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    Chapter 17: daylight robbery

    *Daylight robbery*

    Episode 17

    At some other place on the battlefield, a mighty warrior was killing with a heavy ruler in his hand, with a swing of his ruler many demonic beasts were left with fractured ribs and bones. He knew how to force the enemies to retreat and with a very mighty swing he sent some beast to meet with their maker.

    He is the ambassador to the underworld, every enemy he met must have a free visa to the underworld Until he finally met his match from the enemy camp, a wild dog, if Silas were here he would remember this dog…he is the dog general; one of the beasts who ambushed them on the way to the river omiris “ the mad dog ”.

    He may not be a genius or a young man but he’s old and cunning, he’s a war veteran facing a young man who has never fought in a war before.

    Since the minute he joined this battle, he’s been looking for one particular person, a fearsome devil’s incarnate, he’s seen his siblings and he dare not step in the range of 500 metres around them for the fear of provoking the demonic core eater who may be hiding in the shadows.

    How the three headed demonic snake lost his energy cultivation and memories still baffles him till this day, it’s a mystery that he dared not unravel; he doesn’t want to have anything to do with that jinx or the mysterious expert helping him in the dark so…he does everything with caution and he only picks on enemies he can easily defeat, before young master bada sets his eyes on him.

    He swished his claw as he pounced on young master bada baring his teeth wide as he made to take a powerful bite out of young master bada’s flesh.

    Clang!!! Young master bada shoved the heavy ruler into the mad dog’s mouth resulting in a spark as the mad dog’s whole being vibrated from the impact of the ruler with his teeth.

    Then, young master bada makes some incantation gesture with his hand before slamming his heavy ruler into the ground creating a mini earthquake as the Earth around the mad dog cracked. The force of the earthquake disorganized the mad dog’s system, rupturing his internal organs.

    That was not the end of it, all the cracked surfaces around him began to heat up, the heat was unbearable and the ground began to vibrate producing a red glow inside each and every crevice of the cracked surfaces.

    This was non other that a technique of bada’s family, “ Asura’s wrath: bringing hell to your doorstep ” a technique unique to the Davis family.

    This technique is usually casted with a heavy object slammed to the ground and once there’s a crack in the ground the enemy should forget about escaping, unless the caster is too weak to wield the power of this technique.

    The ground was red-hot, increasing the temperature around 100 meters of the battlefield. As the sayings go, when two giants or elephants were fighting, the weeds under their feet suffers the most, that is the case for the demonic beasts around them. Some low level beasts were incinerated to ashes by merely stepping on the affected area.

    The dog general knew that if care is not taken, he will not live to see the light of the day, so he used a forbidden technique to heal his wounds at a fast pace and to restore his depleted energy and his blood that was burning at an increasing speed.

    He was sweating profusely under his fur as he charged out of the area of the spell’s effect running for his dear life, consuming the life force of any beast he met in the area saving them from the prolonged pain before their inevitable death.

    He heaved a sigh of relief when he finally got out from the spell area, but his joy didn’t last for long when he saw the young man running after him with a maddening speed. He felt despair, nowhere to run to, no one to call for help…

    …then something struck him as he looked into the distance, he noticed a signboard in the middle of the battlefield advertising the service he needed right now.

    There’s a tent behind the signboard, a medium sized mobile tent was constructed behind the big banner and there was a big sign ontop of the tent stating the name of this dubious company.

    SILAS AND SIBLINGS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY was written boldly both on the tent and on the large signboard.

    The advertisement on that signboard says:




    this is not the first time he’s noticed this sign, but this is the first time he’ll find it useful and also the first time he’ll wish to sign up for this dubious insurance policy.

    He ran, as fast as his limbs could carry him as he focused on his new found destination, with his hope for survival behind the wheels as he casted a spell to unleash a never seen before demonic speed as he dashed for the insurance company.

    Young master bada’s eyes was glowing red with rage as he increased his speed praying for the dog general not to step on the “ borderline ” created by those shameless bastards.

    They’ve stolen far too much of his prey, he became even more enraged when he saw those enemies he almost killed, wearing blue headbands smiling, unable to wave at him due to their lack of hands.

    “ those shameless bastards, this one is mine ” he cried as he threw his heavy ruler at the dog general to cut him off from reaching the line.

    The dog general sensing the impending danger jumped up to meet the attack without any resistance bringing down his guard until he was hit, the impact propelled him forward as he was sent flying to the other side of the line.

    Young master bada reached the border at the same time as when the dog general landed at the entrance of the company’s tent. He looked around, eyeing everyone and every beast he coul see.

    By now there were more than a hundred high leveled beasts wearing red head bands stamped with the king’s insignia standing guard around the tent. They were once chased here by the geniuses of the human race before they got saved by their new bosses at the cost of their freedom.

    There are also some humans at every corner of the tent wielding bows and carrying quills of tens of arrows on their back😛, but instead of the normal blue headbands seen on the demonic beasts head they’re wearing a blue coloured headbands with some words written on it.

    “ SASLIC GUARDS “ that is what was written boldly on the headband, it is the abbreviation of the company’s name.

    They were almost killed by demonic beasts when Fred Lucy and Walt came to their rescue, they join the team to further rescue others in trouble and also to repay their debt to the group; they weren’t let off that easily, they will have to serve the company during the duration of this war after splitting the demonic core in their interspacial bracelet into two as a show of ” gratitude “.

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    Episode 18

    The Earth-shattering battle.
    Writer(s): Starblazer

    The terrifying shockwave expanded and drowned everything in it’s wake. A cloak of dust wafted about, obscuring everyone’s sight, faint flickers of light often appears and disappears as if a ghost specter, each time, the flicker appears, a tremor shook the arena. Bright light poured out from the dust, archaic runic symbols, it looked as if tiny snakes of light were writhing and twisting, it suddenly lit up and dyed the surroundings in it’s splendor. At this point, the dust had settled, two figures flitted across the stage.


    The runic symbols brightened up seemingly a sun spreading it’s radiance, the spectators shielded their eyes. The light rays dimmed and reverted to normal, the two figures were at opposite sides of the stage. The crowd and spectators gasped, both parties looked disheveled, blood poured from their mouths, splattering the stage.

    “H-h-he actually fought Zarny to this extent” A shocked shout rippled into the crowd.

    “T-this is intense. Just who is that savage beast?”

    “I don’t know who he is but this should be the most legendary battle among the younger generation”

    The eyes of the crowd flickered from shock to admiration. At first, they had prejudice with Lord Jason but this wasn’t uncalled for, infact, it could be said Lord Jason intentionally provoked them, so their hate is justifiable but taking in the greater picture, strength reigns supreme, all oppositions would be quelled before absolute power turning into nothing but admiration and fear. This is exactly what is happening, Lord Jason had proven his might and strength quelling the hate and disgust of the crowd, as of this moment, they saw him a genius comparable to Zarny. Even the old ancestors secretly observing the battle nodded in approval and clicked their tongues.

    Two figures seated at the back looked thrilled. Of course, it was Bing Xing and Silas, even though Silas had expected Lord Jason to give Zarny an intense match, he didn’t expect it to be this ferocious. Silas subconsciously gulped down and waited with bated breath.

    Zarny’s strands of hair falling at the side of his face was matted with sweat and his blood, his eyes overflowed with a strong desire for battle, he cleaned the blood from the corners of his lips, he chuckled lightly and looked up at Lord Jason.

    “You’re indeed a worthy opponent but if this is all you’ve got then you have sorely mistaken to anger the savage beasts” Zarny’s voice sounded out, a strong tune of confidence could be felt in it, it felt, he had more up his sleeves.

    Lord Jason didn’t look any better than Zarny in physical appearance, he steadied himself back to his feet, a bright glow of admiration flickered deep in his eyes. It was the admiration for a fellow peer in strength.

    “Hahahahaha, you’re sure entertaining Zarny but let’s see how far you can go” Lord Jason roared with laughter and a confidence to match.

    Both parties had readied their conditions of battle, arriving back at peak level, this was the might of a genius, capable of restoring their fighting will and strength. Zarny took in a deep breath and flicked his sleeves, a crimson set of a bow and arrow appeared, it’s surface was rough and it seemed like it was soaked in blood. A faint roar as if that of a phoenix attempting to soar into the skies sounded out from the bow, the roar wasn’t loud or earpiercing, it was faint but strangely, it shook the hearts and soul of everyone, Lord Jason’s face fell and warped into shocked.

    Deep within a secluded space, fear and shock could be seen within the depths of the ancient ancestors. Lord teeming shark stroked his chin.

    “That must be the bow and arrow carved from the fiery scarletswallow blood, that bird was legendary and had a trace of the Phoenix bloodline even though it was negligible, it was still something of a legend. The legendary bow and arrow that was wield by Ancestor Beirut, it was said, he was undefeated as long as he had those weapons in his hands. There was even a saying back then, ‘The coming of Beirut is the coming of destruction’. But we have searched for ages for that weapon, who could have thought, it ended in the hands of this genius? Hahahahahaha! The heavens hasn’t forgotten us after all, with this weapon in hand, we shall restore our previous glory. Zarny is truly fortunate” Lord teeming spoke as if to himself but it was heard by the others. Even though, they had also had the stories of the bow and arrow, it still leaved them in awe and admiration everytime.

    During the era of Ancestor Beirut, even the humans didn’t dare enter the seas, it was said, he once slayed a human Sovereign, since that battle, everyone had reverence to him, even though he had died several thousands of years ago, his name was still spoke till this day, the most legendary and powerful savage beast in existence.


    Back at the arena, Zarny’s entire being looked as if he was submerged in to the bow, his eyes was closed, resonance sounded from him, it sounded like the acknowledgement of the heavens, the calm before the storm was deadly silent, till the point, a drop of needle would echo. Everyone waited with bated breath. Lord Jason touched his pen and closed his eyes, a faint resonate echoed from him matching that of Zarny.

    “What’s that resonance?” Silas whispered in the lowest of voice to Bing Xing.

    Bing Xing stared agape, eyes transfixed to the stage.

    “T-that is the ‘resonance of the heavens’ ,it happens when someone has mastered a certain art or element to the extent, even the heavens had to faintly acknowledge your prowess. Both parties had obviously reached this level” his voice was ragged.

    Silas’s eyes widened in shock.

    “The acknowledgement of the heavens…… No wonder, they’re called insurmountable geniuses. They’re simply too legendary” Silas muttered under his breath, his eyes fixed on the arena.

    Zarny drew his breath in sharply, the bow suddenly started glowing bright scarlet, Zarny picked up an arrow from it’s quiver, the arrow’s head seemed like it could rip off the life of anyone, it was sent to, it was obvious, this arrow had gone through so many baptism in blood, he knocked the arrow on the string of the bow. At this moment, it seemed, he had become the bow and the arrow, their figures overlapped, becoming one. With every breath, he slowly pulled the arrows backwards, the bow and arrow lit up in flames, dying it’s body, the arrow seemingly transformed to a flaming phoenix head and it’s body, the bow. It spread out it’s wings, kicking up a terrifying gale of wind, it roared into the skies. Everyone looked up to the flaming phoenix in reverence, some had no choice but to kneel. This was of course the manifestation of the legendary phoenix from the bloodline of the fiery swallow.

    At this moment, just when the Phoenix was displaying it’s incredible might, a massive character appeared in the skies, slightly bigger than the Phoenix, it’s presence was like that of an inviolable emperor. It exuded a majestic and transcendent aura, clashing with the domineering aura emanated from the Phoenix.

    “This is the final attacks. The winner would be decided soon” Silas evaluated.

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    Episode 19: Marine kingdom

    *War; A battle for survival*

    *Chapter 19*

    *The Marine kingdom*

    The company “SILAS AND SIBLINGS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY” and the plan to set it up was silas’ idea when they were on the way to the river omiris. Silas came up with the idea while they were fighting with the demonic beasts, though he was still a kid when the last beast stampede happened ten years ago, but he went through some books during his free time in the fighters academy ( he’s always free ).

    He went through the town’s history from the day it was created to the time of the inauguration of the first king to the current one. he never missed a detail, only to discover that in all of those war there are some beasts that are conscripted to serve in the war, they have no option than to fight.

    Those beasts are the most cowardly of all, they valued their lives more than any glory or wealth, even more than their own freedom. They believed that their fate can be changed even if they lost their freedom, so far as they’re still alive.

    The students at the academy all knew that war was brewing, but they didn’t know that it’ll be this fast. The war has already started right before they went to the river omiris. The academy has already issued all kinds of missions for the geniuses in the city, where the geniuses will go to the jungle to kill low levelled beasts for special rewards.

    There are many missions to choose from,some are assassination mission, and some mission required not less than ten students to complete, for example, the mission to exterminate a certain clan of demonic beasts, while some are as minor and extremely dangerous as to gather intelligence on some powerful beasts or clan of beasts.

    Some people have already signed up for the missions in the academy, some failed woefully while some manage to bring a piece of information back to the academy even though they failed. There’s also a third category of students who later ended up as demonic beast’s shits.

    This is a trial by fire that serves as a training to prepare them for the upcoming war.

    They were all prepared for this war, the only people left in the dark were the young ones. That is why they were sent on dangerous missions, to sharpen and prepare them for what is to come.


    At the battlefield

    Young master bada was stopped by the guards at the entrance of the mobile tent, he was fuming with anger. His burning anger can dissolve a diamond, but he can’t do anything about it, he’s outnumbered and the king warned them fiercely against infighting.

    “ tell those bastards to come out, release the dog to me!!! ” He shouted.

    “Well, who do we have here? The all knowing young master bada ” Walt walked out of the tent with his hand placed behind his back and his head raised high up, looking like an unmatched hero who longs for defeat.

    The dog general quickly ran to hide behind him as this is the only chance for him to live, so he grabbed it by the heels.

    “ are you sick? Why are you hugging my leg? ” Walt said as he kicked the mad dog away

    That crazy bastard just ruined his show.

    “ young master bada can you please give me some face? This dog here is an old friend of mine ” Walt said as he turned to the dog general for confirmation “ isn’t that right brother dog? ”

    “ y y yyes, you’re right, I and brother Walt met some days ago ” the dog general stuttered while silently praying to the gods above and the deities below for his dog life to be spared.


    Deep in the ocean of the river omiris, a beautiful palace stood tall amidst all types of miniature houses…hmmm…those houses weren’t actually small but the collosal palace stood tall above everything, just like a mountain putting everything behind it’s shadow.

    The palace was made of pure glass, the roof was constructed with diamonds which acts as a medium to reflect the light that penetrate deep into the ocean from above. The palace gate was carved with the strongest of all woods and it was intricately designed with all types of beautiful shiny pearls.

    A twenty thousand meter radius of the palace was covered in a circular ( globe ) spell formation in order to repel the seawater from entering the palace and to keep out uninvited guests.

    There are two palace guards placed at the palace gate to manage the spell formation, they were in their humanoid form standing gallantly in their bronze armor. There were both emitting the aura of fourth stage pinnacle fighter rank warrior.

    Five hundred meters west outside the spell formation.

    There’s a garden at the West side of this beautiful palace, all types of rare herbs and fruits can be found in this garden, even the most sought after Mana fruits is here.

    This garden seems to be part of the ocean but is actually not part of the sea,it is another realm entirely. The garden was wide and vast without no end in sight, all types of trees, herbs and fruits can be seen here.

    A beautiful maiden “sat” down under a tall eucalyptus tree singing happily with a melodious voice. her voice was calm and soft, bringing a sense of peace and tranquility to the mind of those who heard it.

    All types of seafoods.. hmm hmm…sea creatures surrounded this garden as they listened to her melodious voice.

    🎶— come to the deep sea🎶
    🎶 Heed the call of the ocean🎶
    🎶 Leave behind all treasures and gold🎶
    🎶O ye men who are fearless and bold🎶

    Her fingers moved on the strings with dexterity as she sang to the accompaniment of an harp.

    🎶There’s peace and quiet🎶
    🎶Right under the raging sea🎶
    🎶Where the waters were calm🎶
    🎶And creatures within rare🎶

    she’s as white as snow with red Rosy lips, her golden eyes shines brightly, she was wearing a purple bra mhmm a purple seashell where two melons were kept in prison, but it still did little work in keeping her melons from popping out. She is an epitome of beauty, her two melons wiggled from time to time as they danced to her melodious tune.

    🎶Here, you’ll find treasures without measure🎶
    🎶A beautiful site for your viewing pleasure🎶
    🎶Gold, diamonds, priceless gems🎶
    🎶And a mermaids love for the taking🎶

    A smile was plastered on her face, there’s a hint of seduction in her smile. her jade like body would surely make the most beautiful woman on Earth green with envy, all types of big modelling company would be trooping at her doorstep hoping for a chance to get a deal with her.

    🎶Come, swim to me🎶
    🎶O ye strongest of men🎶
    🎶My lips are treasure, my mouth golden🎶
    🎶Let me plunder your pains and worries🎶

    🎶With a kiss from me🎶
    🎶Your sorrows and griefs stolen🎶

    If she were to come to earth, many young men would be willing to kill for her. The current miss world would gladly relinquish their title and step down from their throne out of shame.

    She was busy singing her song with bliss when her phone rang…sorry…her communication talisman beeped, bringing a stop to this underwater concert of hers. All the seafoods left with a dejected look on their face.

    she made some hand sign before a small round mirror jumped out of a pure gold ring on her finger to appear in her hand.

    Then, a beautiful woman appeared on the phone screen..ptui.. mirror, she looked so much like the pretty woman holding the mirror with her white skin, blue hair, and body as smooth as a jade, she wore a golden seashell bra to keep her two vicious melons from causing commotion.

    Except for the fact that she’s more mature and she carries herself gracefully, she has the demeanor of a ruler and an air of authority surrounds her as she speaks, she looked more like the woman in the garden.

    “ Sheila, your presence is needed at the throne room ASAP ” she commanded “the great diviner wants everyone from the royal family in the throne room ”

    “ but mother…” the girl said before she was cut off by her mother.

    “ no buts, I want you here right now and that’s final ” she said.

    Then the screen went blank, putting an end to their short video call. She looked feebly on the grass as she tried to regain her strength.

    That video call costs twice as much data ( clears throat ) energy as voice transmission.

    “ she clearly knew that I’m a fifth stage fighter, yet she used this energy gobbling way of communicating when everything can be delivered through a maid or better still, a voice transmission talisman can be used ” Sheila complained as she stood up.

    With a swing of her hand, the harp and magic mirror was kept in the golden ring on her finger. Her golden fishtail wiggled as she swim.

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    Silas have u seen dis beauty name sheila

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    Please how do I edit episodes? I’ve made some little changes to the storyline.

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    send me a Private message with the corrections

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