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    Jus arrived

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    This is going to be a tough one

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    Chapter one


    “look who’s here, it’s the prodigal son”
    Fred shouted “that guy is really shameless, he still has the audacity to come back home after being expelled from the fighter academy…tzk tsk tsk” disdain was written all over his face as he clicked his tongue.

    “I have never seen someone as thick-skinned as him, after wasting the clan’s resources for five years without making any improvement…“ Walt laughed.

    ”why don’t you mind your own business and leave the boy alone“ Lucy said exasperatedly. ”you’re talking as if he has been expelled already“

    ”he was given two months ultimatum to become a 1 star fighter, someone who cannot even sense the flow of spiritual energy in the surrounding for five years” Fred argued “ just tell me how he’s going to pull that off within two months?.”

    “Hahaha…here he comes”fred laughed “hey Silas why don’t you come spar with me for a while maybe I’ll be able to offer you some pointers” he said while playing with a fallen leaf.

    ”i guess I’ll be able to spar with you some other days, I have something urgent to deal with” Silas replied as he fastened his pace.

    Do I look like I need some pummeling? A 1 star grade 4 fighter like you wants to spar with me; a mere mortal?, Dream on!.

    Thousands of year after the celestial war, the Earth became rich in spiritual energy, the surviving humans gradually find ways to exploit the richness in the spiritual energy.

    They found ways to gather the spiritual energy into their body which gave them supernatural strength. The energy accumulation was classified into realms stars and stages.

    Naijan was a small country in the Afrikaans continent ( due to the celestial war which happened thousands of years ago, the Earth was divided into seven fragments, the fragments are known as continents) due to the sparse flow of spiritual energy , naijan was limited to only the ‘fighter’ realm.

    The fighter realm consists of 9 stars, each was divided into four stages.
    1 star fighter which Silas has been struggling to reach is divided into four stages namely; spirit gathering stage one, spirit condensation stage two, spirit reinforcing stage three and spirit Pinnacle stage four.

    The first star of the fighter realm can also be called the ‘spirit star’

    Silas was still battling to reach the first stage, spirit gathering stage. Once someone has sensed the flow of spiritual energy in the air and is able to gather sufficient energy to push for a breakthrough, to break the seal that has been hindering humans from further growth and become a supernatural being. That person is said to have reached the first stage of fighter realm.


    Sounds of laughter echoed around the manor as they looked at the escaping silhouette of Silas.

    “Walt how have been preparing for our mission?” Fred asked

    ” I have already prepared everything we may need for the mission“ walt answered ”let your mind be at ease this mission will be a success“

    ”But others have already signed up for this mission and according to the report that I received, there has been ten reported failures, 4 casualties 10 people are heavily injured. What do you have to say to that ?!!!”

    A middle aged man asked authoritatively as he walks in from the manor house. He was clothed in a white flowing gament with a mantle tied accross his shoulders and a black leather sandal to go with it.

    “so, tell me how have you been preparing for?. If I should bring my power down to your level, will you be able to defeat me?…” he asked as he walked magestically into the garden


    They all stood up and clasped their fist and bowed their head as a sign of respect to there father

    Their father kenny, is a meticulous man and he loves his children dearly, they all were the apple of his eyes

    “We already prepared everything we needed for the mission sir, we prepare 15 cold comfort capsules in case we are injured while searching for the treasure…” said Lucy “we have the white candles great formation prepared by elder bland, to trap the guardian demonic beasts and also we planned to visit river omaris this night to pluck manna fruits…”

    “Manna fruits?, Lucy you are the eldest and you should be the one to caution your younger brothers if they were to seek death…but unfortunately you are the one who encouraged them to seek death.“ said Kenny

    “even 5 stars fighters like myself are unable to obtain this particular fruits you speak of, a fruit that can aid their breakthrough to 6 star fighter warrior with ease, but they dare not near the river omaris for the fear of the mermaids and the enticing voices of the sirens.”

    “Now tell me how you planned to obtain the fruit?” Kenny asked

    ”that is very simple, their demonic tunes has little effects on mere mortals, we’ll just send Silas in our stead. We’ll hide somewhere invade he needs our help“
    Fred explained ”we promised to give him a manna fruit if he can help us, maybe he may find the impetus to achieve a breakthrough“

    ”have you told him about your plans, or you’re yet to tell him?“ Kenny asked

    “We planned on telling him tonight, he wouldn’t be able to decline the offer, it’s a win win situation” Walt answered

    “Send someone to call him for me, I want to hear his opinion“

    ”yes sir“ Walt stood up to look for Silas.


    »Silas’s bedroom»

    Why can’t I even sense a strand of spiritual energy?, Am I that dumb or I didn’t have the talent at all?

    Why? why? Somebody please tell me why?!

    Silas kept on muttering after another failed attempt at cultivation.

    Knock!! Knock!!

    ”Who is it?“

    ”It’s me Walt, fath…”walt said but before he finished Silas cuts in.

    “walt, I am currently going into secluded cultivation right now. Maybe we’ll spar later when I come out.” Silas said “ I only got two months to practice or else I’ll be expelled, and father has done so much for me…I didn’t want to disappoint him”


    “Yeah I know it’s for my own good to practice with you but I need to spend my time wisely“ Silas cuts in.

    Silas was sweating profusely in the room because he didn’t know how to chase away this bully of an elder brother.

    Every day, Walt and Fred will come to his hostel to find way to beat him up, under the disguise of sparring with him.
    So he came up with lots of excuse to drive them away one of his lies is ‘ cultivating in seclusion’
    When he himself knows that he does nothing but to sleep.

    His dorm mates even named him as the tortoise.
    Anytime he comes out of his ‘secluded cultivation’ they’ll term it as him coming out of his shell.

    ” Cut the crap and open this door I’m not here to spar with you” Fred was exasperated
    Why would he be sent to look for this tortoise of a guy?

    Would you please come out of your shell already!!?

    “Oh, why did you look for me then?”

    ”Why don’t you open this d--n door alread” Walt shouted angrily “ father called for you”

    “Father? Is he out of his secluded cultivation?” Silas asked

    “Open the d--n door and I’ll take you to meet him”
    “okay, okay”
    Silas went to the unlock the door, then he deactivated over 100 seal he put on the door before opening it.

    He looked right and left to confirm if it’s only Walt that came before stepping out of his shell…cough… cough.. before stepping out of his room.

    Walt heaved a sigh of relief, he finally got the great tortoise to step out of his shell.
    He just got an achievement to brag to his brothers and friends about.

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    Episode 2

    War: ep 2

    *Professional death seeker*

    « at the manor»

    Lucy and Fred couldn’t believe their eyes as they saw silas and Walt approaching.
    Even the servants were surprised to see the great tortoise come out of his shell.

    Both Lucy and Fred were surprised and sad at the same time.

    Yet they lost another bet to that bastard, Walt. He is the king of all gamblers.

    They both bet against Walt that Silas the great tortoise will never come out of his shell untill daybreak.

    They lost tragically.

    Silas why can’t you just stay at home without stepping out of your room?.

    Why?! Why!? Just tell me why!?

    Fred was close to tear, he put the most wager on this bet.

    200 divine coins is no small amount, with 200 divine coins, an average person can live like a king for a year without managing anything.

    That shows how wealthy the Williams family are, their father kenny is one of the palace officials in ota town.

    One of the small towns in the country under ogun kingdom in naijan country

    There are many denomination of money in this Earth continent, many means of exchange. the Divine coins is the lowest means of exchange, but that is the highest kind of denomination you can see in this village.

    There are many other methods of payment acceptable all over the world, that is the use of pills. Pills can also be used to pay for goods and services.

    How much is the pills worth?.

    that depends on the value of the pill and the goods or services used in exchange for.

    For example the —cold comfort pills— is worth 100 divine coins, while the —bitter lemon pills— can be bought for as low as 5 divine coins.

    As Silas and Walt reached the garden, Silas was shocked as he saw Kenny.

    He felt an oppressive aura coming out of his body, Kent was just like a fierce tiger released from its cage.

    The aura from his body seems to run berserk, it seems as if it can no longer be controlled. This shows that he’s at the Pinnacle of the 5th star of fighters realm.

    He’s on the verge of breakthrough to the 6th realm.

    As expected of one of the town chiefs, the king’s adviser, he’s at the Pinnacle of the 5th realm. He’s one of the strongest in the whole town.

    He’s at the 6th place on the otta town heavyweight soldier ranking list for adult.

    “Oh, you’re here“ Kenny reigned in his power when he noticed that Silas was sweating profusely due to the oppressive aura coming from his body.

    ”congratulations father for reaching the Pinnacle of the 5th star“ Silas congratulated his father upon sensing the change in his Aura.

    ”i was told that you guys planned to set out tonight, to the river omiris…to obtained the manna fruits.“ Kenny asked ”the fruits that has been eyes by many people for decades, yet it’s still standing there.“

    ”you want to visit the most dangerous place in town, the river omiris at that. A place of battle and bloodshed.“ Kenny raged ”i viewed you to be wise, the wisest and most cunning among my children, yet you want to follow this stupid plan. Are you out of your senses? I need an explanation for this stupid act of yours“

    ”Father, actually everything has been planned and gone through by brother fred“ Silas answered ”there’s no loophole“

    ”but I still can’t let you go, you’re the weakest amongst them“

    ”father, you don’t have to be worried…my siblings will protect me“

    ”Even if I can’t get the fruit, I can still run”

    If those words came out of any other mortal mouth, Kenny will definitely beat him up to the point that his family wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

    But it was said by silas, *the great tortoise* he can’t be judge by common sense. He can do anything just to escape a certain situation.

    He is thick-skinned, if shamelessness was a battle teqnique, he’ll surely be at the Pinnacle of this world. He’s the only mortal that was feared by the so called supernatural.

    He was not fear for his status as a Minister’s son, but he was rather for for his schemes, a 14 years old who has a terrifying scheming mind.

    With words, he can ensnare and trap people based on their own words… he knows the correct use of words and how to use it to free himself from a difficult situation.

    He always get himself in trouble for that, there are many people who wants to beat him up. His own brothers included, yet none of them succeeded.

    He’s good at causing trouble, he’s also good at escaping from it.

    And he earned himself a nick name for that ‘the black faced demon’.

    He’s black and handsome, 168cm tall…his hair is short and black… every ladies& dream but none of them dared to associate with him for the fear of getting beat up in his stead.

    He’s an experienced death seeker.

    …«………. »

    “i knew that Fred cruel and selfish but I have my own plans on how to obtain the fruits” Silas continued “i have made some adjustments to his plan, we’ll surely get the fruit without anyone getting hurt”

    “but I still will not agree with you until I see your plan” said kenny“

    ”father, you can’t keep protecting me all your life, I have to hustle and learn how to protect myself“

    ”i can’t continue being a liability to you, I have to go out there to increase my experience of the world maybe by my own sweat and blood will I be able to breakthrough“

    His father was in deep thought, Silas has a point.

    What if he’s not around and his enemies launched an attack?

    Silas needs to protect himself, the kids needs to learn how to protect themselves.

    This can actually be turned into a test, I’ll ask elder bland to bring 4 men with him and protect them secretly


    Something is amiss

    This lad hasn’t shown me his plans.

    ”silas, why didn’t you tell me your plan“”“

    ”ok father“ he moved closer to Kenny and whispered into his ears.

    Kenny opened his eyes wide in shock.

    He was both amazed and shocked at silas’s brilliant idea.

    He was also shocked at his death seeking illness, it’s getting worse by the day.

    Using your brothers as meatshield?

    ”But, you said no one will get hurt?”
    He asked

    “when I said no one I meant me, at least they wouldn’t die. I promise.”

    His siblings were dumbfounded, even if they didn’t understand what plans Silas had in mind.

    But they know he’s not up to something good

    Walt was fuming in anger, but his father’s presence could not allow him to vent his emotions

    Even a fool would understand that Silas was trying to use them.


    They’re also trying to use him too…it’s a win win situation.

    “ok, just be careful, I’ll see you at night”

    Kenny stood up and went inside.

    Now, it’s time to ask that brat what ridiculous plans he proposed

    I’ll make sure to tech him a lesson

    Walt thought

    “so, Silas can you please share your plans with us?” He tried to be as nice as possible.

    His smile shown as bright as the morning sun…like a blooming flower.

    Cricket cricket

    No one answered

    Except for the birds who chirped in the sky.

    He looked around, confusion boldly written on his face. What sorcery is this.

    He can also see the same confused looks on Fred and Lucy’s face.

    Silas is long gone, it was as if he was never there.

    He disappeared? No

    Sigh! This guy’s escape technique should be taught in in the fighters academy.

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    voom!!! Flash don land oo

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    Hmmm..Disappearance Opor

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