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    Adindu Presh

    Episode 10

    Okoro’s compound was like a grave yard. Not as silent as a grave yard though, but the continuous weeping of Asa was sure enough tell the whole world how the pains of losing both of her children made her feel.
    She couldn’t eat anything. Other women had to reprimand her to eat something for the sake of her suckling child who was barely 5 months old.

    “You just have to eat! Eat so that your child can see what to s--k from your breast!”An elderly women had told her.
    She nodded slowly and immediately, a girl was sent to bring in food for her which she ate slowly and forcefully.

    It’s been 4 whole days and both Ebere and Ulumma were nowhere to be found. Search parties has been dispatched by both Okoro and Prince Afam but all proved futile.

    “Asa, I want you to be strong for both me and your children. I strongly believe that they’re both alive and well and would come back soon enough”Okoro consoled his wife who was still shedding tears that night in her Hut.

    “How can I stop crying? It’s been 4 days Dim! 4 full days and no one knows there whereabouts.. When will they come back? Is it when I die?” Asa busted into tears but Okoro kept consoling her..



    The Palace cook had reported to the Queen Mother that Afam has been refusing food for days now and this bothered the Queen greatly. She marched into Prince Afam’s room that evening to have a talk with him.

    “Afamefuna, I don’t need to ask you the reason why you stop eating your food..but my son, would u kill yourself before the girl is found? Would u starve yourself to death? Do u want to die before me? Don’t you know you’re setting your own grave by skipping meals??”

    Afam sighed “Am sorry nne, am just so confused.. Where would her sister take her body to? What exactly happened that day still remains a mystery to me.. Am just so confused, I can’t believe Ebere is dead”

    “Calm down my son, I don’t think the girl is dead..i have a strong feeling that she didn’t die that day”

    “But who would want to kill her and why?”Afam asked confused

    Akunna sighed deeply
    “We’ll leave that to the gods..for now, try and eat OK?”

    Afam nodded

    Lolo Akunna stood up to leave but met with Olaedo in front of the Hut.
    “Good evening my Queen”she cotseyed

    “Good evening.. Who are you? Your face looks familiar”

    “Uhm.. Am Olaedo, a maiden of this Land.. You probably must have seen me around”She was smiling

    Lolo Akunna was unconvinced but she nodded anyways.
    “OK.. You came to see the Prince?”

    “Yes..he’s a friend”

    “OK.. Go ahead”She motioned and walked away but deep in her mind, she was trying to place that face..
    “I’ve seen that face somewhere before, am sure, very sure..Who could she be? And why do I feel so uneasy about her presence? Who really is she?”Lolo Akunna thought deeply as she got into her Hut but no answers came forth…



    Ulumma had managed to bring Ebere to Nku’s shrine. If not for her powers, Ebere would have been long dead even before they arrived the dark forest.
    She had however encountered hindrances and strange powers attacking her on the way but somehow, she had managed to overcome them. She knew deep down in her heart that Nku played a vital role in the survival of her sister. However, Ebere was still unconscious.

    Nku had finished his incantations and medications on Ebere whom he placed on the mat.

    “King of the Dark, would she survive this? Would she make it out alive?”Ulumma asked

    “Yes she will.. She’s not as ordinary as you think.. She has a bond with Umuozara kingdom, a destiny to fulfil and she can never die except she fulfils it”

    “Bond with Umuozara kingdom? Great one, I don’t understand”Ulumma was confused.

    “Well, she’s destined for the Prince. She’s destined to marry Prince Afamefuna and save the Land from danger.. Long before she was born, the gods knew a day would come when Umuozara would be in big trouble, great clouds of storm would appear and only a strong umbrella can shield the kingdom from being wiped away by such heavy storm..Ebere is that umbrella”Nku explained.

    “Umbrella?”Ulumma was all the more confused.. “But..i diverted the Prince’s mind away from Olaedo to Ebere..”

    Nku laughed
    “You thought you did.. But actually you didn’t.. You were just a tool in the hands of the gods”

    “But I am not from Umuozara, I came here on a different mission..but I had to stop because the love Asa, Okoro and Ebere showered on me was too much”

    Nku stood up from his raffia mat and walked out of the shrine.
    Ulumma stood up and followed him.

    “Nwaala, Love cannot stop a spirit from manifesting it’s mission. Spirits have no heart, they do what they want without feelings..Only a mortal can love another mortal and feel the need to help or pull out of an agreement”

    “I still don’t understand.. Who really am I?”

    Nku turned around sharply and looked her straight in the eyes.
    “That is left for you to find out..”


    Olaedo started becoming close to the Prince and since Ulumma wasn’t there to stop her, she succeeded in charming him finally.
    His guards were solidly behind her and dished advices to him which he adherred to.

    Afamefuna who previously respected and cherished his mother now turned against her.

    “Mother I must marry her!”he screamed

    “And I say you won’t marry her! That girl has a bad aura around her.. I don’t seem to figure it out.. I feel she isn’t who she claims to be.. Open your eyes Afam”Lolo screamed back

    “It is just 7 days to the expiration of my marriage ultimatum. I either get married and secure the throne or d--n it and lose everything”

    “Hold on! I believe something good will come out before then. Besides isn’t it better to lose the throne than to bring more calamities to the people?”

    Afam was angry
    “So this is your plan right? For me to lose the throne.. my inheritance! My birth right! Oh mother you are so wicked”

    “whaaat? did u just say that to me?”Lolo Akunna was shocked

    “Why am I even wasting my time here anyways? I have delivered my message to you.. My marriage to Olaedo comes up in 4days time”

    “I won’t give you my blessings and I won’t attend”Lolo Akunna said sitting down very exhausted with the arguments.

    “Then so be it..”Afam said and left..

    Lolo Akunna was shocked beyond words.. did her own son just walk out on her? now she has fully realised that Olaedo was not an ordinary person for her to have such a great and quick influence on Afam.

    “No.. This cannot happen while am still alive.. I must go and see Onu-agbala” she said and off she went to Agbala’s shrine..


    Tighten your seat belts.. the story JUST started..



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    Adindu Presh

    Episode 11

    Lolo Akunna arrived Onu-agbala’s shrine.
    “Greetings to you, mouth piece of agbala”

    Onu-agbala looked at her.
    “Welcome Lolo.. To what do I owe this surprise visit?”

    “I’ll go straight to the point Great one.. I don’t seem to understand what is going on with my son anymore. There’s a strange woman he brought in to be his wife. This woman has turned him against me totally.. I think there is more to this..”

    Onu-agbala exhaled
    “Of course there is more..”
    He looked at his cowries which was scattered on the bare floor and sighed.
    “Do u still remember the prophecy?”

    Lolo Akunna nodded

    “It’s almost about to come to pass”He said

    “But… Why so soon? I thought…”

    “Umuozara has sinned against the gods. They have totally forsaken and neglected his warnings.. They don’t fear agbala anymore.. They buried Eze Omekannaya properly against the warnings of the gods.. They won’t just suffer for the sins of your late husband, their King. They’ll also suffer for rubbishing the gods..”

    “Hmmm..can anything be done about this? I mean to avert all these?”

    “Well, the person or people to save the Land are already here.. It’s in their hands to either save the Land or turn their backs against it.. Whichever they chose, is left for them”

    “You mean the Land is at the mercy of some people? Who are they?”Lolo inquired

    “Go home Lolo,..everything said in the prophecy will come to pass.. Let your son be.. Just offer sacrifices to the earth goddess so she can protect him from further harm before the Messiah comes..”

    Lolo Akunna stood up
    “Thank you very much Onu-agbala, I’ll take my leave now”

    “May the gods be with you”He said..

    When Lolo Akunna left, Onu-agbala turned to carry his cowries from the floor but shook in fear at what he saw. One of the costume was as red as blood. He immediately understood what it meant.. He shook his head in pity..

    “Chei Umuozara! With your very own hands, you have dug your grave”…


    Lolo Akunna walked home fast to get ready the sacrifice for the earth goddess. To her, time was indeed Precious.. She had to save her son before things got worse.

    As soon as she entered the Palace, she called two guards.
    “Go into the store now, get me 20 tubers of healthy looking yams, a big goat and 15 eggs.. Fast!”

    The guards left and she proceeded into her Hut. She went in and to her surprise, met Olaedo sitting down on her raffia bed and fanning herself.

    “What are you doing in here?”Akunna asked in shock

    “Welcome back my Queen.. How did your meeting with Onu-agbala go?”Olaedo said with a mock smile on her face

    “I know… You evil girl.. Who really are you and what do u want with my son?”Lolo asked in shock

    Olaedo moved around her slowly and stopped right in front of her
    “You were right the first time.. You know me indeed, we’ve met before.. Not here.. But at “Ndi mmiri village”..”

    Akunna jumped up in fright
    “Chim ooo.. It’s you! Daughter of Nne mmiri.. Ohhh, am dead!!”She cried out

    Olaedo laughed at her all the more..
    “So you went to seek for help? After your husband’s sin? Very funny.. Who would let you people go Scot free? Definitely not I Ajonwa..”

    Akunna tried to run out of the Hut but Olaedo used her powers to pull her back and threw her to the raffia bed. Lolo Akunna forcefully landed her head on the wall before crashing on the bed.. DEAD!!

    Olaedo laughed in happiness..
    “Oh! Am so enjoying this”…
    With that, she vanished into thin air.


    Back at the dark forest, Ebere was already getting better. It’s been 7 days now.
    She was able to move around with the help of a stick..
    On the 8th day, Ulumma sat down to talk to her.

    “Ebere my sister, can u remember who did this to you? How did it happen?”

    Ebere sighed “Yes I vividly remember.. I went to pee at the backyard but was attacked by a woman dressed in all red. I must say she’s a very beautiful woman to behold with many jewelries..endowned with a very long hair and she was holding a staff. She said something like I have to give way so her daughter can function well..i don’t understand what that meant but before I could question her, she threw a knife at me which landed on her chest and that was all”

    “A very beautiful woman dressed in all red, endowed with a very long hair, holding a staff.. Urghhhh that must be Nne Mmiri!”Ulumma said aloud.

    “Who is Nne mmiri?”Ebere was confused.

    “Just hold on, I’ll be right back” Ulumma said and swiftly ran out before Ebere could protest.


    The death of Lolo Akunna delayed Afam and Olaedo’s marriage.
    The Queen had to be buried first and so preparations started in earnest.
    The Land was in total confusion as they couldn’t comprehend why the Lolo would die barely a month after the King.
    She wasn’t sick or anything.. she was just found dead in her Hut.

    “This is no longer a child’s play my fellow elders.. The death of the Queen is mysterious. Please let’s consult the gods to know what really is going on”Ndulue said.

    The Ndi Ichies had assembled at the Palace to conclude arrangements for the burial of the Lolo.

    “I think I’d agree with Ndulue this time around. Let’s call Onu-agbala to seek for help”Dike said

    The rest concurred and Onu-agbala was sent for. Unfortunately, he refused to adhere to their call.
    “Tell them I’ll be disrespecting agbala if I obey their call. This is the part they chose and they should be ready to follow it to the latter.”He told the guard who was sent to call him.

    The Ichies were left with no option than to go ahead and bury the Lolo on their own.


    After the burial of the Queen, calamities began to befall the Land. It was as if the death of the Queen opened the way for the spirit of death.
    Each day, Umuozara recorded not less than 5 mysterious deaths.
    There was commotion in the Land.
    Onu-agbala still refused to say anything even after the Ichies had gone to his shrine to see him.

    The worse happened when the village stream. The only means of getting water in the Land suddenly dried up!

    We all know what that means.. Drought in Umuozara!




    Please and please, all I need is encouragement.. Am typing from my head, am not copying and pasting from my TL like my previous stories..This is a fresh storyπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
    Coupled with light issues, I won’t be as fast as expected.. Just bear with meπŸ™


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    Adindu Presh

    Episode 12

    Ndi Ichies gathered at the Palace to discuss about the calamities that has recently been befallen the Land.

    “I greet you all my fellow ichies”Onowu started
    The rest murmured answers.

    “We’re here together to join heads together and reason, come to a conclusion as to how to put an end to all these calamities. As we all know, we don’t have a King for now all because of all these.. Onu-agbala had made it clear to us that we are on our own so what do we do?”Onowu said.

    Each Ichie was deep in thought.

    Ndulue spoke up
    “Let’s invite the Prince here.. He needs to be among this meeting”

    The rest agreed and the Prince was called. He came immediately and the meeting continued.

    “Let us go back to Onu-agbala. If it means kneeling down to beg him then we should”Dike said

    “That man is hard hearted, he will never listen to our pleas”Ofor lamented

    “But you got us into this Ofor!”Odogwu said angrily

    “Me?”Ofor asked

    “Yes.. You and Dike!! You kept urging us to disobey Onu-agbala and ignore the gods.. You two are the real hard he acted and wicked ones!”Odogwu fired

    “Don’t u even dare mention my name! Are u a kid? Do u wear napkins?? Did I force you to concur to my suggestion?”Dike fired back

    “Leave him to run his mouth like the parrot.. Nobody forced you to agree with us.. But what would u have us do? Throw our Eze into the evil forest like a common thing? Ehh?”Ofor said angrily

    “Isn’t it better than being in this situation? See what the both of you have put the whole village into..”Odogwu said

    “Please.. It’s okay.. Will these arguments bring a solution? Let’s calm down and seek for a way out biko”Onowu said

    They all kept quiet.
    “I suggested this earlier..let’s go back to Onu-agbala and beg him for the last time.. If he refuses, then we look for other options..”

    “Does this mean my marriage would be on hold?”Afam asked

    The Ichies looked at him in surprise.
    “You are not fit to be a still reason like a child”Onowu said

    “With all these calamities, you still talk about marriage? Odiegwu”Ndulue said..

    “Am sorry ndi ichie..”Afam apologized.

    Together, they all went to Onu-agbala’s shrine but he still stood his ground.
    “I have nothing to say or do for you. You shunned the warnings of the gods and you all must face the repercussions”

    “Please Onu-agbala. We are sorry for disobeying the gods.. Isn’t there any other thing we can do?”Onowu pleaded

    “Nothing.. Just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.. Now you all LEAVEEEEE”He growled and they scrampled to their feet in fear.

    They dispatched to their various houses in sorrow but planned to meet again the next day to look for another alternative.


    “Yes my friend, we’ll be leaving at dusk..”One maiden was telling her friend

    “But why so suddenly? And where to?”The other maiden asked

    “To my mother’s village and it’s because of all these calamities.. My father said we’ll stay there till everything is over. We can’t stay here and die. Imagine, the stream has dried up. How do we prepare our meals if there is no water? We have to trek long distances to the neighbouring village to get water.. My friend, we can’t die here o”

    The other girl nodded in affirmative.



    Ndulue just came back from the futile Ichies meeting. He sat in front of his Hut in deep thoughts.
    His wives couldn’t prepare food anymore because there was no water.
    He summoned them immediately and gave out his decision.
    They should all pack to their various parents house pending when the calamities in Umuozara would be sorted out.


    14 days after, Ebere was now strong.

    “I think it’s time for both of you to go back to Umuozara”Nku told them.

    “Thank you so much for you help great one”Ebere said

    “Thank u so much”Ulumma added

    “There is so much work to be done. Umuozara is already suffering but the main dish is yet to be served.. Both of you have to hurry up. Their destiny is in your hands.. Save Umuozara from Ndi Mmiri, save them from the earth goddess”

    Ebere was confused
    “Great one, please I don’t understand all these. You keep speaking in parables and I can’t comprehend..”

    “My daughter, you will understand soon enough but for now, both of you have to hurry up.. Go to Umuozara and save them before the evil ones totally prevail”

    “Now??”Ulumma asked

    “Yes of course.. Delay is dangerous..”


    Quick question πŸ‘‰ What do u think the Late Eze did to really invite the wrath of Nne mmiri??



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    Adindu Presh

    Episode 13

    Umuozara woke up to the wailing in Mgborie’s compound. Mgborie is a widow who lost her husband 6 years ago and was left with only one son.
    People rushed to her compound and behold, her only son was lying lifeless in front of his Hut.

    “Was he sick?”
    “What really happened?”
    “How did he die?”
    Many people asked in surprise but Mgborie didn’t reply as she wailed and cursed the gods for taking her only child.

    “What have I done? Why me? My only child, only hope in this life has been taken away. What am I leaving for? Agbala why my child? Why didn’t you take me?? Eh! Answer me? Why are you wicked and heartless?? Kill me you wicked gods, kill me!!”She wailed rolling herself on the floor..

    That evening, Mgborie was found dead at the back of her Hut.. She had hanged herself on the ukwa tree!!


    That morning, Olaedo landed at the Palace with all her belongings.
    She dragged them into the Prince’s chambers as the guards and maids looked at her in a confused manner but none could stop her.

    Afam was inside lying down when Olaedo barged in with load.
    He quickly rose up on seeing her.

    “Wha..what are you doing here with all these? Are u traveling??”He asked confused
    She ignored his question and started arranging her things in the room.

    “Am talking to you Olaedo, what is going on?”He asked again

    “As you can see, I’ve moved in with you.. Since the elders say we can’t get married now until they finish whatever rubbish they’re doing, I can’t wait.. I have moved in permanently with you so when we’re allowed to get married, we go ahead”

    “But Olaedo, you know this is not right. It’s against the custom. We are not married yet, we can’t leave together”

    “So what are you saying? That I should leave?”Olaedo asked angrily

    “No.. No.. That’s not what I meant”Afam said fearfully

    “So what?”She asked

    Afam kept quiet not knowing what to say
    She moved towards him and sat down.

    “You’re mine and mine alone forever Afamefuna. I own you. Anything I say you should do, you must do it.. Are we clear on this?”

    He nodded in affirmative.

    “Now, do u want me to leave?”She asked looking into his eyes

    “No.. No.. This is your home, you are free to stay”He said

    “Good.. Now come here”She dragged him untop of her.


    Ndi Ichies conveyed again to discuss about the throbbing trouble in the Land.
    The Prince was present as well.

    “Let’s seek help somewhere else. There are many strong dibias out there who can help”Onowu suggested

    “You’re right”Dike concured

    “So which dibia do we go to now?”Ndulue asked

    There was silence. Each thought hard and deep..

    “Ijiriji of Mbanta, he’s a powerful dibia and we can go for him”Odogwu said And the rest agreed. They all agreed to send for Ijiriji and beg him to come to their aid. Therefore, they summoned 5 strong men and told them everything on how to embark on their journey to bring Ijiriji to the Land.

    Just when they were concluding their meeting, Olaedo barged in with pride.
    She looked disgustingly at each Ichie and went over to the Prince.

    “My love, I came to inform you that your food is ready”

    “OK sweetheart, I’ll be with you in a moment”He said

    She stood up and started walking away.

    “Bia here nwa..are we too small for you to greet?”Onowu asked
    The elders shook their head in surprise

    “Who are you by the way? Why are you here?”Ofor said

    Olaedo stopped and faced them
    “Are you old fools talking to me?”

    They were shocked
    “Onye? Who!!?”The elders asked in shock

    “I don’t have time to banter words with jobless fools this early morning”She hissed and left leaving everyone in shock

    “I have to go now”Prince Afam said and left abruptly.

    “Nsogbu di (There’s problem)”Onowu lamented…


    Sorry this episode is short, I’ll drop 2 more episodes today as compensation πŸ™πŸ™



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    Adindu Presh

    Episode 14

    The 5 young men that were chosen for the journey to Mbanta to bring Ijiriji assembled at the Palace the following morning for final instructions from the Ichies.

    They stood before the Ichies while many Villages came to pay warefell to them and also offer their prayers. Majority were looking pale, sick and tired due to their present predicament so they prayed earnestly for the safe trip of the Young men.

    “My sons, you all are not strangers in this land and therefore you know the calamities that has befallen us. I therefore urge you to have it at the back of your mind the real importance of this journey and how it will save us all.. So go quickly and hastenly and bring Ijiriji here.. Plead with him, beg him, cajole him to come..”Onowu said

    “the gods be with you as you embark on this journey”Ofor added

    “Iseeeeee”everyone chorused and off they went to Mbanta to fetch Ijiriji.


    Ebere and Ulumma were set to leave the Dark forest back to Umuozara. Nku had however fortified them for 24hours and given them basic instructions especially Ebere who did not really know who she was or what the mission was all about.

    “Thank you so much for all your help and advice”Ulumma said

    “I earnestly appreciate all your good works.. Thank u Great one”Ebere added

    Nku only nodded
    “No evil shall come your way, you shall go to Umuozara in peace. All obstacles on your way, you shall overcome so fear not! Now you may go”

    They bade him farewell and left immediately.


    For four days, the men sent to Mbanta were nowhere to be seen. They hadn’t returned which worried the people greatly.
    Mbanta normally is a full day’s journey which meant that they only had to take 2 days to return.
    Families of those young men had began to worry about the safety of the young men.

    On the fifth day, panic became evident. Mothers of the young men marched to the Palace in fury. They demanded to see the Prince.

    The Palace guard informed the Prince who came out to meet them in company of Olaedo.

    “Mothers of Umuozara, to what do I owe this unannounced visit?”Afam asked

    “Prince, we greet you.. We are here to ask you what happened to our children, it’s been 5 days since their departure and nothing has been heard about them” Onyinye the women leader said

    “What are you doing about it?”One woman added

    “I hope nothing bad has happened to my son o.. He’s the only one I have in this life..”another woman spoke

    “Hope my son is safe? I warned him against this journey but he wouldn’t listen.. Hope he hasn’t been sacrificed as food for the gods”

    The other women began to talk all at once lamenting about the safety of their children.

    “Shut up!!”Olaedo screamed

    The women moved back in fear

    “Why dare you come into the Palace to scream and shout like mad women? Who invited you mad dogs here? Does this place look like where dogs are reared?”She continued

    “And who is this one? Who are you?”Onyinye asked

    “Are u asking? Probably the harlot that’s forcing her useless self on the Prince”One woman said and the rest laughed in mockery which got Olaedo really upset.
    All these while, Prince Afam was looking like a dumb fool.

    Olaedo looked at him and asked “Will you stand there and watch these women insult me?”

    “What do u want me to do to them my love?”He asked foolishly while the woman glared at him in surprise.

    “I want them locked up in the Palace Prison till I let them go”Olaedo demanded

    “ehhhhhhhhh!???”The women screamed in terror

    “Shut up!”Afam screamed.. Turning to Olaedo, he asked “Is that all?”
    She nodded in affirmative.
    “Done”He said
    “Guardsssss”He shouted and the guards came running
    “Take these women and lock them up”


    The news of the women held captive in the Palace prison spread like wild fire in Umuozara.
    The villagers could not believe that a woman had commanded the Prince to do so.

    The Ichies marched to the Palace that evening to see with their eyes if it was indeed true.

    “Afamefuna, what is this am hearing? that mothers of Umuozara were locked in the Palace prison?”Onowu asked in disbelief as they summoned the Prince.

    “Yes.. And do you have a problem with that?”

    Shock was written all over the faces of the Ichies.
    “And what was their offence if I may ask?”Odogwu asked

    “They were disturbing the peace of the Palace”Afam answered nonchalantly

    “Just that?”Ofor asked

    “Come.. Did you all come here to question me?”Afam asked in anger..

    “Yes! We have come go question you.. You are yet to be crowned the King and you’re already unleashing terror to your people. What sort of a human being are you?”Ndulue asked

    “Let me just tell you.. You don’t have any right yet to dictate anything in this Land because you are yet to be crowned. It is we, the King makers and decision makers that have right over this land since we don’t have a King yet”Dike said

    “And that is why you all are going to crown me the King here and now”Came the voice of Olaedo

    “Crown who?”Onowu asked making sure to understand what he heard

    “I.. Olaedo.. You elders would crown me King now!”

    “But.. “Afam wanted to protest and a look from Olaedo sent shivers down his spine and he kept quiet.

    Ofor laughed loud “Funniest joke I’ve heard for years now. We should crown you King?”
    He stood up and dusted his buttocks.
    “I can’t remain here and listen to this abominable rubbish” He started walking away.
    Olaedo stretched her hand forward and thunder struck Ofor down. He fell on the ground, DEAD!!

    the other Ichies jumped up in fright including Prince Afam.

    Her eyes had turned red now as she used her powers to scatter and cause earthquake in the Palace.
    The Ichies were all on the ground shouting and pleading for their lives.

    “Will you crown me King?”She screamed

    “Yes.. Yesssss”they screamed.

    She stamped her foot on the ground and everywhere became calm again.

    She walked and sat on the throne.
    “Now let the procedures start”She commanded.

    Onowu who was still on the ground staggered up to begin the process.
    But then, there was noise outside the Palace..

    The villagers sang and danced as they led the 5 young men with an old man who is obviously Ijiriji of Mbanta…


    will Ijiriji help Umuozara out?
    Where in God’s name is Ebere and Ulumma??



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    Adindu Presh

    Episode 15

    Ebere and Ulumma were in the forest tracing their way home and battling with evil forces that didn’t want them to go to Umuozara.

    One of such was Nne Mmiri.
    She appeared in anger before Ebere and Ulumma who were resting under the shade of an Udara tree.

    “You betrayer! You traitor!!”She screamed at Ulumma who bowed immediately leaving Ebere confused.

    “Greetings dear mother”She said

    “Shut up! Don’t greet me.. Nwaala how could you betray me like this? How could u flaunt my orders just to be with mere mortals? How could u chose these mortals over me who trained and nurtured you for years, gave you powers and immortality? How could u Nwaala?”Nne mmiri was raged

    “Honestly I don’t know mother. I’m sorry this is how things turned out but I have that heart not to hurt anyone. They shouldn’t pay for the sins of someone else.. Nne please understand this..”

    Nne mmiri walked around in anger
    “I hate you Nwaala, I hate you so much for this!”She screamed.
    “Now this is your reward”She stretched her hand forward, lightening came out but Nwaala was quick enough to dodge.
    Ebere hid behind the tree watching the drama.

    “Mother am sorry!”Ulumma cried.

    Nne Mmiri stretched her hand forward again and struck Ulumma but she shielded it with both of her hands.

    “You’re opposing me with the same powers I gave you? Funny!”Nne mmiri laughed.
    “Am taking back everything I’ve given to you”
    Nne mmiri started drawing out all the powers from Ulumma who fell on the ground tired and weak.

    “Now take this..”She struck her hands forward

    “Nooooooo”Ebere jumped out and waved it away with her left hand.

    Nne mmiri paused and took a glance at Ebere.
    “Who are you?”She asked

    “I don’t know.. But I command you to leave here this minute!!”Ebere shouted and Nne mmiri swerved around shouting and soon vanished.

    Ebere quickly ran to Ulumma who was on the ground looking lifeless.

    “Sister, I did it.. I used my powers to defeat her.. I can’t believe this.. Did u see it?”She asked excitedly.

    Ulumma nodded weakly
    “This is a sign that Umuozara is in great danger.. We have to return quickly.”

    Ebere agreed.. “Now you’re too weak to walk, it’s my turn to carry you”

    Ulumma only smiled and nodded…



    The Villagers were surprised seeing Olaedo sitting on the Throne and the Ichies all lying on the ground with one dead.

    “What’s going on here? Papaaaa”One young maiden ran forward.
    She’s Ofor’s daughter..
    She started shaking him vigorously while crying.

    “Shhhhhhhhhhhh.. Silence”Olaedo said to the crying girl.

    She then turned to Ijiriji
    “So you have the mind to come into my territory? To do what exactly if I may ask”Olaedo said with her hands across her breasts..

    Ijiriji looked around
    “I know you.. Ajonwa, daughter of evil.. daughter of Nne mmiri, why are you tormenting this people for what they know nothing about? The perpetrator is already dead and I believe that is his reward for the evil against your Land and the earth goddess so what more?”

    Olaedo laughed wickedly
    “Have u come here to play the judge?”

    “I have come here to ask you politely to leave..”Ijiriji said

    Olaedo laughed loud and long “Very funny”

    Ijiriji hit his staff on the ground thrice and Olaedo staggered as the ground was becoming too hot for her.

    “Leaveeee”Ijiriji screamed

    Olaedo staggered the more and was trying to hold herself but couldn’t.. all the powers she tried to use against Ijiriji but to no avail..

    Ijiriji finally struck her with his staff and an earthquake swallowed her and everywhere became calm.

    The villagers jumped up in Joy singing, shouting and dancing.
    Prince Afamefuna stood on one corner looking at everything and everyone in confusion. He still hasn’t regained his senses from Olaedo’s charms.

    “Rejoice Umuozara for your problems are all over now”Ijiriji declared and more dancing continued.

    Suddenly a heavy wind blew and Ijiriji fell flat on the floor, DEAD!!

    “I am the Daughter of evil, I cannot be defeated easily”Came Olaedo’s voice from behind.

    The villagers all ran helter shelter out of the palace..


    Quick Question πŸ‘‰ Why do you think the great Ijiriji of Mbanta, known far and wide couldn’t defeat the powers of Olaedo and Nne mmiri?





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    Adindu Presh

    Episode 16

    Olaedo had killed Ijiriji of Mbanta and taken over the Land as earlier planned. She had forced the Ichies to crown her King and they quickly did so without any form of complaint.
    Prince Afamefuna was under her, she did to him as she so pleases.
    She turned the Land into a nest of suffering and calamities and there was no one to stop her.

    The Villagers resulted into running away from the Land and when Olaedo noticed this, she closed the boundaries and anyone caught trying to run away would be burnt alive.

    Umuozara cried and begged the gods to have pity on them but all to no avail. They ran to Onu-agbala but he remained as adamant as ever..
    They were living in hell and had to just endure it.

    Olaedo was now the judge and ruler of Umuozara.

    “Why did u burn down your brother’s barn?” Olaedo asked..

    “My Queen, he took the maiden I want to marry away from me”One of the men said

    “That’s a lie! Nkiru and I have been together for years now”The other one protested

    “That’s not true and you know it!”

    “Shut up both of you!!!”Olaedo shouted at them.

    They kept quiet
    “Both of you are shameless indeed.. Fighting over a girl.. A mere lady.. Is she that beautiful?”

    They didn’t reply.

    “Well, both of you would remain my slaves over here till you die.. You’ll warm my bed anytime I want and do whatever I ask you to OK?”

    They nodded.

    “Now you, follow me.. And you, follow that guard, he’ll show you to your Hut and I’ll send for you when I want to”She said and moved to her chambers with one of the men following her.


    ONE HOUR LATER.. (At Olaedo’s chamber)

    “My Queen please have mercy.. Am sorrryyyy”The young man cried

    “Sorry for what?”Olaedo asked. She was lying naked on her Mat and has been forcing the guy to have sex with her for more than one hour.

    “I’m drained and tired please.. My waist hurts.. Please have mercy”He cried

    “You’re so lazy and stupid.. Get out and call in your brother”She growled

    “Thank u.. Thank u.. “He limped out immediately.

    “Mortals… They’re too lazy!”She lamented adjusting her naked body.

    Just then, Nne mmiri appeared and Olaedo jumped and bowed immediately.

    “Welcome mother..”

    “You’re here enjoying like mortals.. Satisfying your flesh when there is war?”Nne mmiri asked

    “I’m sorry mother but.. I thought I’ve defeated all obstacles”

    “shut up! Nwaala is still hale and hearty.. And there’s this other maiden, her earthly sister Ebere. She possesses so much power now. I eliminated her but I can see she didn’t die after all and she’s so endowed with powers now so there’s extra work to do”

    “What do u want me to do mother?”She said still bowing down

    “I’ll endown you with more powers to defeat them all. Nwaala has betrayed me, she has joined forces with mortals to taunt me so I want you to make her pay for her betrayal..”

    “It is done mother”

    “Now take this”Nne mmiri handed over a black egg to Olaedo which she swallowed.

    “Now get ready.. They’re almost in Umuozara..”She vanished


    Ndi Ichies held a secret meeting at the Onowu’s house..

    “Ichies, please what do we do to halt all these? Do we just keep quiet and watch a maiden destroy the Land of our fore father’s?”Onowu said in almost a whisper as if frightened that someone else might hear him.

    “There’s nothing left to do.. We’ve tried but all to no avail”Odogwu said in defeat

    “If the great Ijiriji of Mbanta could not defeat her, who then can?”Dike asked

    “I vividly remember Onu-agbala made mention of some persons who he called the saviour who were on their way to defeat her and save the Land” Ndulue said

    “Yes.. That is true.”Onowu concurred

    “So what do we do about it now?”Odogwu asked

    “I’d suggest we head to Onu-agbala again. Please and please, we shouldn’t give up, we should go to him again and beg”Dike said

    “True, and let’s take along some gifts to smoothen the mind of the gods”Onowu said

    They all agreed and decided to go there immediately.


    They arrived Agbala shrine and met Onu-agbala chewing colanuts.
    They quickly went on their knees..

    “What do you people want again? I have given you the message of the gods so why not let me be?”Onu-agbala asked

    “Onu-agbala we are sorry.. Help us beg agbala.. Forgive us, a father beats his child with the left hand and draws him back with the right hand. We are nothing but children before agbala, plead with him to forgive us. He has beaten us enough.. We have learnt our lessons and have changed genuinely”Onowu said still on his knees with the other Ichies.

    “Please Great one, we are sorry”The others chorused

    Onu-agbala sighed deeply and turned towards the Shrine.
    “Agbala, you have heard them. They are truly sorry for disobeying you and am sure they’ve learnt their lessons never to bite the hands that feed them. Agbala nnem, we are sorry.. Gbahara, gbahara anyi oo(forgive us o)” He knelt down and bowed.

    The Ichies bowed too pleading and crying for forgiveness..

    After over 10minutes of pleading, the ground shook greatly. Lightening and thunder struck and everywhere became dark and gloomy.. The Ichies were frightened, maybe Agbala was now more angrily with them but after over 2mins, everywhere became calm.

    Onu-agbala stood up smiling and exposing his blackened teeth.
    “Rejoice Ndi Ichies, Agbala has forgiven Umuozara”

    The Ichies couldn’t hide their joy, they heaved a deep sigh of relief.
    “So does this mean all these calamities will stop and the evil maiden will go?”Ndulue asked

    “The people to save this land are near already. Agbala has their back now and would fight alongside them so fear not, keep your hopes high for I see the storms calming down, Umuozara umbrella is on the way..”

    Ndi Ichies nodded their heads in excitement..


    QUICK QUESTION πŸ‘‰ do you think Umuozara would be truly delivered this time around?



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    Adindu Presh

    Episode 17

    The Ichies rejoiced at the news of the coming saviour and the forgiveness of Agbala.
    They prostrated before the Shrine chanting praises and thanks to the gods.

    “What do we do next?”Onowu asked Onu-agbala

    “Am not in any position to salvage the calamities in the Land. Just go to your homes, relax and watch. It’s the battle for the gods.”Onu-agbala told them.

    They thanked him profusely and left happily.


    The next day, Olaedo summoned a meeting of the Ichies.

    “This is the first official meeting I’ll be heading since I ascended this throne. Right or wrong?”She asked piercing into their eyes.

    The Ichies looked at themselves and nodded in affirmative.

    “Good.. There will be rules and regulations that will guide the Land from now henceforth and I just want to dish them out to you old men first before I make it an official law in the Land. Not like I need your opinions though but just to fulfill all righteousness..”

    The Ichies just looked at themselves and didn’t say anything..

    “Okay.. Number 1, all harvests must be divided 50-50 and one part sent to the Palace..”

    “ehhh?!!”The Ichies screamed in horror

    She ignored their scream and continued.
    “There shall be no marriage between anybody in this Land except approved by me. That is to say, if a person wants to get married, they must come here together so I can access and approve their relationship before they finally marry because the rate of broken marriages and clashes in this Land is becoming alarming and am seriously concerned about it and wish to stop it..”

    “All these are ridiculous laws! Why does anyone have to seek your consent before getting married? Why do u have to give you 50% of our harvest when we give the gods 10% only?”Odogwu asked in anger.

    The other Ichies tried to signal him to keep quiet but he refused their glances and continued.

    “Honestly, this is ridiculous. What is all these?”He screamed

    Olaedo rose in fury
    “Are u trying to dispute my law?”She asked

    “Please he’s sorry”Ndulue said

    “Shut up!”She growled at Ndulue
    “I wasn’t talking to you so just shut up..”
    She turned to Odogwu who was burning in anger..
    “For talking back at me, you’ll be locked up in the Palace prison without food for water for 7days!!”

    “ahhhhhh”the Ichies screamed.

    Odogwu looked unmoved.
    A guard came in to take him away.

    “One thing I know is that, this will not last forever. One day, it’ll end”He said before he was hurled away.

    “Now, you all get outtttttttt”she growled at them..

    They quickly stood up and started walking away but was halted by the Presence of Ebere and Ulumma who stood in front of the Palace glaring daggers at Olaedo.



    A young man came running to the market. He stopped beside Asa who had come to buy few things from the market.

    “Daada, your daughters are back!”he screamed out of breath.

    Asa turned sharply
    “isi gini? Who is back?”

    “Ebere and Ulumma.. I saw them with my two naked eyes, they were heading to the Palace!”He said excitedly

    “Ebere and Ulumma? Palace?!”She threw all the things she had bought and started running to the Palace.

    They had drawn the attention of many at the market and so, many people started running with Asa to the Palace to really know where they had been.



    “and what are you two doing here?”Olaedo asked pointing at Ebere and Ulumma

    “So this is what you’ve turned this village to within this short period of time.. I see you really meant business”Ulumma said pacing around

    “I ask again, what are you doing here? I’m losing my patience already”Olaedo said..

    Just then, Asa ran in with so many people behind her, men, women, young men and maidens..

    “Ebere! Ulumma!!!! Lekwa umu m o (see my children o)”She ran to them..
    Ebere and Ulumma hugged her simultaneously as she busted into tears of joy
    “Where have u two been? I almost died thinking I’ve lost two of my children..”

    “We’re sorry nne.. We’re back now and it’s all for good”Ebere said

    “How is Lotanna?”Ulumma asked

    “He’s fine.. He is with my mother”

    “Can you please take your family reunion to your compound?”Olaedo shouted..

    Ebere disengaged from the conversation and moved towards Olaedo.
    “Your time is up my dear.. The suffering and pain you’ve put this village to has to come to an end.. You and your evil mother..”

    “How dare you? Who are you anyways and what gave you the guts to speak to me in such a manner as this?”Olaedo growled

    “Ebere biko let’s go home..Ulumma beg your sister to stop, let’s go home”Asa said visibly scared.

    Ulumma just stood one side smiling..

    “You asked who I am..”Ebere walked forward towards her in confidence
    “I am Ebere, daughter of the gods.. The chosen umbrella for Umuozara”
    As she said this, the earth shook in full force.. there was commotion everywhere as the villagers and even Olaedo staggered trying to gain posture. Only Ebere and Ulumma were not affected.
    Soon, everywhere became calm.
    “Now who are you?!”Ebere asked Olaedo mockingly.

    Just then, the Prince came to the scene. He looked so tattered and dirty like someone that has been starving. He looked at them like morons. That’s what Olaedo has turned him into.
    This angered Ebere the more..

    “How dare you turn the crowned Prince into such a caricature?”Ebere screamed running towards the Prince who was looking at her confused.

    Olaedo became furious and struck Ebere but she quickly stopped it with her hand and struck back.
    Olaedo dodged by bending down, the force hit the Palace throne room and the Hut scattered.

    All these while, the villagers had taken cover faraway still watching the drama and praying for Ebere not to be defeated.

    “I will kill youuuuuuuu”Olaedo shouted in fury and hit her two hands on the ground.. Ebere began to shake and turn around to the effect of Olaedo’s powers. And then fell down flat on the ground.
    The villagers began to scream and cry because their only hope has been defeated again.

    “Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa”Olaedo laughed hard.
    “Who dares cross the path of Ajonwa, daughter of evil? Not even you so called daughter of the gods. You are too small”She laughed in mockery.

    Asa ran forward towards Ebere who was lying lifeless in the ground.
    “Ebere don’t do this to me. Please wake up let’s go home”she cried.

    Ulumma who was standing by the corner screamed “No Ebere! Noooo! Don’t let her defeat you! don’t let her win.. remember our mother, remember the Prince.. you’ll be letting the whole village down.. you are the daughter of the gods.. You cannot be defeated! Stand up and fight!!”Tears was dropping from her eyes.


    QUICK QUESTION πŸ‘‰ How can the chosen one of the gods be defeated so easily? do u really think Ebere has been defeated?

    Sorry for the late post.. My pink jet arrived on my birthday (Tuesday)..Congratulate me oπŸ˜„β€β€



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