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    Adindu Presh

    Episode 7


    After a week, Adaugo and Omasili returned to their husband’s compound with the promise to change for good.
    Ndulue accepted after series of pleas from both his Friend and their Mothers.

    There was peace and quiet in the compound for days as the two women tried as much as possible to maintain peace and decorum when their husband was around but however, this did not last.

    That drizzy morning, Omasili came into the compound fuming in anger. She had gone out earlier in the morning to the Farm with Okonta the famous palm dealer to help her cut down her ripe palm fruits which she had spotted 2 days earlier.

    “Mama Nnukwu! Mama Nnukwu bia kene o(come o)..because if I start now, they will say Omasili has started, Omasili is a trouble maker.. But I’ll stay on my own peacefully and yet devil will come to me to attack me and I have no choice than to retaliate”Omasili shouted as soon as she entered the compound.

    Ekemma quickly came out
    “Ogini? What is it again?”She inquired

    “Is it not that daughter of a low life beggar? That seed of an imbecile who calls herself Adaugo? She dare go to my farm and harvested my ripe palm fruits..Adaugo had the audacity to go into my farmland and harvested my palm fruits..”She said in full anger..

    Adaugo came out..
    “Who is barking? Who’s the dog that’s barking??”Adaugo asked looking around dramatically..

    “It is your Father.. Yes! Nna muru gi that is a dog! (The man that birthed you that is a dog)”Omasili screamed

    “Would both of you just shut your mouths?!”Ekemma asked in anger.
    She was indeed tired of all their dramas.
    “What is the bone of contention here? Why fighting all the time? Eh! Za’m(answer me)”

    “She started it!..she went to harvest my palm fruits without my permission”Omasili said

    “Go and show me where your name is written on the palm tree! You will tell me if you brought any palm tree from your father’s house!”Adaugo fired

    “Shut up you two!! Are u crazy? I personally married you two into this house as my husband’s wives.. If I had known that the only thing you’d bring to this house is trouble and quarrel do u think I’d go for you?”Ekemma asked looking at both of them but they were quiet staring at the ground.
    “I am a mother of 5 strong and healthy boys..You Omasili, has 2 girls and a boy.. You too Adaugo has 2 girls and a boy.. Both of you are being given the same share of everything in this house so I can’t seem to place where the rivalry and jealousy is coming from.. What are you two always fighting over?”Ekemma asked folding her hands across her breasts and looking at them for answers but none said anything.

    “Am still waiting for answers.. Please school me.. Tell me what exactly you both are dragging, I want to know because am fed up”

    “I’m sorry Mama Nnukwu”Omasili said

    “I’m sorry too”Adaugo said

    “Now, Adaugo you are faulty on this matter.. Go in and give Omasili all the palm fruits you harvested from that tree”

    “But..”Adaugo tried protesting

    “No Buts!..go and do so at once”Ekemma commanded

    Adaugo murmured and left..


    Ebere and Ulumma were making Dinner the next evening in the kitchen.
    “You didn’t tell me how your meeting with the Prince went yesterday”Ulumma said as she pounded the fufu.. Ebere was arranging the vegetables..

    She paused “Am sorry know we’ve been busy lately keeping an eye on Nne and Lotanna”

    “Yes”Ulumma continued pounding..

    “Talking about Lotanna, Ulumma you have not told me how really you got him back”Ebere said

    “But I did already.. I told you all I found him under a tree close to the stream.. The gods must have dealt with the people that tried to take him away so they dumped him there”She said still pounding

    “I don’t believe that c--k and bull story! Tell me something else”

    Ulumma laughed “You want to change the topic! We were talking about your meeting with the Prince”

    “Well, u won’t believe it though.. The Prince asked me to marry him and then, he introduced me to the Queen Mother”She said excitedly

    “Oh! That’s am now a royal sister in-law”Ulumma kept pounding all these while not even looking at Ebere.

    “Wait.. You don’t sound surprised.. Why?”

    Ulumma stopped pounding and looked up at her sister
    “Why should I be surprised? You are beautiful, very beautiful.. The Prince is looking for a wife and then he invites you to the Palace.. what for? To come and pound yams? It was very obvious”She laughed
    Ebere laughed too..

    “But.. When I was on my way back, I met Olaedo the orphan.. She warned me sternly to stay away from the Prince..She said something like “dying the death of another person”,,I don’t understand”

    “Please forget that one.. It’s plain jealousy”

    “But she sounded so serious and angry”

    “I said forget her.. She can do nothing! Trust me..”Ulumma assured her.

    “Sometimes you act like an older sister.. I wonder if am truly older than you with 3 years”

    “You never can tell…”Ulumma smiled…



    This is situated in the fartherest part of the earth. “Ndi Mmiri” as they were called were known for their extreme magical powers.. Every problem had a solution in Mmiri kingdom..
    However, it was ruled by a Mighty Queen who never aged. She was always young and beautiful with great powers..all the people of “Ndi Mmiri” never gets old.. They begat children who grew up and at a certain age of 22, stopped growing so amongst them lived men and women who had lived for many uncountable centuries.
    Ndi mmiri had the largest population ever with strong armies. The beauty and magnificence of Mmiri Kingdom cannot be described. It was the most beautiful place on earth at that time.
    One more thing, Ndi Mmiri stood alone..they had no neighbouring village around it.. They were separate and different from all other villages on earth at that time..


    “Mother..”Nwaala called
    “Don’t call me! Dont even dare! I sent you on a mission but you went there to mess up! I’ve been seeing how you despise your sister and come in her way all the time! Nwaala this was not what I sent you to do!!”
    “I’m sorry mother but you have to listen to me.. I found out this people are loving and kind.. They shouldn’t suffer for the sins of one man.. Please mother, try and understand me!”

    Nne Mmiri stood up from her throne in anger.. “How dare you? How dare u Nwaala! You’ve grown so soft.. What has come over you? what did they do to you over there?”

    “Love mother.. They love and treat me well.. All those people are innocent.. They shouldn’t suffer for what they know nothing about!”

    “Shut up!”Nne Mmiri commanded..
    “This is your last warning..Dont make me summon you here again.. Now get out of my presence!!”

    Nwaala bowed, tapped her left foot thrice on the ground and vanished.

    Ajonwa who has been sitting close to Nne Mmiri all the while smiled and bowed while Nne Mmiri used her fan to tap her back..

    “Now you too, go and continue the good work..”

    “Thank you mother”She said and vanished too..


    QUICK QUESTIONS 👉what is the best thing to do to make Adaugo and Omasili stop fighting?
    Now who really is Nwaala and Ajonwa??



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    Next pls

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    Hmm 🤔
    Getting more interesting

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    Adindu Presh

    Episode 8


    Ebere became a frequent visitor at the Palace because her marriage with Prince Afamefuna had been fixed.
    The Queen Mother was so in love with Ebere because of her good character and didn’t hesitate to accept her with open arms as her would-be daughter in-law.
    Afamefuna on the other hand too was in love with Ebere and dotted her like the Queen she was.
    Everything was going on smoothly until….

    “My Prince, you have a visitor waiting for you at the Visitor’s chambers” Oke one of the Prince’s personal guard informed him that evening when he was eating his dinner in his Hut.

    “And who’s that?” Afam asked

    “A young maiden”

    Afam thought for a while
    “Okay.. Tell her I’ll join her soon”

    Oke bowed and left..

    Soon, the Prince rounded up with his meal and went to the chamber to see the strange maiden.

    He got there and immediately recognized her.
    “I guess I’ve seen this face somewhere before”

    She smiled
    “Yes my Prince.. I am Olaedo, the girl at the stream”

    “Oh yeah yeah I remember..Please sit down.. And why are you here by the way?”

    Olaedo brought out a calabash
    “I brought you food.. Freshly prepared bush meat pepper soup”She said handing him the calabash of food.

    Afam hesitated for a while
    “Why are you bringing me food?”

    “come on my prince! Take it”She smiled charmingly as she touched his face..

    Cold shivers enveloped him and he smiled at her and collected the food.
    He opened it and the aroma filled his nose.
    He smiled and dipped his hand into the food and was about putting it in his mouth..

    “My Prince..” A voice called out..

    Afam and Olaedo looked up.. It was Ulumma!

    “Am sorry if I interrupted anything.. I just brought you this. My sister Ebere sent me to give u this. It’s abacha.”Ulumma said smiling as she handed over the food to him.

    Afam smiled, dropped Olaedo’s food and collected the one from Ulumma.

    “Where is she? Why didn’t she bring this herself?”Afam asked

    “Well, she was busy with something”Ulumma replied

    Olaedo swelled in anger.. Afam noticed her “Thanks for the food my dear, I’ll eat it later.. You may leave now”

    She hissed and left.

    “Sit down please”Afam said to ulumma. She sat down.

    “Oke!! Chidi!! Come here”He called and they ran in.
    “Take this food and eat..”He said pointing at Olaedo’s food
    They happily took it.. while he mulched Ulumma’s food


    Ulumma walked home smiling to herself.

    “Even after Mother warned you.. You still continue disrupting my plans ehh?”Olaedo said blocking the way.

    “Please leave the way.. I don’t have time for all these rubbish”

    “Leave which way? Nwaala you are not just daring me.. You are also daring the Nne mmiri our mother and you know what that means right?”

    “Leave that to me..”

    “Then stay clear off my business!”Olaedo screamed
    “Else… You won’t like what I’ll do to you”She concluded and left..

    Ulumma shook her head and went her way too.


    Ulumma was almost home when she felt a presence around her. She stopped abruptly and looked around.

    “Who are you? Show yourself and stop being a coward!”She screamed

    Immediately, an old man appeared before her.
    he had long bushy dreadlocks hair which covered his face. He was with his staff.

    “Fear not Nwaala daughter of Nne Mmiri from the seven seas across! Peace!!”

    Ulumma looked around
    “How do u know my name? Who are you??”

    The man laughed exposing his black stained teeth
    “Spirits recognize spirits. I’ve come to tell you to braze up yourself because the journey ahead is tougher than the one you left behind. You choose the right part Nwaala and the gods of the dark forest are solidly behind you so fear not! Fear not!!”

    “Who are you?”Ulumma asked again.

    The man used his right hand to pull his hair backwards thereby exposing his face.

    Ulumma looked shocked
    “Nku?! King of the dark Forest!!”



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    Adindu Presh

    Episode 9


    Nku the King of the dark forest is a man of great powers known far and wide.. His powers was incomparable and he lived alone with his son in the Forest.

    Nku was communing with the gods in his shrine when suddenly, Nne Mmiri appeared. Nku knew she’d come.. She stood just outside his shrine.. She dare not step her foot inside.
    He slowly walked outside to meet her.

    “Nne Mmiri, what brings you here?”He asked calmly

    “You! youuu Nku, how dare you interfere in my business! How dare you?”Nne mmiri screamed.

    “I ask for the very last time.. What brings you here? State your mission and leave..”Nku said very calmly again

    “I have come to warn you to put aside all the forces you’re mounting behind my daughter Nwaala.. Stay away from her or anything that concerns her else..”

    “Shut up! Shut your mouth before you leave here dumb! You don’t come into my Premises to threaten me.. Ara ochoro igbagbu gi? (Do u want to be struck down by madness?)..Taaaaaaa gbafuo! (run away)”

    Nne mmiri inhaled deeply
    “I have warned you Nku.. Stay awayyyyy.. Stay far awayyyy”She vanished

    Nku laughed loud and long.
    “No matter how hungry and impatient the children are, we cannot give them raw yam to eat okwaya? We must cook it!”
    He laughed again
    “Nne Mmiri, let’s wait for this yam to be cooked.. I hope you’re ready to eat”
    He laughed again and went back into his shrine.


    The D-day for Prince Afam and Ebere’s wedding arrived.
    As usual, women were at Okoro’s compound as early as possible cooking all cookables. Just like during his son’s naming ceremony, but this time around, it was bigger.
    Calabashes of palm wine flowed everywhere.

    Meanwhile, Ebere, Ulumma and some of their friends were inside Ebere’s Hut getting her ready for the big ceremony. The Prince and his people were yet to arrive though.

    “I can’t believe you’ll be leaving me”Ulumma made a pulpy face.

    “Oh sister! Come on.. You can always visit the palace anytime you want.. You know I’d have taken you along but you have to stay with Nne so you can take care of her and Lotanna” Ebere said

    “I know.. I’ll visit you everytime till you get tired”
    They both laughed..

    “You look so beautiful Ebere”One of the girls said

    “Thank u”Ebere said smiling.

    Their mother Asa came in..
    “Chai Ada m, Ugo m, elewe ukwu egbu ewu”She praised her..
    “You look ravishingly beautiful.. Oh chim! The Prince has eyes for good things bikonu”

    Ebere was busy blushing
    “Nne thank u”

    “Remember everything I told you yesterday night.. Marriage is not an easy thing o..but with patience and tolerance, you’ll be able to live peacefully with your husband..”

    Ebere nodded “I didn’t forget..i’ll abide by your advice”



    Prince Afam was inside his Hut dressing up with his guards.

    “What is keeping you kwanu? Hurry up, everyone is waiting for u!”Lolo Akunna shouted from outside.

    “I’ll be with you soon biko.. Just a minute, I have to look good for my bride”Afam replied from inside

    Lolo laughed and went away to join the rest of the family members who were to escort Afam to his bride’s compound.

    “My Prince, I still think you should think about this again” Oke said

    “Think about what?”Afam asked adjusting his wrapper

    “This Ebere girl.. I don’t think she’s good enough for you..”Chidi chipped in

    “If she isn’t, then who is?”Afam asked

    “Olaedo.. She’s pretty, well mannered, cultured.. What else do u want in a woman that she doesn’t have? Why do u have to chose that mgbeke?”Oke said painfully

    “Now enough! You two, shut your mouths!! Ebere is the one I choose and your opinions ain’t needed.. Now get your asses up let’s leave immediately!”Afam said going out while they followed suit.


    The ceremony started in earnest and it was time for the bride to show up.

    Asa ran into the Hut to get Ebere but met only Ulumma and 3 other girls.

    “Where’s your sister? It’s time for her to show up”She asked Ulumma

    “Oh! she just went to the backyard to pee”Ulumma replied

    “Please go and call her fast”Asa told one of the girls who quickly went out..

    Just few minutes after she left, there was a loud scream.

    “Chim egbuom oooo (my God has killed me oooo)”

    Ulumma, Asa and the other girls ran out of the Hut towards the direction of the scream.
    Lo and behold, Ebere was lying in the pool of her own blood with a knife stuck to her chest.

    Asa screamed in horror and other people who came for the ceremony ran to the scene.
    Everyone was shocked.
    Prince Afam moved towards Ebere’s body..
    “What happened? how did this happen??”He cried but no one gave an answer.

    Ulumma stood dumbfounded. What could have happened?
    There was commotion everywhere..
    Asa was wailing, Okoro paced around troubled.. Some women joined Asa crying too..

    Suddenly, Ulumma moved towards Ebere’s lifeless body and with all her strength, she carried her up and started moving away.

    Some young men ran forward to stop her but as soon as they touched her, their body got electrocuted to the spot and they couldn’t move..
    Soon, she vanished into the bush carrying Ebere’s corpse..


    “Wonders shall never cease to end”Adaugo said clapping her hands..

    “I was shocked beyond words.. I can’t even imagine such a tragedy.. How can a young maiden die mysteriously on the day of her marriage?”Ekemma said shaking her head..

    “I am as shocked as you mama nnukwu..may the gods forbid”Omasili said

    The three of them were present at Okoro’s compound when that tragedy struck and they had just gotten home.

    “This cannot be ordinary” Ekemma said

    “Yes nau! I heard that.. that..”Adaugo paused looking around to see if anyone was in sight..
    “I heard her mother Asa is a witch and her daughter’s death is her handiwork”She whispered

    “Chim ooooo! Ekwutos! Ashiri gbakute(big gossip)…cho cho cho.. Mama ashiri(mother of gossip)..Who told u? How can a mother kill her own daughter?”Omasili shouted

    “I said I heard! I wasn’t the one that said it.. And you mustn’t always shout like a fool”Adaugo retorted

    “That’s how you go about spreading baseless rumours.. You are wicked I must say! Haaaa”Omasili shouted

    “Please ozugo(its okay) Adaugo, stop spreading false rumours about people. Even if what you said is true, it is not in your place to judge.. Leave that to the gods”Ekemma said

    Adaugo stood up
    “I’ve heard..Ka chi fo(Goodnight)”She went into her Hut.

    “Mama ndi ashiri”Omasili screamed..


    Quick question👉Where do u think Ulumma is taking Ebere’s corpse to??



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    My guess is, she’s taking Ebere to Nku King of the dark forest

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