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    “So Vivian thought it best to send the same person who prevented me from attending the last meeting we scheduled for me to sign those documents, very interesting clearly this deal doesn’t mean much to her”

    He clearly wasn’t pleased with her presence and Jane can’t blame him for that.

    “No it means a lot to her, it’s really important to her you sign these documents, I’m truly sorry for what happened the last time” she said with a panicked voice.

    He said nothing just stood with his arms folded and stared at her, those eyes again, the more she looked at them weaker her knees became. The silence made Jane uncomfortable.

    “Sir I …”

    “It’s Jeffrey to you” he interrupted with a raise of his hands.

    “Sorry, Jeffrey for all it’s worth, I’m deeply sorry for spilling smoothie on your shirt, if there is a way I can make it up to you I would but please don’t back out of the contract”.

    Still no response, he just kept observing her, more like scrutinizing her.

    She wasn’t beautiful in a classical way, she had a kind of understated beauty. She wasn’t putting on any expensive clothing or jewelry like the type of women who always came around Jeffrey; but in her ordinariness she was stunning.

    Jeffrey knew she was unaware of her prettiness. Her dark skin was completely flawless.

    He sat down on one of the chairs.

    “What’s your name?” He asked still giving her that intense look.

    “Jane sir”

    “And you are?”

    “Vivian’s assistant” Jane replied.

    “You are the famous Jane Vivian told me she would be sending over, hmmm…. Alright Jane I have heard enough apologies from you to last me a lifetime, so please drop it, if you may; have a seat let’s talk about this contract your company has been hounding me about for months”

    “Thank you” Jane replied clearly relieved.

    It’s been thirty minutes and Jeffrey has been going through the documents, he hasn’t said a word to Jane, he was completely engrossed in the documents, making changes where he thought applicable.

    Jane wished he could hurry up with whatever he was doing as she was starving and needed to eat something before she faints but she couldn’t voice it.

    Then as if to help her out, her tummy made a rumbling sound. This made Jeffery to look up from the documents.

    “I’m sorry have you had something to eat?”

    Oh so he heard it too? Jane was clearly embarrassed

    “I’m fine actually”.

    “I could get my housekeeper to prepare something for us” he said looking concerned.

    “I’m fine, I’m not hungry” Jane replied even though she was dying of hunger.
    She didn’t get to eat lunch before coming for the meeting.

    Jeffery said nothing. He was doing it again, staring at her like he was trying to look into her soul.

    “Please just go ahead, ignore me” she said hoping he would believe her. In response he picked up his phone and started typing or so it seemed. Then he raised his head and asked.

    “what would you like to have?”

    “I’m fine actually, don’t bother about me”.

    He clearly didn’t believe her when she said she wasn’t hungry, because that’s not what her body language says.

    “The food will be here in ten minutes, I hope you like jollof rice? because that’s what I ordered for both of us” he said, while he continued to flip through the pages of the documents.

    Jane was beginning to dislike this guy, what part of she wasn’t hungry didn’t he understand?

    “But I told you I wasn’t hungry”

    “Yes I heard that, don’t just believe it” he said still not raising his head from the documents.

    “And why is that?”
    Can he just raise his head and answer her? she really doesn’t like being treated like a child.

    There was no answer still, then she realized he wasn’t listening to her.

    “Did you hear what I asked?” This made him raise his head to look at her.

    “Sorry did you say something?”

    “I said what makes you think I’m hungry?”

    This completely caught him off guard, he didn’t know they were still talking about the food issue.

    “Wait, are we still talking about the food? I ordered food and not a hotel room. So come off it, when the food arrives and you don’t want to eat it because you are not hungry, then you can discard it”

    He said this with so much dismissal that Jane had to resist the urge to smack him on his head. Instead she decided to calm herself by breathing in and out.

    His house keeper came in with the food. “Thank you Martha, you can place them on the table” Then he turned to Jane.

    “Would you like a soft drink to go with your food?” She said nothing just gave him a dead stare.

    “Sorry I forgot you weren’t hungry” with this, he turned to his house keeper

    “Just water will do for now”.

    The house keeper left to get them water, while Jeffrey started to eat his food, the rice did look really enticing and also smelt so nice, Jane’s mouth began to water, truth be told, she was hungry infact she was starving but she wasn’t willing to admit it. Not after the act she just put up.

    Most times she just want to smack herself for her stupid pride, where is the wrong in someone buying her lunch? Now for her stubbornness she has to watch and salivate while he ate.

    So instead, she decided to pick up her phone and check her WhatsApp messages at least that would distract her a little.

    Using her phone as a means of distraction seemed to work. Then he spoke.

    “Are you sure you don’t want to eat? this rice is to die for, and the shrimps are so well seasoned”

    Is he trying to taunt her or what? ‘Jane calm down, remember you need him to sign this contract, breathe in, breathe out’ she said this within herself and then turned to face him

    “Mr Jeffrey, I clearly appreciate your effort to get me to eat something, but trust me when I say I’m fine, please if you would just sign the documents then I would be on my way”.

    He still doesn’t believe her, she looks pale and worn-out, when was the last time she ate something? Breakfast probably, he wasn’t about to allow her leave without eating.

    “Actually the contract needs a little bit of amendment, though I’m not done going through them. But I won’t go any further if you don’t eat your food” he said giving her his full attention. Now this guy was becoming really annoying.

    “Why are you bent on me eating? for the uptenth time I am not hungry”.

    He didn’t know why it mattered to him if she ate or not, still he wanted her to eat.

    “Because you look pale and your mouth keep watering everytime I take a spoon of my food”

    “What? That’s not true, I haven’t even been looking at you”

    “That’s because you are trying so hard to distract yourself”.

    wow this guy is good, she would give him that. “That’s still not true” she replied with indignation.

    “Really? when was the last time you ate?”

    “Well I …”

    “If you don’t eat, then I would just go ahead to call Vivian and let her know the reason for my absence in our last scheduled meeting” no he wouldn’t, she apologized already.

    “You said you forgave me”

    “Oh I did? I can’t remember saying that, and I’m not one to forget things so easily” he said, leaning back on his chair, clearly enjoying himself

    “So what is it going to be Jane, do I call Vivian or you eat the food?”.

    This was the first time he mentioned her name; a part of her yearned for him to say it again. No Jane, you can’t possibly be serious, focus.

    “Fine I would eat, but just a little”.

    “No, you eat all of it or I call Vivian” this guy is very annoying and manipulative, so much fuss just to get her to eat. Well on the bright side, now she can eat the food without feeling guilty.


    Fifteen minutes later Jane was done eating, truth be told, she enjoyed every bit of the meal, it took a great deal for her not to abandon her home training and crack the chicken bones because they tasted so nice.

    “So now that we are done eating I suggest we call it a day, I will go through the final part of the contract, implement the changes I want, and then get back to your company”

    Wait, is he joking or what? He has to sign those documents today.

    “But that wasn’t the plan” she responded feeling played.

    “I can’t just sign the documents, I have to go through them, I know you want to impress your boss and all, but the good thing is I have the documents, so I will go through them and let you know once I’m done, don’t worry I’m not backing out of the contract. I give you my word”.

    “Okay, if you say so” with this Jane stood up to leave

    “My driver will drop you off, do well to let him know your address”.

    “Thanks but I can find my way”

    “He will be waiting for you at the door, good day Jane”

    With this, he stood up and went into the house.

    Jane stood fixated wondering who the hell does this guy think he is to give her orders? He should thank his stars she really wants him to sign those documents. If not, she would have given him a piece of her mind.


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    Ride on

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    Ride on

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    Jboy young
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    Nxt plis

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    Too bad, next please

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    U r just playing hard to get???
    U r going to be de same person who will fall heard over heels in luv with him….
    I just dey watch u!!!

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    Next please

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    just the do guy abeg signing the documents jor

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