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    Chapter 14; Lord Jason vs Zarny

    Lord Jason Vs Zarny

    Writer(s): Starblazer

    Shortly after a few clashes, the paler skinned savage beast staggered backwards, spurting out blood at each step, it took eleven steps before it could stabilize itself, the gleam of fear was dancing in his eyes, traces of horror warped his expression, it seemed he had experienced the thin line of life and death. It took a deep breath and wiped the stains of blood from the corners of his mouth, at this moment, it’s back had been drenched in sweat and it’s face had grown paler as if a white sheet of paper.

    “I, Thiong, admit defeat” Thiong’s voice reverberated across the arena.

    It’s body was shaking and it seemed it took a great effort just to mutter those words, Thiong hurriedly clasped his fist to Lord Jason and staggered out of the stage, it picked it’s broken blue sword along the way. Lord Jason nodded at the decisiveness of Thiong, a bright gleam of excitement flashed his eyes and happiness coursed through his body, Lord Jason tilted his head to the sky and a proud look could be seen on his face, he had the expression of “I-am-undefeatable”. Lord Jason placed his hand behind his back and swept his gaze among the throng of crowds.

    “Is there any beast that dares to accept my challenge? Or y’all are too weak to accept?” A blatant derision could be felt from his voice.

    At this moment, the cheering crowds had grown silent, a dumbstruck and dream-like expression was written on their faces. Truth be told, Thiong is known as the second most talented savage beasts across a thousand miles in the waters, second only to the legendary prodigy: Zarny and they had thought, the random savage beast would undoubtedly lose to Thiong, it couldn’t be helped, everyone had witnessed Thiong’s talented rise, it was enough to be called a stuff of Legends. Thiong had once gone against five teeming sharks of his cultivation level and didn’t lose, the battle lasted for hours and even the five teeming sharks was in a disadvantageous situation, it could be said this battle shocked every savage beasts in this ocean, it is without doubt, the teeming sharks had the strongest forces and their members are two times more stronger than their fellow peers but for Thiong to fight five all together and was even edging on a Victory, it was sufficient to mark his name in history but now, he was defeated by a random looking savage beasts, they were shocked speechless and it seemed all that happened was like a dream then the blatant disdain on the other party struck their chest.

    “Who do you think you are? I’ll challenge you” A bellow sounded out.

    Just then, a figure flashed into the stage, it had a resolute expression as if it is ready to fight to death.

    “Eh? Isn’t that Sammy of the teeming sharks?” Someone from the crowd spoke. The crowd was stunned.

    “It is indeed Sammy but isn’t he rated third place among the younger generation?” Someone spoke with a frown

    “Tch.. he couldn’t handle the disdain from that savage beast, so he had to step up, even I would have done the same if I was him” Someone replied with a resolute look.

    “We appreciate his good effort but it’s Useless. If only, that prodigy stepped up” A sigh came out from another individual in the crowd.

    “Stand down, Sammy. I have taken interest in him. Allow me to battle, no one sullies our reputation and gets away with it” An arrogant voice sounded out, loud enough for everyone in the arena to hear.

    “T-this, this is ZARNY!!!” Someone couldn’t help but cry out.

    “The legendary Zarny?”

    “Of course, that voice is unmistakable”

    “YES!! hahaha, that savage beast was acting all domineering before, it seems he will soon get pummelled”

    “I bet, it will end in three strikes”

    “Three strikes? Are you underestimating Zarny? I’d say one strike and Zarny would win” The crowd regained their confidence and an excited gleam could be seen in their eyes.

    Who was Zarny? This is the number one, legendary prodigy that has ever been given birth to in the last 50 years, some publicly acknowledged wise savage beasts stated it was the cumulation of luck for several years of the teeming sharks to birth such a genius. It was said, he could master techniques and arts in just few months when others usually takes years and his cultivation advanced at a breakneck speed, completely unrivalled. At this moment, Zarny is just 18 years old but he has already reached half step fighter 6, that’s right, he’s already almost on par with some clan elders at his young age, stunning every savage beasts, infact, even some self proclaimed geniuses looked up to him as an insurmountable mountain, even Thiong had lost in a open confrontation with Zarny and the fight lasted a few seconds. This was enough to make Zarny the number one genius.

    Lord Jason turned his head and a serious look covered his expression, this was because Lord Jason could feel the deep cultivation flowing within the figure walking up the stage, if Lord Jason could describe it, it would be more like a calm dominant aura, a dominant volcano, once unleashed, it will burn and scorch everything before it’s path. Lord Jason gulped down a mouthful of saliva and readied his mental fortitude, conditioning his body, he was quite aware of the illustrious reputation of Zarny and just how powerful he is, Lord Jason could admit, Zarny is every bit as talented as he is and he specifically came to this arena to test himself against the savage beasts and possibly humiliate him, Zarny is going to be the strongest foe he has ever faced.

    Zarny was walking up the stage, at each step he took, his aura skyrocketed into the air, by the time, he took the seventh step, a powerful gale force accompanied his presence, the wind was blowing in frenzied. It seems tongues of flames would gush out from his being, the temperature around the arena shot up, it would seem as if the arena had descended into a purgatory of flames, smearing heat assaulted the face of everyone.

    At the backseat of the arena, two savage beasts s----d in the hot air, their expression had a concerned look, it was the disguised Silas and Bing Xing, Bing Xing had already told Silas all about the talented geniuses it knew in the ocean and without doubt, Zarny was one of them. As fellow humans, Silas only hoped Lord Jason would win, though Silas was quite aware of Lord Jason’s cultivation but he knew, Zarny was every bit of match for him. Silas had designed a plan to get close to Lord Jason since he could use Lord Jason’s unique expertise to help him possibly acquire the fruit.

    At this moment, Zarny had already reached the stage, Sammy nodded at Zarny’s presence, he knew the moment Zarny take the field, victory is assured. Sammy left the stage for Zarny, he sneered at Lord Jason’s soon-to-be plight. Lord Jason had an impassive expression on his face, the pen hung few metres above him in the air, exuding a refined presence. This was a stand off, both parties was inspecting the other, searching for possible flaws and weaknesses to exploit. Lord Jason breathed out a turbid air and flicked his sleeve, the pen in the air trembled and suddenly moved, the crowd, everyone and even the teeming sharks themselves held their breath. The fight has BEGUN!!!. Brilliant lights surged forth from the pen, the ink sprayed in the air and crisscrossed into a beautiful ‘X’ figure in the air, the air served as the paper and pen served as the brush, etching it’s words on the paper. The ‘X’ figure swivled in the skies, it exuding a majesty aura as if it was the ruler of this expanse of space, it flickered and moved towards Zarny, a dense congregation of chaotic aura descended on the arena, everyone had a stifling expression, the closer the X figure came upon the stage, the stronger the pressure. Thiong’s face warped in horror, it had thought Lord Jason had gone all out on him and that was the reason for his lost but just by witnessing the terrifying might of the pen, it knew Lord Jason hadn’t even used 50% of his full power. It forcefully gulped down a mouthful of saliva and stole a glance at Zarny, as expected, Zarny looked completely unfazed. In the arena, the descending X character was indeed pressurising but one notable anomaly was that, Zarny seemed like he didn’t notice the existence of the character, Zarny raised a finger to the character and traced a faint arc in the air, the line movement of the motion of the finger birthed smearing flames, dying the surroundings in crimson red. The flames twisted and shot upward to meet the X character.


    A terrifying shockwave swept across the arena, leaving everyone startled.

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    Lord Jason has finally met his match Zarny…

    let see how it goes

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    Lord jason hmmm let see how the battle unfold

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    Hope things does not go bad sha

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    Chapter 15: The flame of war

    Roar!! Hissss!!!



    There are many beast showing aggression in various tongues and dialects, the Wolf’s howled, the apes tribe beats their chest with vigour. All demonic beasts bared their teeth « battle mode activated » ready to strike at any time, they are only waiting for confirmation from the mountain lion.

    “ VHFCa !!! ” the three tailed fox roared in beast language “ MgBCa’K CFArKCa CaBKCa CaOB VHCaBAr ”

    “ OKV? ” the mountain lion asked

    “ CaBKCa CaOBFAr KCaArBSiNOCa, VB LiOHMgMgBSiNB CaOBFAr NBSiFScKBK ……” the three tailed fox replied.

    Their tone sounds as if there something in their throats and they’re trying to force it out .

    No wonder, Silas is not interested in learning the ancient beast language. Someone’s child might vomit while trying to imitate their tone due to excessive stretching of the throat and some might even fart during the pronunciation…too much stress.


    “ what are they saying? ” the king asked “ I need a translator, find someone in the army who understands the ancient beast language ” the king commanded.

    “ Yes sir “ one of the guard bowed and went to deliver the message, as instructed.

    No matter which world it is, it’s always good to learn foreign language. You’ll need the knowledge when you least expect it.

    The guard went round the troops to deliver the king’s order, none of the soldiers understands this weird language except for Lucy and young master bada who wants to show off his knowledge.

    They were brought before the king who asked if they could translate the content of the three tailed fox and the mountain lions conversation. Their voice is loud and clear enough for the whole army to hear… it’s not a secret, the beasts knew that the human are too lazy to learn the beast language, they view the language with contempt. So…they have no fear that someone will understand the content of their chat.

    ” can you please explain what we all just heard from the mountain lion and his military advisor “ the king asked while facing both Lucy and young master bada with a questioning gaze as if he could read the translation from their faces.

    ” your, highness, I may not fully understand the ancient beast language, but I understand a little bit about what they’re saying“ Lucy explained ” I think they’re talking about the geniuses of us the human race… “

    ”they are planning to concentrate their attacks on the geniuses of the human race“ young master bada cuts in

    ” they’re planning to exterminate us all“ young master bada explained.

    ” hmmm “ the king sighed ” cut the stem, and a net tree might emerge. Stronger and healthier than the last ”

    “ uproot it from the soil, and it might have no chance at resurrection…they planned to win the war by losing this battle”

    “ but, we’ll give them a taste of the poison they prepared for us” the king said, with killing intent flashing in his eyes “ soldiers!!!, Listen to your king, focus on attacking the young pups, let them know that our geniuses are not to be triffled with.”

    “ we attack their young ones while shielding ours, there’s no need to stall anymore, the first to strike gains the upper hand ” the king said

    “ Attack ” he roared.

    The horn was sounded, the soldiers rushed to battle.

    Boom!! Boom!! Boom!!!…..the battle drum sounded, motivating the soldiers.

    All types of weapons were raised up high, there’s a shout in the midst of the soldiers “ kill them all ” it was echoed by another, until they all shouted in unison.

    Then, they all charged forward, with rage visible in their eyes. They’re not fighting for glory or wealth, but they’re Fighting for their loved ones, families, the mortals within the walls and all of humanity.

    The mountain lion and the rest were in the midst of following their plan when they were blocked of by the king and the palace officials.

    The king blocked off the mountain lion in, waving the spear in his hand as he made to stab the lion, sensing the danger, the lion moved back three paces while he swiped his claw at the incoming horse, falling the king off of his stead “all traitors should die ” he said, then he gave the horse a last blow to the head, ending it’s miserable life.

    The king landed from the horse, brandishing his spear once again,the real face off just began. Sparks fly off in the air due to the collision between a spear and a claw.

    Lucy, Fred, and Walt due to their experience at the river omiris joined forces together slaying beasts up and down on the battlefield, Lucy acts as their healer while Fred and Walt attacked with vigour, but they packed one final member to their group…Silas.

    He should be the one to pull the beast’s aggro effortlessly, while telling them what to do and how to evade attacks . They lacked a leader.

    Arrows rained down from the sky, flying everywhere among the enemy ranks, they have no choice than to swipe their claws and paws every now and then causing Sparks to fly.

    Young master bada and all other geniuses are locked in battle with the beasts, creating a path of blood and slaughter as the make their way to the battlefront, to fight the geniuses of the demonic beasts. There’s a particular beast at the battlefield slaughtering and maiming anyone he met on the battlefield.

    He bites off heads, increasing the numbers of headless corpses on the battlefield, not a single soldier could restrain him.

    There’s a young man among the human genius whose eyes were red, looking like an asura that just got back from hell, the killing intent in his eyes rises up to the heavens. His father was just killed by this same beast…ZIM the mountain lion cub.

    With red eyes, yuslo carved a path of blood, leading to the mountain lion ZIM, then he swung the heavy hammer he was wielding right at the centre of ZIMs head ready to exterminate this ferocious demonic beast.

    ZIM waved his claw to meet the heavy hammer, sending him tumbling back, spitting a lot of blood.

    His claw vibrated and the nails on that claw broke in half, he retreated without hesitation, but yuslo wasn’t willing to let him go, he blocked off his path of retreat leaving him no choice than to fight, a fight that will decide his fate.

    Both of them were locked in a battle, one is insanely mad while the other wants to keep his life.

    The fight went on until the mountain lion ZIM Began to show weakness.


    The hammer finally found the way to his head, nearly crushing Zims skull, blood rushed out of his nose and mouth and his life force nearly dissipated.

    “ do you dare to kill me? ” he asked while looking towards the direction where his father was battling the king. Their eyes met, the mountain lion tried every means possible, to free himself from the king’s entanglement but it was all futile.


    Yuslo didn’t waste words with the young cub, he silenced him with resolute

    “ dad, save me ” that was the last word that came out of ZIMs mouth.

    Dad, save me!

    The word echoed in the mountain Lions ears, washing away any speck of sanity left in him, his only son ZIM is dead…killed by the hands of a human.. “ despicable humans!!!”

    “Roar” he bellowed with bloodshot eyes “ great ancestors, can you please join the battle now? ”

    A mighty roar resounded throughout the battlefield a White level 6 lion emerges, level six peak, “ cuckoorookoo ” a giant chicken six meters tall also comes out from the midst of the beasts.

    Then a level 6 colourful ape also appeared, he was one eyed six metres tall ape with a colourful fur. He beat his chest twice the faced the sky to give a resounding roar that echoed throughout the battlefield, causing all combatant to pause for a moment to cast a glance at the source of this powerful roar.

    Then, a snort could be heard from a distance “ who is it that dared to disturb my sleep ” it was an old man with white hair on his head, he wore a purple robe with a pretty sandal on his legs.

    He was somewhat sleepy, with disheveled hair and sleepy eyes he yawned, he doesn’t even look like someone who’s ready to battle. He’s eccentric Williams, silas’ grandfather.

    “ you still have the chance to run, before I change my mind ” he said while facing the colourful ape.

    Upon seeing the man with disheveled hair, the colourful ape went crazy, with rage brimming in his eyes as if he just found the culprit who killed his parent. He ran forward with incredible speedy to receive this unwelcomed guest…then…they were locked in battle, putting their lives on the line.

    “ do you take us to be here just to serve as ornaments for beautifying this battlefield? ” another old man showed his face.

    “ old man, you take the chicken while I battle this lion ” another man revealed himself out of the shadows

    “ what do you take me for, a weakling?. Only a weakling will like to battle a chicken, that’s a great stain on my name if I really did that ” the man said “ the previous king of this town to fight a chicken, where’s the majesty in that…my dignity is lost ” the first man said, casting a disdainful glance at the second man

    The said chicken was fuming with anger as he glared at the previous king and it’s accomplice.

    “ your mother is a chicken, all your families are chicken. I’m an heaven defying c--k, the last of my kind”

    “ I guess you slept too much that you lost your eyesight”, the chicken clucked.

    “ don’t tell me you can’t even kill a chicken ” the second man accused the previous king.

    “ let’s do it this way old friend, we both charge into battle, the last to reach the lion is a chicken…hmm I mean, battle the chicken ” he said, casting an apologetic glance at the fuming chicken.

    They then charged to battle without hesitation, but the previous king won the race. The second man glanced at the chicken, then shrugged his shoulder “ it’s your good fortune to fight with me, don’t die too quick, there’s no better opponent here to fight with, I guess…I’ll manage you ” he sighed

    “ go manage your father ” the chicken cursed, then flapped his wing running to peck his enemy to death.

    Then…they all get busy with battle.

    Howls, shrieks, blood curdling screams rang out on the battlefield. Within thirty minutes, the battleground was dyed crimson red.

    People were being mutilated, you can find severed arms, legs and even heads laying around on the battleground, carcasses of enormous beasts can clearly be seen from distance.

    The smell of blood permeated the air, some blood already formed Chrystal on the ground. The moon was dim, with little light to show, it was clearly sad by the bloodshed on this very day.

    the sky cried, mourning for it’s dead, those slain in battle. Thunder rumbled in the sky while the rain fell ceaselessly, washing the blood off the ground, removing all traces of battle.

    The walls were now emptied, the fighters within the walls poured out of the city with resolute shown on their faces, even those silky pants who are afraid of death rushed out of the city.

    They all didn’t care if this will be their last battle, their heads may be bloody but they’ll never admit defeat, they’ll never surrender to the wild beasts they once controlled…this is their pride, the pride of humanity.

    They’ll fight, until they breathe their last.

    More people died on that very day, they all fought till the night time. The mortals were anxious, they all came to the gate to watch the battle. Their fate depended on the victory, once the wall is breached they’re all dead.

    The soldiers fought till the last man, when the man beating the battle drum couldn’t take it anymore, he joined the battle.

    Seeing that there was nothing to give the soldiers motivation to fight, an old man went to the top of the wall with a flute in hand. He played according to his mood, a sorrowful song, a dirge.

    Then he was joined by a young lady who accompanied him with an harp.

    An old lady who just witnessed how her only son was slaughtered sang with sorrow lingering in her heart.

    The flame of war has been ignited
    Let’s raise our heads up high

    The flame of war United
    The beacon of hope is flickering
    On the verge of dissipating

    Our head may be bloody, we may be in pain
    But it’ll always remain unbowed, we’ll never give in to fate

    Death is nothing, compared to our dignity
    To our pride

    Think of the soldiers who lost their lives
    For this course
    Fight, for the ones who sacrificed their live for you.

    The song was like an adrenaline pill to the soldiers, their eyes went red and they battled like never before… putting their own lives on the line as the woman continued to sing.

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    This story is just too wonderful wishing to read an episode each day. mr anuoluwapo u ar doing really well big boss

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    Hmmmmm battle with d beast will be one of the greatest the city will forever remember. tales will be passed frm generations down to generation dat if the battle was won

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    Chapter 16: shadow of death

    The war was now at the pinnacle where lives were nothing to the warriors on the battlefield, shrieks and roars could be heard here and there.

    The king and the mountain lion fought with their lives on the line, without regards for their lives.

    The king looked like a beggar, his fine garment was now tattered, designed with claw marks all over. He was bleeding all over his body, bloody gashes are visible at the places where his skin is now exposed to the air…he looked like a rich beggar with a crown placed on his head but the battle intent is still visible in his eyes

    The mountain lion is not exempted, he is also full of spear marks all over his body,he roared as he charged at the king once again imbuing his claw with a magical technique which turned into into a steel, it is a powerful technique of the beast tribe “ the steel claw technique ”.

    He stroke his claw at the king cutting off his ability to evade this technique, the king struck out with his spear to block the steel claw technique but he was sent flying with the hand wielding the spear vibrating non stop from the powerful impact.

    He stood up while coughing a mouthful of blood, the mountain lion charged at him again giving him no chance to prepare, and with a powerful headbutt the king was sent flying once again.

    Before he could touchdown from his flight the mountain lion was waiting for him with claws as sharp as a sword giving him another round of beating.

    The king was on the verge of passing out, his life force was flickering like a candle light on a stormy night.

    Before touchdown, the king waved his hand in an incantation gesture as he summoned the wind sending it to attack the mountain who is now in mid air about to pounce on the king.

    The wind sent him flying for about ten feet space, the the king threw his spear in the air before making an incantation gesture with his hand. The spear then was multiplied by two, then two became four, four became eight until it reach the limit of a thousand sword.

    Then the king waved his hand as he sent the hundreds of sword flying towards the mountain lion.

    Sensing the impending danger, the mountain lion said some incantation as he spit out an illusory shield which covered a radius of 7 feet around him.

    As the thousand Spears made of pure energy strucked the
    Shield, almost half of the energy Spears were destroyed as the illusory shield cracked then turned into ashes.

    With nothing to stop them, the remaining energy spear and the original spear cloaked within the sea of Spears made their way to strike the mountain lion. The sense of crises within him Rose to the peak as he let out a powerful roar of anguish.

    The roar is a powerful technique exclusive to only the lion tribe of the beasts, it’s called “ the lion’s roar ” , with that powerful roar, almost all the energy spear were destroyed except for ten.

    The mountain lion spit out five mouthful of blood to meet with the spear attack, his claw was bloody as he defended the ten energy spear attack but his heart was impaled with the original spear that was concealed in the air.

    He removed the bloody spear from his heart as he used a forbidden technique to escape from the battlefield at the cost of his life force, he burnt his life force as he escaped from the battlefield he wouldn’t be about to fight for the next two months due to the injuries he sustained in this battle.

    The king made to go after the escaping lion but he was too weak to do so, he was immediately surrounded by the royal guards who popped some healing pills into his mouth as the escorted him to safety by carving out a path of blood as the neared the city gates.

    The king stubbornly told the guards off as he made to join the battlefield but he merely took the first step before passing out, the guards knew the type of person they are dealing with so they put a sleeping pill among the pills given to the king. The carried him off to the academy where they laid him on a bed to rest and recuperate from his injuries.


    There are battles going on on the north, West and the Eastern gates but the southern gate is where the battle is at the peak, where all the mighty warriors are gathered.

    At the Eastern gates you can see mortals battling against each other, arrows rained down from the city wall, the beasts were slaughtered mercilessly at this particular city gate.

    This is where the king wants Silas to lead in battle, though Silas is a mortal, but he’s a special mortal, he can cast some spells exclusive only to the early one star fighter. Though he can cast those spell but the powers of the spell will be decreased dramatically.

    He’s at the peak of the mortal life, and he also have a body strength of a one star fighter, early one star fighter body…the only thing he lacked is the magic and energy required to reach that level.

    At the western part of the state, the battle is fought amongst the level one beasts and the 1star fighter fighting to the death. It is a battlefield of those who just stepped on the path of energy cultivation.

    Some level two beasts and early one star fighter can be seen on this battle but they’re not much, they can be counted with a finger.

    At the nothern gates, the battlefield was filled with blood as the warriors fought with their lives on the line, there were as many level two beasts and two star fighters on this battlefield as there were many sands on the ground but the three star fighters and level three beasts can be counted with one finger. The higher level fighters and geniuses were all at the Southern gate fighting with all their strength.

    At the southern gate, the former king fought with the enraged white lion, they fought with all the magic they could summon. Though there is still a balance between both army on the battle field but it wouldn’t last for long due to the absence of the mountain lion and the presence of some geniuses of the human army.

    At some place on the battlefield, there’s a youth with crimson red eye wearing a cloth socked in blood and sweat, his battle armor was cracked at the chest area, though he’s young, he looks 17-18 years old but he was feared by both the young and old.

    He wielded a big bronze hammer with which he used to reap his enemies lives, with a swing of his hammer his enemies skull must crack, the ones far from him must have a splitting headache due to the resounding boom from the hammer on its impact with the enemies head.

    Over twenty percent of the corpses on the battlefield are the ones with exploded head, killed by this very youth.

    He is like the shadow of death, with every step he takes a soul must be lost, he is the emissary of death, his name is yuslo.

    He was given a name on the battlefield, the enemies call him the shadow of death, he looked like a devil that just emerged from the yellow spring of hell he walks with brood dripping off his face.

    Anywhere he passed on the battlefield, the demonic beasts will willingly create a path for him on the battlefield, and anyone he set his eyes on have received a death sentence and must be executed…he is the Executioner, the shadow of death.

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