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    cont pls

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    Ride on

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    Wow war the great battle is here nd the fight is only for survival

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    Chapter 12: Disguising

    Writer(s): Starblazer.

    «»«»«»«»«At the island«»«»«»«»«»«»

    A ‘pop’ sounded out and the light flickered into nothingness, what stood within the dissipated light was a towering figure with bulging muscles, each arm thicker than a thigh and body seemingly carved from bronze, the figure’s body had a unique sheen gleaming off it’s surface, it’s eight arms was hulking, it seemed it could tear through space with just flexing it’s muscles, it had a hideous face with four eyes, each eyes had a square retina, emanating a deep blue glint, it seemed it could pierce into the soul of it’s victim, the body of the figure was casted in black, it seemed it was a Blackhole absorbing all light into it’s entirety.

    “How do I look?” A voice reminiscent of two metals grinding over each other spoke.

    Bing Xing’s eyes widened like a saucer as if it would pop out. It was without doubt, Bing Xing was shocked speechless by the sudden abrupt change of it’s master appearance and the miraculous nature of Lord Jason’s pen, it couldn’t help but steal a glance at the man, it saw a faint hint of smile playing on his lips and a matter-of-fact expression, it seemed what he did wasn’t surprising, never was it something to be gleeful about.

    “Okay. Since we’re done here. It seems it’s my turn. Watch me as I pummel those bastards and steal the ladies heart” Lord Jason chuckled and beckoned with his hand,

    Lord Jason’s figure seemed like a blurred as he dived into the auspicious ring at the centre, at this moment, the two previous opponents had stopped battling, the one with the paler skin carried it’s sword, blood dripping off from it’s surface, it was evident he had emerged victorious. Without doubt, the other Savage monster body had been diced into countless meat chums, quite an eerie sight but on the contrary, the savage beasts weren’t fazed in the slightest bit, it seemed like something natural, they were even cheering. It stood in the ring like an emperor, it’s distinct eyes flashed with a murderous glint, it seemed like someone that just escaped purgatory.

    “Hmmm.. Let’s go check it out! It seems we might find valuable head way for the Mana fruit” The disguised Silas spoke and hurried to the arena. He was eager to see find any leads to the Mana since as of now, he’s clueless of the whereabouts.

    Bing Xing had already recovered considerably, so it didn’t hesitate to follow it’s master. It was at that moment that the disguised Lord Jason and the beast with the deep blue sword was in a stand off.

    At a mysterious space, five figures were seated cross-legged, a huge screen was displayed at their front, the current proceedings were surprisingly surfaced on it.

    “Hmm.. it seems your sword monarch sect has seen a young talent this time” An aged voice disrupted the silence, it was a middle aged looking savage beasts, it’s body was gleaming with gold, it was quite large, if not, the largest savage beasts in that mysterious space, it’s size could be compared to whales. It stroked it’s beardless chin.

    “Hmm.. I’d say that young talent narrowly won a victory against my eight armed tribe” Another voice scoffed and harrumphed, surprisingly, this beast had a striking resemblance to the eight armed beast that got diced in the arena but he was more built and well refined, and his aura was thick, carrying a sinister air.

    “Elder Simon, you shouldn’t be pained over your defeat. It’s all clear, our young talent won cleanly” Another strange voice sounded out, this voice in particular had a decisive tone to it like the edges of a sword, the owner looked like a piranha fish but countless times larger, at the size of a human, it seems it’s body was like a sword, four swords crisscrossed at it’s back sheathed and it seems if they were released, they will slice anything before their path and of course, it’s aura was far more stronger than the other monster using a sword in the arena, a bright gleam of a Tristar hung on it’s chest, it was evident, they were from the same sect.

    “ENOUGH!! The opponent he will be facing this time would be alot stronger. If my Intel is correct then it’s without doubt, the prolific Lord Jason of the humans” A thick authoritative voice silenced the conflicting savage beasts, this savage beasts looked reminiscent of a shark, a thick scent of blood enshrouded his being as if he’s death himself, it’s evident from the number of life forms it has killed, it is without doubt a veteran when it comes to battle.

    The other savage beasts were dumbstruck, their eyes were like large circles. One of them couldn’t help but ask

    “Lord teeming, A-are you really sure?” The voice apparently carried a tinge of fear. It seems, the owner was fearful of something.

    The Lord teeming closed it’s eyes, it seems it was in a deep thought, silence pervaded the space, no one dared breathe too loudly.

    “Yes. I can sense his humanly aura and that clan’s aura too, it’s without doubt, it’s that old man’s son” Lord teeming spoke unhurriedly, answering the question thrown at him.

    The other savage beast’s faces warped into fright, it seems they were quite aware of Lord Jason’s background.

    “But.. Lord teeming, if he’s allowed to participate, he will wreck the tournament and we won’t be able to decide the winner, the fruit is very….” The middle aged man that had the body of a whale was about continuing to speak.

    “ENOUGH!!!!” A furious bellow sounded out cutting the middle aged man from speaking, a powerful aura gushed out from Lord teeming and tore through space, space trembled before it’s presence, it caused a ripple in space. The aura was so stifling, the middle aged man felt he was going to die, the other savage beasts cowered before it’s might, they dare not raise their head, the pressure was too crushing. Slowly, it receded like a wave washing across the bank of beach, as if it never happened. Lord teeming sighed heavily.

    “I don’t know how that kid got here but Y’all know that Old man’s temperament right? We can’t afford to jeopardize our lives for a treasure plus, he isn’t here for the Mana fruit, I’m confident of that. As for the tournament, Lord Jason won’t necessarily kill his opponent, he will just defeat them and this is also a lesson to the younger generation to not grow too complicent with their minor achievement, there’s always a mountain taller. After that kid is done with his business, he will leave, we will just continue the tournament afterwards, any complaints?” Lord teeming spoke not too fast, neither too slow but it carried an indisputable tone. It could be said Lord teeming was the de facto leader of this meeting.

    The rest savage beasts nodded and focused their attention on the screen. At this moment, in the main arena, powerful shockwaves rippled out.

    A pen furiously struck a sword, the paler skinned and emanciated monster felt a numbing sensation in it’s hand, it was shocked speechless, it had thought it had reached the Pinnacle of greatness for it’s age but it’s opponent had proved otherwise, not only was his opponent stronger in terms of cultivation but even in battle sense too, it had tried all the forms of sword arts it knew but it seems ineffective. The blue sword was struck again, this time, it couldn’t bare the force, the sword flew from it’s hand and stabbed the ground.

    Where did this monster come from? Which tribe has this kind of genius? It seems only Zarny from the teeming sharks can put up a fight against this monster? Hehehe, anyways, that Zarny will have probably met his match now.

    At a sitting below the arena, at the forefront, ten teeming sharks was seated cross-legged, they were all watching the battles going on, they all carried the distinct trait of a teeming shark but one had a gnash at it’s cheek, it had it’s eyes closed, it didn’t even bother opening it’s eyes during the previous battles, it seems it was uninterested. Suddenly, it opened it’s eyes, a faint flicker of a murderous glint danced within, it seems it could kill without batting an eyelid and it’s aura was by far stronger than all those beside him. It narrowed it’s eyes at Lord Jason and a smile crept up it’s lips.

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    This story is getting more interesting by the day, let me go and buy popcorn and cool pepsi 😝😝

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    This story is just too much lovely but the episode z getting short day by day

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    Chapter 13; war has begun

    Episode 13 ; war has begun

    Otta town, southern gates.

    The sun shines brightly in the sky adding heat to the tension already cooking in the people’s mind, especially the ordinary people.

    The heat was terrible to some extent that someone in the army fainted due to the unbearable heat. What if the Earth has nine Suns and seven moons as the legends says, earth would have been regarded as mini hell, the devil’s backyard.

    According to the legends, a great man ( or a cute little boy) once walked this Earth, a man with a big golden heart who is selfless and merciful. He took down eight Suns in the sky without asking for a dime. He’s a rare gem, hard to come by.

    His heroic act was recorded and sung by both the young and old, the blue skinned hero took the people’s problem as his own and he went all the way to space to shrink the Suns into pocket size, then it was transferred to his pocket dimension saving the people from the blazing fire….heat of hell.

    His benevolence, the whole world will never forget.

    He stole, hmmm cough…he nicely kept the seven moons in his pocket dimension, saving the mortals from potential blindness and sleepless nights.

    Well, legends can’t be trusted…not everything written in books is actually true.


    It’s the second day since Fred and siblings arrived at the city gates. They met their father who explained to the in details about the ongoing mission.

    They obtained the cosmos bracelet and some other things that they need for the battle, as a Minister’s children they didn’t pack anything.

    It’s 10:00 am in the morning, they’ve formed formation outside the city gates, brave and gallant soldiers, geniuses within the walls all came together to tackle this threat that they’re facing.

    Even though they know the enemy’s plan, they can’t do anything to overturn it than to face them head-on, the demonic beasts were planning to lure them out of the gate where their defense is high, to battle in the open ground and if they didn’t attack now, the price they’ll pay is more than they can imagine.

    The archers among the genius are placed on the city walls, in case their defense was breached, catapults, arrows and bows were distributed amongst the soldiers.

    The soldiers outside the gates were to stall for time until reinforcement from logos empire and some surrounding kingdom’s arrived.

    There are still some silk pants who are afraid of battle hiding within the walls, under their Mama’s skirt. they’ll puke at the sight of blood.

    At the battlefront, the king was surrounded by his men and officials all sitting on a horse, preparing to lead the charge in Battle.

    The geniuses were also lined up behind the king and the official all wearing shiny armour and wielding sophisticated weapons, some were casted in gold, swords , Lance, Spears and ancient bows complement with shields that can blind the enemies.

    They all sat down on their various strong and healthy steady, ready for war

    “your majesty, the old ancestor is awake and ready for war at any minutes the level six beasts shamelessly joined the battle” a soldier came to report to the king.

    “ how about your side” the king turned to face his officials.

    “ our ancestors are ready to enter the battlefield at anytime” the head of ministry of war answered for the group.

    “ Great “ the king nodded with satisfaction ” but we’re short of one talented individual, lord Williams where’s Silas “ the king questioned.

    ” I’m sorry your majesty, Silas wouldn’t be able to join the battlefield “ Kenny said with a tinge of sadness and worry on his face.

    ”we need him on the battlefield, don’t worry about him not being able to protect himself, I’ll assign guard to him and he’ll always be by my side “ the king said

    ” your majesty, Silas went to the deep sea in search of the fruits sought by almost everyone I’m this world, *the Mana fruit*.“ Kenny explained ”maybe there’ll be breakthrough when he eats the fruit “ Kenny continued

    ” you shouldn’t let him go there alone, without anyone protecting him “ lord Davis, one of the officials lectured.

    ” rest assured, I sent elder bland to protect him in secret “ Kenny said

    ” well, you should notify me when he’s back “ the king commanded.

    ” alright, your majesty “ Kenny said

    ” let’s put that aside, ministry of war where’s the Intel I asked you to gather? “ the king asked ” as Silas would say, know yourself and your enemy and you’ll be invincible in all battles “

    ” I need to know where their strength lies and when they are most weak “

    ” yes, your majesty “

    ” according to the report my men brought, the eye looking ape is fierce and strong, but…his only weakness is spirit bananas. The whole clans can even change sides just to get the spirit bananas“ the minister of war explained ” but you mustn’t trust them after they laid their hands on the spirit bananas “

    ” we just need to have surplus spirit bananas, then we’ll send our genius beast tamers for this tasks “

    ” as for the three tailed fox, though the tribe is weak in combat power but they can’t be underestimated, they are cunning and wise…to win this battle with ease, we must kill the tribe leader, we must all focus our attacks on her, forcing the other generals to defend her putting them together in one pot unable to attack, leaving them no choice than to defend then booyah!!!! We kill them all in a spot.“ the minister of war said as he raised his head to the sky, gesturing with his fingers as of appreciating a firework.

    ” the mountain lion; he has no weakness we can exploit, though he cares for his people but he doesn’t show any weakness…we can’t defeat him, unless we win this battle.

    At the beast camp

    The beasts are still gathering forces from all around, from cities far and near, it was rumored that a great relic lies in this kingdom. A fragmented relic that belongs to the ancient beast empire… before it was destroyed.

    According to the Intel obtained by the beasts, the relic lies in the kingdom’s palace. It was embedded in the king’s throne, they tried infiltrating the palace but their beast scent have them up too easily.

    This war is also to avenge their brothers caught and killed by the humans, once caught, they would be transferred to a cruel place, a slaughter house where they will be humiliated…they will be forced to sign a contract with the humans to serve as their mounts and guard. Pitting them to fight against their brothers.

    If they have no use for the enemies or they prefer to die than to suffer humiliation, their fate will be worse than just dying. That’s where the slaughter house comes to play, they’ll be carried of to kill, cooked and eaten by the devilish humans. Percieving the sweet scent of their brothers is also a form of torture on its own.

    Rest in peace brother chicken, we’ll always remember your sacrifice brother lamb, brother goat, venerable cow, great commander dog, his Excellency king lion who was made to dance in a circus and many more messiah’s who sacrificed their life and freedom for the greater good of the beast empire.

    Even though you’re all dead we’ll never forget you and the sacrifices you made, we’ll do everything possible to rescue your descendants who are still in bondage and suffering injustice from the hands of these cruel humans who kills their prisoners of war.

    Thinking up to this point, the mountain lion roared.

    “kill, kill them all, drag their flesh back to the lair and you’ll be promoted”

    “ we’ll feast on their flesh as they did to our brothers across the world”

    “kill them, roast them, we’ll hang them on a stick and roast them tonight. As they did to lord pig and his descendants, we’ll do unto them”


    The one eyed ape blew the horn, and the war has officially started

    Author’s note; I didn’t want to bore you with long chapters, but if that is what you want…no problem at least 2000 words should be okay….and, pardon me for the poor naming of those characters and titles, I’m not too good with names.

    Let me know if 2000 words is not too much…enjoy.

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    Battle between man and beast…, its not going to be easy at all

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