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    by Johnysky
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    This story is originally and sorely by johnysky and written by him, all the names and events of this story are all fictious and fabrications of the author. any similar event that might have occurred in real life is purely coincidental.
    No unauthorized copying of this story or sharing to other sites without authorization from the author johnysky (08147060538) or my brother and friend coolval… ( Hope you all enjoy my little effort.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    episode one

    Johny sat wearily resting his tall slim well built frame on a blackish brown wooden back chair which seemed as if it had seen more years than johny himself.
    dark clouds covered the sky as the grayish glow of twilight slowly surrendered to the domineering command of night.
    The hurricane lamp in front of him cast a yellowish golden glow over the environment, given an amber look on johny whose heavy face rested on his palms, the brownish singlet hanged loosely on his shoulders with little holes here and there, one can easily make out that it use to be white, the yellowish glow of the gentle flame dancing inside the lamp glove gave it a crisp bright milky colour.
    A reddish brown mud house stood behind him with the thatch seemingly shimmering in the black intruding yellow shadow casted by the glowing amber.
    “How did it come to this?” he muttered under his breathe. “who can believe this is me, johny williams, founder and C.E.O of JOHNYSKY group of companies, youngest millionaire in my town. taking an extreme scan of his surrounding taking in the whole settings of his new environment; the thatched reddish mud hut behind him, a sandy brownish soil adorning the earth beneath his feet with fruit trees swaying happily around seemingly saying hello…
    he could not help but look back when everything was so much brighter and where his hustles began..
    John williams or johny as he was normally called by all and sundry began from what could be called THE VERY BEGINING. he was the first and only son of a school teacher father and a petty trader mother, growing up in the ghetto of ugbo-oghe enugu state. had his primary education in the government primary school just few minutes work from their face me i face you yard where his father worked as a teacher.
    his primary school years went by smoothly and he easily got admitted to another government secondary school not far from his house too but a bit farther than the primary school.
    he finished his secondary education and came out with one of the best results in S.S.C.E, like one of his teachers once said ” he has an alien brain..
    Things were looking up until after he got admission into university of Nigeria nsukka disaster struck and the blind cold hearted hands of death touched his life, snatching both his parents in one single fatal blow. his parents were involved in a ghastly motor accident on their way to the village for a traditional wedding. . . johny’s life changed forever, bitterness and sorrow sank deep into his life. he blamed God for not been able to save his parents, the government for the poorly built road, the drunk trailer driver that rammed into the bus his parents were and most of all he blamed life for being so fleeting and vulnerable.
    Through out his parents burial and funeral, friends relatives and neighbours were all around him, sympathizers crying with him and countless promises heaped on him by many promising to see him through school and his well being.
    Unsurprisingly none of the numerous promise makes were seen after his parents funeral and thus no help came from anybody…
    His mind was forever shut to taking people’s words and even God himself…..

    continued from episode 2

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    Episode 2

    episode two.

    Johny sat for sat for a scholarship examination hosted by a reputable charity organization. He was the best overall student of all who sat for the exam and was awarded the scholarship to his university education.. admitted to study accounting in university of Nigeria nsukka. he scaled through swimmingly thanks to his academic brilliance, he was class rep in the his first year in school and was S.U.G president in his final year. his popularity due to academic excellence in school gave him easy access to most females in school coupled with his well built 6’9ft tall figure and well built body as a result of constant gyming and basketball training. his oval face and searching eyes with white set of teeth that gives him a charming smile making him more handsome each time he smiles. he is aware of his charisma hidden in his rugged smiles and he learnt how to apply the deception of flashing smiles with such grace that can melt any lady.
    He finished his studies with first class in accounting and had his NYSC in Niger state.
    He joined in the struggles and hustles of everyday graduates, job hunting and everyday survival. from his very excellent academic achievement he was sure he deserved the best and nothing but the best, going from bank to bank, applying in reputable firms and companies. he has gotten many interview appointments and have done marvelously well in all from his own perspective but yet none of the firms called him back even after obviously being impressed with his C.V.
    managing a one room apartment in enugu through out his job hunting period he decided to move down to abuja and pray for better chances. He managed to secure and decently funish a one room self contain in mararaba.
    His job hunting continued made miserable by the ever intense hot sun of abuja. Like on a very disappointing day after going to different companies he saw their vacancy adverts on news paper only to be met with one story or another, some even asked him to pay huge amount of money that he know he couldnt raise even if given a year to do it, he was walking home from nyanya junction to mararaba under a very hot sun, his brown suit glittering with noticeable sweat trailing down his face.. “This sun abeg na no be competition, we all know say na u hot past every other thing biko oya no be quarrel, easy abeg” he caused under his breathe while wiping sweat from his face with the back of his suit arm and at the same time looking up sub-consciously to see if their are two suns cus it seems they are.
    After 3years of fruitless job hunting, Johny settled as a personal driver to a minister in abuja, though the pay was a bit decent it was barely enough to take care of expensive housing fee that plagued abuja.
    after few months of driving the minister who grew very fond of him due to his hardwork and dedication to serving him. the minister after learning johny was a first class graduate has taken it upon himself to set him up. Alhaji umaru told him in his flowing heavy hausa accent “kai walahi joni pirst qlass is nut a small tin o, in this qountry a pirst class student is doing driver work. du allah i will pind u something to work joni” Johny have flashed him a smile knowing fully well not to trust promises but couldnt help wonder how an illiterate like alhaji managed to be appointed a minsiter of the federation. “Yeye country see the type of ministers we have..” smh. . Not until alhaji got him a federal government contract of 40million that his view on alhaji totally changed for good.
    He executed the first contract diligently and earned his first few million naira from it though he remained alhaji’s boy for 2years more. the foundation for his wealth was laid from there.
    “Johny please come inside, its late already” the voice of Yvonne jolted him back to reality from his subconscious visit to his past.
    she was tying a wrapper around her waist with a hand plaited simbi hair style but her beauty radiated easily from what was revealed by the amber rays from lamp.
    This was his problem and his down fall, Yvonne was the reason he lost his wealth and all but deep down within all the problems and tribulations he found love like no other.
    He gave a deep sign, stood up wearily from d chair his 6’9 frame stretched with him, he took yvonne in his arms as she sunk deep into his chest. “Even if i have lost so much more cus of her, if i loose her i will loose all” his heart sang as he disappeared into hut with her clutching the lamp with his left hand.

    Watch out as the drama is about to unfold and how things came to be as they are…

    continued in next chapter.

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    Ife ije love na eme.

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    angel baby
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    hmmmmmmm its veri interestn.i luv it.

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    angel baby
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    jonny y didnt u finish d adventures of johnsky,u just left me hanging,hungry fr more updates.

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    Angel baby i finished it, contact coolval or contact me with the number above… i will send you the link to the rest or val will.

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