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    Chapter 14; Lord Jason vs Zarny

    Lord Jason Vs Zarny

    Writer(s): Starblazer

    Shortly after a few clashes, the paler skinned savage beast staggered backwards, spurting out blood at each step, it took eleven steps before it could stabilize itself, the gleam of fear was dancing in his eyes, traces of horror warped his expression, it seemed he had experienced the thin line of life and death. It took a deep breath and wiped the stains of blood from the corners of his mouth, at this moment, it’s back had been drenched in sweat and it’s face had grown paler as if a white sheet of paper.

    “I, Thiong, admit defeat” Thiong’s voice reverberated across the arena.

    It’s body was shaking and it seemed it took a great effort just to mutter those words, Thiong hurriedly clasped his fist to Lord Jason and staggered out of the stage, it picked it’s broken blue sword along the way. Lord Jason nodded at the decisiveness of Thiong, a bright gleam of excitement flashed his eyes and happiness coursed through his body, Lord Jason tilted his head to the sky and a proud look could be seen on his face, he had the expression of “I-am-undefeatable”. Lord Jason placed his hand behind his back and swept his gaze among the throng of crowds.

    “Is there any beast that dares to accept my challenge? Or y’all are too weak to accept?” A blatant derision could be felt from his voice.

    At this moment, the cheering crowds had grown silent, a dumbstruck and dream-like expression was written on their faces. Truth be told, Thiong is known as the second most talented savage beasts across a thousand miles in the waters, second only to the legendary prodigy: Zarny and they had thought, the random savage beast would undoubtedly lose to Thiong, it couldn’t be helped, everyone had witnessed Thiong’s talented rise, it was enough to be called a stuff of Legends. Thiong had once gone against five teeming sharks of his cultivation level and didn’t lose, the battle lasted for hours and even the five teeming sharks was in a disadvantageous situation, it could be said this battle shocked every savage beasts in this ocean, it is without doubt, the teeming sharks had the strongest forces and their members are two times more stronger than their fellow peers but for Thiong to fight five all together and was even edging on a Victory, it was sufficient to mark his name in history but now, he was defeated by a random looking savage beasts, they were shocked speechless and it seemed all that happened was like a dream then the blatant disdain on the other party struck their chest.

    “Who do you think you are? I’ll challenge you” A bellow sounded out.

    Just then, a figure flashed into the stage, it had a resolute expression as if it is ready to fight to death.

    “Eh? Isn’t that Sammy of the teeming sharks?” Someone from the crowd spoke. The crowd was stunned.

    “It is indeed Sammy but isn’t he rated third place among the younger generation?” Someone spoke with a frown

    “Tch.. he couldn’t handle the disdain from that savage beast, so he had to step up, even I would have done the same if I was him” Someone replied with a resolute look.

    “We appreciate his good effort but it’s Useless. If only, that prodigy stepped up” A sigh came out from another individual in the crowd.

    “Stand down, Sammy. I have taken interest in him. Allow me to battle, no one sullies our reputation and gets away with it” An arrogant voice sounded out, loud enough for everyone in the arena to hear.

    “T-this, this is ZARNY!!!” Someone couldn’t help but cry out.

    “The legendary Zarny?”

    “Of course, that voice is unmistakable”

    “YES!! hahaha, that savage beast was acting all domineering before, it seems he will soon get pummelled”

    “I bet, it will end in three strikes”

    “Three strikes? Are you underestimating Zarny? I’d say one strike and Zarny would win” The crowd regained their confidence and an excited gleam could be seen in their eyes.

    Who was Zarny? This is the number one, legendary prodigy that has ever been given birth to in the last 50 years, some publicly acknowledged wise savage beasts stated it was the cumulation of luck for several years of the teeming sharks to birth such a genius. It was said, he could master techniques and arts in just few months when others usually takes years and his cultivation advanced at a breakneck speed, completely unrivalled. At this moment, Zarny is just 18 years old but he has already reached half step fighter 6, that’s right, he’s already almost on par with some clan elders at his young age, stunning every savage beasts, infact, even some self proclaimed geniuses looked up to him as an insurmountable mountain, even Thiong had lost in a open confrontation with Zarny and the fight lasted a few seconds. This was enough to make Zarny the number one genius.

    Lord Jason turned his head and a serious look covered his expression, this was because Lord Jason could feel the deep cultivation flowing within the figure walking up the stage, if Lord Jason could describe it, it would be more like a calm dominant aura, a dominant volcano, once unleashed, it will burn and scorch everything before it’s path. Lord Jason gulped down a mouthful of saliva and readied his mental fortitude, conditioning his body, he was quite aware of the illustrious reputation of Zarny and just how powerful he is, Lord Jason could admit, Zarny is every bit as talented as he is and he specifically came to this arena to test himself against the savage beasts and possibly humiliate him, Zarny is going to be the strongest foe he has ever faced.

    Zarny was walking up the stage, at each step he took, his aura skyrocketed into the air, by the time, he took the seventh step, a powerful gale force accompanied his presence, the wind was blowing in frenzied. It seems tongues of flames would gush out from his being, the temperature around the arena shot up, it would seem as if the arena had descended into a purgatory of flames, smearing heat assaulted the face of everyone.

    At the backseat of the arena, two savage beasts s----d in the hot air, their expression had a concerned look, it was the disguised Silas and Bing Xing, Bing Xing had already told Silas all about the talented geniuses it knew in the ocean and without doubt, Zarny was one of them. As fellow humans, Silas only hoped Lord Jason would win, though Silas was quite aware of Lord Jason’s cultivation but he knew, Zarny was every bit of match for him. Silas had designed a plan to get close to Lord Jason since he could use Lord Jason’s unique expertise to help him possibly acquire the fruit.

    At this moment, Zarny had already reached the stage, Sammy nodded at Zarny’s presence, he knew the moment Zarny take the field, victory is assured. Sammy left the stage for Zarny, he sneered at Lord Jason’s soon-to-be plight. Lord Jason had an impassive expression on his face, the pen hung few metres above him in the air, exuding a refined presence. This was a stand off, both parties was inspecting the other, searching for possible flaws and weaknesses to exploit. Lord Jason breathed out a turbid air and flicked his sleeve, the pen in the air trembled and suddenly moved, the crowd, everyone and even the teeming sharks themselves held their breath. The fight has BEGUN!!!. Brilliant lights surged forth from the pen, the ink sprayed in the air and crisscrossed into a beautiful ‘X’ figure in the air, the air served as the paper and pen served as the brush, etching it’s words on the paper. The ‘X’ figure swivled in the skies, it exuding a majesty aura as if it was the ruler of this expanse of space, it flickered and moved towards Zarny, a dense congregation of chaotic aura descended on the arena, everyone had a stifling expression, the closer the X figure came upon the stage, the stronger the pressure. Thiong’s face warped in horror, it had thought Lord Jason had gone all out on him and that was the reason for his lost but just by witnessing the terrifying might of the pen, it knew Lord Jason hadn’t even used 50% of his full power. It forcefully gulped down a mouthful of saliva and stole a glance at Zarny, as expected, Zarny looked completely unfazed. In the arena, the descending X character was indeed pressurising but one notable anomaly was that, Zarny seemed like he didn’t notice the existence of the character, Zarny raised a finger to the character and traced a faint arc in the air, the line movement of the motion of the finger birthed smearing flames, dying the surroundings in crimson red. The flames twisted and shot upward to meet the X character.


    A terrifying shockwave swept across the arena, leaving everyone startled.

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    Lord Jason has finally met his match Zarny…

    let see how it goes

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    Lord jason hmmm let see how the battle unfold

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    Hope things does not go bad sha

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