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    ?plans went wrong?
    ?️ EPISODE 1?️



    Oh my God! ,it’s really been a good job I must tell,I enjoyed creating scenes with Rich guys or men for living,you wonder how, well,I might just pick a fight with them in public ,at times I claim taking as prostitute and them refuse to pay me up but mostly shout at them and claim been pregnant,so how do I get paid in return,they might just try stopping me from talking and ask me what I wanted ,I remembered the last one I did with a high chief,it nearly got me into trouble but I was saved


    I was at my usual club one Saturday night,I sighted this chief from afar ,an old man in his early 50 ,he walked in majestically with an agbada attire and a cap on,you know how does rich old men dresses now ,he sat at a corner side opposite me,I focused my sight on him with my leg crossed but he doesn’t seems to notice anything,he took a glass of wine,I can’t tell if it was alcoholic or not ,all I knew was I followed him immediately he left the club house

    Hey hey hey,I shouted waving at the chief and he paused to look back , of course why won’t you stop to check if you hear someone approaching you
    You think you can escape right ,you slept with me an ran away,and you called yourself a chief ,old man for that matter ,look at me,am I not worth your children age and you still cheated me of my money ,pay me here before I called everyone attention

    The old man stood perplexed and stare at me confusingly

    Are you dear old man

    Before I knew it,two hefty man jumped out from no where and drag me by

    I frightened in fear as I struggle for freedom

    “Spare here” chief said as he handed me some thousand naira note
    I understand he concluded his words and went back inside his car and the two guys followed him immediately,

    I waited no longer nor returned to the club house ,I ran out of the club compound immediately and headed to my house,what an escape


    But that still doesn’t stop me from continue ,I mean if I don’t continue,how will I survive this cruel world alone ,I mean I have mother to take care of and I have myself to Carter for,well I have a family that are rich but there is this saying that says
    Same parentage does not compel compassion,I hustle it myself
    I took my phone and dialed my mum’s number ,it’s been my daily routine to always hear my mum’s voice ,if not every hour then four times a day,well don’t blame me for that ,mind you u I am not mum’s pet ,iya Ayo just happened to be the only person I know right from birth,I have families like I said early but that’s from mum side,not that I don’t know my dad family but I departed from them right the day we vacated my dad’s house ,why did we have to do that ,it’s another story entirely,I was the sixth born among ninth in my dad’s place but the only one left with my mum ,don’t get me wrong,I never said the only born ,we were three before it became only me,I had twins ,two boys as my younger siblings but they died ,wonderless how it happened,I will explain little about me and my family but that’s not now

    To be continued

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    ?plans went wrong?
    ?️ EPISODE 2?️


    My mum picked after the second trial

    ?hello iya Ayo

    ?hello okomi ,how are you

    ?am fine,I just say I should hear your voice

    ?oshey okomi,and thanks for the month salary ,I received for this month yesterday,thanks my dear ,God will continue to bless you

    ?what’s my job if I don’t give you,who else would I give maami ,good bye ,I need to sort something

    ?bye bye my dear

    Phone conversation ended

    It’s not like my mum doesn’t care about the job I do of course she asked me and I lied f ok her having a boyfriend that is very rich ,and she knows I wasn’t too young to date ,all she would just say is abstain from sex and please remember the daughter of whom you are,don’t disgrace me please,even if my mean of survivor is truly a boyfriend,how come I won’t have sex,who wants to date without sex, does such guys still exist ,my God ,mum is funny,I smiled getting up the bed ,I stood in front of the standing mirror with my robe still on,I removed the rubber band I used to hold forth my hair and gently massage it with the usual hair foods ,then I covered it with a shower cap and quicky get busy with bed laying since I have to leave the hair for 10 minute to work properly,I finished cleaning the room just a minute to complete the expected time,I went to the bathroom removing the shower cap and leaving it behind in the room ,

    I picked a perfect mini gown from my wardrobe and slide into it ,it’s looks fitted on me as am used to wearing minis due to my clubbing job ,of course I can’t dress decent to occasions like that ,wow!! I let out an exclamation , looking myself at the mirror,my figure eight was well obviously,busty or assful or whatever English suit ,I am naturally blessed with it , but one thing will always make me feel reluctant whenever I remember how my friends use to qualify me,did I say used,no,always ,as long as I still continue this scamming and false accusations ,they won’t seize to call me ,BBBS ,big bold, beautiful and stupid ,I am big ,I am bold ,I am beautiful but I don’t think I am stupid,I wouldn’t admit been stupid,since they don’t know why have chose to engage myself in that act ,don’t judge people until you hear their part of stories

    I was at the club house ,seated at the same spot as usual chewing gum like a road by prostitute

    Omo another maga don show,
    I adjusted my sitting to a normal position as make unnecessary body move as a guy walked pass me


    Ahh,I said as I sat at a couch tiredly viewing from inches different girls with different positions,some were dancing with same sex ,while some were dancing with opposite sex
    I wasn’t even concerned about that,I have come to club to cool off my temper after all I got from pelumi that gold digger

    Pelumi happens to be the only girlfriend I have in the whole of universe,isn’t that crazy ,he doesn’t drink,he doesn’t smoke,he doesn’t womanize ,he is caring,he is handsome,he is God fearing,does such guys still exist ,well I use to be but now reverse is the case ,I started acting like a monster ever since I got jilted by whom I choose to spend the rest of my life with,I mean monster,yes,I treat everyone like a dog in the den of lion,I became a sadism soul ,it started after the breakup and I see every lady as a w---e

    Yes you,I caught you ,a voice said and I raised my head to see a s--t beside me , chewing gum like a rass shii

    Did I know you

    “You want to say you don’t know me again,you would say such ,after you slept with me without my money”

    I was perplexed like I felt like hiting this girl on her eyes,I haven’t even met her once before and she is creating a scene here

    We nearly turn the movie of the room
    I quickly covered her hand with my palm and held her wrist not hesitating to drag her out

    What did you want from me

    “Money or else I will shout again and it will be worse this time ”

    Okay fine ,get in the car let me hand over the cash to you

    “Just bring it out here”

    I don’t want people to see us together pls

    She complied and entered the car with him after a long conviction

    I started the car and zoomed off

    You bastard,I said as I pushed her in a dark room and closed the door behind me

    ? Ayomide?

    I am in trouble I knew it
    .uncle ,hey daddy,pls don’t leave me here,I am sorry ,I can explain

    Pls come,I can’t see anything but something more like a tiny stars , everywhere was dark and I don’t even know anything about the house less to talk of finding for the switch ,I used my hand to crawl and manage to get to the door,I tried knocking hard to no avail

    To be continued

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    u don buy trouble shabi u no wan rest

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    u did not even tell ur friend were you are going to maybe he would have helped you,u ask for it shall, enjoy yourself

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    Ubi Kyle
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    Na You Start Oh

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    Everyday for the thief…

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    Go on

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