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    *Jane’s New Job*

    Jane stood in front of the Gigantic building, deciding if to go in or not. When she got the mail yesterday requiring she comes to High Waters Interiors to be interviewed for the position of a personal assistant, she was elated. She has heard so much about the company and their reputation for making quality interior designs and decorations.

    So when she saw the job opening for a personal assistant position she jumped at it even though she really didn’t have the experience needed for the job. She told herself all she needed was to tweak her resume to match the requirements needed and convince whoever was going to interview her that she could deliver; after all she was a smart girl.

    Standing before the building in reality, she is begining to doubt if coming here was a smart idea. The building and everything about it looks so intimidating and terrifying. But not as terrifying as the thought of packing up and going back to her home town in Enugu state where all her folks lived, folks who warned and tried everything possible to dissuade her from coming to the city.

    She was running low on cash and needs stable source of income if not she might end up on the street begging for food, or go back home. The thought of that made her cringe and quicken her steps as she walked into the building.

    The interior looked even better than she imagined, it was picturesque yet simple, it bustled with activity as workers were resuming for the day and getting started for the new week. She walked up to the receptionist a beautiful lady in her mid thirties, she was typing on the computer in front of her.

    “Hi my name is Jane I’m here for an interview, for the position of the personal assistant to the manager”.

    The pretty lady smiled and replied “hello Jane, welcome to High Waters, Vivian will be with you shortly. Meanwhile she requested you wait in her office,The second door by your left”.

    Jane thanked her and went in the direction she was given. The office was spacious with a big mahogany table in the middle and two executive chairs on each opposite end of the table, two sofas by the side of the wall. The opposite end of the office had a glass wall which gave an ample view of the beach. Jane was beginning to look forward to working here. She has always loved going to the beach. she took a seat on one of the sofas.

    She wasn’t sitted for long when a beautiful middle aged woman walked into the office, putting on a gray jacket with a black jean trousers and a heel strapped sandals, she was carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag. Everything about her spoke class including the way she walked.

    “Good morning, you must be Jane” she said as she walked towards the large mahogany desk and put down her handbag.

    “Yes good morning, nice meeting you ma” Jane greeted as she stood up.

    “Oh please call me Vivian, do have a sit. Sorry for keeping you waiting, the traffic on my route this morning was hectic. As you know you’re required to start immediately my schedule these days is always choked up and I’m in dire need of an assistant. I hope you are competent like you stated in your resume?”

    Jane didn’t know she would be starting immediately, infact she thought she was coming for an interview.

    “Yes ma, sorry Vivian, I’m equal to the task and if there iso]o0 anything I don’t understand I’m a fast learner I will pick up”

    Jane replied nervously trying her best to look confident even if this is actually her first real job after graduation from the University, aside her one year National Youth Service where she served as an English teacher in a secondary school and helping her elder sister manage the affairs of her tiny shop where she sold baby wears, if this even counts as a real job.

    This would be her first real job and she wasn’t about let her lack of experience make her lose the job. Vivian must have been convinced because the next thing she said made Jane leap for joy.

    “Alright you got the job and that’s because I don’t have much time to interview other candidates but bear it in mind, the minute you fail to deliver I won’t hesitate to fire your ass” She said meaning every word of it.

    This scared Jane and almost made walk away from the job but then she remembered how broke she was and decided against the idea, she was determined more than ever to make it in this big city of Lagos and if doing her best to deliver at this job is one of the ways to achieve this goal, then she would. So she squared her shoulder, put on her confident look and said “what do you need to be done?”

    This statement made Vivian smile and replied “let’s start with you organizing my calendar, it’s so clustered, I have different meetings and events scheduled for same day and time, so reorganize them and keep me abreast with the changes, I have a meeting with the board of directors in ten minutes you would have to come with me and take notes”.

    With that said, Vivian handed Jane a dairy containing all her schedule for the month. Jane delved into work with so much enthusiasm.

    By midday Jane was worn-out from organizing calendar, taking down notes for meetings, going to get coffee and following Vivian’s every move so she doesn’t miss any important detail that needs being taken note of.

    She never knew being a personal assistant could be so tasking, but the salary was worth every stress. Now she was on her way to get lunch for Vivian and herself, she took the elevator to the cafeteria which was on the first floor of the building. Vivian requested she get her jollof rice and plantain while she was getting spaghetti and grilled fish with a cup of smoothie for herself. One of the perks of working here is that she needn’t worry about lunch, the company provides lunch for their staff.

    On her way back to Vivian’s office she was holding the bag containing their lunch in one hand, alongside her cup of smoothie, Jane was typing away on her phone, replying messages on her personal WhatsApp which she hadn’t been able to reply since she began working. The door to the elevator opened, Jane stepped out, still engrossed in her phone.

    She didn’t notice when she bumped into something hard and before she could realize it she had spilled her smoothie contents. When she looked up to see the obstruction it was actually a human not a rock like she thought.

    Not just any human but a good looking one, he was tall, slim, muscular and dark skinned. He had the type of eyes that stopped you dead in your tracks. His eyes made her weak at the knees.

    He wore a black jean trouser, a designer plaid shirt with it’s sleeves rolled up, which was now ruined with the contents of her smoothie.

    “I am so so sorry, it wasn’t intentional” Jane pleaded with a shaky voice. The stranger said nothing he looked at the damage she had caused on his shirt and looked back at her.

    “Of course it wasn’t intentional, this could have been avoided if you had just taken a minute to look away from your phone and watched your step”

    Not until he mentioned her phone before she realized it was no longer in her hands, then she saw it on the floor. Quickly she picked it up, luckily for her it wasn’t damaged. But his beautiful sneakers were not spared from the contents of her smoothie.

    “Sir I’m truly sorry, please forgive me” she said this with tears in her eyes, what was she thinking? Walking and typing on her phone at the same time, ‘what a way to make an impression on your first day at work Jane’. She reprimanded herself.

    “How am I supposed to go for my meeting looking like this?” He asked drawing her attention back to his soiled shirt.

    “Sir it’s not that bad it can be fixed” she said thinking of ways she can fix this, honestly speaking the shirt does look really bad no scratch that, it actually looks horrible.

    “Really, and just how do you intend to fix this?” He asked waiting for her response.

    Jane has never felt so foolish and confused all her life, how on Earth is she going to fix this? Very soon Vivian would coming looking for her as she has been gone for too long.

    “Sir please I’m sorry I..”

    “you keep saying you are sorry like that is supposed to fix my shirt.”

    ”I can….”

    ”What’s your name and what department do you work?”

    Oh no, should he know her department, he would report her to Vivian and this could get her fired, what if he was the boss? Then he would fire her himself. This made tears roll down her eyes.

    “Sir please this is my first day at work, please don’t get me fired, I promise I will replace your shirt but please don’t get me fired I beg you”.

    Her pleas must have touched the stranger because he kept quiet and gave her a dead stare before storming off to the elevator, got in and didn’t say another word to her.

    Jane stood there, she was still in shock, when she heard a voice behind her.

    “Hey are you ok?” She turned to see a girl who looked like she was in her twenties walking towards her.

    “I’m fine thank you”

    “Are you sure? You look like you have been crying”

    “I’m ok thanks for asking, I have to be on my way” with that Jane hurried to Vivian’s office to deliever her lunch. Luckily for her, Vivian was still on the phone with her husband, so her absence wasn’t felt.

    The rest of the day went in a blur, she couldn’t seem to take her mind off the smoothie incidence and kept wondering if the stranger would come bursting through the door to have her fired.

    By the end of the day, she wished nothing more than to go to her tiny apartment, have a cold shower and crawl under her blanket and have a good sound sleep.

    As Jane went to bed that night, for the first time in a long while she really felt grateful to God, and thanked him for helping her get a job and not getting fired. At least not yet.
    Timetable: 9am, 3pm & 9pm everyday


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    It’s been 3 months since Jane started working as a personal assistant, and so far she was enjoying every bit of it, she has even made a new friend Amaka, the girl who approached her after the smoothie incidence, they met again in the elevator two days later and got talking. Ever since then they have both become great friends. Amaka even moved in with her a month ago.

    Amaka happened to be looking for an apartment after breaking up with her boyfriend whom she was living with and Jane needed a roommate whom she could split her rent with, so it was a win for them both.

    Vivian her boss, wasn’t as difficult as everyone labeled her to be, all she needs is her instructions strictly adhered to and you both will be friends.

    Jane has never had issues with obeying instructions, there was one time when she was in grade four, and was learning how to cook vegetable soup from her mother, and she told her to follow everything she did if she wanted to cook a tasty vegetable soup as hers. And follow every of her mother’s step, Jane did, she even went as far as clapping into the soup every time she prepared it because she always saw her mom doing that, it wasn’t until Jane was in high school she realized her mother only clapped over the soup to remove the remnant of salt on her hands and not to make the soup tasty. This still didn’t deter Jane from following instructions to the latter.

    It was a Thursday afternoon and they just got back from a meeting with the board of directors, where Jane had to take down bunch of notes as usual.

    “Jane, I need you to take some documents to Ocean Views Company, Mr. Jeffrey the CEO, is a new client we have been bidding for a contract to design the interiors of his new estate, every time we set up a meeting with him to finalize the deal, he ends up cancelling, reasons best known to him” Vivian said as they got into the office.

    ”Sure, no problem”.

    “I was able to convince him to setup another meeting for 2pm today, he wants the documents containing the details of the contract brought to him in his office, I would have taken them myself but I have bunch of meetings to attend” Vivian continued as she walked around her desk to retrieve some documents and handed them over to Jane.

    ”That means I have to leave now”.

    “Yes, I got my driver to take you; he knows where Mr. Jeffrey’s office is located.

    Jane gathered her things which consisted of the new iPad Vivian had given her for taking notes instead of writing on her note pad, and her water flask which she liked carrying around because it acts as a reminder for her to stay hydrated. She put them in her handbag.

    “Jane, this deal is important not just to the company but to me too, so make sure he signs those documents”. Was that desperation she heard in Vivian’s voice or was she imagining it?

    After driving for half an hour the driver pulled up in front of a glass building in the highbrow area of Lekki phase 1. Exotic cars were parked in front of the building, the employees of this company must obviously be well paid, to be driving such cars, she thought within herself.

    Jane stepped out of the car wondering if Vivian was in her right senses sending her on such assignment if it was so important to the company like she claims it was. She barely knew anything about the contract even though they have been working on it for the past few months since she was employed. She still feels like a novice, how was she supposed to answer any of Mr. Jeffery’s questions?

    She walked into the building, everything about it screamed power even down to the door man.

    “Hello good afternoon, my name is Jane from High Waters Interiors I’m here to see Mr. Jeffrey” she said to a pretty lady whom the doorman introduced to her as Mr. Jeffrey’s secretary.

    “Do you have an appointment?” The lady asked.

    “Yes I do, he is expecting me”.

    “Alright, what time is your appointment scheduled for?” The lady asked smiling.


    “Well, ma’am Mr. Jeffrey doesn’t have any meeting scheduled for 2pm today, as a matter of fact he has closed for the day”. The secretary said with nonchalance.

    Closed for the day? They must be kidding who closes from work by 2pm in Lagos?

    “I’m sorry you must be mistaken, he is expecting me, and we are supposed to meet today”

    “I’m sorry I can’t be mistaken I have Mr. Jeffrey’s entire schedule for the week and he doesn’t have any meeting scheduled for 2pm today”

    The lady was clearly annoyed.

    Jane stood there confused, she can’t go back without having these documents signed or at least given to Mr. Jeffrey, not after Vivian had told her how important it is that Mr. Jeffrey signs these documents. She decided to call Vivian and let her in on what was going on.

    Vivian picked up on the first ring

    “Hello Jane, how is it going over there?”

    “I’m afraid we have a little problem, Mr. Jeffrey’s secretary said he doesn’t have any appointment scheduled for 2pm and he has closed for the day”

    There was a pause.

    “How can she say that? You know what just stay put while I call Mr. Jeffrey myself”

    Few minutes later Jane’s phone rang, it was Vivian calling.

    “Jane I just spoke to Mr. Jeffrey, apparently he told his secretary to cancel all his meeting for today, I was able to convince him to meet with you, so he requested you take the documents over to his apartment in Ikoyi, I will call the driver to let him know so he will take you there, once he signs the documents you can close for the day, is that ok?”

    “Alright no problem”

    Jane walked back to where the car was packed; Vivian must have called the driver because he had the car reversed already before Jane got there. She got in and told the driver the change in plans, he affirmed and reared the engine to life.

    All through the ride to Mr. Jeffrey’s apartment, Jane kept wondering what type of a business man he was for him to cancel a meeting as important as this, and even had the nerve to request the documents brought to his apartment, what arrogance.

    Or it could be that the old man is not feeling too well and decided to close early there was no crime in that, business men are also human and needs rest too. And here she was judging him. ‘Jane you need to hear people’s side of the story first before passing judgment’ she reprimanded herself.

    She was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn’t notice the driver had already pulled up in front of a beautiful black gate, a security guard came out of the compound and walked towards the driver’s side of the door, the driver wound down the car window a fraction to speak to him.

    “Good afternoon, we are here to see Mr. Jeffrey, we have an appointment with him from High Waters Interiors”

    “Your IDs please?” The security guard requested; directing the question to both herself and the driver. The driver gave both his and Jane’s ID to the security guard.

    The security guard gave both IDs a good scrutiny and handed them back to the driver.

    “Mr. Jeffrey is expecting you, you can drive in”. With that said he pressed a remote and the gate opened up and they drove in.

    The house was magnificent, it was painted white, large and castle like, it had a huge water fountain in the middle, and the sides of the compound were adorned in the most beautiful flowers Jane has ever seen. It was the type of house you only see in movies.

    The front door opened and a woman who looked to be in her fifties came out.

    “Good afternoon dear, you must be Jane?”

    “Yes, good afternoon ma”

    “Please come in, Mr. Jeffrey is expecting you” the lady led her into the house.

    The sitting room was like a perfect magazine cover; it gleamed with spotless silence.

    It had brown leather chairs which Jane feared she might stain if she sat on any of them. The gold curtains were made of linen. There was a large plasma television hung on a wall of the room. She looked to the right and saw a black and white photograph of a beautiful middle aged couple who looked adorably at each other. The walls were decorated with beautiful African paintings. She could see her reflection on the shiny marble tiles.

    The left end of the sitting room opened up to a large dining room with a bespoke dining table and chairs. Still on the left end was a staircase which probably led to the bedrooms Jane thought. Ten of her apartment can fit into this room; this is actually the biggest sitting room she has ever seen.

    Whoever this man was, he sure did have great taste in design.

    “He will be with you shortly”
    She had totally forgotten she wasn’t alone in the room.

    “Alright thanks”

    Few minutes later the woman came back with a tray containing a glass of juice and some cookies. Jane didn’t really care about refreshments, at this point all she wants is for the old man to come down and have these documents signed so she can be on her way. So she thanked the lady for her kindness but without the intention of touching them.

    Jane waited for over an hour and yet Mr. Jeffrey wasn’t anywhere in sight. The Vivian’s driver had to leave to go pick up Vivian as it was almost time for close of business. She would have to find her way home when the meeting was over.

    Could it be that he forgot she was waiting for him or has he cancelled on her again. Jane was beginning to feel agitated when the woman walked in with a smile on her face.

    “Mr. Jeffrey will see you now; he requested you join him at the gazebo, please come with me”

    This man sure does know how to keep one waiting, Jane thought within herself as she got up and followed the woman.

    The woman led her to the back of the house. Jane thought the interior was beautiful but what she saw at the back was breath taking.

    A part of the ground was covered in carpet grass, the type you see in football pitches. There were two gazebos with beautiful cane chairs in them. There was a large swimming pool on one side, the ground around the pool was covered in concrete in tiles; besides the pool were reclined chairs. She really wished she could take a dip in the pool.

    Mr. Jeffrey was making a call in the gazebo close to the pool. He had his back turned to them.

    Wait, she has heard that voice before, Jane thought and then he turned.

    Jane stood fixated to a spot, no this can’t be, and probably her eyes were playing tricks on her. Wasn’t Mr. Jeffrey supposed to be an elderly man? He can’t possibly be the same stranger she spilled her smoothie on?

    Well, he was the one. He must have been shocked himself because he told whoever was on the other side of the line he would call back and ended the call.

    “What are you doing here?” He asked giving her his full attention. Jane turned to the woman who walked her in, probably she can make the introductions, and the lady must have disappeared because she was no where in site, great she is in this alone.

    “I’m from High Waters Interiors, I…”

    “I really don’t care where you came from; my question is what are you doing here?”

    He interrupted her with a raise of his hand. ‘This is not going to be easy’ Jane thought.

    “I brought the documents you requested for sir” she replied with a shaky voice.

    “Interesting. So Vivian thought it best to send the same person who prevented me from attending the last meeting we scheduled for me to sign those documents, very interesting clearly this deal doesn’t mean much to her”

    He clearly wasn’t pleased with her presence and Jane can’t blame him for that.


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    Seated ?

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    Nxt plis

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    I pity u oo

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    I pray he sighns d document

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