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    We were just kids when the popular
    hand shuffle came on – you know
    that turn-by-turn hand movement
    we called the yahoozee? Yeah, the
    Then, having a hummer jeep was
    like getting a free pass to heaven
    – okay, not even close but you get
    the drift.
    Flash forward to the present day,
    it’s almost Christmas and it’s the
    Benz craze. I’m not a car person,
    so the only memory of a Benz I
    have is of my uncle’s V-boot with
    the hot air we called air
    conditioning. Believe me, those
    were the good days, everyone
    wanted a ride to church in the
    cramped up V-boot. I sure bet
    they’re not stealing panties and
    killing people to buy that car – I
    mean, it’s not even that antique
    If you’re a young man and not
    riding a Benz, social media be
    looking at you like, Yo! Wetin you
    gain? Right? Victor?
    It’s no longer surprising to hear of
    dead bodies popping up where
    dead bodies shouldn’t, what with
    the elections coming up and more
    young people taking the high road
    to make money.
    Recently, I’ve been noticing flashy
    cars passing by the area, with boys
    cramped inside and slowing down
    on sighting, you know, like a girl- its
    not what you think, I’m not even
    attractive . It takes everything in me
    not to scream when they smile that
    knowing smile behind the car
    windows – please this is not cute,
    why do people do this? That baby
    come hither facial expression
    Today, I saw a white car slow
    down, with the boys inside grinning
    from ear to ear, there was barely
    space for them to breathe in the
    car and my crazy thoughts figured
    they’d just shuck me in the boot for
    good measure. Thankfully, the road
    was picking up and getting busy,
    but I turned my headphones off
    anyway, ready to scream, if they
    opened the doors and came at me.
    The car slowed down and I slowed
    down my pace too – I was on foot,
    you see. They began driving real
    slow as if waiting for me to catch
    up with them. At intervals, one
    would come down from the back
    and switch places with the driver.
    All the time, I was stuck in a place,
    like God, I don’t want to turn to
    Benz, plix!

    That was legit the scariest
    experience I’ve had this month,
    seeing their teeth flashed at me, as
    if imagining my Benz value or how
    many dollars they’d make if they,
    you know…
    Funny, that was not the first weird
    experience I’ve had with strange
    cars in the area and I just take it
    as my imagination, but this was not
    my imagination playing with me
    today, it was real, and no more
    morning strolls or evening walks for
    me, forthwith. Lol, whommy
    In retrospect, it takes me to an
    article I read on opera news a few
    days ago about some yahoo boys
    that wanted to go straight but
    couldn’t, because you see, they had
    gone the plus way, and once you
    plus, there’s no going back.
    According to them, once you do the
    ritual, you’ll be rich and at the
    expense of peace of mind. If you’re
    thinking, Ahhh, what’s peace of mind
    compared to dollars in the
    hakant? Wait for it.
    One of the accounts I read, it
    started easy for him, all was
    required was to sleep with two
    girls, right? And bring whatever
    they bring to the Baba, for the
    rituals. It worked! Bobo yen became
    a “ look Gooding guy” until, plot
    twist, five weeks later, a renewal
    was being demanded. He was
    asked to sleep with his sister, like
    flesh and blood gaaan!!!!
    He Sha didn’t do it, and now has
    decaying sores all over his back,
    because you see, there’s no going
    back, you’re in or in. Another one
    was asked to sleep with 70 dark
    skinned girls to renew the jazz for
    the month. Like, 70 girls la San, La
    See eh , it’s funny how smart the
    devil is.

    Remember how Runtown in one of
    his hit tracks was like if she follow
    me go, na enjoyment go kill am
    o… It’s funny, the devil is just like
    this. Guys like sex, right? So, the
    devil gave him the condition to
    sleep with 70 dark skinned girls
    (obviously they must have not been
    used before) and the catch, apart
    from the fact that enjoyment will
    kill him (pun intended), Nigeria is
    fast running out of dark skinned
    girls. Mission impossible has
    nothing on this one.
    After reading that expose, my
    mouth was left hanging open and I
    kept saying to myself, evident in
    the title – Wetin we gain? Like,
    these guys are crying for the
    millions to be taken away and their
    regular lives returned to them,
    which of course is impossible –
    you’re in or in.
    I really wonder at times, scratch
    that, most of the time, the craze
    from quick money, to what end?
    Like the hummer jeep craze, we
    danced to the yahoozee song and
    forgot about a hummer as the
    years went by. Same as we’re
    singing to the wetin we gain, in a
    few years, the Benz will be a joke,
    like my uncle’s with the hot air
    So, basically, people are giving up
    their souls for trends? Forgive me if
    I sound sanctimonious, but it’s
    what it is. Whether it’s the plus
    version or the plain fraud type, I
    still think, a thief is a thief, there’s
    no difference.
    Easy come, easy go. Money not
    worked for, doesn’t last, and Karma
    has a directory. Not now, maybe,
    but eventually,
    She’ll call.


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    wow interesting

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    nice one writer

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    Abel Athyroxine
    Abel Athyroxine
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    is karma a women??

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    Word of advice, i pray they listen.

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    Nice one

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    mystique austine
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    so speechless….
    Thanks bro for this piece

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