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    Trapped between two iroko trees

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    Dis miss ade sef koraa

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    still following sha

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    Enjoying this

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    Proseguire Dude…

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    Something must surely happened

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    Whatsapp adventure
    Episode 20

    Me. Good morning ma,

    Miss ade. good morning tony how are you?

    Me. fine ma,

    Miss ade. How was your night,

    Me. Fine ma,

    Miss ade. And your leg, does it still hurt?

    Me. No ma its totally fine now,

    Miss ade. Hope you took those drugs I gave you?

    Me. Yes ma,

    Miss ade. Where are you going to this morning with those books?

    Me. Miss sandra asked me to bring them to her office just now,

    Miss ade. (Silent for some time, perhaps thinking) am actually heading to miss sandra’s office, just give me those books, I will deliver them to her, and rush back to your class, because you must be missing a lesson now,

    Me. Thank you ma,

    I handed the books to her, and headed back as instructed, I got to the class and the maths teacher is already busy with his boring lecture, I excused my self and went in to seat down, one hour of his lecture, which seems unending, he finally ended,
    With a home work which is to be submitted tomorrow,
    After 10 minutes of his departure, the break bell sanded, making almost all the whole students shouts in joy,
    Chuks came to my desk, and asked if am free to catch some snack at the canteen,
    One thing I like about chuks is that when ever we all go together to the canteen to buy foods, he always pays with his money and never complains,no matter any amounts, oh maybe its because his family was rich,

    I quickly arranged my books, then we signaled dan to come on,
    We went to the canteen, then chuks requested snacks and soft drink for both of us,
    Within 2minutes, we were served, and I was about devouring my food when I felt a soft touch on my shoulder,
    I turned to look and to my surprise it was senior ivie,
    We all shared greetings, you know normal secondary school greeting nah, (good day senior,) after the greets she asked dan to shift so she can seat close to me,
    She sats down,

    Ivie, am sorry dear what’s that your name again,

    Me. Anthony,

    Ivie. Tony do you mind if I share your food with you,

    Me, with all pleasure senior,

    She cuts some snacks from my plate and feed her self, while I concentrated on feeding my self too,

    Ivie, how are you now?

    Me, fine senior,

    ivie, hope your leg doesn’t hurt much,

    Me. No,

    Ivie. Sounds good, were is that your girlfriend I saw you with yesterday, why is she not here with you?

    She took the remaining snack and sip from my coke, then she called the canteen woman and requested for another round of snack and soft drink,

    Me. She is not my girlfriend, she is just a friend and a class mate,

    Ivie, and why do you move around with her, instead of your girlfriend, don’t you think your girl will be hurt?

    Me. Maybe because I don’t have any,

    Ivie. Wow(silent for sometimes,) an ss1 guy without a girlfriend?
    Ok maybe I will become your girl, with a jokey voice,

    I kept mute, and cuts snack for my stomach,

    Ivie. Just joking tho,
    Oh here she comes,

    Then I look back and saw amina coming with an unhappy face,
    When she got to were I was, she greeted senior ivie dan and chuks, and didn’t even look at me, senior ivie stood up almost immediately, and excused her self,leaving the remaining foods with me, while amina got seated and requested for her own food,
    I saw senior ivie join her friend on the next table, and them all looks at our direction, with their actions I know they are gossiping me,
    Then chuks and dan stood up left for me and amina, amina never talks or look at at, through out the time she was eating, then after eating she stood up and left, I was surprised at her action, I thought perhaps someone got her angry, or perhaps she was not in good mood, I was still in thought when chuks and dan returned smiling,
    Chuks called the canteen woman to pay her,
    Chuks. How much is our bill ma(bringing out his wallet)

    Canteen woman. Don’t worry, someone already paid for you guys,

    Dan. Another drama,

    Chuks. Who ma,

    Canteen woman, I don’t know her name,

    I looked at senior ivie side, but she has already left with her friends,
    Must it be that amina also paid for us while paying for hers (just thinking to my self)

    Chuks. Could this be,

    Dan. Maybe someone that watched this funny drama that happened here today payed for us, in appreciation for the good drama,

    They both burst out laughing while I stump out in anger,

    To be continued

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Viewing 8 posts - 473 through 480 (of 797 total)
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