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    Ifeoma Isabella okeke
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    Chapter 1

    Cold winds blew across the deserted streets, and dark clouds covered the moon as they brought their threat of rain, plunging the world into an inky blackness.

    Two tall, dark figures stopped in front of a -long-since closed down store.

    “Anyone follow you here?” the first one asked.

    “No one.” The seconds answered. Then he pulled a brown paper bag from his coat “Gimme the money.”

    “Just let me make sure you got the real thing.” the first man growled.

    Another figure, crouched in a dark corner watched as the man unrolled the bag and pulled out a small golden statue.

    “It appears to be it.”

    “Give me my money.” the other man demanded.

    “Tell you what.” both men froze as the person in the corner spoke “You both put your hands up and it’ll all be good.”

    The two men looked around.

    “Where are you?” the man with the statue barked.

    “Look up.” the person answered.

    The two men immediately looked up and the person flew from the hiding spot and grabbed one of the guns off of the first man’s belt.

    “It’s the FBI!” The man who had delivered the statue screamed.

    “Why does everyone always think I’m with the FBI?”

    “It’s a girl!”

    The agent blew her jet black bangs off from over her left eye “Duh.” she motioned to to her black skirt “I would say that’s pretty obvious.” then she leapt into action. Five minutes later, the two men were sitting on the ground tied back to back.

    “Thank you for this beautiful statue.” She said as she picked up the paper bag “I will ensure it makes it to museum… again.”

    “No! I stole that fair and square!” The first man shouted.

    The girl stopped and looked back at him “Uh-huh. Well. All’s fair in love and war.”

    “What is that supposed to mean.”

    “I have no idea.” She pushed a button on her wrist watch “I got ’em. Come pick them up.”

    “Good work, Jade. We’ll be there in two minutes.” the answer came.

    Exactly two minutes later, a helicopter landed and the burglars were loaded.

    Jade watched as the helicopter went back up into the air.

    She pushed the mask that covered the bottom part of her face down and turned to get her skateboard when someone called her name from above her head.

    “Hey Jade! Grab on!” A long rope ladder fell from the chopper.

    Jade smiled, then ran and jumped onto the ladder.

    The helicopter ascended into the air, then started heading back for headquarters.

    Jade smiled as she watched the city pass. The wind whipped around her face as she hung onto the ladder. This was her life. And She loved it.

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    Oba Ayanfe Jesu
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    Hmmnnn….. Intresting continue

    Link to Available Episodes

    Scrol down for Episode 2

    Episode 3&4

    Episode 5-7

    Final Episode

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    ‘am waitinG

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    loving dis tori torun abegi @ifeoma continue jare

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    Ifeoma Isabella okeke
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    Chapter 2

    When the chopper arrived at the agency headquarters, Jade jumped off of the ladder to the roof so they could land without having to worry about her. Not that they would, but it was a nice thought.

    “Another successful mission accomplished.” The director, Mr. Fredrick Ian Cognito, said

    “Thank you, Sir.” Jade said.

    “We trained you well.” Mr. Cognito said as he followed Jade inside “All these years of training, raising and…”

    “Watching me grow.” Jade took over “It’s such a relief to know that all that hard work has paid off to create a successful agent. Blah blah blah.” she rolled her eyes “I think I hear that speech enough, Sir. I know you trained me well, you don’t need to remind me.”

    “Fine.” The director crossed his arms “Good night, Jade. We will talk more in the morning.”

    Jade walked into her room then looked back at the man and smiled “Don’t go Incognito on me now.”

    He rolled his eyes “Stop that.” then he turned around and stomped off.

    Jade laughed then closed her door.

    Fredrick Cognito was in his early sixties, kind of heavy set and had an affection span the size of a flea.

    Jade pulled her curly black hair out of it’s tight bun and let it fall over her shoulders. Her hair went six inches past her shoulder blades, and her eyes were lavender.

    When she was just a few days old, she had been left on the streets of London. One of the Agents had found her and taken her back. The entire agency, excluding Cognito, had rather liked the thought of having a child around. At the age of three, she had began to show promise as an Agent, so they began training her. Her first mission was completed at the age of five. That was fifteen years ago. Now, she was one of the best, and youngest, agents on the force. And the only one who actually lived at the base.

    She quickly changed out of her black outfit into something a bit more comfortable, then crawled into bed.

    Knowing Cognito, he’d have another mission for her in the morning. He seemed to like handing her one mission after the other. Most agents couldn’t handle it. But she didn’t mind. She was an Agent… and only an agent.

    “I have a new assignment for you.” Cognito announced the next morning.

    “I assumed as much.” Jade responded, grabbing a muffin from a breakfast tray that someone was carrying to the lunch room.

    “You shouldn’t assume.” Cognito said, sending the girl a pointed glance. Then he continued walking down an aisle between multiple small cubicle offices.

    Jade shrugged “I’ve completed nearly two thousand missions in the past fifteen years. I think I know when another one is coming.” she smiled slightly “The evidence is overwhelming.”

    “Well, this one is going to be the biggest case you’ve ever been put in charge of. Several other agencies already have multiple agents on the job.”

    “Okay.” Jade tossed her muffin wrapper over one of the cubicle walls where it landed in a small trash can “If there’s already multiple agents, why put in another one?”

    “Because! We can’t trust everyone to get the job done!” The Director huffed “And besides, we must stay at the top!”

    Jade shook her head. Everything was a competition. Get there before anyone else does. Bring all the fame and money to the S.S.H.T.O (Secret Services of Highly Trained Officials). Jade always thought it’d be nice to work with the others and not charge to help. But, who was she to say what was what?

    “What’s the mission and who’s the subject?”

    Cognito walked into his office and pulled a folder from his file cabinet then tossed it open on his desk “Prince Henry James Howard Ju…”

    “Yeah.” Jade interrupted “How about we move on with the briefing before he’s killed because we spent all weekend saying his name?” she laughed slightly at the annoyed look her boss sent her.

    “In one week from tomorrow, Prince Henry is going to be crowned king. But, it appears that someone… several someones is out to get him. He’s the only heir there is to the throne. If something happens to him, then the kingdom is without and will have to find someone else.”

    Jade nodded slowly “So then whoever managed to get rid of him would have a chance.”


    “Makes sense.” Jade sat down in the chair opposite of the director “What makes the kingdom so important?”

    “It’s one of the wealthiest kingdoms in the world.” Cognito leaned forward on his desk “Anyone who even managed to take a small profit from it’s treasury would be very rich.”

    “Okay.” Jade leaned back in her seat “This sounds like a job for security. Why are you talking to me?”

    “Because, Jade.” The man answered slowly “You can speak over thirty different languages, are highly trained in Karate, taekwondo, Judo, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, and kickboxing… and perform all of them in high heels.”

    One of Jade’s eyebrows quirked “And… what does that have to do with anything?”

    “Jade, you’re going undercover.”

    “As what? A Kung Fu fighting Kangaroo in high heels?”

    “No. As a girl.”

    “But I am a girl!”

    Cognito shook his head “In the next week, there is going to be three balls thrown for the Prince. You will go as a guest and keep an eye on him. If anyone, even a girl, tries to lead him off, you call us immediately. We have no idea who’s working for the enemy. It could be anyone.”

    Jade nodded “So I’m going undercover as a pampered pretty to a prince’s pageant?”

    “Figuratively speaking, yes.” Cognito stood from his seat “But here’s the part that’s going to be hard. You can not blow your cover that you’re an agent.”


    “So, if trouble does come up, you beep us and let us handle it. We’ll always be nearby.”

    Jade looked at the director confused “So what did me being able to fight in high heels have to do with anything?”

    “It’s as an extra precaution. Just in case.” he looked sternly down at the girl “Unless it’s an absolute emergency you are in no way to act as an agent. You are a damsel in distress.”

    “Got it.” Jade answered slowly “When’s the first ball?”

    “The day after tomorrow.”

    She laughed slightly as she stood “Sir, in all your preparing, you over looked one detail.”

    Cognito sat down and looked up at her “What is that?”

    Jade placed her hands on the desk and looked the man square in the face “I can’t dance.”

    To Be Continued……

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    Wordsmith Publication
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    nice story came early seated with my kunu nd zobo

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    @DTLCrepublic am not begging o. Bt should i bring my cup

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