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    EPISODE 15

    “Look at your time, it’s 10am what responsible employee comes to work by this time? I had a meeting this morning, but there was no one to take down notes for me. You know why? It’s because my supposed Personal assistant was no where to be found, instead she was busy messing around with a client”

    Jane didn’t know if she should get angry at Vivian’s accusation or just over look it. She chose the latter, it’s not like her denial is going to change anything, Vivian is obviously expecting her to defend herself so she did otherwise.

    “Vivian I’m sorry I didn’t mean to get to work late I had to go to Ocean Views to have the contract signed”

    “I don’t want to hear any of your flimsy excuses, go get me my coffee”

    After Jane got Vivian her coffee, they worked in silence. Jane was happy she had gotten the contract signed at least now Vivian will get off her back and she won’t lose her job, as for messing with Jeffery; she would find away to clear the air on that later.

    When it was time for lunch Jane asked Vivian what she would like to have.

    “Jane if I wanted anything I would have told you, I would like to be left alone”

    Jane texted Amaka to join her at the cafeteria so they can have lunch together. Amaka has been sleeping over at her new boyfriend’s place so often these days, so they don’t get to spend much time together and Jane really misses that.

    “Wow girl you look like you are about to cry”

    Jane looked up from the food she ordered and didn’t really care about eating.

    “Trust me when I say I’m really trying hard not to cry”

    Amaka took a seat next to her and placed her own order.

    “Yeah right I can imagine, with the way Vivian was acting up this morning”

    “Hmmmm are you telling me? That woman is like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode”

    Jane kept turning her food around the plate without putting any in her mouth.

    “Are you okay, what has been going on with you why did you show up at work late?”

    “I had to get Jeffery to sign the contract documents or Vivian would have fired me”

    “What? I don’t understand”

    Jane gave Amaka a break down of what has been going on. When she was done, Amaka stood up and pulled her into a hug.

    “I’m so sorry I didn’t know you were going through this I would have been home last night”

    “It’s fine, none of this is your fault”

    “Still I should have been there for you”

    “Enough of my sad tales, tell me about this new boyfriend of yours”

    “His name is Desmond and he is really nice, can you believe he fifty shaded me this morning and then served me breakfast in bed”

    “Hmm…. This love is strong o”

    “Oh Jane you should have seen the way this guy handles me in bed like he is so strong and….”

    “Cut…. cut…. I don’t need to hear it, thank you”

    “Hahahahahaha, you were the one who asked”

    “I asked about him and not his sexual prowess”

    “Well my dear I can’t talk about him without adding that”

    “Well-done ma, I need to get going”

    “Why? We still have twenty minutes before lunch time is over”

    “With the way Vivian has been acting, I need to avoid anything that will make her get upset with me”

    “Alright, are you still going to Jeffrey’s place tonight?”

    “Yeah I have to keep to my own part of the bargain”

    “Alright dear, just let me know how things go okay?.”

    “Alright I will, when are you coming back to the apartment?”

    “Tonight, with all these things happening, you don’t need to be alone”

    “Thank you”

    At the close of business, Jane boarded a taxi to Jeffrey’s place, while in the taxi she called to let him know she was already on her way.

    Jeffery got to his apartment before Jane, so he decided to jump in the shower before she arrives. All through the day, all he kept thinking about was what Jane had told him.

    He couldn’t bring himself to see her as a murderer, he knew she wasn’t joking about it because she sounded and looked serious when she said it. Besides no one goes about joking about murder.

    By the time he hears her out, will he still want to date her, will he still want her around him or will he find a way to help cover up her crime? these and many more thoughts kept racing through his mind.

    The shower wasn’t helping much to calm Jeffrey’s racing mind, so he dried off his body threw on a joggers and decided to go pour himself a drink of whiskey hopefully that might help.

    He was already on his second glass of whiskey when he decided to call Jane, it’s been over an hour she called to let him know she was on her way. But just then his phone rang, it was Jane calling.

    “Hey, I was about calling you”
    The voice he heard wasn’t Jane’s, rather it was a masculine voice.

    “I’m sorry do you know the owner of this phone?”

    “Who is this?”

    “My name is John, the owner of this phone was involved in a car accident, I noticed you were the last person she called so I decided to let you know, you can…”

    “Wait, what?”

    “I said she was…”

    “I heard what you said, where is she, is she okay?”

    “She is at saint Louis hospital at…”

    Jeffery didn’t wait for him to finish before he ended the call, he knew where Saint Louis hospital was located, he has a friend who works there as a nurse. He quickly grabbed a shirt and his car keys and rushed out.
    “What do you mean I can’t see her?”

    “Sir if you are not a close relative of hers, then you can’t see her”

    Jeffery arrived the hospital almost immediately after someone called to let him know Jane had an accident.

    “I’m sorry, but who are you?”

    “My name is…”

    “Just shut it, now listen whatever the f--k your name is, I’m going to ask this one last time, take me to Jane now!”

    The lady said nothing, she just continued typing on the desktop in front of her.

    “That’s it, just keep typing because that’s definitely the last job you would be doing”

    “I would love to see you try, that’s how nobodies like yourself go about bragging. I advise you better go get a job and stop harrassing those who have one”

    Jeffery was beyond furious, how dare this nurse try to stop him from seeing Jane, if only she knew who he was she would definitely not be spewing rubbish.

    His family single handedly sponsored the renovation of this hospital and bought all the standard surgical equipment in it.

    All it takes is a phone call and her job would be gone, so would her chance of getting a job in any other hospital in Lagos because he would make sure her name is blacklisted.

    He would deal with that later but now he has to see Jane and make sure she was okay.

    He pulled out his phone and called Mary who works there as a nurse, he was hoping he wouldn’t have to call her as they once had a fling two years back when she was doing her youth service in the hospital. Though Mary didn’t see it as a fling, she was hoping things would get serious between them. So when Jeffery stopped reaching out; she accused him of using her, he had to help her get retained at the hospital after her youth service, before she forgave him.

    “Hello mary”


    “Yeah sorry to bother you, are you on duty this night?”

    “Yes, any problem?”

    “I’m at the reception”



    “I’m coming”

    Mary joined Jeffery at the reception .

    “Jeffery what are you doing here? Hold on just in case you forgot I’m now married so incase you came to tell me what a mistake you made two years back, I’m sorry you’re late”

    What was it with the women who work in this hospital anyway? She must really think herself special, of all the ladies he has been with she is the least person he would even consider going back to.

    “Very funny but I’m not here to ask you back, I’m here to see a friend who was involved in an accident but that nurse over there wouldn’t let me see her”

    “What? She obviously doesn’t know who you are”

    “She obviously doesn’t, I need to see Jane first and I will deal with her later”

    “Did you say Jane?”

    “Yes, you’ve seen her?”

    “Yes, I just finished administrating medication to her when you called, she was brought in along with two other men, apparently they were involved in an accident”

    “How is she, is she hurt, will she be okay?”

    “Hey.. too many questions she is fine, except for a little…”

    “Take me to her”

    “Impatient huh? Come with me”

    When they got to Jane’s ward she was sleeping, Jeffery rushed to her side; an intravenous drip was fixed to her hand, her head and left knee were in bandages.

    “Be careful not to wake her, she needs to rest”

    “Will she be okay?”

    “Yes she will be fine, the doctor will be in a better position to tell you her condition but be rest assured she is not in danger”

    “Can I see him?”

    “The doctor?”

    “No your husband, of course the doctor”

    “Good to know you still have your sense of humor, the doctor happens to be my brother in-law though”

    “Whatever, but please spare me the details of your family tree and take me to the doctor”

    “Still bossy”

    “Did you say something?”

    “Come with me”

    Mary took Jeffery into the doctor’s office, after the necessary introduction the doctor told him about Jane’s condition.

    “Mr Jeffery you need not worry yourself, she will be okay, she only suffered a simple fracture and a slight injury on her head”

    “When will she be discharged?”

    “We are running a couple of test to ascertain she didn’t suffer any form of concussion, if the results come out negative; then she can be discharged tomorrow”

    “Thank you doctor, I would like to see her now”

    “Sure you can, you were coming from her ward right?”

    “Yeah, thanks”

    Jane was still sleeping when Jeffery entered her ward, he sat on the chair next to her bed. She slept so peacefully; Jeffery was scared of waking her so he just sat there staring at her, having so much to say yet saying nothing.


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    Ukiemo Gray
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    which kind wahala be this again nah ?

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    Woow next pls
    Love on the air

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    hmmmm if she ask you to leave Jeff will give you job nah, what is her problem

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    hmmmm if she ask you to leave Jeff will give you job nah, what is her problem, next pls

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    hm Jane you would’ve allowed Jeff drive to pick you up,, get well soon

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    Sorry Jane it will be alright
    Jeffrey don’t worry your self

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    Reuben Ose
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    Shabi thiss two love birds dey share hospital turns abi?
    Una well-done ooh

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