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    I dey smell marriage between you two, sha don’t forget to call me for register ooo

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    I dey smell marriage between you both, sha don’t forget me for register

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    It could be destiny…next

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    😂😎Warri Boy in London😜🙄
    ( 🤦Warri no dey carry last 😋)

    Written by Uche Lawrence 😍

    🤦Chapter 3 🤦

    Enita’s pov

    And she came out… Only… To.. Be… Miss.. Sugar… Cane.. Neck.

    Must I see her every where I go?

    “You again? Must I see you everyday huh? Uncle how did you know her?” I asked facing my uncle.

    “Well, she’s my personal nurse. She saw your picture on my phone and asked about you then I told her everything.

    And guess what? She made me bring you here at least to come look after me. Isn’t she nice? Of course she is.” My uncle chuckles and sat on the big couch In the large living room.

    “Seriously? She mad….. Gosh! I can’t believe this.” I groaned and threw her a glare.

    She stuck her tongue out and smiled slyly.

    “Sir, I’d be going now. See you tomorrow. And toothpick, expect me tomorrow.” She finally said and gently walk out the house.

    Thank God. I can’t believe she did this. Should I thank her for making me come here or what?

    “Uncle, how’s your health now? I hope you’re feeling better now?” I said, dropping my bag around the corner.


    I was showed my room, it was a large one. My whole family can sleep here.

    We can even make this particular room. Room and parlour, and can even make a small kitchen from it.

    Don’t blame me. Poverty is not good.

    I don’t know how to cook all these foreign foods. So my uncle had to make it. He do the cooking while am just there watching.

    Don’t even know what it broccoli. 😂

    The food was ready and was placed on the dinning table. The way I eyed the food…. The appearance is attractive though but the mixing is somehow.

    “So let’s eat Enita, try the shawarma first.” Said my uncle giving me a plate and a fork.

    “Which one is shower man again?” I pushed the food the away.

    “Arrggh… It not shower man. Didn’t you go to school? Aren’t you a university graduate? Don’t tell me you don’t know shawarma” My uncle groaned.

    “Ohhh! That one? It different from the one I know. Nigeria own, just mix grass, egg and put it inside fish roll. That’s our shawarma.” I explained and he let out a small laugh.

    “Enita, you will not kill me. Just eat before I choke” He replied and continued his food.

    I haven’t even touch mine, I can’t eat this raw grass, when am not a ram. Uncle, is there anywhere I can buy akara?” I blurted out.

    Enita have you forgotten this is London?

    “Akara? Enita this is not Nigeria oo not to talk of warri. This is London. And… If you can’t eat this, leave it.

    In fact start eating now before I force it into your mouth right now. Take the fork”

    I reluctantly took the fork and dug it into the grass food. What ever the name is. I hate the food and swallow it forcefully.

    It was good though but I prefer my warri food than this raw food here. As if someone is an animal.

    I turned to the chicken and ate it, the only food that can make me relax.

    I ate with satisfaction and had dessert too.

    At night, I jumped on my bed and slept like never before. Best bed ever.


    Next day……..

    I woke up so early because of one stupid alarm. I checked the time, it was 8pm in the morning.

    I got down from my bed and walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take my bath.

    I got downstairs and saw uncle on phone calling, he turned to me and smiled.

    “Good morning uncle” I greeted formally.

    “Good morning Enita, how’s your night?” He replied.

    “Good sir, I have something to say.” I said, holding the hem of my shirt.

    “Okay, go on”

    “Is there a market here? I mean like the market in Nigeria. I want to buy many things.” I answered, biting my lower lip hard.

    “Market? To do what?….. Okay, I will take you there. Gosh! You have problem.” Uncle Efe whined and took the car keys.

    You must be wondering if he’s married, He was once married but not anymore. He divorced that witch he once called his wife.

    She had took his money about millions and spend it on her so called sugar daddy.

    It not like am an Amebo person, but I heard all what he said to my dad the day he came visiting.

    The market………

    We got to the crowdy market, I sighed and held my uncle’s hand before I get lost. Am new here.

    “So we are here, what do you want?”

    My uncle asked and I smiled at him. “I want to buy Nigerian ingredients here. I can’t continue to eat that raw food.

    It gonna take time for me to adjust to it but now, I want to eat Nigerian food. Coolval stories Please uncle take me to the Nigerian food department here.” I pouted like a baby.

    I myself knew I behave like a baby. But I don’t care. I want to eat Nigerian meals.

    “Arrgh! I don’t know maybe I should regret bringing you to London. Enita!!!!!!! This is the last you gonna trouble me. Follow me now!!!.” Said uncle Efe.

    I followed my uncle behind him, holding his shirt so I won’t miss him. Finally, we got to the place and I was marveled a little.

    “Wow, see fresh pepper and tomatoes. Uncle buy it. And that rice too. It looks like Ofada rice.” I squealed excitedly.

    They almost have everything I need… Just some things missing.

    I choose some ingredients and my uncle paid for that. I was so happy, I will be able to make okra soup today.

    We bought some few things and head home.

    “Tell me you want to cook that here?” My uncle asked.

    “Yes, is there a problem? Don’t worry, I will make you remember those delicious meal you do eat in Nigeria” I winked and ran to the kitchen.

    I drop the ingredients on the cabinet and washed my hands. I was about starting with the okra when I heard a tiny voice.

    That’s familiar. Miss sugar cane neck.

    I hissed and continued what I was doing. I heard her footsteps as she walk into the kitchen in her annoying heels.

    “Good morning toothpick” She peeped at what I was doing and grinned.

    “Wow, who will eat that okra you’re cooking?” She asked, as she rests her butt on a stool.

    Folding my arms and facing her. “Maybe you sugar cane. When I cook this food finish, you will eat it and ask for more” I answered proudly.

    “Whatever, am waiting in the dinning. Just make it attractive and don’t add too much salt. You know your uncle.” She wiggled her brow and walk diligently out of the kitchen.


    A hour and half, I was done with the cooking. I set the table and open the sweetest aroma of okra soup and Fufu.

    Typical Nigerian Food.

    “What’s this now? This food isn’t attractive enough to eat. I can’t eat this not to talk of tasting it.” Mimi yelled and drop the spoon in her hand.

    “Who send you? You can’t eat in your house? Better eat.” I replied, frustrated.

    “I called her to join us for lunch Enita.” My uncle chip in.

    “Huh? Really? That one is not my concern again.”

    I know she have no choice than to eat since my uncle invited her for lunch.

    “Me I can’t eat this oo. Am sorry I said that sir. But the look is making.. Arrgh I feel like…Don’t want to say any annoying words again.” She shut her self up.

    “You see Mimi, in the absence of crocodile nah lizard you go chop. You better eat this now or I force you myself.” I said, waiting for her reply.

    “I still can’t….. ” I shove the fufu in her mouth forcefully and ran away with my food.

    “You see? The food is delicious” I yelled to her hearing.


    😂😂😂Enita have come again oo🙄🙄

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    bring it on

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    Enita is a troublemaker

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    You don dey love the babe small small, continue!

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