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    The next morning Jane woke up with text message from Vivian stating that she would be meeting with Jeffery in his office by 1pm.

    She thought she only filled in for Vivian yesterday because she was busy, she surely didn’t see this second meeting with Jeffery coming.

    She took extra effort in picking out what to put on, she didn’t want to be caught unfresh unlike yesterday, and she was going to make sure she eat something before attending the meeting, don’t want anyone telling her how pale she looked.

    Her roommate Amaka was already dressed for work, she was in the kitchen making hot chocolate for both of them to drink before leaving for work.

    Their apartment was a self-contained apartment, it was only large enough to contain a 10 inches bed, a medium sized wardrobe, a dressing table with a mirror on it and a couch which Jane and Amaka liked to sit and snuggle on when they didn’t feel like lying on the bed.

    “Jane that is the third dress you have put on this morning, just pick a dress already, we need to leave early to beat the traffic”

    Jane puffed at her reflection on the mirror

    “l know, I have decided I’m going with this”

    Amaka came out of the kitchen holding two mugs of hot chocolate drink.

    “Madam it’s Friday”

    Jane took one of the mug from her looking confused at her statement.

    “Of course I know it’s Friday”

    “Then why are you putting on a two piece suit?” Still looking confused Jane said nothing.

    “What did you put on to work yesterday?” Amaka asked.

    “Skirt and a chiffon blouse” Jane replied.

    “Good and you think when you go to his office putting on this” Amaka jestured to Jane’s clothing
    “He won’t know you are trying to impress him? Infact he will think you are trying to seduce him”

    This last statement made Jane choke on her drink

    “Amaka! How can you even think that”

    “It’s not what I think, it’s what he is going to see and think when you go to his office putting on a skirt as tight and hip hugging as that, if you say you are not trying to seduce him like you claim even if that’s what your dress speaks”

    “Amaka!” Jane chided.

    “Alright I’m sorry, but you have to take off this attire please, put on something casual and cooperate at the same time” this confused Jane all the more.

    “I don’t get you?”

    Amaka got up from the chair she was sitting on, walked up to Jane’s side of the wardrobe opened it and brought out a pair of jean trousers, polo and a pair of sneakers.

    “Put these on, you will look chic and casual in them and still look professional”.

    “Are you sure?”

    Jane asked not looking convinced, although her job doesn’t require she is dressed in a particular kind of way; but that doesn’t mean she should go to a meeting looking too casual.

    “Just put them on, we don’t have much time”.

    Jane dropped her cup of chocolate drink on the dressing table to take off her clothes and put on the ones Amaka brought out.

    Five minutes later Jane was dressed up.

    “Now that’s what I call chic and sexy, you know this outfit gives you this carefree and sexy vibe”

    “Now all you need is a hat to give you that bad girl look” Amaka said as she handed Jane a hat.

    “Amaka don’t you think that would be too much? I’m actually going for a meeting and not a fashion parade”.

    “Oh so now you know? Aunty abeg put on the hat let’s be on our way” Amaka replied as she carries her handbag and started heading towards the door.

    “Mean girl” Jane muttered as she went to the kitchen to drop their mugs.

    “I heard that” Amaka shouted.

    They got to the office by 8:30am, which was quite early as work starts fully by 9:00am, but Jane insisted they always come to work early so they can prepare themselves before work started. Amaka swears she doesn’t understand what Jane meant by that but she still comes to work early only because she wants to avoid the wrath of her boss.

    On the elevator ride to their office floor Amaka kept taunting Jane about Jeffrey.

    “Amaka you have to stop, you make it seem like I’m going on a date with him” Jane said as they stepped out of the elevator.

    “Madam, with the way you carefully selected your clothes, one might as well think you are going on a date” Amaka said as she fell in line with Jane’s stride.

    “I just want to look nice, that’s all” Jane defended.

    “Hmmmm, I still don’t believe you though, any ways just incase he orders jollof rice for you both again, do well to remind him you have a roommate who happens to love jollof rice”.

    This made Jane burst into laughter.

    “Thief, you should have said that’s what you wanted”

    “Whatever” Amaka replied with a wave of her hand.

    “Sha don’t return without food else I will chase you back, see ya” she said as she swayed her ass to her office.

    When Jane entered Vivian’s, she was already sitted, typing on her laptop and had a serious look on her face.

    “Good morning Vivian” Jane greeted.

    “Good morning Jane, hope you rested well?” She said looking up from her laptop.

    “Yes I did, thank you”

    “Good then because you would be going to Ocean views this morning”

    “I thought you said the meeting was for 1pm?” Jane asked clearly not prepared for this sudden change.

    “Yes it was supposed to be for 1pm but Mr Jeffrey called and moved it up, you don’t have a problem with the timing now do you?”

    Of course she had issues with the timing, she was hoping to eat lunch first before leaving for his office to avoid what happened yesterday, guess she would have to make do with the chocolate drink she had before leaving for work.

    “No I don’t have issue with the timing” she replied clearly lying through her teeth.

    By 9:30am Jane was walking into Jeffrey’s office, feeling nervous and scared at the same time. She can’t clearly place her fingers on it but there is something about him that made her nervous. Probably it could be because she spilled smoothie on him, she hasn’t been able to come off the embrassment that had caused her.

    Jeffery was talking to someone on the phone when she walked in, his face was more relaxed than she remembered it yesterday, the person on the other side of the phone must have said something funny for he laughed.

    Probably his girlfriend? Why does the thought of him having a girlfriend not seem so appealing? She quickly snapped out of her thoughts when she noticed he was ending his call.

    “Good morning Sir” Jane greeted.

    When she walked in Jeffery didn’t notice her at first, he was engrossed in a phone conversation with his elder sister who never fails to keep him up to date on his little nephew’s antics whenever they spoke.

    Jonathan was only 3 but he was acting 5 already, his sister says he acts older than his age. Jeffery can’t agree more.

    Last night after his meeting with Jane, he couldn’t seem to get her off his mind, there was something about her that made him want to see her again. At first he blamed it on the malaria symptoms he was having which made him close early from work yesterday. But then it can’t totally be malaria having it’s toll on him, for he was already getting better before she arrived.

    So he decided to ask Vivian to send her for their meeting instead of Vivian coming herself. Now looking at her standing in his office putting on that deadly jean which made him more aware of her hips and tiny waist line, he was sure he made a huge mistake. Then his eyes traveled to her chest, for the love of him this girl was busty.

    And she seems unware of the body she has; for she doesn’t carry it with confidence. Does she even know she had a body to die for? He had to draw himself out of his trance before his mind started going places it shouldn’t.

    “Good morning Jane, do have a seat”. He finally replied to her greeting.

    “Thank you sir”.

    “So let’s get down to business, I went through the remaining part of the contract after our meeting last night and I have a few changes to make, I have indicated them, but I would also go through them with you”

    “Alright sir”

    Jane said with all seriousness.

    This sir thing was beginning to make him feel old, fine he was rich and influential but that doesn’t make him any older. He was going to be thirty in a months time, although not all guys his age were as successful like he was, just a few were, still that doesn’t make him any older.

    “Okay, if we’re going to be working together you have to drop the sir” He said as he looked at her or rather at her lips.

    “Oh okay, would you prefer I call you boss then?”

    This made Jeffery laugh really hard.”you’re joking right?” He asked

    “No I’m not” Jane replied trying her best to look serious; even though his laughter was having an effect on her which she didn’t want to admit to herself.

    “First of all, I’m not your boss and second of all I prefer you call me Jeffery” he said awaiting her response.


    “Good, finally we agree on something”

    For the next two hours Jane and Jeffery were immersed in discussing the contract details.

    “You know you really sound so vast for someone who has never done this before” Jeff commended Jane as she gave an intelligent input to their conversation.

    This made Jane blush; luckily for her she was dark so he wouldn’t notice.

    “Uhm, thank you I have been working closely with Vivian on this project sir”.

    “There you go again with the sir thing” Jeffery reminded her with a smile on his face.

    “Oh sorry boss”

    Jeffery leaned back on his chair and folded his arm.

    “Now I can see you are intentionally doing it”

    They both burst into laughter. This made Jeffery happy, seeing her laugh, since she came into his office she has been uptight.

    “It’s good to know you can actually smile, you should smile more often, frowning doesn’t suit you”

    “I don’t frown”

    “Of course you do, I have never seen you smile aside now”

    He wasn’t far from the truth she thought but in her defense the circumstances surrounding all their meetings has not been favourable to her.

    Jeffery stood up and walked to her side and sat on the edge of the table.

    “I have a party coming up this evening at the close of work today, you should come”

    For a moment none of them said anything, they just stared at each other, Jeffrey wanted nothing more than to kiss her; her lips looked so supple and inviting, but he wasn’t sure kissing her would be a good idea so he decided against it.

    Jane really thought he was going to kiss her and a part of her wished he did. This made her feel uncomfortable, so she stood up and started gathering her things to leave.

    “I don’t think that’s a good idea, besides I have things planned already for this evening”

    She had nothing planned; actually she plans on eating popcorn and binge watch money heist, but she wasn’t about to let him know that.

    “Can I have a rain check on that?” She asked hoping he would drop the issue.

    “Sure, no problem hold on while I get my driver to drop you off”

    Surely he doesn’t know how to give up Jane thought.

    “You don’t have to do that, I can find my way”

    “It’s no bother at all, and I insist my driver takes you back to your office” he said as he called his driver and asked him to get the car ready to drive Jane back to her office.

    “Alright thank you, do have a nice day”

    “And you too Jane, remember you still owe me one”.

    He wasn’t going to let her off the hook just like that; even if he has to play the smoothie card then he will, he was a business man after all.


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