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What I did with her (short story +18
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    I was on my way to work last week at about 8am, the night before had not been a very smooth one sleep wise, because konji has been by my side like my shadow every where I go, most times when I walk the road and I see a beautiful damsel with her yansh shaking like the faith of Peter in the Bible when he was walking to meet the Lord on the high sea before he sank and the Lord had to quickly rush to save him lest he perish, I begin to wonder why is it that all this gals with big yansh are jus passing my front now that I am single and have no gal to call my own,

    honestly I do feel bad as the cold and harsh voice of the Spirit of lust pierces my heart,like sharp swords on the battlefield,with the words “Israel ur soul is mine”. well I might not have a girlfriend now as we speak but I have some money to visit the brothel in my area to assuage my sexual urge.

    while I walked to where I’ll board a bike to convey me to my shop,I heard a voice ring out clearly like the voice of the village town crier going about at dawn to pass the message of the igwe to all with functioning ears to listen, the voice called out my name and I wondered who it might be calling me,behold I turned my head left and right repeatedly like a standing fan of which the oscillator button has been pressed down, yet the voice called out to me again and I traced the direction and behold,I saw who the caller was,it was bunmi,she stood at a mallams shop and beckoned at me.

    initially I had vowed to have nothing to do with her, because in my mind I felt that she is nothing other than a waste of time and effort,can u believe that I was indoor with this gal,I cooked for her and we spent hours together laughing and cracking jokes,but whenever my hands take the short journey from it’s original resting place to her chest region,her face will harden like a plate of pap that has just congealed to form the staple food known as “eko” in yoruba language and “agidi” in Igbo language, I did not want to ask her why she Is acting this way,for it not to seem as if I am desperate.

    but anytime I try to make a move towards her sweet body and she counters my hand,my heart sinks like a container that has jus fallen off a ship at a turbulent sea, and I get troubled all the more like a man perambulating the hospital corridor because his wife is in the labour room, but yet my hope kept rising like the sun at 7am and my constant beleive that she would eventually let me do made my faith strong like preek about to enter a Toto,

    well,I chose not to be discouraged like Thomas Edison but to keep on keeping on maybe at the end of the day,I might strike gold, so as we chatted my eyes strayed from her face to her fresh laps like a toddler who had just crawled away from its mother’s watch to a neighbours place, so I decided to test the waters once again and rest my hand on her laps and see what she would do, then I moved my hand like a forklift and landed it safely on her fresh laps, she said nothing for almost fifteen minutes,then my preek became very hard like the mind of a hardened criminal,and in a bid to fondle her fairly large breasts I decided to intelligently smuggle my hand into her brassiere like traders from neighbouring togo,benin republic and ghana trying to bring in goods into the closed borders of nigeria , but believe me my hands met stiff resisistance from her hands jus like the Nigerian customs service intercepting traders trying to smuggle goods into our closed borders,I felt disappointed like cristiano Ronaldo after he missed out on winning the balloon d’or , I did not like the way she shielded her breasts from me like a mother hen shielding her chicks from a hawk in the sky, this time around I protested and she laughed dismissing my plight, so i decided to let her be.

    so after she left, I decided never to call her again, then after 5 days she reached out to me and I ignored,I guess she needed money, she called me and I didn’t pick,she sent me a text and I didn’t reply, she came to my shop and met me working and she said she wanted to charge her phone, I allowed her buh I didn’t speak to her,when I was done Barbing,I put off the generator and counted my money for her to see and told her to go home that I’m going out to have my lunch,and she was trying to talk to me buh i ignored, and walked away.

    she tried contacting me severally but I ignored her,but to day when she called me and I looked her way I was about walking away,but as I sighted the cleavage of breast from her blouse,I felt a force draw me towards her like the Bermuda triangle drawing a ship or an aeroplane into it to be lost forever, well I had a second thought and walked towards her and she asked why I am behaving like a child,and I told her all that there is in my mind to say and she told me that allowing me have my way with her is not the problem but that things have to be done slowly in other for me not to have a bad conclusion about her.

    so i asked her to follow me to my shop which she did, and as we got in I held her hands and my preek that was calm and peaceful like a student In library reading for a professional exam suddenly became strong and hard as it stood like a unilag runs gal standing on the road waiting for a man with a car to come and give her a lift.

    I immediately put my hands to use and dipped my hands in to her bra,like someone participating in a lucky dip during a raffle draw contest and behold my hands grabbed one of her breasts as it felt the warmth and softness of her breasts,I drew her closer and kissed her at first she was unresponsive to me but I did not give up I continued painting my tongue on her lips and finally she gave in to my kiss and we kissed passionately, immediately she asked me to bolt the door properly which I did,when I heard that word from her,the happiness In my heart could be likened to the one a Lady feels when she’s been proposed to after 12 yrs of dating, I reached for her blouse hungrily and made an attempt to yank off her blouse buh she didn’t allow me,but she said I should jus s--k one of her breast cos the other one is paining her around the n----e area, so i reached for her breast and s----d the breast hungrily like an Islamic faithful s-----g on an orange fruit at the break of the daily ramadhan fast.

    greedily I reached for the other one and broke protocol to s--k it as she held my head with her two hands and she moaned and made hissing sound like some one drinking hot peppersoup,then she broke free from me and told me that she’ll come tomorrow by 9 to my house to sleep over, I made her swear to me that she would come and she swore to me and even left her earpiece behind to show her seriousness, hmmmmmmmmm I will tear her Toto I swear

    To be continued if she comes 😁😁😁

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    i. hear u

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    That means I will reserve my comment until she comes

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    Ireoluwa EmmanuelIreoluwa Emmanuel
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    den untill she comes

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    safe journey

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    Iffa hear say she come..

    when u break protocol

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    your dear Bunmi is up to something no good

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    Harzaro Boy18Harzaro Boy18
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    Untill she comes..

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