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    “Help me!”
    The words were uttered softly but with desperation as Jessica ran away from the man chasing her.
    He was to be her killer.
    The cloud grew darker and as lightening flashed, the storm increased. The rain poured down from the sky heavily like gun fires coming from the barrel of a pistol.
    Wearing a black jacket, a black jean, and a black mask, covering his face, preventing Jessica from knowing who he was. He held a dagger on his right hand point forward and running after Jessica.
    His mission was to kill her and leave no evidence behind-not even a clue. He couldn’t afford to miss this opportunity, he had been paid already. The money could be used for a lot of things, to buy a car, a house, have a mistress…….. So many things.
    He just had to kill her.
    The storm made it impossible for anyone to hear the cries of Jessica.
    Jessica couldn’t let anyone kill her that way, she wanted to escape. Death was her enemy. She wa scared to die. Just one wish. . . . .
    If only that was possible-To meet face to face with death and fight it with her fists.
    The footsteps of her supposed to be killer distracted her thoughts. She ran faster as she could. She’d never ran that way her entire life.
    Silently she prayed someone would come for her rescue.
    No one did, for all where in their houses already in bed but if not. . .warming themselves up and getting ready for bed.
    Suddenly, she saw a caravan not too far from where she was. She turned back and her pursuer was at least 20 feet from where she was. She hurriedly ran towards the caravan and his besides it.
    She had to wait and rest and regain her strength. She lay on the floor breathlessly.
    There gazing at the sky, the cloud darker than she had ever seen before. Was the cloud already mourning her? She thought scared to move or even say a word.
    Her mind went back to how the day was spent, a wonderful day. How could it just end on a sour note?
    **** **** **** **** ****
    Gring, gring, the telecome rang almost the fifth time. Jessica had been in the bathroom. As she was out, she went to answer the call.
    “Hi, Jess, where have you been?”, came a sweet soft voice over the phone.
    “Having my bath.”
    “Oh, well, lets do lunch today.”
    “You sure?”
    “Hmm, yeah. At the Italian restaurant.”
    “You wanna do Italian?”
    “Okay. By 2, right?”
    Jessica dropped the telecom. As she headed for her wardrobe to dress up, it rang again.
    “Shit!” cursed Jessica.
    “Miss Jack?” called a female voice.
    “Oh, yes, Maureen”, replied Jessica.
    “There’s an emergency.”
    “How serious is it?”
    “Not bad, but we need professionals like you.”
    “Isn’t Richmond there?”
    “No ma’am.”
    “I’ll be there in a jiffy”

    Her day had been ruined!
    Can’t another doc do the job? Jessica thought.
    She had planned to do shopping with her mother who was her number one best friend. After that, do lunch with Shirley her best friend, spend the remaining day with her family.
    Of course, she had taken permission from the hospital head to be away for two weeks precisley. Why is she needed now? She couldn’t discern why she was called because other doctors were on duty.
    Opening the wardrobe, she took out a blue jean pants, white sleeveless top and blue heels.
    Hurriedly, she dressed up.

    “Mum, good morning”, Jessica called out to her mum.
    “Are you ready now for shopping?” asked a woman who was fair in complexion with brown eyes and pink lips probably in her early fifties.
    “Can’t. Hospital needs me”
    “What! Thought you took permission from the head.”
    “I did, just got a call now, I think its pretty serious.”
    “Okay, be careful.”
    “I’ll be.”

    Jessica dashed out of the house, grabbing her keys. The car was a toyota camry, dark blue in colour. She got it from her parents as a suprise gift when she graduated from the university.
    A day she would never forget!
    **** **** **** ****
    “We’re glad you could make it”, Maureen said to Jessica immediately as she walked into the hospital building.
    “Its nothing, I came as fast as I could.”
    The drive from the house to the hospital was 20minutes or less.
    The ride had been smooth and cool. Her only worry was that her day with her mum was cancelled.
    It took a very long period of time to keep that day aside for her mum and now. . . .
    “I’m sorry, Jess,” Maureen called out, breaking into her thoughts. “I promise I’ll make it up to you.”
    “Thank you, Maureen.”
    **** **** **** ****
    “Kisses to you my beauty”, Shirley blew kisses to Jessica as she walked towards her at the Italian restaurant.
    “Hi Shirley. How are you?”, asked Jessica smiling.
    “Cool, you?”
    “Is that all?”
    “Yes, were you expecting something else?”
    “Of course!”
    “Which is . . . .?”
    “An apology, you are 45minutes late!”
    “I’m sorry.”
    “Tis okay.” Shirley smiled.
    ……..to be continued.

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    Another story has jex bequn…….. Writer’s qo kill us wid kul stories oooooooh…….. My broda’s and sister’s plz come and join me here…….next plz.

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    gbam!!!i don land oo.thank u 4 invitin me 4 dis wondaful stowie@khola.

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    Khola i zoom u,gracias!

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    Pin pin pin Make una park well oh as I don land with my Legedis Benz.
    Thanks Khola.

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