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    # *VIRGIN Till 20*


    “You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” said Nchimunya with a chuckle. I couldn’t believe the fact that he remembered me.
    “You’ve grown so tall,” I said with a shy smile and he smiled back.
    “I’ve been mad at you for almost five years now so you owe me an apology,” he said trying to look angry. I laughed because his angry look so wasn’t working for me.
    “And what is it that I’m apologising for?” I asked and folded my arms above my bust.
    He looked at me from head to toe then bit his lower lip as he looked into my eyes.
    I felt a shiver down my spine and I looked down. coolval stories I don’t know what it was about him biting his lip but it really got to me.
    “We really need to talk,” he said and I looked up at him. I felt so small since he was tall and muscular. “Privately,” he continued and pointed at his school mates who had their heads out the window looking at us.
    “Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Ba B.C (boarding captain)!!!! They cheered and we both laughed.
    ” I’ll get back to you,” I replied and bit my lower lip. He looked at my lips and cleared his throat. That made me nervous.
    “Sure, take care” he said and quickly went in.
    I quickly walked back to the dorm because I didn’t want to be assigned to any other school, I still couldn’t believe Nchimunya was here and that he wanted a private talk with me.
    What would we talk about, primary school?
    As soon as I got to my space, I threw myself on my bunker and closed my eyes.
    There would be some sort of welcoming party in the Entertainment Hall but attending was optional. Most of the girls made plans to meet up with guys during that time and others decided to turn up.
    A part of me wanted to go to the library and study but the other part had a feeling that Nchimunya would be at the party since i heard his friends call him the E.C (entertainment captain) so I should go.
    I debated then finally decided to focus on my books so I went for the library option.

    I heard my space mates making plans and talking about the guys and how handsome some of them where.
    “Did you see the black guy from Bahati, ala he’s ugly,” said Mulenga and we all laughed.
    “But ka Michael is cute weh,” said Synthia and they agreed, I didn’t because I hadn’t yet seen the BAHATI boys.
    “Guys the E.C waku (from) St.Clements is handsome!” Said Sali, a girl from a different space. They all agreed and some said how hard they were crushing on him.
    “But he looks reserved that ka one. He can fresh you mwe,” said Bwale with a chuckle and we all laughed.
    Deep inside I wanted to tell them that I knew him but I decided not to, I didn’t want to give anyone a reason to hate me.
    30 minutes before the party, I was woken up by the noise. Most of the girls had dressed up and some where already on their way going.

    Despite our school not allowing short clothes and trousers, today was an exception since we would be mixing with pupils from other schools. Everyone was dressed to kill that day.
    When I came back from taking my shower, the dorm was almost empty.
    I started going through my clothes and I settled for a chitenge and a hoodie since I was just going to the library.
    “Mum the party has already started. Ala the dudes are dressed to seduce uku, hurry up,” said Nezi. She was wearing a black ripped jean with a black T-shirt and white nikeys. She looked good but not good enough to me.
    “I know you just want to have fun that’s why I’m letting you go otherwise we would have gone Ku library together,” I said going through my clothes again and took put a yellow crop top. I had sexy clothes aswel. Not that I wanted to walk around looking sexy, but because sister dearest usually bought me clothes.
    “So you’re not coming? Well find somewhere else to go because the library is closed today,” she replied.
    “I know you’re joking and you just want me to come with you silly. Here, wear that. It will look better on the jean. And don’t mind returning it,” I said and she was excited.
    “This is so cute, look how hot I look now! Thank you so much mum. And I’m not lying, go see for yourself,” she said and walked out.
    I know Nezi well enough to know when she’s lying and this time, she was telling the truth.
    Staying in the dorm alone was scary so I decided to just go.
    I wore a short grey bodycon dress and black fila sneakers. I put my medium length hair in a tight bun and I was almost good to go.
    I didn’t put any make-up on unlike the others because my face was breaking out a little. Then it hit me! I had no problem with my pimples til now. What if Nchimunya thinks I’m ugly because of them. I didn’t even know why I was so worked up about Nchimunya hating or loving my look until now.
    But then I reminded myself that I was just going to the party because I had no other option and Nchimunya or any other guy didn’t matter to me….. maybe.
    I settled for lip gloss and a bit of mascara then got a black jumper in case I felt cold.

    I could hear the music from afar and as I walked I saw some people paired up and either taking a walk or standing. I saw a group of guys standing ahead and I felt nervous. I lost my step as I walked because of their stares.
    “D--n you look good!!” Said one of them and he followed me. I didn’t respond but kept walking.
    “Girl chill, I’m just trying to get your name,” he said.
    I looked down at him (yoh, as short as I was, this guy was shorter). He was wearing black skinny jeans and a white T-shirt with army green canvas, he looked smart.
    “I’m Natasha,” I said and almost laughed at myself. I never thought I’d be in a situation of giving a guy a fake name.
    “Wow, nice name for a gorgeous Lady. Im Gerald,” he said and I burst out laughing.
    Don’t get me wrong, I watched too much of Kansime Anne comedy and the way she pronounces Gerald is how I imagined him saying it. After seeing this disapointed face, I explained that to him and he laughed aswel.
    “I’m sorry for laughing,” I said.
    “My sister pronounces Gerald just like kansime so its alright,” he said with a chuckle and he told me about her.
    After we reached the entrance to the hall, he went back to his friends and I thanked him. It was really nice talking to him.
    Once I entered the hall, I was welcomed by the loud noise from the speakers at the entrance. As Roberto’s Amarula played, girls and guys danced as they sang along. The Hall was packed and too crowded for my liking.

    Everyone was hyper and they looked like they where having fun but I didn’t feel like it. Back at home, me and my sisters would dance but I never danced in public.
    I started looking around for no one in particular (wink) and by coincidence I spotted Nchimunya.
    There he was, wearing a black T-shirt and a pair of black cargo sweatpants then a neat pair of army green vapour max plus sneakers.
    I was a big fun of sneakers and I always wanted a pair of army green, the guy looked good and I couldn’t take my eyes off him.
    He was busy on the laptop and I guessed he was in charge of the music. I kept starring at him with hopes of him looking back but to no avail.

    As I turned around to catch some air outside, I bumped into someone.
    “Sorry,” I said and looked up only to be met by a handsome dark face with brown eyes. It was as though my lungs had run out of air because at that moment I couldn’t breathe.
    “Let’s get some air,” he said as he held my arm possessively and walked me out.
    There where a few other people outside chatting casually so he let me go.
    I looked at Joshua from head to toe. He was wearing a grey T-shirt and a pair of black cotton shorts with black canvas and he looked so smart. His small lips curved into a smile and I smiled back, it was contagious.

    He had gone to live with his uncle after writing his 9th grade exams and I hadn’t seen him since then. He was obviously in 12th grade now and he looked better than ever. In case you forgot, this was my neighbor and other crush, Joshua.
    “You look so good. Chubby looks good on you, I missed you,” he said as he looked at me and I blushed.
    “Thank you. You’ve changed a lot too,” i said as I looked at him.
    “Its so good to see you after so long Chanda. What happened to us aii? You became distant all of a sudden, ninshi mwali kula nomba (you’ve now grown?)” He asked and I had no answer for him.
    “I guess it’s growth,” I replied not sure what else to say.
    “No I need you to give me an explanation at least. And itx not just me, the guys in the neighborhood tell me that when they try to approach you, you always act cold. We where so close, what happened?” He asked and I hesitated. I started playing with my fingers as I thought of what to say but nothing came, what could I possibly tell him? That I got my peez and was told to stay away from boys? That would be too childish.
    “You still play with your fingers when you’re nervous,” he said and chuckled.
    So he noticed that about me? That made me smile.
    “Ba H.B, Mr.Mwila is looking for you,” said some guy to Joshua and left.
    “Head Boy eyyy, congrats,” I said with a smile. He had always been smart and brainy so he deserved it.
    “Thanx Katalina,” he said and I gave him an angry look.
    I hated it when he calls me that. He usually did that to tease me.
    “I missed that face. I’ll be right back,” he said and pecked my cheek then left.
    His lips where so soft and it felt really nice.
    Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder and when I turned, there was Nchimunya.
    “I’ve been looking everywhere for you, glad I could find you. You look really good tonight, and I love the kicks,” he said and all I did was smile.
    “You look good too and thanx. If only your kicks where my size, I’d tell you to give them to me,” I said and he chuckled.
    “Let’s take a walk and have our talk,” he said and we did just that.
    As we walked, we talked about school and the fun times we had.
    “Remember the time we bought those ring sweets and we put them on each other?” He asked and I smiled at that memory.
    “We where really silly back then. And remember when u bet on getting more marks than me?” I asked and he laughed.
    “You won that one genius. But there’s another bet that I’m determined to win,” he said and looked into my eyes.
    “Which is..?” I asked because I didn’t remember.
    “I won’t tell you until I win it,” he said and we kept going.
    We talked about our families and school and what careers we would like to pursue.
    “Doctor Nchimunya married to Council Cathy. You’ll make a cute lawyer,” he said as he played with my chubby cheeks and it felt nice.
    Then he looked me in the eyes and it made me shy away.
    “Since when did you become shy?” He asked as he laughed.
    I laughed aswel but didn’t look back at him.
    “Cathy look at me,” he said but I nodded my head no.
    “Look, a frog!” He said and I let out a loud scream.
    “Where?” I asked with fear as I put my arms around his neck while jumping up and down.
    Joshua laughed so hard that I could see some tears forming in his eyes.
    “Still scared of frogs, so grownup” he said and continued laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh along with him.
    “You’re so silly I’d hit you right now,” I said and he scoffed.
    “As if, go ahead,” he dared and I punched his chest then he pinned my hand there.
    I looked up at him and despite the darkness, I could see his face clearly because the moon was really bright.
    He led us to the classroom they would be sleeping in and there where mattresses all over. We sat on one which he said was his and he moved closer.
    “I want us to continue our friendship from where we ended,” he said and I looked at him.
    Our eyes where glued to each other and despite being nervous I didn’t look away.
    “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered and his voice made me go weak in the knees.
    He then directed my hand to his face and I involuntarily held his cheeks in both my hands. He put his hands around my waist and that send a shiver down my spine.
    “Please let me kiss you,” he said softly and I was speechless. A part of me wanted to pull away and go but another part of me just wanted to feel his lips on mine. At the thought of that, I looked down at his pink plump lips and he licked them.
    I felt his wet lips on mine and they where so soft. He cupped my cheeks and put his tongue between my lips as though asking for permition. I don’t know what came into me but I parted my lips and let his tongue explore my mouth. I felt a wave of pleasure and some warmth between my legs. This time it was different from my encounter with Keith. This time, it felt so good and I didn’t want to pull back. I didn’t know what to do but I found myself kissing him back and one hand traveled to his neck while the other to the back of his head.
    At this point we where both breathing heavily but none of us stopped.
    His hand travelled down to my dress pulling it up to my waist and I didn’t stop him.
    He then rubbed his thumb against my c--t and that sparked a strange desire in me. As he rubbed I felt myself getting more wet and he kissed me harder.
    He then lay me down on the mattress and got on top of me without breaking the kiss and I became nervous. That would have been a wake up call for me to stop him but I had lost my senses at that moment.
    He pressed his crotch against my lady parts and I could feel his already hard member. He then started grinding into me but without taking his clothes off. The pleasure I felt was something I couldn’t explain and I found myself moaning.
    “D--n Cathy…” he moaned and that turned me on even more.
    He then pulled my panty to the side and put a finger inside me and I let out a scream because it hurt.
    “Argh you’re so tight, don’t make any noise,” he said. He quickly covered my mouth then went a bit further inside but stopped suddenly and pulled out his finger.
    I looked up at him and I couldn’t read his face. I thought he heard someone coming or something so I kept quiet and waited for him to talk.
    “Cathy you’re a virgin?” he asked with shock written all over his face and I didn’t respond.


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    Till 20

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    next pls

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    # *VIRGIN Till 20*


    “Cathy you’re a virgin?” he asked with shock written all over his face and I didn’t respond.
    He quickly pulled my dress down and got off me.
    “Let’s quickly get out of here before we get into trouble,” he said standing and he held his hand out for me.
    I ignored him and stood on my own then headed for the door.
    He caught up with me and we walked in silence until he decided to break it.
    “Why did you let me go that far Cathy,” he asked and I stared at the floor blankly.
    “So now you’ll give me the silent treatment, great. What if I didn’t notice huh? You would have lost your purity to me just like that and I don’t deserve it,” he said as he scratched the back of his head angrily.
    “Why don’t you deserve it?” I asked and stood then looked up at him.
    He looked at me perplexed and then held my hands.
    “Because I’m not a virgin myself. This is a big deal and so it’s not right for your first time to be on a mattress in a classroom and with someone who you might regret giving your virginity to. You have something special, keep it until you’re sure,” he said and I was speechless.
    Other guys would have jumped at the opportunity without any second thoughts and here was someone who cared this much about me. I shed a tear and he wiped it with his thumb then softly pecked my lips.

    “Let’s go and dance,” he said as we approached the entertainment hall.
    “I don’t dance in public,” I replied shyly.
    “So what do you do during Saturday’s entertainment?” He asked surprised.
    “I go to the library and read till it’s done. I only attend when there’s a movie,” I replied and laughed.
    “You don’t socialise a lot do you,” he asked and I nodded no.
    “Well I do dance in public so you’ll have no option. Pick a slow song and I’ll request for it,” he said and smiled.
    I wanted to say no but a slow song meant us dancing closely and so I found myself thinking of songs.
    “Perfect by ed sherang,” I said and remembered me and Rose dancing in our room, I chuckled.
    “Okay stay right here and don’t move,” he said and went inside. He came out a few minutes later and held me by the hand leading me inside.
    People stared at us as we made our way to the back of the hall and that made me nervous.
    In no time, perfect started playing and people where screaming.
    Most of them where paired up and ready to slow dance.
    Nchimunya put my hands around his neck then his travelled to my waist. He then pulled me close without warning leaving no space between us.
    My heart started beating very fast and I could feel his beating too because my head was on his chest.
    We moved slowly to the rhythm and I closed my eyes.
    “Feels so nice being this close to you,” he whispered into my ear and I signed in agreement.
    “Do you have a boyfriend?” He asked.
    “No. Do you have a girlfriend,” I whispered back and he was quiet.
    “I’ll take that as a yes,” I said feeling disappointed. Why was I even disappointed? All I had was a silly primary school crush on him and that’s it. But I won’t lie, I thought about him often. And being with him that moment made me feel like it was just us and no one else in the world.
    “I’ll be honest with you, I don’t date. And I can’t say why coz it’s a long story,” he said and sighed.
    “Let me guess. Some girl broke your heart so now you just go around having fun because you’re scared of being hurt again?” I asked.
    “And how did you know that?” He asked surprised.
    “Because I read a lot of novels,” I replied and chuckled and he was quiet.
    “How many guys have you dated?” He asked.
    “None,” I replied.
    “Wow!! I’m guessing you want to focus on school,” he said and chuckled.
    “Exactly,” I replied and there was silence as we kept moving slowly.
    “I want us to date,” he finally said and me heart skipped a beat.
    Well I’ve met guys who wanted to date me but I always declined. I was still as determined as ever but this time I felt like giving it a shot.
    “I’ll be here for a few more days, you still have time to think about it. But I’ll need an answer as soon as possible,” he said when I hesitated.
    “That’s better,” I replied.
    The song soon came to an end and the Sorry by Justin bieber played.
    “My song!” I said and pulled away from him and was about to dance but remembered that I was in public so I stopped.
    Nchimunya laughed at me and I just rolled my eyes.
    “We can go outside if you want,” he said into my ear because the music was too loud.
    When we where out, Joshua followed me.
    “I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” he said then stopped to look at Nchimunya.
    “Hey man, we meet again,” he said as he bumped fists with him.
    “Yeh we do,” he replied then held my hand protectively and Joshua frowned when he saw that.
    “You guys know each other so no need of any introduction I guess,” I said.
    “We don’t know each others names,” Nchimunya replied.
    “Joshua, Nchimunya, Nchimunya, Joshua,” I said and Joshua’s eyes lit up.
    “Nchimunya? You mean prince charming Nchimunya or he’s another person,” asked Joshua mockingly.
    He was like my best friend so I told him about my crush on Nchimunya. I glared at him angrily and he put his hands up in surrender.
    “Prince Charming huh,?” Asked Nchimunya with a smile and I was so embarrassed.
    “From the look on your face I can tell it’s him. We’ll talk about this properly, let me give you some privacy,” he said and laughed as he went to talk to some girls.
    “And who is he to you?” Was the first thing Nchimunya asked.
    “My neighbor. He used to be my best friend til like grade 6,” I replied and chuckled.
    “So it’s not just our class that you distanced yourself from back then? What happened?” He asked curiously.
    “How about we talk of this some other time,” I said and he smiled understandingly. By then we had walked to the back of the Hall and there was no one except us.
    He then looked into my eyes and moved closer then held my waist with one hand. His other hand went to my neck and he pushed my head towards his slowly and his touch made me go weak. When our lips where inches apart, he leaned in and kissed me slowly. I kissed back and parted my lips for him and the kiss deepened.
    I put my hand around his neck and we kissed hungrily. He s----d and gently bit my bottom lip and I let out a soft moan. I could feel his member growing as he pressed himself against me and I felt a warm sensation between my legs.
    “Let’s stop before I fail to control myself,” he said then pulled away.
    “I wish we could kiss forever,” I said as we walked hand in hand.
    “I would be forced to do more,” he said and winked.
    “And what is that more?” I asked despite knowing.
    “Ask him,” he said pointing at the bulge that was visible on his sweatpants and I gasped.
    He laughed softly then pecked my cheek.

    The days that went by where fun. After sports, I would spend time with Nchimunya and sometimes study with him.
    I had not yet given him an answer but he was patient with me. Most of the girls where jealous of me and spread some rumours but I cared less.
    When my birthday finally came, Rose surprised me. She personally brought me the phone, a cake and some cash and guess who she came with? Keith!
    She was dressed just like a guy and I figured it wasn’t just a phase for her, that was who she had chosen to be.
    I thought I would be nervous by the way she looked at me or her voice but I wasn’t. I guess socialising and having Nchimunya around was paying off.
    Nchimunya was mad that I didn’t tell him it would soon be my birthday but promised to get me something during the holidays.
    He came with his phone so before sleeping, I would chat with him and It felt really good.
    The sports finally came to an end and the schools would get going the following morning.
    We had another party and this time I was dressed in black skinny jeans and a white off shoulder crop top then paired the outfit with black vans.
    Nchimunya was in a black tee, black jean and vans. The vans thing wasn’t planned F.Y.I.
    I had learned that black was his favorite color.
    We spent most of the night chatting and getting to know each other even more. When it was over, he walked me to the dorm.
    “We’re leaving around 04 so I need my answer now,” he said with his hands in his pocked. I played with my hands as I thought of what to say. I felt cold so he got me his black hoodie and despite it being big on me, he said it was now mine and I was more than happy.
    Back to Nchimunya, he cared about me and would not do anything I wasn’t comfortable with so what harm was there in dating him right?
    “I’m willing to try this out,” I answered and I could see the excitement in his eyes.
    “If only you knew how happy this has made me,” he said and lifted me up. He then wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed me like there’s no tomorrow and that was goodbye…. Not for good tho.


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    u finally get bf @valentine roger on

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    Next pls

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