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    Let her be okay ooo

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    enjoy ur life

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    I think vivian is jealous

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    i pray she get up soon

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    Vivian see what u cos becos if not for u…. Jane will be in jeff car with his driver taking her to jeff house

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    EPISODE 16

    Jane woke up to a strange feeling, her head was aching, where was she? Then just like a flash it all came back to her.

    She was in a taxi going to Jeffrey’s house. Her taxi stopped at a traffic light when a car in the opposite direction which failed break hit their car. She remembered hitting her head against the door of the car before everything went black.

    She looked around and noticed she was in the hospital but who was this resting his head on her bed? She sat up so she could take a closer look.

    “Hey.. you are awake”

    “Jeffery? What are you doing here?”

    “I came in last night after someone called me with your phone to let me know you were involved in an accident, that scared the shit out of me, babe are you okay?”

    Seeing that someone who wasn’t her family was worrying about her, brought tears to Jane’s eyes. All her life she was always worrying about others but sitting here and seeing that look of concern on Jeffrey’s face made her cry.

    “Why are you crying, are you hurt, should I get the doctor?”

    “No no I’m okay ”

    “Then why are you crying?”

    “It’s nothing, I’m fine”

    “Jane? You’re lying and you know it”

    “Fine, it’s just that I have never really had someone worry about me except my sister and seeing you look so concerned about me, it…..”

    “Of course I worry about you because I deeply care for you babe”

    “Do you mean that, even after I told you I killed someone?”

    “We will talk about that later, but for now I need to go get the doctor, stay put don’t move a muscle okay?”

    “Wait, what is the time?”

    Jeffery looked at the time on his phone

    “It’s few minutes past 8”

    “Wait you mean like 8 in the morning?”

    “Yes, what’s wrong?”

    “I’m supposed to be at work, oh my God Vivian is going to be mad”

    Jeffery couldn’t believe his ears, she just had an accident and all she could think about is her boss getting mad? It’s either she doesn’t care about her well-being or the accident has done something to her brain.

    “Babe you just had an accident, work should be the last thing on your mind”

    “I know, it’s just that…”

    “It’s nothing, you will call Vivian later and let her know what’s going on okay?”

    “Alright, and Amaka too I’m sure she would be worried sick about me since I didn’t come back home last night”

    “Yeah you will call her too but for now I need you to relax while I go get the doctor”

    Few hours later Jeffery was helping Jane into his car so he could drive her home after the doctor confirmed she didn’t suffer concussion and she could go home to come back after two weeks for a check up.

    “Sorry Jeff I forgot my phone inside, it’s on the bed can you help me get it?”

    “Sure, let me go get it”

    Jeffery was coming out of the ward with Jane’s phone when the nurse who refused him seeing Jane last night came to him crying.

    “Mr Ademola I’m very sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude last night I was just doing my job”

    “Oh now you know my name? I suggest you save those tears for a later time because definitely you would be needing them when your job is gone”

    “Please Sir don’t get me fired I have family members who are dependent on me”

    “Then you should have thought about that before being rude, good day miss”

    Jeffery was about kicking his car to start when he saw Mary running towards his car, he came out of his car and met her half way.

    “Mary is something wrong?”

    “Jeffery please I came to plead on nurse Esther’s behalf”

    “Who’s that?”

    “The nurse who denied you access to Jane last night, please don’t get her fired, I’m sure she has learnt her lessons”

    “I will think about it for now I need to get Jane home first”

    “She is that special huh?”

    “You have no freaking idea”

    Ten minutes later Jeffery was driving Jane home, she was sitted at the back so she can have space to rest her leg. He turned to look at her she has been silent since they got into the car.

    “Are you okay?”

    “Yeah, thank you”


    “Staying with me at the hospital”

    “You are welcome”

    “Wait that’s not the route to my house”

    “You’re coming home with me”

    “No I can’t”

    “Why not?”


    “Good because you are coming with me, so buckle up and enjoy the ride”.
    “I still don’t understand why you had to bring me to your place when you could have just taken me to mine”

    They were already at Jeffery’s place, he was helping her up the stairs to the bedroom.

    “You just had an accident and you need someone to take care of you, and don’t even start with Amaka being able to take care of you, because you know she is always going to be at work”

    “I can take care of myself, I don’t want to be a burden to anyone”

    “Babe you are not a burden to me, now stop talking and watch your steps”

    Just then, Jane missed a step, to avoid falling; she quickly placed her right hand on his shoulder and grabbed his shirt with her left hand. Jeffery caught her on the waist. Their faces were merely inches apart.

    “I’m sorry I missed a step”

    “It’s fine, you don’t have to apologise”

    Jeffery then carried her in his arms and started to climb the stairs.

    “Jeffery what are you doing?”

    “What does it look like I’m doing?”

    “You can’t just carry me like I’m weightless, put me down now!”

    ” You actually don’t weigh much, I lift twice your weight in the gym every other day”

    “Jeffery put me down now!”

    “Or what would happen? You know for someone who just had an accident you sound quite strong”

    “You’re stressing me, I’m not supposed to be talking much”

    “Yeah true, do you suggest we kiss instead? That requires no talking at all”

    “What? No”

    “Then I suggest you remain calm and enjoy being in my arms, because any more word from you and I’m kissing those lips of yours”

    He stopped to gauge her reaction, she looked like she was going to kill him any minute.

    “Hahahahahaha you should see your face”


    “No talking remember except you want me to kiss you?”

    Jane quickly shut her mouth, Jeffery was obviously enjoying himself, he kept laughing at her reaction as he climbed the stairs. When they got upstairs he opened the door to one of the rooms, Jane wondered how he was able to do that with her still in his arms.

    When they got inside Jane discovered it wasn’t the room she slept in the last time she spent the night. It’s furniture were arranged same as the other room but this room looked way bigger.

    Jeffery placed her carefully on the bed making sure not to hurt her injured knee.

    “This isn’t the room I slept in last time?”

    “Yeah it isn’t”

    “Is this your room?”

    “Yeah, why do sound terrified?”

    “Why would you bring me to your room, Jeffery what are you trying to do?”

    “Calm down pretty one, the guest rooms are quite not in a good shape right now, I wasn’t expecting any visitors or I would have asked my housekeeper to have one of them cleaned up”

    Jane felt ashamed for her reaction, he was only trying to make sure she was comfortable and here she was thinking the worst of him.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to come out like that”

    “It’s fine, I will go down stairs and fix you something to eat”

    “Jeff I’m sorry”

    “It’s fine babe, you were just being cautious, I will be back with your food soon”

    “Alright but I will need to clean up first, I need to get this hospital smell off me”

    “Yeah sure, I will get you something you can change into then later we can go shopping for the things you would be needing while you’re here”

    “That will be fine thank you”

    “Do you need help in the bathroom?”


    “Hahahahahaha I love it when ever I get to you this way”

    Jeffery went into his kitchen to prepare something for her to eat, his housekeeper doesn’t come on Wednesdays so he had to prepare something himself. He wasn’t really a good cook, so he usually avoids cooking except when he had the help or close supervision of someone who knows how to cook.

    After ten minutes of standing in his kitchen and contemplating if to make noodles or just order it; he decided to place order for it from a fast food eatery nearby.

    In ten minutes the food was delivered to him, he paid and took them upstairs to Jane. He knocked and waited for a response, funny how he now has to knock before entering his own bedroom.

    “Come in”

    He entered to see Jane sitted on the bed, she was on the phone with someone. Her injured leg was propped up on a pillow. She must have cleaned up because she was putting on his shirt which he had brought out for her to wear.

    He placed the tray containing the food beside her on the bed, sat down and waited for her to finish her phone conversation.

    “That was Amaka, she sent her greetings”

    “Oh okay”

    “She will be dropping by to see me after work, if that’s okay with you?”

    “Of course it is fine, have you called Vivian?”

    “Yes, she said I should resume work when I’m completely healed”

    “That’s okay why don’t you seem happy?”

    “It’s nothing”

    “Are you sure, do you want to talk about it?”

    “No, thanks”

    “So I decided to order for food instead, considering you just came out of the hospital, I wouldn’t want to send you back there with my cooking”


    “I got jollof rice and noodles so make your pick”

    “I will go for the rice, thank you”

    “Yes… How could I have forgotten?”


    “You remember the first time you came here for a meeting, how you almost used your tongue to lick the plate of jollof rice I offered you?”

    “I did no such thing”

    “Of course you did, you almost begged for more”

    “What? You practically forced me into eating that food”

    Jane’s reaction was epic, she was burning with anger, Jeffery couldn’t hold himself from laughing, he was obviously pulling her legs and she didn’t realize it.

    “Hahahahahaha, I’m just pulling your legs”

    “Yeah very funny”

    “Come on baby, don’t be like that, I’m sorry”

    He leaned closer and kissed her left cheek.

    “It’s fine”

    “Are you sure, or should I keep apologising?”

    “You mean should you keep kissing my cheeks?”

    “I was actually thinking your lips?”

    “Don’t you have something important to do, probably a meeting to attend or something?”

    “You my darling are very important, you happen to top my list”


    “Fine I need to take a shower anyway?”

    “Alright you do that and I’ll wait for you so we can eat together”

    “I thought you didn’t want me around you?”

    “Just go already, the food is getting cold and I’m hungry”

    “Alright let’s eat then, I can shower later”

    Jane ate the jollof rice while Jeffery settled for the noodles. Jane hasn’t eaten much when she decided she was full.

    “Don’t you like the food?”

    “The food is okay, my head aches”

    “Probably you should lie down and rest for a while?”

    “Yeah I think I will just get some sleep”

    Jeffery helped to tuck Jane in and then carried the tray containing their meals to the kitchen. Few minutes later he came back into the room so he can take his bath.

    Jane wasn’t asleep yet when Jeffery walked into the room and took off his shirt; he must have thought she was asleep for he went further and took off the joggers he was putting on, thankfully he wore a brief underneath but that did little to hide the size of his c--k, it looked bigger underneath the brief than Jane had imagined, she had to bite her lips from making any sound. He grabbed a fresh towel and walked into the bathroom, the shower came on. Jane tried her best to sleep and unsee what she had just seen but she couldn’t; instead she kept turning from one end of the bed to the other.

    Few minutes later the shower went off, Jane decided to pretend she was asleep.

    Jeffery walked into the room naked as he was toweling his body dry, did he forget she was here? Or probably he thought she was already asleep.

    Jeffery had a skype meeting with some of his foreign investors in few minutes, he had lost track of time, so he needed to hurry up.

    He walked into his closet picked out a polo and a jean trouser. He quickly dressed up and prepared for the meeting.

    Just before leaving the room he went to where Jane was sleeping on the bed, kissed her forehead.

    “Alright baby I have a meeting to attend now I will be downstairs just in case you need anything. Hope you liked what you saw?”

    Jane kept quiet

    “I know you are not sleeping, so quit the pretense”

    “What, you knew I was looking?”


    “So you walked in naked with the intention of being seen?”

    “In my defense I forgot I had someone in my room”

    “Yeah right, how convenient”

    “But you enjoyed looking”

    “No I didn’t!”

    “Oh come on, I know you did I saw you licking your lips”

    “No I didn’t”

    “Yes you did and once I’m done with my meeting you are going to tell me everything you imagined in that little head of yours”

    He placed a soft kiss on her lips and walked out of the room leaving a shameful Jane in the bedroom.


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