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    Omg crazy

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Jane,always forming n den disgracing yourself in de end,u n dis ur yeye attitude, hmmmm…
    I luv ur sense of humour,Jeff!!!

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    Jane hold on to what u have

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    EPISODE 17

    “Baby girl… This house is beautiful”

    “Amaka you have said that before, can you just bring your attention back and talk to me?”

    Amaka dropped by to see Jane on her way back from work. The moment she walked in through the door, she has been talking about the beauty of the house non stop.

    Jeffery wasn’t around, he had stepped out to get Jane the things she would be needing while she was at his place.

    “No scratch that, this house is magnificent”


    “Sorry, what was it you asked?”

    “I said how are things at the office?”

    “Wait did the television just come out from the ceiling?”

    “Oh my God, Amaka!”

    “Sorry now, I’m just amazed, this house looks like it’s straight out of a movie”

    “Yeah I know, it had that effect on me the first time I came, so how is Vivian?”

    “Please drop office matters for a minute, let’s discuss something more important, Vivian is doing fine, you should be more concerned about yourself”

    “I know, I’m just checking”

    “Are you and Jeffery dating now?”

    “What? No, where did that come from?”

    “Hmmmmm so what are you doing in his house?”

    “He offered to look after me, because you will not be around most of the day”

    “Hmmm I didn’t know Jeffery was now a nurse”


    “Hmmmmm, meaning he would have to stop going to work till your knee has healed?”

    “Not really, he will be working from home, besides my knee will heal in no time”

    “So Jeffery Ademola is going to be working from home just so he can take care of you?”

    “Yes, where is this going please?”

    “So what does that tell you?”


    “Doesn’t it tell you this guy likes you?”

    “Amaka, Jeff is just a friend”

    “You already have a pet name for him? Nice, this is interesting”

    “No it’s not a pet name, you are just being ridiculous”

    “Keep deceiving yourself, you obviously like this guy, it’s clearly written all over you”

    “Keep cooking up things in that head of yours”

    “Whatever, please when is Jeffery coming back?”

    “Did I hear someone ask of Jeffery?”

    They both turned to see Jeffrey walk in through the door with shopping bags on both hands. He looked even more handsome to Jane as he stood there with the things she had written out for him to get her.

    Every single time she tries to push him out of her mind, she ends up seeing more reasons to like him. What baffles her is; why he would choose her out of all the girls in Lagos. She wasn’t as pretty and definitely a far cry from being classy like the girls in his circle.

    “Jeffery! you’re back”

    “Hi Amaka, how are you doing”

    “I’m cool, how are you?”

    “I’m good, it’s been a while”

    “Yeah, thanks for taking care of my friend, she told me of….”

    “Amaka I’m sure Jeffery would not like to be bored with the details of our conversation”

    Jane had to stop Amaka from talking before she says something that would give Jane’s feelings for Jeffery away.

    Jeffery walked to where Jane was sitting and stooped down to examine her injured knee.

    “Hey beauty how are you feeling”

    “Uhmm I’m feeling better now”

    “Still having headache?”


    “Are you sure?”

    In response Jane nodded because she couldn’t find her voice, Jeffrey’s touch always has that effect on her.

    “Alright ladies I will be with you shortly, I need to get these bags upstairs”

    They both watched as Jeffery climbed the stairs, when he was out of sight, Amaka started to laugh.

    “What is it?”

    “Ohh… I won’t say anything”

    “Amaka what is it?”

    “What was that about, how come you suddenly lost your voice when Jeffery touched you?”

    “How do you mean? Of course I talked”

    “Keep deceiving yourself”

    “Amaka you have to stop it’s not funny”

    “Hello ladies, who is ready for ice cream?”

    Jeffrey’s voice startled Jane, she didn’t see him come down. Hopefully he didn’t hear their discussion.

    “I am”


    “I will have some too”

    “What do you say, we watch a movie on Netflix while we eat the ice cream?”

    “Yey…….. I’m in ”

    “Amaka you like movies Sha”

    “That’s your business, please Jeffery which movie are we going to watch?”

    They sat comfortably on the couch while Jeffery picking out a movie for them to watch.

    Two hours later the movie they were watching ended and Amaka decided to retire for the evening.

    “Alright guys I have to get going now, thanks Jeffery I enjoyed myself”

    “You are welcome, I will get my driver to drop you off”

    “Oh that would be great thanks”

    Few minutes later after Jeffrey’s driver came to drive Amaka back to her and Jane’s apartment. Jeffery came and sat close to Jane on the couch.

    “Are you doing okay?”


    Jeffery carried her and placed her on his laps, she still won’t look at him she kept looking at her fingers. He pushed her braids aside so he could see her face.

    “Jane what is it? you have been awfully quiet since”

    “It’s nothing, I’m fine”

    “Does your head hurt?”

    “No I’m fine, the pain killers are actually working”

    “Then what is it?”



    “I am beginning to have feelings for you and I don’t want that”

    “Why if I may ask?”

    “Because I am not capable of loving you or anyone else”

    “Let me be the judge of that”

    “No Jeffery you won’t understand, I have too many dark secrets”

    “You keep talking about dark secrets yet you have refused letting me in on any of them”

    “I’m scared Jeffery”

    She started to cry. It broke Jeffrey’s heart to see her cry, he really wants to help her but he doesn’t know how, if she doesn’t tell him what is going on he won’t be able to help her

    “Shhh….. Baby it’s fine you don’t have to cry, I’m here”

    “I’m so scared”

    “You have me now, I’m here for you”

    She placed her head on Jeffrey’s chest and cried, she was beginning to cry too much these days, Jeffery will soon get tired of offering her his chest to lean on whenever she wants to cry.

    “I’m sorry”

    “I have told you to stop apologizing babe, stop apologizing for being human”

    “My life is a mess, there are a lot of things you don’t know about me”

    “I wouldn’t know if you don’t tell me babe”

    “I can’t, what if you hand me over to the police or worse to those looking for me?”

    “I won’t hand you over to anyone, I promise to protect you from whoever it is you are hiding”

    “You promise?”

    “With all I own, babe if you don’t want to talk about it yet, it’s fine I will be here whenever you are ready to talk”

    “I don’t know where to start from”

    “How about you start from the beginning?”

    Jane stood up from Jeffrey’s lap and sat back on the couch.

    “You remember I told you my parents were dead?”

    “Yeah, my mom said you told her that too”

    “Yeah I did, while you were in coma”

    “Okay, so?”

    “I lied”

    “How do you mean you lied, are you not an orphan?”

    “I’m an orphan, but I actually don’t know my birth parents”

    “I still don’t understand”

    “I grew up in an orphanage, according to the story I was told, a lady found me at a dumpster and she took me to the police who later took me to the orphanage where I grew up”

    “No one ever came looking for you?”

    “No, none at all. I grew up with other children at the orphanage”

    Twenty Years Earlier…..
    Hope you’re not thinking what I’m thinking?


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    I know Jane did not have any bad secret

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    Jboy young
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    Next plis

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    next fast fast,I really want to know Jane secret that she is hiding

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    Itz Judy
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    Nxt pliz

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