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    ?Unleashed Desires? (Episode 1)
    -(Tempted souls)
    Praises Chidera Obiora.

    I was only Ten years old. Yes, I was still Ten. I could still remember how Mrs. Amaka’s hands ran through my body, sending shivers down my spine. Her soft touch on my skin summoned goose bombs. I was old enough to have an erection at that age. Even though it was not as hard as a matured man’s manhood. I was just an innocent young boy.

    Madam Amaka as my parents called her, was our neighbour. She lived just three doors away from us. She was a christian and a God fearing woman. She had just lost her husband Tunde and was still mourning him.

    Before her husband died, I was a constant visitor in her house. Madam Amaka practically watched me grow. She carried me in her arms when I was a baby. Many mistook her for my mother. My mother insisted that I called her mummy too.

    Just like my mother, she had shown me love in bountiful measures. On two occasions, She had paid my complete school fees.

    Whenever she was home, and I returned back from school after being chased for school fees, Madam Amaka sent me back with half the fees to pay, and she never even demanded for the fees back. She had won my parents love and trust with her kind gestures and Christian way of life.

    Most times, my parents let me sleep in her house when ever I chose to. She was just like family to us.

    Her prayer life was full of fire. She was devoted. She never missed church service. Madam Amaka would wake up at night and pray until 4am every day. She would cast and bind. She prayed like one who was in a physical combat with demons.

    The walls shook in terror from the vigorous shouting and banging on the doors. When she prayed, we felt like the walls of Jericho was going to fall down flat a second time. Sometimes, she cried out in tears while praying.

    My mother was one big fan of Madam Amaka’s prayer life. Madam Amaka was so much admired by her. My father on his own part, had issues with Madam Amaka ways of praying. He called it noise making.

    One night, during one of Madam Amaka’s prayer sessions, she blew up in a wild cry, praising and worshiping as usual.

    My father who was in the parlour watching the NTA network news, heaved a loud sigh.

    “Somebody cannot pray in silence again? Must you shout? Na wa o” My father mumbled.

    He reached out for the television remote to increase the volume of the TV set, when my mother, who was already coming out of the kitchen overheard him.

    “You know Madam Amaka loves to pray. Besides, Madam Amaka has been going through a lot lately. Her husband has not been feeling fine. You know he is seriously sick. She really needs Gods intervention.”

    “I am not stopping her from praying for her husband or family member. But you should not shout for others to know you are praying na.” My father said, fumbling with the remotes in his hands.

    “But she is a woman. You know we have emotions.” Mama threw in support as she approached to sit beside papa.

    “It is true that a woman should pray. The bible says she should pray for her home, pray for her husband and children. Not to make noise up and down the house like a generator. Just listen to her. Listen to how the whole house is shaking. She hits the walls like she is fighting with Satan himself.
    Do you know that woman can actually be in trouble one day. She will be shouting and crying for help and we would sit down here thinking she is praying. This is how people die o.” Papa said, heaving another loud sigh.

    Mama laughed. I sat at the opposite chair close to the TV set and flashed a smile too. I loved listening to papa talk. He was so funny. He knew how to make a Joke out of things. It was one of his talent. Sometimes I wished he was a stand up comedian.

    “Do you know I planned praying this night? And I want to pray like her.” Mama blurted.

    “Eh eh..” Papa quickly interrupted waving his hands at mama’s face. “If you try this kind of prayer in my house and wake me up from sleep, I won’t only pour you cold water, but I will make sure that there is pepper inside when am doing it.” Papa said Speaking with all seriousness. “Her husband is trying o. If her husband takes that, Me I wont.” He said, turning back to the television.

    Mama suddenly became silent. She did not say a word again. No doubt, she had wanted praying that night. And probably raising her voice just the way Madam Amaka did. But good thing, she had jokingly told papa, and had seen his reaction even before she attempted it.

    Days later, we received the sad news of the death of Madam Amaka’s husband. He had slept the previous night and didn’t wake up anymore.

    Madam Amaka’s husband was quite young. He was still full of life. His death had come as a shock to us. My father couldn’t believe his eyes. Yes he was sick, but that sickness was not enough to claim a man’s life that quickly.

    Doctors said he had suffered from a heart attack. A heart attack during the night was what Papa couldn’t comprehend.

    “Why will a young vibrant man suffer from a heart failure. It was not even the sickness that killed him. What could have caused it.” My father asked.

    “Probably he was having a bad dream, and his heart kept beating fast and it struck him.” Mama tried to explain.

    “Or may be they were both …” Papa stopped to gesticulate with his hands in a funny manner. “And he died.” He added.

    “Ah ah… Papa Wale. They were doing what? Haba. Don’t say that. Now.”

    “It is true na. We both know that woman is too hot for Tunde. You yourself know. If not that she is a prayer warrior and a devoted christian, I would have mistaken her for a runs woman who does not keep to one man. Any way, something must kill a man. I just pity the poor woman.” Papa said.

    Mama shrugged papa’s shoulders. And gave him a child’s look, with her mouth pushed forward like a baby, who refuses Eba, and instead craves for biscuits.

    Tunde’s death had brought Madam Amaka down. She would lock herself up in the house every single day and would refuse to come out. It had weakened her prayer life too. We no longer heard her pray and cry, or even worship the way she had usually done when he was alive.

    The last time she prayed or worshiped, was when her church members paid her a condolence visit, two days after her husbands death.

    No doubt, her husbands death was a big set back for her. She had loved him so much. I felt pity for her; so much pity. My mother also felt pity for Madam Amaka. She tried her possible best to keep Madam Amaka company with discussions and gist when ever she was back home and free.

    Sometimes, mama will send me to Madam Amaka’s house to spend some time with her. She didn’t want Madam Amaka to be alone during this trying period she was going through.

    One day, I was helping mama pound the pepper and crayfish in the kitchen. She was preparing vegetable soup and pounded yam for dinner. Mama was chopping the Ugu leaves with her blue sharp knife, when she suddenly stopped.

    “Wale have you seen Mummy Amaka today? She haven’t stepped her legs outside.”

    “No ma. I haven’t.” I replied.

    “O poor woman. Always alone inside. Wale go and stay with her. Just keep her company in the house. Make sure you disturb her so that she does not think much.”

    I was happy. That was a relief for me. Leaving Mama in the kitchen and all her cooking, and going to Stay with Madam Amaka, was like telling a child to leave school and hang out in an ice cream shop.

    I jumped up happily and washed my hands. I felt so much joy as I ran over to Madam Amaka’s house. This was going to be a day of adventure for me. I thought to myself.

    To be continued….

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    ?UNLEASHED DESIRES ?(Episode 2)
    -(Tempted souls)
    Praises Chidera Obiora
    Madam Amaka lived in a big house. It was well furnished. The interior of the house was completely tiled. Her kitchen was a paradise on its own.

    I had never been to her masters bedroom. But I could tell that it was heaven on earth. Madam Amaka was a woman of class. She didn’t use the normal white toilets most people used. Her toilet was painted gold. It had a flowery smell every time one walks in. She was someone who loved to be different and acquire flashy things.

    She had a flat screen television which was ten times the size of our dinning table. It was located in the sitting room. It was very flat; the flattest I have ever seen. It was the latest model of flat screen televisions that was yet to hit Nigeria.

    Madam Amaka had once told mama that she bought it at the rate of eight hundred thousand naira. She claimed it was purchased directly from the Dubai company which produced Plasma TVs.

    I still remember how our flat screen TV suddenly turned small in the eyes of Mama and I. After spending hours in Madam Amaka’s house, watching her Huge HD plasma Television, we returned home and our TV set looked like a toy in our own eyes.

    “Honey don’t you think you should get us another bigger TV?” Mama asked, after one of our visit to Madam Amaka’s house one evening.

    “What happened to this one we have? Has it spoilt?” My father asked.

    “No. It is just that I love Madam Amaka’s TV. It is big and bold. The pictures are clearer. When watching that TV, it feels like one is inside the Plasma Television. Can you believe she and her husband contributed money and bought that TV for half a million naira?”

    “So what are you saying in essence now?” Papa asked.

    “It is not like I do not like the TV we have o. It is not like I am not contented with what we have. Just that I feel we should contribute money and buy something bigger. We can get Cotonou TV; a bigger size for an even lesser amount.” Mama suggested.

    Papa turned in her direction. He looked at her piercingly in the eyes and turned back to face the TV set.

    Mama noticed his weird looks at her. She walked up to him and held him by the hands.

    “Ah ah. Papa Wale. It was just an advise na. You know I want our house to look good. Look at how that family is working together to get a TV set. We should work together as well.”

    “No you do not want our house to look beautiful.” Papa fired at her. “What you want is for your house to look like another woman’s own. What kind of a woman are you? We just bought this TV set months back. It is not even up to a year and you are asking us to buy a bigger one, just because another family bought theirs which was bigger than ours.” Papa spoke furiously.

    He stood up and walked out of the sitting room feeling exasperated. He tossed the remote control on mama laps and hissed.

    Days later, her husband Tunde revealed to papa that the plasma TV was sent as a gift to them by Madam Amaka’s blood sister who lived in America. He also told papa that his wife’s daughter was living with her in America aswell.

    It was at that time I became aware that Madam Amaka had a daughter who lived in America. Madam Amaka never had a child with Tunde, but she had a daughter during her youth age. This was some years before she got married to Tunde.

    When Mama found out about the secrete behind the Plasma television, she buried her head in Mortification. She had learnt a valuable. She had learnt never to force herself to have what others had.

    I got to Madam Amaka’s house and knocked on the door. I stood there starring at her yellow flowers and red roses which she planted in front of her house.

    The door soon Jabbed open, and there she stood; Madam Amaka, clad in a wrapper that was tied to her breast. Her body was drenched with water and her head was covered in a shower cap. She grinned at me and drew sideways so I could walk in.

    “Wale how is mummy?” She asked.

    “Mummy is fine.” I replied walking into the sitting room. She shut the door behind me, and the sound reverberate in the sitting room.

    I turned towards the huge plasma TV, and walked towards it. My eye was glued to the Plasma TV. Tom and Jerry, which was one of my favourite cartoons, was being aired on the cartoon network.

    “I just finished taking my bath.” She echoed.

    I grinned, and walked to the cushion to sit down.

    “Your daddy nko?”

    “He has gone to work.” I replied.

    “Eya. So it is just you and mummy that is at home?” She asked.

    “Yes mummy. It is just mummy and I that is at home.”

    “What is she doing?”

    “Mummy is cooking vegetable soup.”

    “Ah ah. Why are you not helping her?” She stopped to stare at me.

    “Mummy said I should come and stay with you.” I mumbled

    “Your mummy eh.” She said, heaving a sigh.

    For the first time in my life, I was secretly stealing glances, at Madam Amaka as she applied her cream on her legs and arms. She was fair in complexion. I admired the colour of her legs and fresh looks of her laps.

    She was quite busty and commanded attention when she walked. Mama secretly wished she had her kind of buttocks and breast. But mama never liked being fair. She loved her black skin, and loved to maintain it.

    Madam Amaka soon caught me in the act while I was starring at her. My heart skipped. I turned back to face the TV set immediately. She chuckled.

    “Are you shy?” She asked.

    “I shook my head, with my eyes still glued to the Plasma TV. I was refusing to look at her again.”

    “Okay you are scared?” She asked inquisitively.

    At that moment, I didn’t know what else to say. I didn’t know what I even felt. I didn’t know if I was shy or scared of her.

    Truth was that, I had only seen my mothers breast and laps while growing up. It has been over four years since I saw it naked and bare with my two eyes. I had never seen another woman’s body in my entire life.

    “Wale, please come and oil my back.” She Beckoned on me.

    I turned in surprise. Had mother told her that I was good in Oiling women’s back? The only woman’s back I ever oiled was Mama’s own.

    Madam Amaka’s wrapper was barely hung on her breast by the time I turned.

    “Come over here biko before the water on my body dries.” She beckoned again.

    To be continued….

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    Already seated.


    Episode 3-5

    Episode 6

    Episode 7-9

    Episode 10-11

    Episode 12-13

    Episode 14-15

    Episode 16

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    Sex toy on d way

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    King D
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    Why destroy the life of this small boy

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    hmmmmmmmm,,, ur mother hasn’t learnt,, she will soon learn

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Hmmmmm dis is very pathetic…

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