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    # **VIRGIN Till* 20


    “Ba dorm everyone is expected to be in the assembly hall in 5minutes, order by Sister Rose! One up to 10 ninshi bonse namu fuma (you must all be out). Ba dorm 1!! Ba dorm 2!” said Sisnatra, our house mother/health prefect. We all quickly rushed out of the dorm in fear of being given a beating by our very much feared house mother. The last few days had been he’ll for me as I tried to avoid Keith but I couldn’t stop thinking about her and how she made me feel.
    The road to the assembly hall was filled with girls from the other grades and we where all wondering why we had been called.
    “Ine I heard ati the Sister caught a group of girls O.B (out of bounds) with sugar dadies. I’m not sure what grade they are in,” said Namakau but none of us believed her because she always gave fake news.
    “Ka Namakau ubufi (lies Nakamau) who told you? They caught the seniors with bottles of beer so obviously the Sister wants to embarrass them then expel them,” said Mwamba a.k.a Zanis new who always knew what was going on around school.
    Then I remembered the day I found Kombe with a bottle of flying fish in her hand. I hoped she was not one of the ones to be expelled because our parents would be so dissapointed.
    After standing for close to 30 minutes Sister rose finally came to address us along with some other members of staff and the disciplinary committee. “I am very disappointed in some of you girls and what you have turned out to be. Even the ones that we saw so much potential in are a disappointment. I didn’t know that I have been grooming drunkards at this school. Mwebana imwe mwa nsebanya ine (you have embarrassed me). What will I tell your parents sure when they ask how I let you have beer in school and worse enough you are girls. When I call your name, come to the stage with immediate effect,” announced the Sister/director of our school with anger, sadness and disappointment in her voice. “Harriet Mwila, Beenzu Mujala, Noreen Bwembya, Shemiah Patel and last but not least Rose Phiri,” she said and my heart sank. I couldn’t believe that my sister would be expelled only a month to her final exams and I could only imagine my mother’s reaction. I didn’t even pay attention to the murmuring or the looks they gave me as I silently cried my eyes out.
    The sister went further and said that they should all pack their bags and wait for the arrival of their parents who had already been contacted.

    “Chanda naiwe leka ukulila (Chanda stop crying) I’ll come back to write my exams,” said Rose as she calmed me down. Catherine a.k.a Keith was busy packing my sisters bags. Rose left all her remaining groceries with Keith and told me to go to her if at all I needed any of them. She also told me Keith would look out for me since others would take advantage of me being alone since she had been expelled.
    Just as we carried her suitcases to the administration, we saw our father’s car pull up. The look they gave both of us was so not a friendly one.
    We all sat in the Sister’s office and nervously waited for her to tell our parents why they had been called.
    “Your daughter has been here since grade 8 and she hasn’t given us any problems. I was deeply disappointed when I found out she was one of the criminals. As beautiful and young as she is, Ba Rose nabambako ukunwa ubwalwa (Rose has started drinking beer)” she said and mum held her head with both hands.
    “Mwe lesa chakula!!” She exclaimed and dad held her as he comforted her through her tears with no emotion on his face.
    “We found bottles of beer in her locker and we have no choice but to suspend her along with four others friends who where found wanting. So bamayo sendeni umwana uyu akesa lemba kofye exam (take this child with you she will only come to write the exam). I’ll remain with her younger sister but I hope she won’t follow her footsteps,” she continued and I held onto Rose even more as we both cried.
    Mum gave me a lecture about not turning out to be like my sister because she expected more from her. Dad just told me to keep reading my books and handed me a K300 as they left.
    As I silently entered my dorm, I heard girls talking about me so I stood and listened attentively.
    “Tukamona umo kakala fisamina ama punishment (we’ll see where she will be hiding away from punishments)” said Olivia who I sometimes hang out with.
    “Kaleke na ukumeka mwe, pantufye kasuma kakwatako na colour panono (she should even stop skiting, just because she’s beautiful and has a fair colour) said Nsofwa and I could tell the jealousy from her tone.
    ” Busuma nshi? Napapata,” said Mwenya who called herself my closie and they all burst out laughing.
    My heart was torn apart because these where girls I considered to be my friends and I had no idea they felt this way about me.
    Despite it being dark, I ran to the senior’s section and went to Keith’s dorm since she was the closest to Rose. It was only her and my sister at her space so since Rose was gone, she was left there alone. I found her seated in grey sweatpants and a black tee next to a girl in a short pink nightie who i recognised as a bola (8th grader) and I wondered what she was doing there.
    “Baby doll, what’s wrong?” She asked as she stood and walked towards me. Just one look at her eyes and I broke down. She hugged me tightly and strocked my back as I cried in her arms. “Chisha go back to your space,” she said and I could see how sad the kid became, but she went anyway.
    After telling her what I heard she advised me not to pay attention to them and just focus on what I went there for.
    “As long as I’m here you’re safe. Now let’s sleep, I’ll tell Sisnatra you’re here so she won’t punish you tomorrow morning,” said Keith and I was hesitant.
    ” I won’t do anything to you, unless you want me to,” she said and bit her bottom lip seductively. That made me weak in my knees and I felt a warm sensation between my legs.
    ‘Focus Chanda, she’s just a girl like you’ I said to myself.
    “Alright,” I responded and swallowed hard.
    She gave me a grey T-shirt to sleep in since I was wearing a jean dress and couldn’t go back to my dorm to get my nightie. It being short, one could clearly see my butt cheeks through my panties so I quickly got into her guza.
    She held my waist and moved closer to me. In no time, I heard her snore softly and I couldn’t help but smile at how cute her snores where.

    The days that followed, I spent most of my time studying. When studying was done, I hang out with Keith and sometimes talked to Rose through Keith’s phone.
    Mum had been so angry at her but like all parents, her anger wouldn’t last forever.
    Rumor went around that me and Keith had been married and thon I had been going over there for sleepovers. Quite alright I would go there almost every Saturday but we where far from married and despite the way I felt about her, practicing lesbianism was something I wasn’t planning on doing.
    “I’ll be coming next week since the Sister allowed me to come the week before exams. Knaku leteleko inshi (what should I bring for you?” Asked Kombe and I was so excited. “Ndefwaya Chocolate na yoghurt (I want chocolate and yoghurt)” I replied and we talked a bit more before we said our goodnights. I noticed Keith was looking at me more seductively than she usually would and I became uneasy.
    “Do you have a boyfriend?” She asked me.
    “No, I’m too young for boys,” I said with a chuckle.
    She laughed softly and put her hand on my bare thigh.
    “Do you have one?” I asked.
    “I’m a lesbian, so no,” she replied so sure of her self.
    I read that lesbianism is just a phase of finding one’s identity which passes eventually in some but stays forever in others.
    “What makes you a lesbian?” I asked and she smiled.
    “I’m only attracted to females, isn’t that obvious?” She asked and put my head on her chest as we lay in bed. This would have been weird but I had gotten used to it through the time we had been spending together.
    When I looked up, her lips where only inches away from mine. We stared into each other’s eyes for what felt like hours then she pressed her lips on mine which sent me into a wave of emotions. As wrong as it was I wanted to feel more than I was at that moment so I parted my lips just like the girls in the stories and movies did and she claimed my mouth with her tongue.
    Never in a million years would I have imagined myself being kissed by a female and enjoying it as much as I did. I imagined my first kiss to be passionate and obviously with a male and that would be only after 20. If you’re wondering, you’re right. On top of mum’s ‘no sex til 20’ rule I added a ‘no kissing til 20’ rule.
    “Eherm…!” Some one cleared their throat and I knew there and then that we where doomed…..!


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    your own don finish

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    You’re in trouble

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    so u also want to belong abi?

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    # *VIRGIN Til* *20*


    ” (Keith this girl accepted you)? (me and Mono tried but she didn’t accept us). How are you cutie?” asked Tiya one of the sugos (12th graders) as she winked at me. I sighed and thanked my lucky stars that it wasn’t any other person.
    She was a lesbian aswel so I was relieved since they never tell on each other.
    “I’m alright,” I said shyly.
    (get out, she’s mine alone don’t temper)” said Keith with a smile as she held me protectively.
    “No pressure boi, just came to check up on you eyy. See ya,” she replied and walked away.

    I imagined what would have happened had it been someone else who walked in on us. What if we were to get reported and what would be my parent’s reaction. Mum would be so disappointed. Homosexuality was so not welcome in the Phiri’s household.
    Was I really homosexual? I wondered. Or maybe I had just never had time to have crushes on the opposite sex since mum had that talk with me. Maybe I felt those things for Keith because she was the closest I had to a male friend since she dressed and acted male. The realisation took me back to my principals and I decided to ditch Keith and focus on myself for now.

    “I’ve gone back Ku dorm,” I said wanting to stand.
    “I thought you came Ku sleepover,” Keith replied sadly.
    “I can’t do this. That kiss was a mistake that will never repeat itself. I have principals that I intend on following, I’m sorry,” I said as I looked her straight in the eyes with no hint of nervousness. She was quiet as she studied me for a minute.
    “I understand that you’re scared, there’s nothing to worry about. I know you have feelings for me and the feelings are mutual. No one else will know about us okay?” She said as she held my chin with her hand.
    “No I’m sorry but I can’t,” I said and stood up.
    “Okay just sleep over for the last time, so that I can have you in my arms one last time. Please,” she said with pleading eyes.
    I thought for a while. One last sleepover wouldn’t hurt, would it?
    So I agreed. I know most of you are scolding me for agreeing since it seemed like a trap. But at that moment I didn’t care what it was, I decided to have the feeling of belonging to someone one last time.
    That night as we slept, Keith held me closer and tighter than she ever had. I woke up in the middle of the night when I felt a hand on my left boob and i wasn’t sure how I felt about that. It was a mixture of pleasure and a bit of pain since my breasts had never been touched by anyone except me.
    “Keith stop it,” I protested when she continued.
    “Shush….. Just close your eyes and feel it, you’ll love what I’m doing to you,” she said and pressed harder making me gasp.
    Now both of her hands where on my boobs as she squeezed them slowly and that sent a wave of pleasure. I could feel myself getting wet down there and as wrong as it was I wanted her to do more.
    One hand went down and she slipped it into my damp panties. Despite trying to keep quiet, when her fingers brushed against my c--t, a soft moan escaped my lips.
    “D--n you’re already wet, I want to taste you,” she said and I came back to my senses.
    Taste me? I knew exactly what that meant and despite wanting more, I didn’t want to be tasted. It was just so disgusting and so wrong and I pulled away from her.
    “Stop it! I don’t want any more of this, I don’t,” I said angrily.
    “Just this once let me be the first to give you pleasure that you’ve never felt before. Do you know what an o----m is? I want to make you c-m for me so hard that you’ll…,” she said in a seductive voice but I stopped her before she could make the situation in my panties any worse. I’m human and hence I wanted her to do all those things to me but I was so determined to never cause shame to my parents.
    “You’ll either let me be or I’ll leave this place in the middle of the night,” I warned and she was stunned.
    “I’ve done this and more to so many girls but none of them has ever said no to me. Rose couldn’t give in to the desire either so I should say it runs in your blood. I’m sorry for coming up on you like that. But sometimes there’s nothing wrong with giving in to your desires, you only live once. Forget the consequences, you’ll cross that bridge when you get there.You’re a good girl, keep it that way,” she said and went to sleep facing the opposite side.
    I decided not to think too much about what she said and just sleep.
    After leaving her dorm that day, I was determined to focus on nothing but my studies and the weeks that followed, I did just that.
    Rose was back and I rarely visited her since she went back to Keith’s dorm. Me and Keith barely talked except a “hai” or “hello” and I was okay with that. People spread rumours that Keith dumped me after having her way with me but I wasn’t moved since they had no proof and I didn’t care anyway.

    I had passed my exams and was accepted back to my previous school. This time around the seniors knew that I was not interested in having a relationship with anyone. The only friend I had was Nezi, my neighbor from home who was now in grade 8. She was like my daughter at school and was the only one I hang out with because I didn’t want any bad company. Of course I had classmates and dormmates I talked to, including the space mates that talked bad about me.
    Rose had passed her exams and found a temporary job as a sales lady as she waited to go to university. She promised to buy me a phone and send it to school on my birthday and I was excited. Phones weren’t allowed but some of the pupils had them illegally and I was going to be one of them soon.
    The headteacher announced that we would be having sports and they would be held at our school. Most girls where excited because it meant boys from other schools would be in attendance. I was in no way excited because I wasn’t into sports and I wanted nothing to do with boys…. Till 20
    Being a Semi-sugo (11th grader) I was assigned to monitor the 8th graders who where cleaning the dining hall.
    My birthday would soon be here and it would be while the sports are taking place. But Rose assured me that my phone would come either way.
    The other schools taking part would camp at our school so we where told to take the desks out of the classrooms where they would be sleeping. Among the schools like St.Marys, Mutende, Mansa High and many others where BAHATI and St.Clements which where all boy’s schools and that excited most of the girls.
    Some where looking forward to meeting their boyfriends and others their friends. I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone because I wasn’t the social type and i barely knew any one there.
    All I was looking forward to was my 16th birthday and I couldn’t wait to receive my phone.

    As the buses entered the school premises, some girls where screaming on top of their lungs.
    I didn’t want to witness that of course but I was part of the welcoming committee alongside the Head girl, some prefects and other fellow Semi-sugos.
    I was told to show St.Mary’s girls the classroom in which the would be sleeping and as we walked, I showed them around. I remembered some faces from primary school but I guess neither of us was willing to say hai, and I liked it that way.
    “So that is the D.H (Dining Hall) and that’s the Entertainment Hall. Those are the Junior’s Hostels and the Senior’s Hostels are over there,” I said as we walked. I could hear some compliment the school and some would say its not better than theirs.
    “Are we allowed to visit the hostels and socialise?” Asked a slim dark pretty girl who walked besides me. She had a soft voice and looked my age.
    “Yes sure, you’re allowed to go there anytime before 21. And those of you that have friends there can even sleep at the dorms as long as you reherse with your teachers,” I said and most of them cheered.
    “I’m Marian by the way. And you?” She asked.
    “I’m Chanda,” I replied. “I’m Marian Chanda, you’re my sakey (namesake)” she said with a smile.
    “That’s really nice,” I replied not really interested and showed them the classroom.
    “If you need anything, feel free to go to the administration,” I said and walked out.
    “Ba Chanda the head girl is looking for you,” said Sera, one of the 8th graders. I quickly walked to the administration and heard a lot of screaming. Apparently St.Clements boys were here, nothing to be excited about.
    “” Chanda show the boys around,” said the head girl and I was beyond surprised.
    “But why me?” I asked. “Because it’s you I want,” she replied and I signed then did as I was told.
    I was wearing a chitenge with a bum short inside nd a yellow vest with a bra inside. I was chubby with a medium sized ass and medium boobs though I didn’t pay much attention to my body, who was there for me to impress anyway. And as I walked towards the guys, they gave some silly comment about my body shape and how well my ass was moving. All of a sudden I became nervous and almost lost my step. Some of these guys where handsome and I think I saw some familiar faces but I ignored that. Their teachers where having a meeting with the staff members so it was just me and them.
    “Afternoon. I’m Chanda Phiri an 11th grader here and I’ve been assigned to show you around. If you have any questions feel free to ask,” I said making sure to not make any mistake.
    “Are you single,” asked a short but cute chubby guy and the rest laughed at him.
    “Not the kind of question I was expecting so I’ll pretend I didn’t hear you. This way,” I said as we walked.
    After giving them the tour we reached the classroom left for them and I was relieved this was over.
    “Are we allowed to enter the girl’s dorms?” Asked a tall chocolate skinned guy with a smile. He had a small beard on his chin and was really handsome I couldn’t help starring.
    “Hmmm ba E.C sure, naimwe ,” laughed one guy and the rest followed suit. By now their laughs had become irritating.
    ” You’re only allowed to enter in the presence of our boarding master,” I replied and turned to walk away.
    “Cathy!” I heard a deep voice call out and my heart started beating really fast. Only one person calls me by my middle name.
    I turned and came face to face with a tall light skinned handsome guy who was leaning against the door with his hands in his pockets and a smile on his face.
    Remember my complaint of not talking to two boys in particular after having the talk with mum? This was one of the boys.
    He had been my crush since preschool and I had distanced myself from him. Now here he was, all grown up and muscular with his big hazel coloured eyes staring deep into mine.


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    Some how deep
    Carry on

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    following @valentine roger on

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