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    SHE-DEVIL by Ewomazeal

    Rita rushed into her classroom. It was disorganized. A hundred and fifty students talking at the same time. Some standing, others sitting on both desks and chairs. She couldn’t care less. Something had made her run in. Turning her head to the left, she caught sight of her friend, Debby who was surrounded by most of her classmates. She knew something was not right. What could be wrong? She pushed herself forward. On getting to Debby’s seat, she shoved herself through the mini crowd.
    ”Debby, Debby,” she whispered, bending over her, ”Are you alright?”
    Rita was beginning to feel irritated. She heard the hovering students say certain things they presumed to have happened to her friend. She did not want to believe them at all. All she wanted was to hear from Debby, herself.
    The clock ticked, minutes rolled by. Debby still was unwilling to say anything. She sobbed quietly and sniffed. She was lost in thoughts. The crowd that gathered her had reduced, but she still wasn’t saying anything.
    Angered by her silence, Rita reached for Debby, got her off the chair and dragged her outside the classroom. On getting out, Rita let her go and faced her with a disdainful look.
    ”I’m going to ask you this question for the very last time,” Rita warned, ”Why are you crying? What happened to you?” Her voice was rather soft and her expression, mild.
    ”Mr….Mr…” Debby started stuttering, ”Mr. Okolo he…he..” she trailed off as the tears ran down her cheeks.
    Rita held her friend firmly. ”Deborah, what did Okolo johnson do to you?”
    Debby ws not surprised at the fact that Rita mentioned the teacher’s name like he were her mate. Recently, Rita had been distand and cold especially towards the male teachers. No one dared to confront her. They all knew better than that. She mopped her face with the back of her hands. ”He forced me.”
    ”He raped you,” Rita stared into space with an evil smile.”
    Debby only nodded.
    She gazed back at her. ”He took your pride?”
    Deborah became more sober than she’d been. ”He did not.”
    Rita was not surprised. ”Who took it?”
    She closed her eyes. ”The principal.”
    Fury flashed through Rita’s eyes. She could feel the pain and anger and bitterness and hatred seeping into her veins. Those good-for-nothing bastards. Foolish men who called themselves teachers did nothing than to force every female student into having sex with them. What God had given them, they do not have the decency of using it well, they just use it o walk up and down, f-----g everything wearing a skirl. Rita hissed angrily.
    ”I’ve got to go to class,” Debby spoke softly.
    Rita shook her head in the negative. ”You can’t learn this way. Have you taken pills to avoid getting pregnant?”
    Debby nodded.
    ”Tell me how it all happened?”
    She opened up, choosing her words carefully. ”It was few mintutes to closing time. He came into the class and asked me to see him after school. I did not forsee any danger, so I went to his office. He started by interrogating me.”
    ”What was the interrogation all about?”
    ”Teacher Ekene and Maxwell’s deaths.”
    Rita’s curiousity reached it peak. ”Why will he ask you that? No one knows how they died, only the teachers do.”
    ”He said he’s suspecting a female students. The way they died explained everything. Especially the fact that they both died in school.”
    Rits scoffed. ”How did they die?”
    ”Their manhood was cut off.”
    Rita’s mouth dropped. It took seconds before she could find her voice. ”And?”
    ”They were stabbed severally on the chest.”
    ”How does it prove its a female student?”
    ”There were traces of sperm on the floor. Could be that they just had sex, before she struck. Or it could be during the act. There was also a note: ’To teach all bastards a lesson.’ I’m convinced its a student in our school.”
    ”Don’t you think they deserve it? They have to pay for their crimes. They’re devils,” Rita remarked with no atom of pity in her voice. ”I wish I can meet whoever this babe is and congratulate her.”
    ”I don’t know, Rita. Its…..its so bad.” She was scared.
    ”Would you rather thay do it to another innocent girl?” Rita questioned.
    Debby shrugged. ”He mentioned I’m a suspect. He said he knows thay have had me more than any of the girls in this school. It gives me reason to kill them. I was so shocked, I did not even know when he held me so close to him. And then,” she paused, trying to fight the tears from falling. ”It was awful. He used knives, he threatened to kill me. He promised to do more if ever open up. Please, let this be a secret between us.”
    Rita was vitrolic. She seethed silently. Her hatred for each of the men heightened. She wished they suffered more than they had before dying. She was dying to meet this girl.
    ”I promise.”
    She turned her back to leave.
    ”There’s more.”
    Rita stopped her tracks. She slowly turned to face Debby.
    ”He believes I killed them. He’s gonna call the police for me.” She let the tears freely fall. She was good as dead.
    She believed nothing could ever save her from the trap set for her by the good-for-nothing teachers and principal. ”He sternly warned me not to escape, not to run away for judgement will soon take place. And I’m gonna die by hanging. He’s gonna harm my family if I do anything stupid.”
    She wasn’t allowing her emtions get the best of her. ”You don’t have to worry, Deborah. I’m sure our mystery girl will arrive soon to solve this.”
    With that, Rita left Debby al by herself, thinking deeply about her situation.
    ”Men are just demons.”
    Rita walked lazily to school the next morning. Her eyes were red and swollen. She was feeling really nauseous. Maybe it was because she had a terribe sleep the previous night. The nightmare was totally unbearable.
    As she dragged her feet noisily on the road, she got to the entrance of her school compund. She paused before she enteres studying the colour of the school gate and reading the name of her school like she’d never seen it before. Rita shrugged as she resumed her tracks. On getting into the compound, she felt a cold chill run down her spine. Fear gripped her. She stopped walking. She looked around her. The enviroment was spooky. The compound was oddly quiet. Rita was beginning to fear. Something was terribly wrong. Was this gonna be like the dream she had? She hoped not. It was d--n appalling.
    ”Rita, Rita.”
    Debby calling her name made her snap out of her reverie. She quickly looked her direction. She was unable to sleep.
    ”There’s trouble,” Debby said, gasping for breath as the distance between she and Rita closed in. ”Teacher Okolo is dead.”
    They both started walking towards the angle the blocks of classrooms where situated.
    ”Is that why there’s silence everywhere?” Rita asked curiously.
    Debby nodded. ”You did not show any sign of pity for the late man.” she reprimanded.
    Rita hissed. ”After what he did to you. He deserves to die. I told you she’d strike.”
    Debby did not give any answer.
    ”But when the other teachers died, school wasn’t as bad as this. Do you know why? I’m so not comfortable being here,” she remarked, looking over her shoulders.
    ”The way he died,” Debby stated.
    ”He was butchered,” she said in a whisper. ”His entire body was dismantled, every part of it. And scattered all over the school-”
    ”I didn’t see anything,” Rita interrupted.
    ”Its because you came very late. They’ve all been cleared, except the head.”
    ”Where’s it?”
    ”Look up.”
    Rita’s gaze foowed the direction at which Debby’s hand pointed.
    Immediately, she turned her face away from it and began to puke. Yuck! She couldn’t hold it in. Just a glance at the head of the late teacher could make an innocent child run mad. D--n! It was simply disgusting. The head was nailed to the door leading to the senior’s class. There was a deep hollow were his eyeballs were meant to be. They weren’t there. His mouth was wide open. Little quantity of blood trickled down and it reduced each second.
    Flies couldn’t wait to get a tatse of the head hung for all to see. They buzzed all over it.
    ”Are you okay?” Debby asked, watching Rita vomit. She hadn’t vomited when she saw it, including every part of his body. She’d been secretly happy that he died. Perhaps Rita was right, they all had to pay for their crimes. She did not feel sorry for him.
    Rita rinsed her mouth with a satchet of water she retrieved from her backpack. ”I’ve been sick since last night.” She used her right foot to push a large quantity of sand over her vomit. ”Seeing that thing,” she emphasized the word ’thing’, ”just made it worse for me.”
    ”We’ve got to get to class,” Debby stated ignoring Rita’s complain of illness. She could be faking it.
    ”What are you hiding from me?” Rita questioned. ”I can see you are in a hurry to end this converstation.”
    Debby gawked at her. ”It was an innocent statement.”
    ”Filled with guilt,” Rita retorted. ”There are no classes today. Why are you in a hurry to go there?”
    She stiffened as she caught sight of someone pass behind Rita.
    Rita noticed and turned back. ”Because of him, right?”
    Debby did not answer.
    ”Did he do anything? Talk to me,” Rita insisted.
    She shook her head. ”He’s gonna report me.”
    Rita’s eyes widened. ”To who? What did you do?”
    ”He holds me responible for their deaths.” Tears ran down her cheeks. ”They’re gonna come for me, soon. Today, I’ll be going to jail for a crime I never committed.”
    ”Did you do it?”
    Debby was stunned. ”You really think….” she broke off as her sobbing increased.
    Rita took her hand. ”Do not cry. I believe you are innocent nothing will happen to you, I can assure you of that.”
    ”How sure are you?” she tried to find comfort in Rita’s words. She wanted to belive everything ill be alright as Rita said it would.
    Rits smiled grimly. ”I swear it.” She patted her friend’s back. ”Lets get to class.”

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    SHE-DEVIL 2 by Ewomazeal

    Rita paused as she got to the door leading to the teachers staffroom. She re-arranged her school uniform swiftly but neatly. She dusted the dust off her school bag which was hanging on her left shoulder. Her heartbeat racing, she lifted a hand to knock.
    She silently but anxiously waited for a reply.
    ”Come in.”
    At last! The invitation finally came after waiting for five minutes which seemed like forever. She wasn’t asked to, she’d come at her own will to see him.
    She reached for the door knob and turned it. The door gave way easily.
    Mr. Adepemi raised his head, taking his eyes off the papers to look at his unexpected visitor. His serious expression melted into a warm smile as he saw his girl walk quietly to him.
    ”I wasn’t expecting you,” he stated.
    Rita’s eye locked to his. There was fury in them for a minute. ”I had to come see you. I brought you a juice.” She hurriedly searched her bag and dug out a bottled drink. ”Have this.” She stretched her hands forward.
    He simply took it and placed it on the desk. ”Thanks. What do you want to discuss?”
    ”Why don’t you take it first? You have to get chilled. You’ve been working all day.” She suggested with a mischievous smile playing on her lips.
    Abiding by her wish, he opened it. He held it up and placed it on his lips.
    Rita was eager for him to drink it all at a gulp.
    He removed it from his lips without taking a sip. ”Are you sure?”
    ”Don’t you trust me?” Rita managed a weak smile to hide her disappointment.
    Adepemi held the bottle up, scrutinizing it with serious eyes. It was as if something was hidden in there. ”If you say so.”
    He placed the bottle on his lips and emptied its content.
    Rita smiled satisfactorily.
    ”Lets talk about Debby.” She moved around the staffroom.
    He frowned. ”What about Deborah?”
    She plodded to the door. ”She’s innocent.” She securely locked the door leaving the key at the keyhole.
    The principal could not understand Rita. She was acting really strange. What could have gotten into her? The teachers deaths? ”I do not know what you’re talking about!”
    ”Sure you do.” Rita replied, locking the windows one after the other. ”You threatened her.”
    ”She told you that?” He’d have known that little tramp would not shut up. He’d better get rid of her before things go bad.
    ”Why do you trouble that poor girl?” Rita was backing him, shutting down the last unlocked window.
    ”Nah,” he objected. ”She isn’t innocent. She’s the b---h. The psycho that has been murdering my teachers. Look what she did to Okolo johnson just last night. She’s guilty.”
    ”Aren’t you guilty as well? Someone had to do something.” she said with a smirk.
    ”What do you mean?”
    She waved his question aside. ”Did it never cross your mind that the psycho, the b---h that has been killing your teachers is me?” She turned to face the school principal with a mild chuckle.
    ”What are you talking about?” he asked in askance, his anger heating up.
    ”I just made a confession, sir,” that smile was still there.
    He made to get off his chair. He wa unable to move. He felt pains all over his body. ”I… I can’t move,” he stammered.
    ”And you’ll remain paralysed for the rest of your life.”
    ”What did you put in my drink?” he demanded.
    ”Hold your temper, Mr. Principal,” she cautioned, slowly moving towards him. ”Shouting can’t save you.”
    ”Rita,” he called out in pain, ”What did you do to me?”
    She laughed loudly. ”I longed to see this. I so much dreamt of the moment when I’d have you in my hands. You’d be begging me for your life. It feels so good to be in power. To have authority.”
    ”What are you going to do to me?”
    ”Same thing I did to the others, kill you.” Her voice suddenly became hostile. ”I’d kill you the same way I did them all.”
    ”They’ll find you and you’ll pay. You’re gonna-”
    ”Oh, please. Shut up!” Rita got to his desk and sat on it, facing him. ”Lets forget about me. You’ll pay for yours now. You’re gonna pay with your life for every virginity you took by force. You’re gonna pay for ruining the lives of innocent girls. You make them feel miserable. You will die today.”
    His whole body was drenched from his own sweat. He was terrified that he was unable to move an inch. He’s being paralysed also contributed to that. He found it difficult to believe his end was near, very close. He never imagined he’d die at the hands of a little girl. His karma was at the door. He instantly felt sorry and had no other choice than to beg for his life. ”Please, I’m sorry. Forgive me.”
    Rita got angered by his apologies. She scowled. ”Forgive you? I do not know how to forgive.” She stared into his eyes. ”How could I possibly forgive you after all you’ve done to me, to us girls? You raped me for the first time in this very office. You stole my innocence. You drugged me and made me forget the whole incident. Two weeks later, I had my memory back. I confronted you, I told people. I was seen as mad, a fool. They all made fun of me, mocking me. I was emotionally down. I almost killed myself.” She wiped her tears.
    ”You did not just stop there. You continually used me without care. You passed me on to your men and they had a tatse of me as well. I enjoyed killing them so much that I wished it never had to end. I’m gonna enjoy every bit of it wth you. I do this because the law sucks. You’ll pay because you made me the monster, the devil that I am.”
    Rita chuckled seeing the old man’s face. She was not feeling anything for him. He was going to breathe his last.
    ”Where do I start from?” she rhetorically asked, with a grin.
    ”Don’t do this, please,” he begged.
    ”Its just too late.”
    Rita reached for a knife well hidden inside her school bag. ”Can’t wait to taste blood.”
    She pushed his head forward, forcing his mouth oppen. She put the knife in and slashed his tongue.
    He screamed out very loud.
    Rita ingnored this and got to business.
    She pushed the door open and forced herself out. Her whole body was covered in blood. She was panting and sweating. It hadn’t been easy to deal with that big man. Unable to hold it any longer, she threw up.
    As she raised her head, she caught sight of two officers standing before her. One held out a hand cuff.
    ”Don’t deny it. We know you did it. We heard everything,” one of them said.
    Rita joined her hands together and offered it to them to be cuffed.
    ”You’re in serious trouble,” the other said as he battled to lock the handcuff.
    Rita met his gaze and smiled. ”I don’t plan on staying in jail for too long.”
    Students gathered around to watch as she was led into the van. She searched the crowd and her eyes finally met Debby’s. She smiled at her, reassuring her that her troubles had all vanished. She swore it to her.

    THE END….

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    ANOTHER LOVE STORY by temi_Saintkenz

    I rushed into the hospital, Uncle has already told me the Room No., It was not my first visit to this Hospital, and so I exactly knew where the Room was.

    I reached the room in no time, one Policemen was standing outside he stopped me, but the Uncle just came in time, he told him that I am a part of their family, I looked at Uncle although he is a tough man used to be a strict High School Teacher. Mirabel told me once that she has never seen him getting emotional leave apart crying, but today I could see his blood shot eyes, I put my hand on his shoulder, and he started crying. I suddenly felt panic to see her & I stepped inside. She was sitting on the bed curled up to herself, face buried between her knees. Aunty was sitting on one side, Akansha on other side. One Police Man was also there holding a NotePad in his hand.

    “She is not talking, she is not even listening”, Uncle said from behind still sobbing, “See what has happened to my Daughter”.

    Silence in the Room was unbearable, I walked towards Sneha as event from past two days started coming to me as flashback.

    One Day Ago –

    “Are you coming or not?”, Mirabel screamed

    “No”, I replied.

    “I am asking you again, are you coming or not?”, Mirabel asked again with slight irritation.

    “I am telling you again, No”, I replied back.

    “Looks like you don’t need me anymore, I am now unimportant to you, you have changed a Lot, you are not the same Val I loved”, She started her Emotional Blackmail.

    “Yes true, I am not the same Val I used to be before, because now I have a Client on my head, Come on! I am seriously very busy today, I am even having a Client call at 7:45PM, I might even miss the 8’O clock bus”.

    “Even I work in IT, tell me when was the last time I said No to you, for going Out?”.

    “But baby, I never asked you for going out, leave apart shopping!”

    “See that’s what I wanted to hear, you yourself accepted that you have never asked me to go out, only I am the fool here, who always ask you and in return what do I get!”

    “Baby, I cannot win you on War of the Words, but try to understand I can’t come, but I will try to join you before your shopping ends”

    “You don’t Love me anymore”, and without even waiting for my reply she disconnected the phone.

    This is not the first time, we have our love-fight, and it’s now 7 years since we met and 6 & half since we started love-fighting. Mirab & I were in same College, although not same branch though but it was love at first sight for me & love at first fight for her. Since then our roller coaster relationship has seen lots of ups & downs but with full credit to her it’s still intact & have become stronger year by year.

    Lucky for me the call ended just in 5 min’s as the person who was to give presentation was attending an important CODE-WHITE situation, I thanked God for he/she helps me only sometimes & today was the time, Valentine Week has just started & I don’t want to spoil her Week like last year, when due to a scheduled Go-Live, I was very busy for the week & I had to make up to her by taking her out for next full month, off-course after she was ready to talk which was full 2 weeks after V-Day.

    I took the Bus, which was to the same location where she was supposed to be Shopping, it took me around half an hour to reach there. I started scanning her on all the known shops and also the unknown ones, (Actually my Mirabel is like a Butterfly wandering on all the flowers), Atlast I found her in West-Side, looking into Men’s Section, although I am least Romantic compared to her, but I suddenly felt the urge to hug her, but that urge passed seeing the crowd in the Shop, last I would want is to create a scene for myself, I slowly went near her and as she was about to touch a T-Shirt, I touched her hand in gesture of seeing the same T-Shirt, as she turned towards me, I gave her a wink, it certainly caught the eyes of some fellow shoppers as I saw some, smiling face around.

    “What do you want?”, Mirabel said trying to be angry, but I could sense the happiness on her face.

    “You”, I smiled as she blushed.

    I took her to a Corner where I took out an Artificial Red Rose from my Pocket.

    “Happy Rose Day!”.

    “Artificial!, just like your Love”, she said sarcastically

    “Not my fault, I didn’t find the one beautiful than you, so I preferred the one which will atleast last the longest”, I smiled while collecting her hairs from over her eyes. She smiled & held my hand, the sign that she is no longer angry with me.

    We had our Dinner, after her shopping which as it seems was for Valentine Week (Me), By the time, It was already around 10:00, we took an Auto back to our home, she lives around 1 km from my house. But the turn and all, makes it look more than 2km, when travelling with an Auto.

    “I Love You”, she said putting her head on my shoulders.

    “I Love You too, sweetheart ”, I said slightly hesitating as I could see our Reflection in rear view mirror of Auto.

    “This year will we get married?”, she asked. Actually this is the most controversial topic between us, although its 100 percent sure that I want to marry only her, but somehow I don’t feel ready yet.

    I didn’t answered.

    She knew the meaning, she didn’t asked it again but I could feel her pain, which she have felt always when I do this to her, accompanied by her crying (not before me). Even I feel sometimes that how could I be so cruel to the one I love so much.

    As auto started turning toward the road where her building was, she asked it to stopped.

    “I will go from here, otherwise it will take you more time to reach your home”, she said getting down.

    “Are you kidding, it won’t take me more than 10min, no need to get down, I will drop you then…”, she interrupted me in between.

    “It’s Ok Val, I need some fresh air, I will be fine, Just Go”, I could see the shiny tears in her eyes.

    I knew the reason, but I also knew it would be better for me to leave, because she recover more quickly once I am not with her, also I have no answer to her question .

    I asked Auto driver to leave, I looked back as she turned towards her road.

    I reached my home in 5 min’s; I changed then opened my Office laptop to look into any stuff which might have come up in the mean time, while constantly an eye on my Cellphone. It didn’t ring & I slept by 12:00. I woke up at 1:00 by my phone ringing continuously for the 3rd time, it was Sofia, Mirabel’s sister.

    “Where are you guys?”, Sofia said, before I could say Hello.

    “At home why?”

    “Will Mirabel be coming tonight or is she staying with you?”, she giggled

    “She won’t be going, tonight”, I said jokingly

    “Ok, ask her to give her Password, I need to copy some movies”, she said

    “Take yourself”, I replied

    “Come on Val, please ask her I promise won’t disturb you then”

    “But she is not here, what kind of joke is this?”, I said being annoyed on disturbed within my first hour of sleep.

    “You are lying, ask her”, she sounded genuine.

    Now I turned to full senses, “Wait, I left her near your home nearly 2 hrs back, are you saying that she didn’t reached Home Yet?”,

    I was already getting dressed up as I was speaking I reached their building within 15 min, most of what I travelled was by running, while trying to reach Mirabel’s number which was switched Off, I reached their gate, where Sofia & Shweta were already standing with the Guard. Guard confirmed that he hadn’t seen her, since she left at 7:00. We took to the Police Station while Shweta stayed back, I was trying to be composed but panic inside my heart was overpowering my mind. Sofia had already called their parents.

    We were un-welcomed in Police Station by a sleepy Police man, who was least interested. But listening that incident is about a girl, he quickly informed all Control Rooms. I asked Sofia to return with the Guard, at first she denied but then after a while sensing Police Station is not a good place after all for a girl at that moment, she returned. Whole Night went past, but no information came. At around 7:00 Sofia called me inquiring, if we got something. She also informed me that their parents had taken the early morning flight & will reach around 8:00 AM.

    I didn’t know what I should do, have never felt so helpless, At that moment I realized that only one Power can help me, that is Almighty. I walked to the church nearby, which is the one where I always pray before going to Office. And I just sat there, not knowing what to do. I just sat there staring towards nothing in particular. I prayed to God, “Please God, if I have ever done anything right in my entire life, than please Mirabel should return unharmed”, I didn’t know how long I sat there, when I was distracted by Call from Mirabel’s Dad.

    “They have found Mirab; she is in XYZ Hospital, Room No. ABC”


    I have already reached Mirabel’s bedside by now.

    I felt a strange fear in my heart, as I was about to touch her hand, I saw the scratches on her hand and cheek visible to me; I somehow knew what it meant.

    My Mirabel had been raped!

    I touched her hand, she shivered vigorously, but pulled her face towards me, it was hard to recognize she was my Mirabel, I tried to speak but I choked and only word which came out was “Why this ? ”. As I moved more closer.

    I haven’t cried since she went missing, but this moment made me choke & I let my tears flow from my eyes. She reached out & wiped my tears. She looked as if she was about to break down. I moved closer and I wrapped my arms around her, I didn’t even care that her parents were there. And she buried her head on my chest and we both cried.

    Doctors came; they informed us that we can take her home, by evening. Uncle asked me to return home and change even my condition was not looking better, I resisted but they all convinced me to return, I looked at Mirabel she was sleeping, with the affect of medicines she was given as part of precautions.

    It was around 2’O clock, I returned, first to church to thank God, and then went back to home, I got fresh and I sat on my bed and closed my eyes, it never occurred to me when I slept, I woke up at 7:00, I checked my phone there were 8 missed calls, some from Sofia, others from Uncle. They might have got her discharged.

    I called Sofia; she told me that they are at home.

    I rushed to her home, when I reached there I found her sitting on bed again curled up in herself, while Uncle packing her stuff.

    “We are taking her back, we are leaving tonight”, Aunty said to me.

    I nodded.

    I walked up to Mirabel, “Can we talk, outside?”

    Uncle looked at Mirabel & nodded in yes, we walked on the small lawn of the building.

    I tried to touch her hand, but she get the same shiver.

    “Why do you want to leave?” She didn’t answered.

    “I can’t live without you”, I hold her hand delicately.

    “I am untidy Val, I am not fit for you, you don’t know what happened with me”, she started crying, “they were 3…”, I stopped her by putting my hand on her lips.

    “I don’t want to know, and it doesn’t matter to me, what only matters to me is you, I know I can’t undo what happened to you but I promise, I will love you so much, that it will overpower all the pain you have got”, I replied and I knew my tears were falling from my eyes.

    “You don’t understand Mirabel, this society won’t accept me, even your parents will not accept me” I put out my phone & called my Mom’s number,

    “Were you able to find Mirab?”, she asked picking up the call, I had already informed her last night while in Police Station. I told her what had happened.

    “Mom I want to be with her”, I said to my Mom, while Mirabel stood beside me.

    “Son, what her parents are doing is right, she should be taken away from that place, it’s good for both of you”, Mom replied.

    “Mom of all, you are also saying this, if Papa would have said I could have understand, but you?”, I replied

    “Son what I am saying is good for you”, Mom said.

    “Are you sure you want to marry her?”, I heard my Papa’s voice on Phone, he had taken the Cell from Mom.

    “Yes”, I replied

    “You sure, you will be able to forget what happened?”, Papa asked again.

    “Yes and I want to marry her as soon as possible”, I replied as I hold Mirabel”s hand tightly.

    “Good, but marry her for your love not out of sympathy, give me her father’s number”, he asked.

    I couldn’t believe my ears, “We are coming tomorrow and I am proud of you”, he finally said & disconnect.

    Mirabel still stood in disbelief. I turned towards her, I could see her parents, who have already got down with luggage and were walking towards us.

    I sat down on my knees, as her parents have already reached us. Uncle’s phone rang (Must be my father’s call).

    “Mirabel’s, I have always loved you & will always do, I don’t care what had happened, and will never let it come in between us, Trust me I don’t know if I am the best for you, but I am certain that you are the best for me, Mirabel, today I beg in front of everyone present here, Please Marry Me, I will die without you”

    She kept on staring at me, I waited for her, every second she took were like ages to me, she then looked at her father, he nodded.

    She didn’t answered but hugged me, crying on my chest. I waved her hairs like I always do as I got my Answer.

    I whispered in her ears, “I Love You Mirabel & I will do it FOREVER”…

    The End.

    Happy weekend from Ewomazeal & Saintkenz 🙂 🙂

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    Nice one

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    So Nice!

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    Both re awesome

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    Henry Sanctus
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    wow nyc one

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