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    Nice start mr/miss writer

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    Nxt episode

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    Ride on

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    Welcome back bros


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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 6

    Without a trace

    Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

    “Wa wa, wa wa, wa wa!” His thunderous cries echoed throughout the cabin.

    It was truly loud! Even their soundproof earphones were unable to block it out completely.

    Initially, Lan Xiao was planning to keep one-third of the eggshell, but that baby that was born out of an egg kept crying and shouted himself hoarse. Nan Cheng really couldn’t bear to watch him like that, so she decided to let him eat some more. He stopped crying whenever he was eating.

    When there was only one-fifth of the eggshell left, he started crying once again. His cries were loud and clear, just like the standard of a tenor singer.

    One-sixth, one-seventh, one-eighth… one-tenth!

    Finally, there was only one-tenth of the eggshell left—this was their limit. This wasn’t a decision that Lan Xiao could make on his own; he had to be responsible for the entire team. Hence, he hardened his heart and left the baby to cry.

    Nan Cheng understood his decision; they were doing it for the name research after all. Although she kept using her big watery eyes to look at Lan Xiao, she didn’t ask him to let the child continue his meal.

    At first, they all thought that this child would stop crying once he gets tired. But who knew that he was truly gifted! He was crying and shouting at the top of his voice but he didn’t stop at all. His voice was very penetrating, and he cried like that for three days and three nights.

    Three days ago, the surveillance aircraft had already completed the sweep, but the research team was extremely exhausted. None of them could rest properly with this baby’s cries; whether it was meditation or sleep, none of them even were able to consider it.

    The surveillance aircraft had a room that was made specially for them to rest, but the metal door couldn’t block out his voice. Hence, when the plane began its journey back home, they turned on the auto-pilot mode since they were utterly exhausted.

    The cries of the baby echoed in Nan Cheng’s head. She took care of this child every single day. The baby cried non-stop and refused to eat or even drink. Nan Cheng was both physically and mentally exhausted because of that.

    “Place him inside the protective cover and get some rest. The sound-proofing in the protective cover is slightly better, and it’s very safe inside. He wouldn’t be able to escape.” Lan Xiao’s heart ached as he looked at his lover whose skin had turned pale.

    “En.” Nan Cheng really couldn’t take it any longer.

    The protective cover had a slightly better effect on isolating the sound of his cries and its overall volume was reduced; everyone was finally able to heave a sigh of relief. Other than the driver, who had to keep himself awake to prevent any problems from arising on their way back, the others entered their world of slumber within just a few seconds.

    They were too tired these past few days. In addition, their main job was completed, and they were now more relaxed. Naturally, it was easier for them to sleep. It didn’t take long until everyone was asleep, including Lan Xiao.

    “Wa wa wa…” The baby’s cries went on, and those big round eyes of his were filled with grief.

    The remaining one-tenth of the eggshell was also placed on the experiment table inside another protective cover. The interior was isolated from the air and was preserved in a vacuum environment at a low temperature to make sure that its quality wouldn’t change. Once they returned to the ancient Spirit Beast research institute, they would use a much larger equipment to perform a more thorough testing and research about their specimen.

    Trying to meditate while the baby was crying proved to be quite a challenge since there was a danger of being possessed by the devil. So, Lan Xiao, Nan Cheng, and the rest of the team chose to sleep instead. They fell into a deep sleep and silence pervaded the aircraft—only those faintly discernible cries were still resonant.

    The pilot was flying the plane and the cruise system was working properly. Immediately after leaving the Extreme North, he immediately ascended to a 10,000-meter high-altitude stratosphere and cruised. At this speed, they should be able to return to the station airport in about seven to eight hours. Their expedition this time would then come to an end.

    The driver yawned. He had also been disturbed by the cries and was extremely lethargic. After making sure once again that the cruising and defensive systems were in place and without errors, he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

    The current Soul Guidance surveillance aircraft was very advanced. Even if the cruise system fails, an alarm would go off instantly. Furthermore, there shouldn’t be any problem usually.

    The air within the plane was noticeably gentler except for that baby who was still crying. The gold and silver decorative markings on the remaining one-tenth of the eggshell was faintly discernible. At this moment, what no one had noticed was that along with the baby’s cries, the frequency of the flickering glow on the remaining eggshell had changed slightly.

    Each time the cries were at its loudest, the silver pattern would become brighter, and when the cries were at its softest, the glow would be reduced.

    That eggshell gradually became transparent as it conformed with the baby’s cries, and on the surface of that transparent eggshell, a few cracks appeared. At first, they were very hard to distinguish, but as time moved on, they continued to grow.

    “Ding!” A sound rang and the eggshell cracked. It didn’t break into pieces, but instead turned into powder before eventually becoming a cloud of light.

    The gold and silver glow shone out of the shell’s case. It then proceeded to enter the protective cover that the baby was in, and when it entered the baby’s mouth and nose, the crying finally stopped.

    The entire aircraft had finally regained its peace. After the gold and silver cloud of light entered the baby, he finally fell asleep.

    After quite some time…

    “Weng, weng, weng!” The low cry of a chicken shook up the entire aircraft and everyone gradually awoke from their deep sleep.

    “Oh, this sleep was fantastic! Is this an indication that we’re about to descend? Are we gonna be there soon?” Nan Cheng opened her eyes in a daze and looked at the signal in front of the cabin.

    The pilot was already awake before the rest. He laughed as he said, “Yes, we will be arriving soon, we’re in the midst of a landing.”

    Nan Cheng suddenly felt like something was different and instinctively turned to the experiment table.

    That little baby was bundled up, his powdery and fair skin seemed to have a soft glow. He was so tiny and appeared to be lonely.

    Nan Cheng suddenly thought, Where are his daddy and mommy? They must miss him so much.

    “Eh!” She suddenly realized what was different. This little fella isn’t crying anymore?

    Nan Cheng quickly got up and went to the baby. His small chest was still moving, his little cheeks moving from time to time, showing a sweet smile on his face.

    Is he really sleeping? Nan Cheng heaved a sigh of relief in her heart.

    “Uh, we’re landing so soon?” Lan Xiao stretched his arms and stood up.

    “Lan Xiao, quick, come over. Look, he’s not crying anymore. He’s so adorable when he isn’t crying!” Nan Cheng smiled.

    “He’s not crying anymore? Oh yes, if he was, we wouldn’t have slept for such a long time, huh.” Lan Xiao smiled. He turned to look at his side while he was speaking, and then he was dumbstruck.

    “Eggshell? Where’s the eggshell?” He turned back and stared at Nan Cheng.

    “Ah?” Nan Cheng was stunned and looked in the same direction where the eggshell was placed. It was completely empty, and there wasn’t a trace of the eggshell at all. The eggshell had completely disappeared.

    “It wasn’t me, I didn’t do it!” Nan Cheng quickly explained.

    At this moment, the other members were awake as well, and when they realized that the eggshell was missing, they quickly went over.

    Lan Xiao waved at Nan Cheng. “Don’t panic, if you said you didn’t, then you really didn’t. The protective cover does keep a record of it being opened. We’ll take a look and see if it has been opened before.”

    Nan Cheng heaved a sigh of relief. That’s right! There would be records showing whether the protective cover was opened and the password that each of them had was unique. Wait, wrong, I’m happy with how Lan Xiao trusted me immediately without any doubt, but where’s the eggshell, huh?

    The surveillance camera in the aircraft would tell them the answer very soon.

    Everyone turned to look at one another before they turned their eyes on Lan Xiao. Lan Xiao laughed bitterly. “Don’t look at me, I don’t have a choice, either. This is a dead-end, and there’s no evidence or even a trace left that we could follow.”

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 7

    Lan Xuanyu

    Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

    Yes, the eggshell disappeared and it didn’t leave any trace behind. This meant that they couldn’t report their findings at this time unless they find something different about this baby. Otherwise, the Inspection Committee of the research institute would request for the evidence to prove their discovery.


    “No way! We cannot dissect the baby!” Nan Cheng exclaimed, turning to shield the protective cover.

    The life detector and all the other various equipment for testing life forms stored in here were already the best. The only way that they could dig deeper than they already have was through discectomy

    “What are you thinking?” Lan Xiao asked disapprovingly. “Even if we agree to it, it’s impossible. This is a fresh life, not a corpse. How could we dissect him?”

    When the others turned to Nan Cheng with strange looks, she realized that she just said the wrong thing. She quickly backpedaled and said, “Sorry! Sorry, everyone. That’s not what I meant at all! It’s just… I feel so much sympathy for this child.”

    Chen Wei smiled bitterly. “Boss, what should we do now?”

    They were all in a bad mood. They thought that they had accomplished something great but it turned out that their hard work was all for nothing.

    Lan Xiao shook his head and sighed. “Let’s forget about getting credit. We’ll just continue to work hard in the future. After we bring this child back, we’ll perform a more thorough test on him. If we still find nothing, then I guess we just have bad luck. As for him…”

    “I’ll adopt him,” Nan Cheng said without hesitation. She wasn’t sure why but when she laid eyes on this child, she felt an instant connection to him. She knew that she had to protect and take care of him no matter what.

    Lan Xiao laughed at her. “You’re having a child out of wedlock!”

    Nan Cheng blushed furiously, but her stance on the matter remains unchanged. She said stubbornly, “So what? Since he doesn’t have a mother, I’ll be his mom.”

    Lan Xiao looked at her with pity in his eyes. “I told you you’re silly – you just don’t want to admit it to yourself.”

    “And I told you you’re not allowed to call me silly,” Nan Cheng said with a glare.

    Lan Xiao stepped forward and place a hand over her shoulder, tugging her into a hug. “I was gonna say that since we found this child together, we’ll share the responsibility of caring for him. Yes, he needs a mother, but he also needs a father. We can get married and then later announce that we have a child. Having a child before marriage isn’t uncommon these days. It’s kinda like boarding the train before getting the tickets. Also, I believe that someday, this little guy born out of an egg will show us his special side.”

    Nan Cheng was stunned into silence. She knew she was supposed to be moved by his words, but for some reason, every time she sees the guy, she just wanted to punch him.


    The other people in the room busted out laughing. Lan Xiao has always had this certain charisma that could make the people around him trust him.

    Lan Xiao turned around and said to his team, “If someday, in the future, this child shows any special traits, I will share the rewards of this discovery with everyone.”

    Li Tingyin shrugged and replied, “One less reward is not a big deal. I just thought that since you guys are going to adopt him, shouldn’t he have a name?”


    Nan Cheng went blank, finally realizing that she was woefully unprepared to be someone’s mother.

    “Why don’t we call him Lan Cheng?” Lan Xiao said.

    Nan Cheng snapped back to her senses when she heard his suggestion. She turned to him with a frown and argued, “I was the one decided to adopt him first so why can’t we call him Nan Xiao, huh? The child doesn’t have to follow the father’s surname.”

    “Wait! Boss, Nan Cheng, don’t you find this a little messy? Your names are both two syllables and if you simply joined both your names together, your family of three would all have similar names. It would be so hard to differentiate,” Chen Wei reasoned.

    “Okay, how about I give him my surname and you give him his name?” Lan Xiao proposed.

    Nan Cheng’s red lips curled in distaste. “Why can’t it be the other way round?”

    Lan Xiao smiled indulgently. “Because the surname ‘Nan’ sounds nicer, don’t you think? Don’t you remember telling me that the surname ‘Nan’ sounds pretty good when we first met?”

    “We’re about to land, please return to your seats, everyone,” the pilot announced.

    Three days later at the Ancient Spirit Beast Research Center.

    “Everything is normal. Too normal. All the results are still the same. We added several data to analyze, including cell count, but they’re all normal. From his genes, he is a human being but there was some unclear component about it that makes it too complicated for our equipment to analyze clearly. However, this sort of condition has only one out of a thousand chances of happening on humans – it doesn’t mean anything,” Chen Wei reported the latest findings to Lan Xiao.

    “Looks like I’m going to be a father!” Lan Xiao put on a facade of a bitter smile.

    They’ve been back for three days and so far, the child hasn’t cried or made a fuss. Even through all the tests that they performed on him, he was quiet and smiling. This child definitely had an ineffable affinity with them seeing how quickly he became the darling of the entire research institute.

    However, to keep the Inspection Committee from making their way over, Lan Xiao announced that the child would be his and Nan Cheng’s son. They wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t be dragged into the fraud incidents that seemed to be trending right now. It was also a good thing that they have all these data in their possession as well as Lian Xiao’s influence in the research institute.

    After much discussion, they decided to name the child Lan Xuanyu. Nan Cheng believes that this would give him an imposing appearance.

    To give the child a legal federal status, Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng got married a month later. After the news of the wedding had spread, they then announced that they had a child before their marriage.

    They also made sure that Lan Xuanyu had his official birth certificate that stated Lan Xiao as his father and Nan Cheng as his mother.

    The only thing that Lan Xiao was looking forward to in this arrangement was the child turning six. Everyone at that age would have to go through the Spirit Awakening ceremony and Lan Xiao couldn’t wait to see what type of spirit the child would awaken.

    In a world like Soul Land and the planets that the Soul Federation occupied, other than those two Spirit Beast planets, every child at the age of six must awaken a spirit of their own.

    Spirits were also a characteristic of the people of Douluo and each of them has a spirit of their own. Awakening a spirit was a pivotal point in the lives of the Douluo people.

    It would definitely be interesting to see what spirit a child born out of an egg could awaken.

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    Author:Tang Jia San Shao

    Chapter 8

    Six years later

    Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

    Six years later, Heaven Dou Planet.

    Her silvery hair flows down her back like a waterfall, beautifully enveloped in its natural silver glow.

    “Nana, are you lost in thought again?” Yunyan asked as she opened the door.

    It has been three years since Yunyan arrived at the research institute, and her first assignment was to stay in this place and record the daily activities of this young girl in front of her.

    That girl’s name was Nana, and she had been in the research institute for a total of six years, or rather, six years have passed since she was awakened.

    According to the data, she was revived from cryogenic sleep, and could possibly the first person in the history of the federation to survive being frozen for at least over a millennium.

    This case was very high-profile and created a lot of buzz. Everyone wanted to study the girl until they realized that she forgot everything about her past. The only thing that she could remember was her name.

    She had never shown any special qualities or abilities during the three years that Yunyan was in charge of observing and recording her daily activities. From observation, they knew that she has a first-class superhuman strength, a subconscious defensive reaction to an attack, and considerable skills in ancient martial arts. Other than those three, there was nothing different about her. They couldn’t even tell if she was a spirit master since they couldn’t sense even a tinge of Spirit Power around her.

    Spirit Power is a type of energy that humans develop at the age of six during their Spirit Awakening and the people who have mastered how to harness its power were called Spirit Masters. It’s the essence of their modern science and technology. The Soul Federation calls theirs the Soul Guidance Technology.

    Without Spirit Power, fantastic physical qualities don’t matter. They were living in a world where interstellar migration could take place at any time. Ann individual’s fighting power would naturally be valued, yes, but the technology with its mechas and battleships further increased the gap between them.

    Nana turned around and smiled excitedly at Yunyan. “You’re here!”

    Although Yunyan always tried her best to mentally prepare for her meetings with Nana, the young girl’s smile never fails to dumbstruck her.

    Nana was just truly too beautiful. Hers was a beauty that other girls couldn’t help but be jealous of. Those big eyes of her were so clear and so pure that it seemed to reflect everything like a mirror. She hasn’t even aged a day from the moment she was awakened.

    If anything, the only fault to be observed was her incredibly tough skin. They have learned that no apparatus in their current time could draw her blood because even the toughest and sharpest tool they have couldn’t break through her skin. Their inability to test her blood was the major reason why she was still considered a mystery in the research institute to this day.

    “It’s your big day today!” Yunyan said as she walked over to Nana’s side, moving to pull her long silvery hair up to feel its silky texture. She shook her head and laughed at her antics. “I really shouldn’t be hanging out with you for too long, sweet girl. My sexual orientation is at risk every second that I’m with you.”

    Although still pretty naive, Nana wasn’t as ignorant as when she first woke up. During the past six years, she had learned many things about the modern times. If it wasn’t mentioned, no one would think that she has been cryogenically frozen for such a long time.

    “That’s impossible! I know that I like men,” Nana rebutted with a laugh. “What big day are you talking about?”

    Yunyan answered, “You’ve read the federal law before, right? Well, according to the federal law, a person with an unknown identity, who hasn’t been considered a threat after six years of observation and has someone to vouch for him or her, can be granted temporary federal status and go through a second cycle of observation which runs for another ten years. If everything remains normal after ten years, you’ll be granted permanent status. So, from today onwards, after you complete the procedures, you’ll officially become a temporary federal citizen.”

    “Temporary federal citizen, huh?” Nana echoed, emotionless. She wasn’t sure why, but for a split second, there seemed to be a shadow of a memory trying to break through.

    “Tang Le, given that you have done well over the past six years, Le Qingling will vouch for you so you can get your temporary citizenship. Temporary citizens are entitled to pretty much the same treatment as federal citizens except going to interstellar travels and purchasing Spirit Souls of black grade and above. You also need to remember to strictly abide by the law in the next ten years if you want to be granted your official citizenship.”


    The electronic stamp fell from the Spirit Guidance screen and a silvery-white card shot out and landed on Tang Le’s hand.

    Tang Le’s long blue hair was tied up in a simple ponytail, but despite that, looking away from his dashing appearance would still be quite a feat. The female staff member in charge of processing his temporary citizenship has already stared at his face for about 17 times.

    “Finally, finally! I can finally use you for your skills! You belong to me from now on!” Le Qingling said with a laugh as she danced happily around him.

    From the moment she brought this fella home six years ago, she knew that she had brought back some trouble.

    At that time, Tang Le didn’t have an identity and was without an inch of merit! Other than knowing that his surname was Tang, he didn’t remember anything else – not even the basic knowledge in life or common sense.

    Le Qingling suspected that because she was the first person he saw, he regarded her as his family so he just kept following her. It was like how baby animals clung to the first thing they see when they open their eyes. She reasoned that that was the reason she brought him home. She would never admit, not even to herself, that she brought him home just because he was handsome!

    She gave him the name ‘Tang Le’ since he really couldn’t give her anything else about his real one. And of course, bringing him home created a lot of stress and hassle for her. She had an exceptionally hard time trying to make her parents understand the situation. After much long-winded explanation and begging, her mother decided to let Tang Le stay. Le Qingling had a sneaking suspicion though that her mother’s decision was entirely based on how good looking Tang Le was. Her father’s still quite upset about it to this day.

    Le Qingling scoured the interstellar web for reports regarding Tang Le. She ended up reading almost all of the information related to male superstars but she wasn’t able to find even a hint of his existence, though he totally had superstar looks.

    Tang Le just kept following her around, acting like a bodyguard by her side. He would even go with her to school and learn her lessons too. That’s when she figured out that he has extraordinary learning abilities.

    Of course, Tang Le’s appearance attracted a lot of attention at her school to the extent that she had to buy him a mask so they could both move around in peace.

    Six years! Thinking about those good years that she spent on him, from the age of 19 until she was 25, she now considered herself as an aunt. Although humans now have a lifespan of about 200 years and being 25 years old only meant that she was just starting, the responsibility of taking care of Tang Le took over her life too much that she didn’t even have the chance to date.

    Luckily, things have finally turned great. He has now a temporary status and she could finally turn him into a superstar. She wanted this so badly that after she graduated from school and completed the Spirit Master evaluation, she had decided to take an optional two-year course on being a superstar manager.

    With the temporary citizenship, her plan of grooming a star could finally begin.

    She has been obsessed with wealth since she was little and looking at Tang Le, who had a fantastic build and extremely good looks, she knew that she’s finally going to achieve her dreams of being rich – he was practically a money tree!

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