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    Utobo, as she was called, was the prettiest girl in her village.

    Some said she came from the river, while others said that she is the protégé of the river goddess, or her reincarnation, even.

    Perhaps this rumor was fueled by the fact that at odd hours of the day, she was often seen on the bridge that overlooks the village river.

    Or by the fact that seven of her mother’s children died at infancy, and it was believed that she lived after her mother made a pact with the river goddess.

    Whenever one could not find her at home with her ‘earth’ parents, they were sure to find her on the bridge.

    Though Utobo was remarkably known for her unearthly beauty, she was known more for another thing – madness!

    This was what birthed her named, Utobo, for her real name is Anurika.

    People said she was mad, others said she was psycho, but the truth is that she is a tad bit sick in the head.

    In their village little community school, Utobo was often bullied for her – let’s not call it madness again because she is little bit sensitive.

    The school girls bullied her for though sick in the head, her beauty outshadowed theirs.

    They played cruel pranks on her.

    The schoolboys being boys bullied her because that is what boys do.

    And they teachers? They just turned a blind eye and didn’t bother to scold the kids.

    Utobo was a friend to nobody, especially Ego.

    Now, Ego was the second prettiest girl in their little village. She for one, didn’t particularly like or dislike Utobo, she just didn’t get along with Utobo because Utobo made her feel insecure about herself.

    One Sunday morning, Ego was walking to church.

    And to get to their church, one had to cross the small bridge.

    When she reached the bridge, she was surprised to see Utobo there, dressed in her best Sunday fittings.

    What surprised her the most was that instead of walking to church, Utobo stood on the bridge’s platform that people rested their elbows on, jumping up and down as she skipped a rope.

    Ego was puzzled.

    She couldn’t understand why the other girl was skipping that early morning, instead of heading to church.

    “Why is she skipping on the platform?” Ego thought to herself. “Well, she’s insane. Maybe, that’s what her madness lead her to do this morning.”

    As Ego got closer, she heard the girl muttering to herself as she skipped, “Four, four, four, four, four…”

    Realizing that she was already late for service, Ego passed and hurried off to church, leaving Utobo to her mysterious game.

    During the sermon, Ego forgot about Utobo. She instead, concentrated on the priest’s message.

    An hour after the priest said the closing prayers, Ego was still in the church. She stayed behind to say her glory be.

    After she was done, she found out that everyone has gone home, so she headed home herself.

    Ego walked home and, on the way, she came across Utobo again.

    The other girl was still where she had been that morning.

    She was still perched up on the raised platform of the bridge, skipping her rope as she gazed aimlessly.

    Curiously, Ego walked up to Utobo, but the girl continued with her skipping as if Ego wasn’t there.

    A big smile creased her lips as she skipped, now saying, “Nine, nine, nine, nine, nine…”

    “What are you doing?” asked Ego.

    Utobo didn’t answer, she just went on saying, “Nine, nine, nine, nine…”

    “Who do you think you are? answer me when I talk to you,” shouted Ego, visibly angry. “What are you doing?”

    Utobo paid her no mind.

    Until that moment, Ego never cared for Utobo, but the sight of the beautiful girl playing about and ignoring her so completely like she was aware that she looked better than her, filled Ego with anger.

    “This is your last chance to tell me what you’re doing, or you’ll be sorry,” warned Ego.

    Utobo just kept on skipping cheerfully, as if she hadn’t heard the other girl speak.

    Losing her temper, Ego didn’t hesitate to pull Utobo to the concrete ground of the bridge, before snatching the rope she had been using to skip.

    “My turn,” Ego said as she climbed the platform. “Let me see what is so special in skipping here.”

    As Ego jumped up in the air to skip, Utobo being sure that she has lost her momentum, reached out in that same moment and pushed the other girl into the rumbling river.

    Ego fell straight down. She landed with a big splat, and within a second, her body was lost in the gurgling river.

    A sacrifice to the river goddess!

    And food for the fishes!

    Utobo took hold of a new rope, and climbed the platform again.

    Then with a big smile of satisfaction on her face, she started skipping up and down.

    And as she skipped, she muttered, “Ten, ten, ten, ten, ten…”

    © Desmond Chidera Udeh!

    (This story has many variations. This is mind!😍).

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    Ha! So Ego was the 10th person she sacrificed in that day!

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