefully lowered the odds by a large margin. The second years’ odds had become 1:1.

    At this moment, Yuan Rui, who had already entered the arena, was feeling aggrieved. He was a second year after all! And he was also a One-Word Battle Armor Master. Why did these people have so little confidence in him? He had placed a purple emblem on himself in disbelief.

    But seeing his two opponents made him feel better.

    He had long heard that there were two beauties among the first years, and now that he saw them, they were indeed worthy of their reputation. Ignoring everything else, just their dark blue and white long hair that was almost dragging on the ground was enough to attract attention. Almost all men liked long hair, and he was no exception.

    “Hello, junior sisters.” Yuan Rui smiled, revealing a smile that he thought was very gentle. “I will do my best to face you in this battle, but I will also try my best to avoid hurting you. Please be at ease.”

    Dong Qianqiu didn’t say a word, nor did Lan Mengqin. She looked at him like he was an idiot.

    “The match begins.” There wasn’t much ceremony as the referee directly announced the start of this year-skipping challenge.

    The moment he finished speaking, Yuan Rui seemed to have transformed into a different person. With a flash of purple light, he crossed a hundred meters in an instant and arrived before Lan Mengqin and Dong Qianqiu.

    His speed was too fast, almost comparable to teleportation. Liu Feng, who was the fastest among the first years, was shocked when he saw this scene. He knew that he was definitely not as fast as this senior.

    Lan Mengqin retreated while Dong Qianqiu stepped forward. The two girls immediately acted very tacitly and turned to face each other.

    Dong Qianqiu raised her right hand in front of her chest. In an instant, four soul rings rose up and her second lit up as an ice mist gushed out.

    That wasn’t an ordinary ice fog. It looked like a fire extinguisher that shot out instantly.

    Yuan Rui was extremely fast, so it was as if he had crashed into the ice fog himself. But at this moment, he displayed the strength befitting his status of the number one student among the second years.

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