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    You don enter am

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    🧐plans went wrong🧐
    🖊️ EPISODE 3🖊️


    My phone,nahh,I didn’t bring it ,I don’t take phone with me to club ,how do I communicate with my people,am in a big mess I know,who would save me out of this
    My body ache as a result of throwing myself up and down , crying helplessly for help ,I sat at the door side Hoping to see that wicked guy comes in,did I say wicked or I was faulty ,all the same


    I jumped up from the bed
    I am running out of time ,I need to reach out to one of two places

    My pastor’s place first ,in trouble we know God,things ain’t going on well with me which was adding to my frustrations and anger
    I took a quick shower and dashed into my car then zoom off

    “Hey brother femi ”
    Pastor ,have came to check on you

    “Hope no problem sir”

    It’s concerning the issue sir

    “You mean you found one”

    Not at all ,a girl stopped my mission sir

    “May God sees all through ,like I said,there would be a sign whenever you meet her”

    Okay sir, thank you sir

    I shook hand with him and went off

    I hopped inside my car as different thought strikes within

    Ohh goosh,I forgot I left a b---h at home

    I drove home and opened the door only to find her by the door side

    Hey s--t
    “I am not a s--t”


    “I am not a b---h”


    “Don’t give me names I don’t bear,call me my name instead ”

    You prostitute,a gold digger,a scammer,a w---e,a s--t still have the audacity to object to my talks

    “I am not any of those names Mr Man and don’t you ever call me such ”

    She’s got boldness in her,like where does she find it,

    “Well can I leave her,I mean open that d--n door and let me leave”

    You had better not think if that cause you gonna ever regret placing faulse accusations on me ,you daughter of Jezebel

    “Are you deaf to listen at all ,don’t call me names and besides why would you say I can’t leave here,are you a kidnapper ”

    Whatever job I do is not your business and don’t you dare look me in the eyes again

    “You not God or are you His angel,see guy ,you better let me out of this house or else I will do what to implicate you”

    How dare you talk to me like that *slapped*

    📚 Ayomide📚

    Ouuch this guy slapped me

    How dare you

    “You must be mad ,see s--t,let me get something straight to you,you would rot here”

    Huh,my eyes widely open

    “Yes,you would pay for been mad and rude I promise”

    Did he say am rude,have got a sharp mouth that repeatedly put me in troubles,my mum has thought me to cautioned my mouth but I can’t just help it ,it’s a rushing pipe whenever am angry

    I went astray as I watched him left the room slamming the door

    Hey,hey I called out as I collapsed on the floor

    My mum can’t go a day without hearing my voice,I wonder what condition she would be right now ,Asin remember as the only child , would she be in a good state ,my school,my activities ,I can’t even call,I could have told someone to help me run the activities,my God what have I lead myself into,it wasn’t my fault either if not for the so called walking deaf father I have,he doesn’t care about me not my mother,if had taken responsibilities,I wouldn’t go extreme in search of means of survivor
    God help me

    “Hey s--t,I heard you saying oh God “like a prostitute could say?


    “Well ,take and eat”
    ,he threw me an ordinary loaf of bread,what am I suppose to do with this

    Plee..aase can I talk to you

    “What is in your mouth ”

    Can you lend me your phone to call

    “How can you be so stupid to think I will do such ”

    I just want to call my mum, have got a lot with her please


    Pls, I promise am not gonna act funny

    “How do I believe you s--t”

    Well ,am not a s--t ,I just do what I did because

    Some words are better left unsaid

    Nvm , pls trust me ,okay ,you know what ,you can hold the phone ,while I call out the number then put it on speaker and hold the phone while I speak

    “That’s smart of a s--t like you”

    He brought out his iPhone the three cameral and I called out the number while he dialled it

    📞 hello moimi(mummy)

    📞hello okomi(my dear)
    How are you, have been calling you since four days back ,what has happened ,what happen to you

    📞am fine iya Ayo ,my phone got stolen ,so don’t worry about calling me for now,I am fine I promise,I will have to call you when I get another phone

    📞okay okomi,shey jeje oo


    Pls can I call someone else

    “You might just decided to eat the call card instead ”

    That’s too hars of you,anyways thank you , at least I called my mum

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    Dãñîél wírêDãñîél wírê
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    By then you will learn

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    next time you will not do such

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    I love this

    She has to be taught a lesson

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    She definitely need to be taught a big lesson for her habitual behavioural attitude.

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    I’m enjoying this story and wouldn’t want it to be delayed reading it here as always till end.

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