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    Starting soon on

    THE S.T.A.R (power of the earth element).
    2000 years Ago the supreme one sent a
    prophet to prophesy to the earth that a time
    shall come when hell will be let loose,and
    amagedon shall befall the earth and the
    inhabitant of the earth including the planet
    shall seized to exist.krypton a planet whose
    sole responsibility was to protect other
    planets against forces decided to create
    supernatural beings using the earth four
    element in other to protect the earth when
    the amagedon shall be unleashed.unknown
    to them,they were fulfilling the prophecy by
    creating the elemental crystals.They
    succeeded in creating the elemental crystal
    after a decade of hard work and research
    and they rested,waiting kingly for and
    eclipse to occur so that the crystal can
    hatch.everything was going normal until
    Divian the younger brother of the kripton
    lord and the head of the kriptonite mobs
    was possessed by lucifer an enemy of the
    supreme one who seek to destroy the light
    power from the elemental crystals in other
    to fill them with pure darkness and bind
    them to his command.divian was able to
    bind the kryptonite mob with the spell of
    “Attar” a powerful spell that can make
    someone to loose his memory forever and
    he used the mob to cause a great war in
    krypton,a war that lasted for 2 decade
    fighting with power,body and soul until his
    army conquer krypton and Dimian the Lord
    of the kryptonite and his family together
    with other kryptonians who survive the war
    were arrested and were sentenced to Divian
    prison or everlasting.unfortunately,the
    elemental crystal were discovered missing
    and were never seen and no one was able
    to give a clue of what happen to them.
    ¤many years later,an eclipse of the moon
    occurred on the earth and the 4 elemental
    crystal landed on the 4 corner of the
    earth.the fourth crystal landed in an
    eruption,the 3rd landed in a jungle,the 2nd
    landed inside the river Niger and the 1st
    crystal was seen hanging on the air were it
    was picked by a barren woman and her
    husband.the couple were warned by
    Bromian the guardians of the S.T.A.R
    element to update the 1st element of his
    supernatural origin when he come of age so
    that he can summon the other 3 element,but
    the couples choose to hide the truth from
    the boy for years until a mysterious
    circumstances forced them to tell him the
    This story will start as soon as the nemesis
    of Ezra end.

    starts 16th September



    …Omo wobey

    The story is about a young man who strived to
    make it real hard in Nigeria but the only mistake he made was carrying guns to shoot his way out of poverty

    “Oga Titus is another hilarious mind blowing
    story from the stable of Israel. This is the
    story of a young man who wants to eject
    poverty away from his life, with the help of his
    best friend they set about trying to extort
    money from a Chief. Will they succeed or
    not,find out by following up this story

    Natalie(Stranger’s daughter)

    Secret Scandal

    A story written by a team of writers from among whom are;

    Ayis Eliboy
    P. B. N.

    Theme- A story about a couple who married on a good platform of love but the marriage came shattering when they both found out little secrets about each other… Will they overcome it?
    Its a question the writers are willing to unveil as it proceed

    WATCH OUT!!!

    The mystery of Life is inevitable, but precautions however should be made to gain Favour from our creator… How on earth can a poor child be dumped hours after his birth?
    Seems old fashioned, but its something we have to deviate from…
    A touching and lesson filled story, centred with genuine love, is brought to us by two fast growing writers on coolval AYIS ELIBOY and DEE BABS ALABI, they titled this “IRAWO” always stay online to get more mind blowing stories…

    Betrayal season 5 :
    In season 4 Cyndii got married to Mike much to everyones dismay but what happens after??. Hmmmm i guess you have to read for yourself.

    She Died in my Room part2:
    The thrilling campus movie formely known as Nmeka the troublesome spirit is the sad story of a girl who died in her boyfriend’s room. The part 1 ended in an unbelievable manner and the part 2 comes with much more shock and suspense.

    Coming soon from DTLC series

    1. Captain jackson season2 {revenge of the marines}

    2. Face2face

    3. My commander {reloaded}

    only on|africa

    All these and more only on our super Forum


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    jimmy ace
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    I loose where to find broken

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    pls when are you starting betrayal season 5

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    Kofi Ntiamoah Darfour
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    Can’t wait for Mr lecturer n Comfort story.

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    I wnt more story

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    Betrayal season 5. i guess ets damnly hot


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    Glory joe
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    she died in my room reason 2, wen is starting?

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    Pls b fast about dis stories abeg

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