Unforgettable mistake

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    Unforgettable mistake enjoy as you read.. Episode 1. Mrs bakare tap her sleeping husband as she feel pains in her heavy tommy. Mrs bakare: honey please wake up I’m not getting myself(her husband stood up). Mr bakare: hope is not that you due for labour( his wife nod as they quickly rush to the hospital). AT THE OLAOLUWA. Mrs olaoluwa: darling come and see water all over my body( her husband stoop up some minute later they have headed to the hospital) some minutes later the doctor came out and walk up to mr bakare. Doctor: congratulation ur wife has given birth to a baby girl. Mr bakare: what oh my God( he knelt down fenk the Lord before extending his hand to the doctor for a handshake. He left later to go and meet his wife and baby,after he left the doctor approach the anxious mr olaoluwa). Doctor: congratulation ur wife has given birth to a baby boy(mr olaoluwa sprung on his feet and feeling happy he went to see his wife and baby after thanking the doctor). That was how both men meet mr olaoluwa name his son tobi while mr bakare name his daughter tomi..tomi and tobi have become a good friend ever since they were crawling. They enter the same school and walk around all the time people from their neighbourhood has started calling them husband and wife even their fellow student and teacher admire their friendship. There was a meeting that hold at mr bakare’s office which summon him to go and represent their company at the america,tomi felt so sad when she heard about their relocation while tobi felt more sad when he heard about it. Before the bakare’s left tobi and tomi met, the day was day of weeping as they both wept and promise not to forget eachother no matter what they later parted after sharing their first kiss. Its was when the bakare’s left that tobi got to know how boredom he would be both boys and girls in his school try to become his friend but he snub them off. When he was through with his primary education he got enrol into a boarding school not far to there house that’s was how his secondary life begin. In a large room was lot of people waiting for interview in the midst of the people were femi who was sitting arnd a corner and tade who was sitting at his opposite,they would steal glance at eachother and would remove their eyes when femi couldn’t take it anymore he stood up and went to meet tade. Femi: hi angel please can I sit with you. Tade: yeap. Femi: thanks. My name is femi I’m here for the interview and you? Tade: I’m tade m also here for the interview. Femi: that’s good I don’t want to waste much of your time can you please give ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥ your number (tade face lit up with joy has she call out her number for femi). Tade was in her room expecting femi’s call she has been glancing through her phone since but the call did not came in she decided to sleep when she’s tired of waiting meanwhile femi has forgotten he collected some1’s number he was checking his phone contact when he saw tade’s number he quickly put a call through but was disappointed when tade did not pick up after several attempt. Tade was surprise to see 10 missed calls on her phone she dialled the number back but femi dropped it before its rang twice..story to be continued……..



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    Nyc start,plss continue

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    Hmmm… So many character here! I will get to understand as the story moves on… Nice one.. Next please

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    Hmm nice

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    Tade wake up the next morning and saw about 10 missed call on her phone she doesn’t know the number so she call back. ( Femi sprang on his feet immediately he saw Tade’s call and drop it ). Tade was like who is this stupid person althogh she’s an introvert and as well aggressive person. She gots annoyed easily. Femi called back and she pick the call.
    Tade: Yes who is this? ( Fuming in anger ).
    Femi: My beautiful angel, good morning.
    Tade: I said who are you? And stop giving me crap.
    Femi: ( Femi was surprised by her outburst ). He was lost in thought before Tade spoke.
    Tade: Hey are you there?
    Femi: I’m sorry please this is Femi the guy you met some days ago. ( Tade was surprise ).
    Tade: O! Sorry. So what can I do for you? ( She was trying to prove hard ).
    Femi: Pls I will like to have some words with you probably today.
    Tade: Is that a date or something?
    Femi: Anyhow you call it dear. I just want to see your beautiful and charming face. ( Tade was already blushing ).
    Tade: Ok don’t worry I will forward the address and time to your phone.
    Femi: Thanks so much I’ll get back to you soon and have a nice day.
    Tade was very happy when she drop the call, Femi on the other hand was also happy like someone that just won a jackpot.
    Tade was still smiling when her room mate walks in
    Kemi: Hey miss, why are you smiling? I thought I heard you shouting on phone the other time.
    Tade: You can’t understand. My crush just call me ( Kemi heave a sign of relief ).
    Kemi: I thought as much. So why are you shouting before?
    Tade: ( Talking in a sober tone ). I doesn’t know he was the one calling me. I almost hang the call. She was so sad but Kemi walk up to her. Kemi: What is the matter with you? Why are you sad?
    Tade: I don’t know how to control my anger anymore! It almost cost me the day I went for an interview.
    Kemi: ( Now feeling sorry for her friend ). Eyah am sorry. I have told you many times without number to always control your anger. Always take issues with easy hand and stop being hard all time. ( By the time Kemi finish talking to her, she started crying profusely ). The advise her friend gave her makes her remember her ex-boyfriend.
    Tade was in her boyfriend sitting room when her phone rang, she picked it
    Tade: Pls who is this?
    Caller: No need to ask! I got a vital information for you. Please leave whatever you’re doing and come to this address. Tade was dumb founded because she don’t know what to do as she just wear her cloth and ran to the address given to her. On getting there , she saw her husband to be with a girl and out of annoyance, she took a bottle on the floor and splash it on the girl’s head. Before they know it, blood has started rushing out of her head they rushed her to the nearest hospital and it was then Tade got to know that she was her husband junior sister.
    After several treatments, her husband family ordered him not to date her again talkless of getting married to her. Tade plead a lot and even ask people to beg on her behalf but nothing change as he has already made up his mind. That was how she lost him due to anger. Story to be continued………….

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    Continue plsss

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    Tade Episode 3
    Kemi try to stop Tade from crying and make sure
    she feel much relaxed before she went to her
    room. After about twenty minutes, Femi call her
    Femi: Hello my sweet angel.
    Tade: Hi.
    Femi: Am calling to remind you about our outing.
    Tade: Yeah I remember.
    Femi: Ok dear. Am still expecting the adress and
    meeting time.
    Tade: Sure I’ll send it now.
    Femi: Ok dear.
    Femi drop the call and Tade send the address
    immediately with 4pm schedule for their meeting.
    After she was through with that, a message came
    into her phone showing the company’s name
    where she met Femi telling her they have
    appointed her as one of there staff. She was so
    happy as the day was friday, she was to resume to
    office on monday which she was looking forward
    to,plus her date with Femi.
    Femi was also appionted as one of there staff which
    he was happy about too.
    Around 4pm, both lovers finally met and discuss a
    lot,during there conversation Femi declare his love
    for Tade but she was reluctant to give instant reply
    she only tell him dat she wud think about it. They as
    well broke the news of their appointment into same
    company. They later left there and Femi drove Tade
    back to her house. On getting home, she was
    teased by her friend who was looking at how Femi
    opened the car door for her. They were interrupted
    by femi’s call ( Tade picks up her phone ;
    Femi: My dear.
    Tade: Have you got home?
    Femi: Yes dear that why am calling you please go
    and sleep because I want to sleep now.
    Tade: Sure. Sleep tight and dream about me.
    Femi: Sure love. ( They bade themselves good bye ).
    Tade: Babe am going to bed.
    Kemi: I know. Sha take care.
    Tade and Femi keeps looking forward to their next date
    and Tade has decided to give him a chance by
    saying yes anytime they meet in the office.
    Monday at the office
    Femi and Tade were to walk together in a office
    which was a huge opportunity for them.
    After two weeks of work and wooing, Tade finally
    decided to give Femi the answer he’s willing to hear.
    After work on Monday,Tade called Femi to meet her
    at the same meeting point. Story to be continued………….

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    Lwkmd….. So she broke her sister-inlaw to-be’s head out of anger and jealous…. I’m also looking forward to reading the next episode here(Mzinumidun)!

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