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    hi coolvallers, I’m about to start a new story titled wasted year.the fictive tale of a pastor’s son in the university,
    all right reserved olanshile olalekan
    Get Chapter’s Link Below As The Story Progresses

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    ” Praising the lord oh my soul
    this is the day he has made
    halleluya2x praising the lord”
    My voice sounded happily as i lead worships in the morning devotion,which has become a ritual in the house and nobody dare refuse to partake unless you want to know who pastor david is,I was exceptionaly happy today because i have been offered admission to study mass com at a prestigious uni in the state.Well im Micheal,the second born of pastor and mrs david kingsley,my father was a pastor of one of the largest church,i have one elder bro and two younger ones.
    After the reading of the bible,my father started counselling or rather preaching to me,”and make sure you don’t deviate from the part of christ and face your study,dont chase girls and shun cultism” Dad concluded.
    “thank you dad and mum,i promise not to tarnish the image of this family or get involved in any misdeed” I replied and i went back to my room to continue my packings.
    I looked around my room while packing,shifting my gaze from my worn out Eden Hazard poster to my shoe rack.I was so happy cos leaving the boring home means a lot to me,leaving my strict dad and the joy of being an undetgraduate.My efejoku by lil jesh ringing tone brought me back to life,i smiled as i remember what mum has said when she first listened to the song
    “no need of asking why youth have no more interest in education,when someone will said”skiborobo skibo” and his friend will say”young john the wicked producer” and before you know it,they will be making million and you are still expecting youth to have interest in education, shio” Mummy has said that day.************ I picked the call and found out it was my friend and we talked for about ten minutes before i discover it was almost noon,i bade him good bye and finalise my packings.I went straight to the bathroom to go and bath,after thirty minutes,i was ready and off i went with my bag and baggage.

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    ,CHAPTER 2. I alighted from the okada that i boarded to the school,i saw a girl walking on the opposite pedestrian walk way, I moved to her and i asked her where to go and she took me to the admin office.After all the registration wahalas, i was given a room in independence hall,meanwhile the girl was with me all this while i asked her
    “pls where is room 19 independence hall”?i asked
    “is that the room you were allocated to? she asked with fear in her eyes
    “yes, anything about it?i queried
    “nothing ,anyway walk straight by the leftside on the pedestrian way ,you will see the signpost”she replied
    “thanks so much,i will give a call when i’ve settled down,bye”i said and i begin to follow her description.After walking for about five minutes,i saw the place and i went inside.when i entered,i saw some guys numbering about eight standing around a bulky guy that sit on a bunk,as i entered,all of them shifted their gaze on me,i was so afraid that i said “I” bowing like a fool ;).None of them answered, and i have to step back to confirm whether i was in the right place,having been assured that i was right,i re-enter the room and the guys were already leaving when i entered.As they walked past me,i greeted again’hell guys’but they did not even looked at me.I greeted the bulky guy ‘Hi bro im mike.He only nod and continue reading the sport magazine he is reading. After looking for a comfortable bunk and arranged my loads, i decided to go on a ‘familiarization tour’ around the campus. I started from the hostels, and then to the department and the cafeteria before going back home. On my way home, i meet the brethens from deeper life and i collected their pamphlet where their programs were highlight and i promised them to that i will come.
    When i get back to the hostel, i met the bulky guy reading another sport magazine,even though i was angry with his snobbish character, i decided to be friendly as a child of god 😉
    ‘bro is that today’s complete sport’ i asked but he only give me look that seems to say ‘warn yourself boy’. I leave him to find myself something to eat.After eating, i lied down on the bed ready to sleep, then i remember that i have to called my dad,so,i dialed his number and he picked it after the third time
    ‘Hello micheal, how was your journey’? his deep voice rang out
    ‘fine sir,i just called you to greet you, thank you sir, greet daniel and janet for me’
    ‘okay, bye ,i will call you later’ He said and he hang up instantly
    Huh, trust my dad,every kobo is important to him.after caling him i decided to play subway surfers on my phone but the fat stupid police did not let me go far before calling.After some unsuccessful attempt, i dropped my phone and slept.

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    I woke up the next day which was Monday without seeing the bulky guy. After I had a cold shower, I dressed up and left for the lecture room. The lecture was very interesting as I met a lot of new faces including cynthia(the girl that I met on the first day).After the lecture, at around 5:30pm,I went to the fellowship and I was recognized , I took active part in their programs and it was eventful. The program ended at exactly 7:00pm.I returned back home tired and worn out, my Mr Bulky has arrived, I greeted him who nods in acknowledgement of my greeting. I slept immediately after eating and for the rest of the week, my routine was from home to lecture, lecture to fellowship and fellowship to home. I was going back home on Thursday when cynthia’s call enter my phone
    ‘hello, Mr man, so you have forgotten us like this’ her voice rang out musically
    ‘hello cynthia, am sorry for not calling you all this while, its because am just too busy trying to accustomized myself with the school settings, ok let me make it up to you this weekend, where can we hang out this weekend?’I explained
    ‘it’s alright, what about the meeting at the fresher’s party organized by the Student Union on Saturday’s night’
    ‘ Ok no problem, see you on Saturday ,bye. I hang up and went inside my hostel.I muttered my greeting to the bulky guy and settle down to eat the food I bought at the cafeteria. After eating, I brought out my phone and begin to play winning eleven on my phone using psg after thrashing the computer three time(Though putting the difficulty at amateur),I quit the game and studied for like one hour more before sleeping.
    I woke up around seven on saturday morning, I stand up groggily from the bed and visit the bathroom to brush and other personal hygiene. I saw the bulky guy already dressed up and was about going out, I stared at him wondering what could be wrong with him for actions. Anyway am unbothered like olamide in who u epp .After he left, I manage to boil some rice and I ate. The time was around 12 and there is enough time for the party. So I called my mum to just greet her ‘Hello ma’ I said to the mouthpiece
    ‘hello micheal ,how are you? Mum said
    ‘ Am fine, I am just calling you to inquire about your welfare’ I said
    ‘ ok o, thank you, please make us proud at school and don’t get involved in anything that can tarnish the image of your father, you know that he had been promoted to the post of senior pastor’
    ‘No problem ma, you can always count on me, i will do my best ma bye’
    ‘Bye, I will send you some cash on Monday’ and she hang up. Waoh, sweet mum, even the money I had been given at home and she is talking about sending another, oh, no, matter what I must take care of you. The time is around two ,I decide to kill time by playing winning eleven, after playing like two match,’ Shit, the phone don reach five percent, As I was complaining, power was restored
    ‘up nepa’ I shouted like a kid quickly plugging my phone. I decided to rest a little. By the time I woke up it was some minute to seven and the show was starting by seven-thirty. I went to the bathroom for another wash before picking the cloth to wear to the show ,I unplug my phone to find 5 missed call from cynthia so I replied her with a message that am coming.I dressed up quickly and left for the show.The music blaring from the loudspeakers welcome me to the venue of the party,I flashed cynthia to tell her that I had arrived,she asked me to wait that she is coming ,I stood where I was for about few seconds before I saw her coming by my rightside, o boy, this girl fine o,no be small.
    ‘Hi micheal’ she said sounding musically
    ‘how do you do cynthia,you’re looking nice’
    ‘thanks, you are not looking bad’
    ‘thanks ‘ I said before I followed her inside the hall.I took my seat in the middle seat, the sug try o, they invited a popular musician and a popular comedian. After a breath taking performance by the musician and rib cracking jokes by the comedian.I called cynthia to tell her that am going, she said that she came with her friends and they are not ready to leave,she bade me good bye and I left.
    As I made my way across the rows of chair,I saw an area near the exit where the school big boys settled down, they sat around a table and they are noticeably far from each other, as I scanned their faces, I saw the bulky guy sitting with some girl, I quickly shifted my gaze from him to another place and I saw him
    ‘Edwin’ I called out
    ‘who be ……………… ? He stopped short’Mike’ he called me and I moved close to him but he use hand to tell me to go out without anyone noticing except me and complied with the sign

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    wow first to comment. I will add it @ tomorrow’s update

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    I see you @coolval

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    i walked
    out and he came to meet me after some
    time.Edwin was my friend in my secondary
    school but he did his waec when we were in
    ‘Mike,Mike how far now? i looked back and saw
    him coming
    ‘Edwin ,am fine o’
    ‘you know i have to do what i did cos if they
    know we are together,they may want to get back
    on me through you’ He said
    ‘ Who ?’ I inquired
    ‘oops, you know……….. He stopped, ‘No problem,
    its nothing’ He said
    ‘you are sure there is no problem’ I asked
    ‘yes, anyway when did you arrived ‘He evade it
    and asked his own question
    ‘two weeks ago and i have been offered mass
    ‘alright,where are you staying’
    ‘room 19, independence hall’
    ‘what’ he shouted, thats a lion den
    ‘what do you mean’ i asked him
    ‘i will let you know later’ He said and we
    exchange number.As i turned back to be going,I
    saw the bulky guy staring at me,i ignored his
    look fearfully and went home.I was so tired and
    it was around 11:30,i slept without putting off my
    cloth.I had hardly slept for two hours when i saw
    someone shaking me and tell me to sit up
    ‘Who is that? I asked fearfuly

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    Etz Froshberry
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    Maybe The Bulky Guy!!


    Hmmmm..I Hope You Won’t Start Chasing The Campus Gurlz All Around..Well Maybe Cynthia Is An Instrument Sent By The Devil To Bring You Down..I Pray You Shun Cultism

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