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    Chapter 1: Duty

    POV: Anna

    I sat in the dining room eating my breakfast with the morning paper opened to page three as I glanced at a familiar article.


    I continued to read the entire article though I knew the story off by heart. People gone missing, bodies appearing hours or days later burnt beyond recognition, the lack of evidence in each, gang activity suspected. I had seen these signs before, though admittedly note in this magnitude, and wasn’t blissfully ignorant to the truth like the innocent civilians of Seattle. The names of the known victims were inserted among the words, a bleak photograph accompanying each. Maureen Gardiner, Geoffrey Campbell, Grace Razi, Michelle O’Connell and Ronald Albrook. Each of these lives had been ended by the monsters that now stalked Seattle’s streets and while it was not known to the public, there were other victims. There were always others.

    I sensed my mother enter the room before I heard her voice, “Morning Annabell.”

    I rolled my eyes without looking at her and exclaimed, “Mom, I don’t know why you insist on calling me by my full name, how many times do I have to tell you I prefer Anna.” Why couldn’t she just have named me plain Anna? Annabell sounded like a Disney character.

    Though I could not see her face I could hear the smile in her voice, “I don’t know why, you have such a beautiful name. I’m sorry hun but you will always be my Annabell so I’m afraid you’re just going to have to live with it.” She came to stand behind me and touched my shoulder affectionately. I could hear her glancing over my shoulder and sigh, “It’s getting worse.” Her voice was grave, laced with concern.

    I nodded my head quickly in agreement. “I can’t put it off any longer. I’ve waited too long as it is. I’m going to Seattle tomorrow and putting an end to this.” I said confidently, my eyes not leaving the page. Sometimes it unsettled me how cool and collected I could be when talking about things that would make a normal person would run away screaming. Run, and for good reason.

    While I was only twenty, I somehow felt older, much older. I had been forced to grow up quickly and had not only witnessed but partook in acts that would make a grown man cry out with fear.

    I was raised a hunter, a warrior, from the time I was a young girl. My father came from a long line of hunters, Vampire hunters. My family had hunted them for centuries it seemed, it was in my blood and I was trained to kill, trained to protect. By the time I was nine I could shoot a ten inch target from over 50 meters away and throw a knife with perfect ease. I was trained by my father in martial arts and could easily take down an individual twice my size. No one had beaten me in a fight, though many had tried.

    In addition to my acquired skills I was born with a gift and it made me an even more formidable foe. From my earliest recollection I could sense others, their ‘auras’ as it were. It encompassed both their minds and physical bodies, distinguishable from each other but still part of the whole. Each person was unique, no aura the same and it told me a great deal about them. How old they were, approximately, what gender and most importantly, what species. The difference between vampires and humans was so tangible it shone like a neon sign. Not only could I sense humans and vampires but other animals, plants and with enough concentration even non-biological creations, though their auras were so weak I barely took notice.

    As long as they were within a few hundred meters of me, no matter how fast they moved or how silently the walked, I knew where they were. Once they were close enough, and with a great deal of concentration, I could actually grab hold of their aura, manipulate it. I could make objects move and float around me. I could stop a person in dead their tracks, though only for a short period of time, thirty seconds if I was really concentrating. It was enough though. It didn’t take long for me to strike. I only needed a few seconds, I was efficient, a natural. It was worth the migraine I would feel shortly after, just another price to pay. It was my burden this life, my duty and I continued with it without complaint though I did not enjoy it.

    I constantly reminded myself of the lives I was saving, the families that would never be torn apart by the loss of a child, sibling, parent or lover. I did it for them and it was worth it. However, a small part of me demanded recognition, the part that now hunted out of revenge, out of pain.

    My mom broke my reverie as she sat down beside me and looked at me with unashamed love and…fear? “Annabell,” she began slowly, “I don’t want you going to Seattle, please. I’m no expert” I smirked involuntarily but she continued on, “but this is no ordinary situation, even I can see that. It’s too dangerous, let the Seattle police handle this.”

    I couldn’t help but laugh, this was a joke it just had to be. “The Seattle police, you have to be joking!” She gave me a cool stare that let me know this was not the least bit funny to her. “Mom, they couldn’t solve this problem if the monsters themselves strode into the station in broad daylight and declared their guilt. You may as well ask me to write to Santa for help” I loved my mother dearly and while she knew what I did she did her best not to dwell on it. She knew the essentials, nothing more nothing less.

    “Annabell Elizabeth Green, don’t you dare make light of this situation.” She all but yelled at me. I hadn’t seen her so livid about a hunt in a while.

    “I’m not! I’m just stating that the police are totally incompetent with these kinds of situations, and that’s just a fact. I’ll be fine, as always, so there’s no need to worry about me. This isn’t my first rodeo.”

    I put my hand on top of hers as I tried to calm her down though it seemed to have the opposite effect.

    “I’m quite aware that this isn’t the first time you’ve gone looking for trouble.” Her eyes blazed with anger and concern.

    “What is that supposed to mean? Do you think I hunt for kicks? You think I see this as some sort of sick game, that I’m not taking this seriously?” I asked. I could tell where this conversation was going and I was beginning to get defensive. I shook my head slightly, trying to clear it while reigning in my emotions.

    She took a deep breath, “Ever since your father died…”

    I knew it, “You mean murdered don’t you” I said coolly. I knew I had no right to be angry with her, it was unjustified but I couldn’t help it. She knew this was a sore topic for me and that’s putting it mildly.

    She just looked at me sadly and continued as if I had said nothing, “You have been reckless and consumed with hunting. You never used to actively track and hunt down vamp…well you know what.” My mother always had trouble with that word. “And frankly I’m concerned. I don’t want to loose you! Sometimes I think you’re trying to put yourself in dangers way because you blame yourself… ”

    I cut her off there, I had reached my limit. “I don’t want to talk about this.” I stood up out of my chair and yanked my hand away. “I need to get ready if I’m leaving tomorrow.” I said quickly before walking out of the room without making eye contact.

    Once in my room I locked the door behind me, not wanting to be disturbed, and paced around for a few seconds. I stopped abruptly and placed my hands against my dresser and began staring at myself in the mirror. I was breathing heavily and I tried to calm myself down and soon my heart resumed it’s normal pace. I was pretty, not beautiful, just merely pretty. I was 5’10, tall for girl, and had a decent and muscled physique, not unfeminine just strong. I had straight, light brown hair that was just past my shoulder and layered perfectly with my face. I looked a lot like my mother except for my eyes. My eyes were dazzling shade of green, the same eyes of my father….

    I stopped my self before I could go too far down that road, blaming my mother for bringing up the topic to begin with. Desperate for a distraction I turned away from my reflection and walked over to my oversized closet. Inside I found everything I needed. First I packed away my clothing, bringing with me over a week’s worth knowing it could be a long trip. They were light fabrics that allowed for flexibility and movement but were extremely durable.

    However, clothing was not the only thing I kept in my closet and certainly not the most important. Near the back was a locked cabinet and inside contained what I needed to hunt. As I opened the doors a familiar sight hit me. There were several shelves displaying a series of knives and guns unique in themselves. These weapons had been passed down for generations in my family, though I had recently made some improvements and additions to the collection.

    These weapons were made from the bones of destroyed vampires. Destroyed mostly by their own kind and left to burn. Not often but occasionally a small piece remained and my ancestors had used this to their advantage. Though it took weeks, sometimes months, to sharpen and shape the immensely strong bone it was not impossible. Recent technology had made this process much easier. When finished my blades could cut through steal with enough force, or vampire skin for that matter.

    I picked up my favorite blade and twirled in my hand for a few seconds, freshening my familiarity with it. I grabbed a few others, not needing my entire collection, and packed them safely away taking care not to tear through their case or through any of my stuff. I placed my bag on the floor, sat at the edge of my bed and looked around my room. My room was a light yellow and decorated very simply. Yellow wasn’t exactly my favorite colour but I never felt the need for extensive re-decoration.

    Pictures of my family were on my dresser. None of the frames contained friends like a normal girl my age. While many had tried befriending me I never felt comfortable allowing others into my life, especially when I entered high school. It was easier as a child when I was still ignorant to the dangers my life contained and could still interact with others without care. That soon changed when reality set in. True relationships required honesty and that was something I could not give so I distanced myself from others. Though I was often lonely it was for the best. My life was too dangerous and unpredictable.

    My eyes rested upon a picture of me and my father. I couldn’t have been more than seven and we were laughing about the large fish we had caught. I remembered that camping trip, one of the many the three of us took while I was growing up. I could feel my eyes beginning to sting and quickly adverted my gaze. My mother had opened up a carefully sealed box and I knew I needed to get out of the house.

    Having nothing else to do and knowing I would not be able to really relax or let my guard for a while, I decided to go for a walk and savor the sunny day. I silently made my way down stairs and slipped on my running shoes. As I left my house I could sense my mother in the living room. I felt guilty about before, I was all she had left, but I continued out the door anyway.

    “I’m going for a walk, I’ll be back soon” I shouted and left without waiting for her reply. As I walked I couldn’t help thinking that this hunting trip was different than the others. Change was coming. I couldn’t explain it, I just felt it and my instincts had yet to lead me astray. As I looked up at the sun and bid a temporary farewell, for Seattle was not known for its immensely sunny days, and hoped I was up for whatever was waiting for me in Seattle.

    I had to be…

    To Be Continued..

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    maybe, maybe not u never can tell

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    hu knws

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    nice start…

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    Chapter 3


    It didn’t take me long to get to Forks. It was a small town, in population at least, and it was clear that this was a tight knit community. Despite that the town covered a large area, mostly forest and joined with some smaller mountains. This was going to make things more difficult. I didn’t like it here, it was too…green, everything hidden from you in the shadows and it constantly rained. This was a place I knew I could never live.

    One of the first things I did when I arrive was search the areas where campers had gone missing only a few months ago. Unfortunately this turned up nothing. Though I didn’t expect much, if anything, to be there after all this time but I was always a stickler for details, nothing left out or left to chance.

    However, I was certain there was still something here in Forks and I was determined to find it. I was beginning to think that Forks held many secrets that its humble citizens were not aware of. On several occasions I was sure I felt the presence of vampires but it came and went so quickly, and from such a distance, I couldn’t be a hundred percent sure, yet. I threw myself into research once more, digging up more articles about those attacks and talking to the locals.

    One of the first places I looked into was a store called Newton’s who sold most of the hiking and camping gear in town. It seemed like a good place to start and I lucked out.

    As I walked in I noticed two teens managing the store. The first was a girl and she was behind the cash register. Her name tag read ‘Bella’. She had long dark brown hair and chocolate coloured eyes. She was pale, though not surprising with the lack of sun, and had a tiny figure. Even just looking at her I could tell she was a bit shy judging by the way she slightly hunched her shoulders. This was a girl who didn’t like attention. However there was something else about her. Her aura was strange, diminished almost. It was almost as if a part of her was not there. I couldn’t put my finger on it but decided it didn’t matter at the moment. The second was a boy, and he was moving through the shelves and stocking items. He had blonde hair and his face still contained a boyish roundness to it. He was about my height and looked to be about eighteen. He smiled as I came in and approached me.

    “Hello and welcome to Newtons. My name is Mike, is there anything I can help you with today,” He said pleasantly. It was a well rehearsed speech and I resisted the urge to laugh at how eager he looked. I didn’t escape my notice that he looked me over quickly but I ignored it.

    “Yes there is actually. My name is Diana Rosser,” I never gave out my real name, just in case, “and I’m an intern at the Department of Fish and Wildlife in Washington DC. I was wondering if you knew any information about the bear or wolf sightings that occurred several weeks ago. I’m doing independent research on large predators migrating into human areas.” I said this with total confidence, taking care to make eye contact. He bought it, naturally. I was always good at lying and was necessary when you’re in my line of work.

    He stared at me for a moment, dumbfounded, but eventually regained himself. “Ya, ummm sure I’ve heard a few things from campers who came in.”

    We started talking and he began going through the several stories that he heard while working here and some from some from his fellow students at the local high school. Many of the sightings, it appeared, were near a local reservation called La Push. I decided that needed to be my next stop.

    However, throughout the entire conversation I caught the girl in my peripheral vision looking at us strangely. Though she remained silent I could tell she knew something about what was going on, something secret. Her eyes gave away her every emotion and at the moment she seemed a little worried and definitely concerned. Though she seemed trustworthy, the kind of person who kept the secrets she was entrusted with and I doubted I would be able to get much from her. Either way, if all else failed I knew where to find her. If she had information I needed I would get it, no doubt in my mind. I would never actually harm her, not that she knew that, but I knew I few tricks.

    “Thank you so much Mike, I really appreciate it. Have a nice day…the both of you.” I smiled at the two of them and went towards the door. I looked back one more time hoping to gain another glimpse into the girl’s eyes, knowing I would find some truth there but she wasn’t looking at me. She merely walked around the cash register and seemed trip on her own feet, knocking over several boxes. Her face glowed bright red in embarrassment as Mike rushed over to help her. I suppressed a laugh and continued towards my car.

    -Next Day-

    As I drove down the long stretch of road I began to see the first homes of the La Push reservation. It was only fifteen minute outside of Forks and was home to the Quileute people. I had spent much of my night learning all I could about their land and people so I was prepared. As I continued driving I soon saw a small parking area that was obviously used by tourists and parked my car.

    I could hear the beach in the distance and smell the sea salt in the air from my open window. It occurred to me that this would be a very pretty place if it weren’t for the seemingly never ending cloud cover. I sighed and stepped out of my car.

    I wasn’t sure where to begin so I just walked around, camera in hand, hoping to look like another tourist but keeping my senses open to anything strange.

    The day passed smoothly but I had yet to find anything that would help. I had questioned some people on the disappearances and the animal sightings but most just gave me the same answers. They hadn’t see anything or that nothing has happened in weeks. A few seemed to know perhaps a bit more than they were divulging but decided to revisit them later if need be. After a few hours I was starting to feel like this may have been a dead end. However I wasn’t going to give up that easily.

    I continued to walk around when I noticed some guys staring intently at me a few hundred yards a way. There were only three of them but they all wore the same expression and they were all very large and muscular. What surprised me the most, however, was not their size but was the lack of clothing they were wearing. I was currently in a long sleeved shirt and light winter jacket and I still was a cold if the wind blew my way. Yet none of these boys had a shirt on and only basic sweats. How were they not shivering or falling over from hypothermia for that matter? What also bothered me was how their eyes kept shifting to me, watching my every move. It was unsettling, I wasn’t used to being the one watched.

    I slowly made my way towards them, pretending to snap pictures of the scenery as I went. They all seemed to gather around the one man and I got the feeling he was the leader of this little gang. He was definitely the oldest of them, probably around my age but the others, despite their size, had a youthful look about them. They suddenly became engaged in deep conversation but I could still see them stealing glances at me. Looks like I was not the only one conducting surveillance today.

    They were maybe 50 meters away now and I could finally sense their auras and when I did I stopped dead in my tracks. “What the hell?” I mumbled. I had never felt anything like this! They looked human and their auras were human, mostly. There was something animalistic about them, canine almost. It took every bit of my concentration and control to not look at them in shock and to not show any visible emotions.

    What was with this entire situation? Everywhere I turned something new and unknown was popping up creating a million different and seemingly unrelated questions and absolutely no answers. I had grown up in a supernatural world all my life yet even I was surprised and frankly a little nervous. I hadn’t felt like this in a long time and this frustrated me.

    I decided to walk away for now, give myself time to think and to plan my next move. This was a delicate situation and I needed to take things slowly and try to foresee as many outcomes as possible. As I walked past what seemed to be a local gift shop I heard two guys talking. I was going to ignore them when I noticed that they had the same type of auras as the other three. I looked around quickly to make sure no one was watching before I slowly crept along the side to listen, being careful not to make a sound.

    “Will you please take my shift tonight Jacob? I’m exhausted man. Sam’s had me working double shifts for almost a week now.” The first voice complained. He sounded very young.

    The other laughed, it was deep sound but I could detect a certain kindness in it, “Fine but you’ll owe me Clearwater.”

    “Thanks Jake. I don’t know why Sam keeps on insisting we run so many shifts. The red head hasn’t been back for weeks and the others haven’t broken the treaty yet and I doubt they will.” I carefully peaked around the corner and saw them, their bodies angled just enough that they wouldn’t see me. Both were large and muscular like the others, wearing just as little clothing. The one on the right in particular was massive and this one spoke next.

    “You have a lot to learn kid. Treaty or no treaty you should never trust bloodsucking leaches and besides that doesn’t mean others won’t come across our land. Hell I’m hoping that red headed parasite comes back. She won’t escape this time if I have anything to say about it. You know it’s our job to protect the people even when there seems to be little threat. It’s who we are and what we’re built for.” His voice was clear and contained a great deal of authority that seemed to go beyond his actual age.

    Throughout the entire conversation my mind zeroed in on one particular word. Bloodsucking! I knew it, there were vampires in this area and these two knew, how they knew I wasn’t sure but it confirmed my suspicions. What’s more they talked about a treaty. Who would make a treaty with vampires or rather why would a vampire make a treaty in the first place? What did this treaty entail? And why were they protectors, hell how were they able to protect anyone from those monsters? I’ll admit they were large but that would mean nothing against vampires. Nothing about this was making sense.

    I moved slightly closer, probably a little risky, eager to hear more but at that moment I heard a wolf howling in the distance. That halted my movements and I took a step back. As I looked east towards the sound I felt the two guys begin to walk towards the woods.

    “Come on, Sam’s calling and you know he’ll make slippers out of us if we’re late again.” The one named Jacob said. The two of them laughed.

    Sam’s calling? I heard no one calling them, what were they talking about?

    I risked one more glance around the building and saw their retreating figures disappear into the trees, though I could still feel them. Moments later their aura’s changed dramatically and I let out an audible gasp.

    What the hell! How was this possible?! One second I felt two humans, each containing animal qualities but still mostly human, walk into the forest. Two seconds later it was like…like it was reversed. An animal with human like qualities but still mostly animal! Once again I heard the cries of a wolf but it was much closer this time. The two left at immense speed and within seconds I felt nothing. I stood there for a moment stunned and slumped slightly against the building.

    “No…they couldn’t be…not…how…” I was at a loss words, which was rare for me. I don’t know why I was shocked but I was. It was clear that members of the Quileute tribe were not one hundred percent human and if I had to guess they were…werewolves. It was the only explanation I could think of.

    But wait, that made no sense. It was broad daylight and I knew for a fact the moon wouldn’t be full for another two weeks. How could they transform without the full moon? Yet, I knew nothing about the actual existence of werewolves, though I always suspected the myths to be based in some form of reality. All I had to go on was Hollywood’s version and that wasn’t much. They messed up royally in their depiction of vampires, so why not werewolves. This was becoming more complicated than I could have ever imagined.

    I recovered from the shock and started planning. I had to take action and in order to do that I needed answers. They said Sam called them, this meant that Sam must be their leader. I was fairly certain it was that man I saw earlier, flanked by the other two. I was good at reading people and he had an air of authority around him, power even. I needed to speak to this Sam and soon. I was going to get to the bottom of this.

    I had felt the other two head east towards the wolf’s cry, or should I say call. While I was an excellent tracker and could easily hike through the trees I was new to this area and not familiar with my surroundings. It would be stupid and reckless of me to go barreling into the forest with no real guide on where to go. Plus I doubted I would be able to catch up to them before nightfall.

    I ran back to my car and quickly threw open my door and jumping in. I left the little parking lot and began driving down the road that led in the direction they left in. They had to come back sometime and judging the way they were staring at me earlier they were suspicious of me. If I was alone somewhere they may just come to me with little effort on my part.

    I turned onto a back road that looked like it had been used for dirt biking, most likely by underage kids. It was empty, not a soul in sight, and was well hidden. The end of the road backed onto the forest and I parked near the edge and got out. I surveyed the area once more, making note of possible escape routes that I could use if need be. I was satisfied with my choice and it was here that I waited, hoping my intuition about these guys was correct.

    I had been waiting there, leaning against my car, for over two hours and it was beginning to get dark but it didn’t matter. I would wait all night if I had to, it wouldn’t have been my first overnight job and most likely not my last. That’s when I felt them. They were coming from the north east, slowly. I got up and looked directly into the trees though I could see nothing. I stood there fore a moment but nothing happened. I took the first step.

    “Sam,” I called “I know you and the others are there. I would like to speak with you if that’s all right?” There was silence for a long time. They were in their other forms still and while I could pick out individual wolves there was a definite human connection between them. Things just keep getting more and more interesting it seems.

    At that moment a wolf the size of a horse and black as the night sky emerged from the trees and bared its teeth. While I displayed no emotion, inside I was shocked and I had to admit a little afraid. I took a deep breath, swallowing my fear, and slowly stepped forward, “I don’t mean any of you any harm I just have some questions not only about you and your…ummmm abilities” man I sounded stupid, “but the vampires nearby.” Though it was hard to interpret his emotions in his current form I could tell I hit a nerve.

    He looked deeply into my eyes for a moment before he booked it out of there and ran back into the trees. “Hey, come back!” I yelled angrily after him. Well that was rude. My fear was quickly replaced by annoyance. I waited patiently for about five minutes, they had not left but also made no attempt to approach me. I thought about going after him into the trees when I felt not just him but the rest of them change back. It was definitely a unique feeling, spiking my curiosity once again.

    Sam emerged from the forest in the same sweats he was wearing earlier, the others at his flanks and looking at me with unreadable expressions. If I didn’t know better I would say they were brothers. Sam had his guard up as he came closer and I had a feeling I wasn’t the only one looking for answers tonight.

    He walked up to me, stopping a few feet away, and I noticed he was shaking slightly. “Explain who are you and how do you know all this?” he demanded in an authoritative and superior tone. He literally looked down at me, both in his demeanor and size.

    That may work with his pack but no way in hell was he going to speak like that to me and I replied with obvious anger. “Excuse me! I’m the one asking the questions and I would appreciate if you used a little less attitude in your tone. I haven’t done anything to harm you or your…pack.” I took a step closer to him and stared at him, any fear gone. I refused to back down. I didn’t care if he had a good 7 inches on me and changed into a giant ass wolf, I could take him.

    His eyes blazed for a moment but after a deep breath he merely smirked and his shaking began to slow. Hmmm that wasn’t exactly the reaction I expected.

    He signaled for the rest of them to join him and they moved quickly to his side. I was surprised how graceful they were, considering their size. I quickly picked out Jacob and the one who was with him earlier, there were eight all together. He opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off in an attempt to not only make peace but to move things along. We were both stubborn, I could see that so decided I needed to make the first move.

    “How about compromise?” I asked politely.

    “We’re listening” He said simply. It was clear that he was acting as spokesperson for the rest of them. I don’t know why the others allowed that, I could never let someone speak for me.

    “I’ll ask a question and you can ask one in return. Though I want the truth, no BS” I stated firmly.

    He deliberated for a moment and glanced at the others. They seemed willing enough. “Fine, though we expect the same honesty in your answers.”

    I smiled slightly, just glad to be moving forward at last. “Ok. First off, and no offence intended, what are you exactly?”

    “We’re werewolves.” He ended it there. I had so many more questions but we had made a deal and I merely nodded. At least my assumption was right and that was one less thing to worry about. Just another million questions to go and I’d be set.

    “Well you seem to know our names, some of us at least, therefore it is only fair that we know who you are.” He no longer seemed angry, merely curious and definitely cautious.

    It was an easy question to answer, though I wasn’t too thrilled about it regardless. I debated for moment, wondering if I should lie knowing I could do it convincingly, I even had a few pieces of fake ID to prove it. In the end, however, I decided to honour our agreement. “My name is Anna Green.” He nodded and seemed satisfied with my answer.

    My turn, “Have you always been wolves or were you turned?” Though this was not the most pressing issue in my mind I was still terribly curious. All the legends I have ever heard of stated that one needed to be bitten, much like vampires. I couldn’t see eight people from one area or tribe being bitten and turned but you never know.

    “Yes and no. What we are we were born with, it’s a genetic trait within our tribe but no we have not always been this way. I first transformed a few years ago and some of my brothers more recently.” He seemed determined to answer truthfully but I could tell he did not like letting me in on their secrets, nor did the others. One in particular, who was the closet to Sam, was looking at me banefully and continued to shake. “Now, how did you know about us or vampires for that matter?”

    “That’s more than one question.” I answered lightly in an attempt to make the situation less tense. He just continued to stare. Sigh, apparently werewolves have no sense of humor. “Well the first one is a little complicated so to answer your second question the knowledge about the existence of vampires has been passed down for generations in my family.”

    He merely nodded and waited for me to continue. My gift was always a hard topic for me to talk about because no one could actually relate or fully understand. Plus it was such a huge and private part of me that I had only shared this knowledge with my family. This was information I never wanted to share but it looked like I had little choice if I were to get the answers I needed. “As for the answer to your first question it’s complicated like I said. Hmmmm how do I describe it? Well I have an ability that allows me to…feel peoples…auras as it were.” They just looked at me, not fully comprehending but this didn’t surprise me. I tried to think of an analogy that may help describe it. While it was not a visual thing, but a feeling, I decided maybe a visual representation would be best.

    “Ok what I am about to describe isn’t exactly how it works for it has nothing to do with sight but it’s the only way I can think of describing it so it makes sense. Imagine you’re in a pitch black room with a hundred different people. Each of these individuals are completely blind and can’t distinguish one person from another. However, when I stare around the room I can see everyone. Not their physical features but everyone in the room has their own unique aura or light as it were. I look around in the darkness and see a hundred different yellow lights moving around me, each its own shade and brightness. Furthermore, I can distinguish not only between individual humans but other species such as vampires or animals. Their auras are very different and therefore if I were to go looking for the one vampire in the room it would not be hard. They would be a shining red light among the yellow.”

    They stared silently at me and I took a quick breath before continuing. “As for you guys, while your auras are predominately human, in this form at least, there is an animalistic quality to it and that side becomes more dominant when you change. It’s something I have never felt before. That’s how I knew there was something up with all of you.” I finished lamely and hoped that it made some sense.

    “Thank you for explaining” he simply said. It seemed like they understood and some were looking at me curiously. Some even looked impressed. I couldn’t help but smile a bit.

    “Now answer me this. I overheard you saying you were protectors of your people. I’m assuming your protecting them from vampires.”


    “So how do you do that exactly?” I was sure they didn’t carry any weapons on them when they changed and I couldn’t see a wolf being any sort of match for a vampire, even ones as big as them.

    “When we change our teeth and claws are capable of tearing through their skin, we’re not sure why but we are grateful none the less. In addition we are also very fast and work as a team in the process. Together it is not a difficult task” A few of them laughed and their eyes shown with excitement. They enjoyed the killing of vampires that much was clear.

    All I managed to say was “Hmmmm” While I was never one to ask for assistance I debated whether I should seek their help in the actual killing of the newborns. While I was tempted I decided against it for now since they would not move well in the city, if I was desperate I could always come back.

    He stared at me for a moment and seemed deep in thought. Finally he asked, “Why are you here looking for the vampires?” D--n, I was hoping he would save that one for last because I wasn’t even entirely sure on that one.

    “I was hoping to find some answers to what has been going on in Seattle.” It was truthful enough.

    “Seattle? What’s going on in Seattle that makes you come here?” It was my turn but I let that one go, he seemed genuinely confused.

    “You are aware of the mass disappearances and killings right?” They nodded their heads and comprehension eventually hit them.

    “A Vampire is responsible!?” It was both a statement and a question and there was obvious anger in his tone. How did he not know this? Some protectors.

    “Vampires to be exact.” I corrected him, no way would a single vampire be able to cause that much trouble in Seattle. Well not one with any logic that is. Now it was my turn. “If there are vampires in the area and your responsibility is to kill them, then why do you have a treaty with this particular coven?”

    “How did you know about that?” I just stared at him. I was going to get my answers. When he realized I wasn’t going to say anything he decided to answer, “First of all we did not personally make the treaty, our ancestors did and they only did so because this coven is not like most vampires.” The one named Jacob snorted and Sam gave him a glare that was clearly a warning and continued. “They don’t hunt humans. They live off the blood of animals and as long as they don’t harm any human lives and stay off our land we keep the peace.”

    I didn’t know what to say. I was at a loss for words once again today, a record. Vampires that don’t hunt humans!? I didn’t think it was possible for them to even live off animals, or have the restraint or desire to do so. How or why would a blood thirsty monster care for the lives of human beings? They were killers by nature, caring only for themselves, consumed on finding their next victim. Well that’s what I had always believed and my past experience supported this. Yet if what he said was true this brings everything into question. I felt like part of my world was being turned upside down. Everything I have believed may have been wrong. Inaccurate to say the very least.

    Sam cleared his throat. I struggled for a second to come out of thought and pay attention to the man in front of me. “You said you were looking for answers but why here and if you find them what do you plan on doing with that information? It’s not like you can do anything to stop those in Seattle so why do you care so much?”

    I couldn’t help but laugh a little. “I care because once I find the information I need I plan on putting an end to what’s going on in Seattle. I feel that the vampires near by may have the information I need to do this.”

    They stared at me and when they realized I wasn’t joking a few began to laugh. I was used to people underestimating me though I was the epitome of never judge a book by its cover. Still their laughter annoyed me. Sam didn’t laugh, nor did Jacob.

    “I admire your bravery but I don’t see how that is possible” Sam said “unless there is something you haven’t told us.” The suspicion returned.

    Determined to wipe the cocky smirks of their faces I raised my head a fraction and spoke, “Well when you asked me how I knew about vampires I spoke the truth. That knowledge has been passed down for generations but for a specific reason. I come from a long line of vampire hunters and have been trained on how to kill them since I was a young child.” They were silent.

    Sam finnally spoke, “You’re not kidding are you?”

    “No. I have killed eight vampires in the last six years. The last three have only been in the last few weeks in Seattle. That’s why I have come. Seattle is overrun and from little information I have gathered I have a feeling I’ll find my answers here.”

    Sam began to speak and seemed to be choosing his words carefully, “Please take no offence but how is that possible. You’re just a regular human girl. How can you possibly track, capture and kill a vampire?”

    “I’m far from regular I assure you of that.” I smiled, “As you know my abilities allow me to sense others nearby. No matter how fast someone moves I will always know where they are.” They were listening intensely and as the sun began to sink behind the horizon a few rays escaped the clouds casting streaks of light upon their chests. “However, I can do much more than sense ones aura. If they’re close enough I can actually manipulate it. I can essentially stop them in their tracks and make it impossible for them to move for a brief period of time.” Their eyes widened as they processed this information and I couldn’t help but feel a little smug. “As for killing them I have specially made weapons for that task.” My tone was such that I conveyed I would speak no more of that topic. I didn’t want them knowing everything.

    Sam took another step forward. “Why did you want to speak to us if it’s the vampires you wish to talk to?”

    “I came here looking for information that may lead to their location and I found you. You have knowledge of their whereabouts I assume and I was hoping you would tell me where I could find them. It is of the utmost importance.” I was doing my best to get them to trust me and understand the gravity of the situation.

    He seemed conflicted. “I don’t know if I could do that. It may violate the treaty.” He paused, stared at the one called Jacob for a second and turned back to me, “I am, however, willing to attempt to contact them and give them the choice whether or not they wish to speak with you.” Though he said it in a calm and respectful manor I could tell the idea of approaching these vampires still disgusted him. Jacob turned his head and gave Sam a hard look that I didn’t understand.

    I almost sighed in relief. “Thank you, I truly appreciate it.” I walked over to my car, pulled out a piece of paper and wrote my cell phone number down. I handed it to him. “You can call me anytime, day or night. I look forward to hearing from you, no matter what the news.” Not that I would stop looking if they refused, I would just need to get a little more creative. He merely nodded. This was not a man of many words.

    We shook hands briefly, his scorching mine, and I got inside my car. As a pulled away and they disappeared back into the forest my mind began going a million miles a minute. While I had finally received some of my answers I still had more questions, most of them focusing around the nearby coven. The knowledge of their chosen lifestyle had truly shaken me. I didn’t know what to expect and therefore I was unsure of my next course of action. I would just have to prepare myself for any possibility.

    If they didn’t harm humans were they truly monsters then, despite what they were? Did they deserve death merely being what they were? Should I hunt them despite their chosen lifestyle? I wasn’t sure of any of anything anymore. The very foundation in which my beliefs stood upon had crumbled. As I drove back to the hotel to wait for Sam’s call not once did these questions leave my mind.

    What was I going to do?

    To Be Continued..

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    wow, great piece of story

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