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    Am dedicating this story to my two bff @Onahsunday631 nd @Gracy

    Words alone can not express how grateful I am to you two for always been there for me that’s why I decided to write a story for you two

    Onahsunday and Gracy were both madly in love with each other and has been dating for the past six years. The two would have been married by now but their parents have refused to give their blessings because of their cultural difference

    Gracy is a Yoruba girl while Onahsunday is an igbo guy

    Gracy was in her room one morning when her mum Jummybabe came into her room to discuss something important with her

    “Good morning mum” Gracy greeted when she saw her inside her room

    “Morning my daughter” said Jummybabe

    “Mum this one that you came to my room today hope all is well ?” Asked Gracy

    “All is not well my daughter” said Jummybabe

    Gracy already knew where her mum was heading to with that her statement but pretended not to have known

    “Mum why is all not well” asked Gracy

    “My dear you are not getting any younger and you are yet to bring any suitor home to us” said Jummybabe

    “Mum we both know that’s not true because I brought you the love of my life here but you, dad (Greg-billz) and my sister Cedar said I can’t marry him because he is not a Yoruba guy

    “And after him why didn’t you bring another suitor who is a Yoruba guy and see if we won’t accept him” asked Jummybabe

    “Mum am not going to bring another suitor home because Onahsunday is the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with” said Gracy

    “Then go and marry that so called love of your life without our blessings let me see” fired Jummybabe

    “Mum I even expected you to help me make dad see reasons and allow me to marry him but yours seem to be worst” said Gracy

    “I seem to be worst because I have my family tradition to protect” said Jummybabe

    “Mum how can I marrying an Igbo guy ruin your tradition?” Asked Gracy

    “My dear where in the history of our family have you seen us marrying a person who is not a Yoruba?” Asked Jummybabe

    “Oh mum! This is 21st century and everything changes. Mum seeker (the name she gave him) is the guy I love and I want to marry. You don’t expect me to marry a guy I don’t love just because I want to keep your tradition going” said Gracy

    “What you feel for that guy is not love but infatuation and the sooner you realize that the better for us all and for your information me and your dad have both decided that if by the end of this month, you fail to bring a Yoruba guy to us as a suitor then you cease to be our daughter

    “What!” exclaimed Gracy

    “You heard me right dear and you know me too well that I don’t bluff” Jummybabe said as she made to leave Gracy’s room

    Jummybabe got to the living room and met her husband Greg-billz still sitting down.

    “Honey I have talked to her and by the look of things and the kind of love she has for that Igbo guy, I think our daughter will be willing to stop being our daughter than ending that stupid relationship” said Jummybabe

    “Then in that case I think I will have to warn that guy to stay away from my daughter if he doesn’t want to face my wrath” said Greg-billz

    “And do you think that will make him stop seeing or loving our daughter?” Asked Jummybabe

    “Am not sure but its worth taking a try” said Greg-billz

    Greg-billz and his wife discussed for sometime before he left for work.

    Onahsunday was about entering his car when his mum(Sommyangel) came to stop him

    Onahsunday knowing why his mum had stopped him decided to speak before his mum do

    “Mum I have already told you countless times that I am not going to marry Adauche because I don’t lover her. The Lady I want to marry is Gracy and no one else” said Onahsunday

    “Son you know me and your dad (Frankkay) would have gladly given you two our blessings if she were to be an Igbo girl” said Sommyangel

    “Even if she is not our tribe that’s not enough reason for you two not to give your blessings” said Onahsunday

    Frankkay who has been listening to their conversation decided to speak up

    “Onah whether you accept it or not you must marry Adauche and that’s final” fired Frankkay

    “Dad am not a little boy that can’t make his own decision. When you wanted to marry mum, am sure grandpa didn’t make that decision for you” said Onahsunday.

    “Onahsunday my dad didn’t make that decision for me because I brought an Igbo Lady as a wife to him” said Frankkay

    “Well dad you can’t tell me whom to marry because you are not the person she is going to live with when we get married” fired Onahsunday

    “Did you just raised your voice at me because of a Yoruba lady?”asked Frankkay

    “Yes dad” replied Onahsunday

    “Okay son marry that girl and see if I won’t disown you” said Frankkay

    “You got to be kidding me right?” Asked Onahsunday

    “No am not” said Frankkay

    “Dad you can threaten me all you want but that won’t change my mind” said Onahsunday as he entered into his car and zoomed off angrily

    An hour later Onahsunday got to his shop and before he could sit down on his chair, Greg-billz barged into his pharmacy and he instantly became scared because Greg-billz is muscular in nature and he always feel intimidated around him.

    “Go…od mor…ning sir” onahsunday managed to say

    “What’s good about the morning when my daughter has refused to get married because of you?” Asked Greg-billz

    “Sir its not my fault that we two are in love with each other” Onahsunday said

    “Am going to punch your face if you mention that word love again” said Greg-billz and Onahsunday became scared and shut his mouth up because he knew he was no match for Greg-billz even though Greg is now getting old

    Greg-billz said all he wanted to say and all Onahsunday did was to nod his head

    Just as Greg-billz was about leaving the Pharmacy, Sonshine who was the only friend onahsunday has came to the shop

    Sonshine came and sat close to his friend and asked him what was going on and he told him everything without skipping a part

    After he was done with his narration, Sonshine told him that he has an idea that will make both families to give their blessings

    Seeker asked him what was the idea and Sonshine whisper it into his ear

    “wow! That’s a wonderful idea. How come i never thought about it” said Onahsunday

    “You can’t think about it because am a master planner” said Sonshine proudly

    “Thanks dude” said Said Seeker

    “You are welcome” said Sonshine

    Immediately Sonshine left, Onahsunday called Gracy and told her about the idea Sonshine gave him and she bought the idea

    Onahsunday being a pharmacist made everything easier since he already knew the drugs that they were going to take that won’t be that harmful to them

    The two lovebirds went home, wrote a suicide note which says that if their family members won’t allow them to marry their choice then they are going to kill themselves and get married in the land of the dead before taking the drugs

    Everything work as planned as their parents quickly rushed them to the hospital

    Both families made a promise to themselves to allow their children marry who they want to marry because they were not willing to loose their kids because of a stupid tradition that has been going on in their family

    Two days later the lovebirds were discharged from the hospital and their family gave them their blessings to get married

    **THE END**

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    Nice story

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    Etz d’bramo
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    so short…
    nice nd interesting

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    Nyc story..thumbs up :b

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    Haha funny story

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    what a wonderful story dedicated to us, thanks a lot sissy, I love you so much @victoriouschild

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    Love you most aunt @Gracy

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